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The Legged Forces (A Free Use Future)

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The Great Plague devastated the world but its biggest causality was the economy. On the brink of collapse, under siege by hyperinflation, with civil unrest at the gates, the government passed the radical Patrioette Act and conscripted every abled woman aged 18-25 into the Legged Forces, where they put their bodies on the market and became the heroines America needed to starve off economic ruin.

Erotica / Scifi
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Enlistment Part 1

“Happy birthday for yesterday Kaylee.” I said as she hopped in my car. “How was the party?”

She closed the door and brushed some hair behind an ear before she turned to me. “Yesterday was just my party, sir. Today’s my actual birthday.”

“Oh, well happy birthday for today then Kaylee.”

“Thank you Mr. Thompson.” Kaylee smiled and plugged her safety belt in. “The party was sooooo good though! Everyone I know - except my rude teacher! - was there to wish me well and thank me for my service even though it doesn’t start until today. And the presents! You should have seen them all Mr. Thompson! I’m going to be the most prepared girl in the whole country!”

Kaylee’s excitement surprised me. Every other former student I had driven to the Enlistment Office over the years had been a bundle of nerves, anxiety and fear, but Kaylee seemed like she had downed a dozen Blue Bull energy drinks, and the OG illegal Asian Blue Bull at that.

“What presents did you get?” I asked as I pulled out.

Kaylee counted her gifts off on her fingers. “My rents got me the cutest little lace lingerie one piece with matching slippers! My memaw got me a full utility belt of sex toys. And the government even sent me a starter kit with lubricants, condoms, birth control, cock rings and a bunch of other cool knick knacks, let me show you!”

I glanced away from the road and watched Kaylee dig through her handbag. She wore a cute yellow summer dress with sandals, a small and thin half cardigan, and a matching flower in her hair.

“This thing!” Kaylee laughed as she pulled a butt plug out of her purse. “I have no idea what it is and no one at the party wanted to ruin the surprise for me.”

I had turned back to the road but could feel Kaylee’s eyes on me. “You don’t expect me to be the one who ruins the surprise for you, do you?”

“You’re my teacher!” Kaylee poked me in the ribs with the plug. “You have to teach me things!”

I looked over at her with the most serious face I could muster. “Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression you had graduated?”

“With an A plus in pleasure theory!” Kaylee shouted.

“How could I forget that?”

Kaylee laughed. “But you’re always going to be my teacher Mr. Thompson. That’s why you’re here with me right now driving me to enlist in the Legged Services.”

“I suppose you’re right Kaylee,” I said as I turned on to the last road before our destination. “As a teacher, I’m a civil servant just like you are now, you know? But I don’t have a cunt to contribute and make money like you do Kaylee, I contribute by teaching the next generation. And I think our kind ought to stick together.”

She held the butt plug up. “So you’ll tell me what this is then?”

“If you want me to ruin the surprise for you.”

“Let me see if I can guess first.” Kaylee studied the butt plug in her hands and then shoved it into her mouth. “Is it a pacifier?”

She laughed as she sucked on the butt plug.

“You could say that,” I said, “but it doesn’t go in your mouth.”

She pulled the butt plug out of her mouth and lifted it to her eyes. Spit dribbled off it and onto her dress.

“A dildo then?” Kaylee asked. “A small and thick one?”

“Warmer,” I shrugged.

And so were we. Only a few blocks left between us and the Enlistment Office.

“Hmmmm,” Kaylee’s lips flattened into a thin line as she focused on the butt plug in her hands. “Like a pacifier but not for my mouth, and close to my and the Government’s vagina….”

I turned into the Enlistment Office parking lot and pulled to a stop. Kaylee didn’t even notice, just stared at the rubber toy in her hand. If she had of had a beard, she would have stroked it, that’s how focused Kaylee was.

“Oh, I know!” Kaylee turned to me with glee. “A butt dildo! Like an anal insertion thingy! It goes in my bum!?”

Kaylee held the butt plug on her palm like it was a plate of entrees.

I nodded. “It’s called a butt plug Kaylee, you should know that. Are you sure you really graduated?”

“Yes!” She screamed and playfully threw the plug in my face. “You know I did Mr. Thompson, you jerk!”

I nodded at the building out the window. “Come on, I’ll help you enlist.”

“You’re seriously the best teacher a girl could ever hope for Mr. T!” Kaylee smiled and hopped out.

I did the same and walked around to join her on the other side of my car. Kaylee stood and stared up at the huge metal logo on the building: United States Legged Forces Enlistment Office And Gift Shop.

I put my hand over Kaylee’s. “Ready?”

She smiled and nodded. I led her over to the front door.


There was a long line inside the United States Legged Forces Enlistment Office. Everyday more and more girls reached conscription age and signed up to do their part for the country.

Kaylee and I took a number from the ticket machine and found a seat beside a girl in her cheerleading uniform, and her overweight guardian.

“It’s alright,” the fat woman said as the girl cried. “It will only hurt for a little while and then you’ll love it. I promise.”

The girl dried the tears off her face and nodded.

Beside me though, Kaylee shook with excitement and swung her legs back and forth under the seat as she went through the collection of sex toys in her handbag.

“What knick knack are you most excited to try out?” I asked her.

Kaylee bit her bottom lip as she pondered the question and did a last minute inventory. Then she held up the butt plug again. “This one! It just looks so sad and alone and unsatisfied not inside my anus.”

The US Legged Forces were the single most profitable entity in the world and, in addition to keeping the states united, the US Legged Forces spent its profits on efficiency. It didn’t take long for Kaylee’s ticket number to be called out. The excitement that had bubbled out of Kaylee’s body only mere moments ago was gone, replaced by an anxious dread that dawned all over her pretty little face.

“Will you come all the way with me?” Kaylee asked me.

I stood and extended my hand to her. “Of course. I wouldn’t dream of pulling out now.”

Kaylee smiled, took my hand and rose. Together, we walked over to the admissions desk.

“Name and age.” The woman behind the desk said. She was beyond her years of duty but still evidently eager enough to help the country that she was still enlisted in the Legged Forces.

“Kaylee Smith.” Kaylee’s voice was high pitched and girly. “I’m eighteen.”

The woman’s voice was dull and monotonous. “Are you of sound mind and body Kaylee Smith?”

“I sure am!”

“Very well.” The woman put a tablet on the desk. “Please read this and, if you agree to the terms and conditions, sign and press your thumb where indicated.”

Kaylee read the document like it was an exam or pop quiz. I had seen the expression on her face enough times over the years to know she was completely focused, and a fire alarm wouldn’t even be enough to break her concentration. When she reached the bottom, Kaylee scribbled her signature on the tablet with a stylus and then pressed her thumb down in the box next to it.

“You are free to move on to the next stage of enlistment.” The woman nodded at the ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ door to the side of the desk and then looked at me. “Will you be accompanying the recruit?”

“That is still allowed, isn’t it?” I asked.

The woman nodded. “Yes sir. Provided you will be purchasi-”

“I know the drill.” I said.

The woman nodded again. “Very well. I ought to thank you in advance for supporting your country then sir.”

I nodded my thanks, took Kaylee’s hand in mine again and walked over to the authorized door. Inside was a sterile hallway with a maze of offshoots and more doors. If I hadn’t already done this trip with other ex-students in the past, then I would have looked as dumbstruck as Kaylee did too.

“Mr. Thompson,” Kaylee asked me. “What was the woman saying when you cut her off? Provided you purchase something?”

I smiled at her as we stopped outside of the medical examiner’s office. “All in good time, Kaylee.”

“Okay, sir.” Kaylee brushed some hair behind her ear.

There was none of that zest that Kaylee had been so full of in the car ride over, and I could see faint goosebumps popping up on her thighs below her dress. I gave her my most reassuring smile and knocked on the doctor’s door. The door slid open and I gestured for Kaylee to enter. She nodded once, took a deep breath, put on a brave face and entered. I walked in after her.

The doctor stood in the center of the room by the examination table and read off a screen on the wall. “Kaylee Smith? Recruit 4501E7F. Please take a seat on the table.”

Kaylee gulped, nodded again and did as she was told. She climbed up on the table, sat with a straight back and looked at me. I gave her a wink. ‘You got this,’ it said.

The doctor sat on the chair in front of Kaylee and pressed his stethoscope to her chest. “Say argh.”

Kaylee did so and opened her mouth. She kept her eyes on me as she lifted and tilted her head up. The angle of the eye contact made her look even cuter than usual.

The doctor inserted a little wooden paddle into the depths of Kaylee’s mouth and looked at the timer on the wall screen as he listened to the stethoscope. When he was satisfied, the doctor took his tools off/out of Kaylee and placed them on the metal table to his side.

“Okay Kaylee Smith,” the doctor said. “I can already tell from looking at you that you have kept up with your exercise regime and government diet so we can skip the body inspection, which means I have only one more box to check, so to speak.” The man paused as he looked into Kaylee’s eye. “Have you maintained your virginity, as required by the Patrioette Act?”

Kaylee nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Fantastic.” The doctor said as he picked another tool up from his desk. “I will, of course, have to confirm that though.”

Kaylee nodded less enthusiastically. “Yes sir.”

“Please lay down and spread your legs Recruit 4501E7F.”

Kaylee did as commanded. The doctor rolled his chair down to and then between her legs. I moved so I could look over his shoulder and up Kaylee’s dress. It was too dark between her legs to make much out though, and the torch light coming off the doctor’s tool was obscured by the angle but the hairless skin along Kaylee’s thighs glimmered whenever the light touched it.

The doctor pulled his head out from Kaylee’s legs with a smile plastered across his face. “Wow, she’s a virgin and a half! As ripe and sweet as a peach!”

Kaylee’s face went as red as a beetroot as the doctor spun around to face me. “Are you here to purch-”

“I am.” I nodded.

The doctor’s smile grew even bigger. “Lucky man. And thank you for your service.”

“If what you say is true,” I said, “I’m sure it will be my pleasure.”

The doctor and I shared a laugh while Kaylee just lay on the table confused and clueless.


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