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Morrigan opened her eyes to a moonlit room, it was as if she had been transported to a magical place of silver blue hues. A magic that was shattered as movement caught her eye by the servant’s door. She could feel him there, watching her from the shadows created by the massive fireplace. It was as if she could see his blue eyes glinting as he watched her. His long legs carried him from the darkness, covering the distance to her at an alarming rate. His pale skin glowing like a specter come to haunt her.

Scrambling out of bed, she landed in a tangled heap on the floor, “Stop! Who are you?” Her breath came in short gasps. She went to move away, only to find her body unwilling to obey. Seeming to move an inch when he moved a foot. “What do you want with me?”

He stopped suddenly, his black hair falling down his shoulders in a soft cascade as if made of the softest silk, that begged to be stroked. “Do not be alarmed...”

“I am going to scream if you come any closer.”

A chilling smile spread across his face, revealing straight, white teeth. “Go ahead, no one can hear you…” He paused as if to give her a chance… “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Alaunus, and here, I am worshiped as a God. I also happen to command the dream realm, which is where we find ourselves now.” Alaunus closed the distance between them before she could muster a reply. Kneeling down he caressed her cheek, sending a shiver down her spine. “I have simply come to inform you that I will be retrieving you tomorrow. Don’t bother resisting, no one here will lift a finger against me.”

She awoke with a start, her heart racing in her chest, it was a dream…just a dream. She thought to herself. Still the thought of him coming for her filled her with such dread and anticipation that she was unable to find sleep again that night.

Instead she found herself sitting at the window watching, and waiting for sunrise. She was so deep in her thoughts, that she did not even notice when the servants brought in breakfast and her clothes. Cleaned and neatly folded, until one of the servants cleared her throat. Turning Morrigan saw that it was the same girl who had helped her last night, with an apologetic shrug she rose to dress. The girl only leaving once Morrigan began to eat.

Not recognizing any of the food, she picked at it for a while before trying it. It seemed like a fruit of some kind served with a porridge type of dish that lacked flavor and color, she managed to get much of the breakfast down by dipping the fruit into the porridge. Which gave it some modicum of flavor. Then the relentless pacing of the night before resumed.

She couldn’t help but wonder if he would really come, it couldn’t have been a coincidence dreaming of him back home, then seeing him here? And then, dreaming of him again. But why? What made her so special that she had to be dragged here?

At some point the pacing was replaced by an intense focus. She stood stock still listening to every sound, and with every little scuff she heard, her heart would leap into her throat. She would stiffen and stare, frozen, at the door. Waiting wide eyed for someone to come in.

After what seemed like hours her body succumbed to exhaustion, and her limbs carried her as if by their own accord to the bed. Where she fell into a dreamless sleep.

After what seemed like only a few moments an abrupt knock sounded at the door. She bolted up as a guard stepped through. The sheer panic she felt chasing away all exhaustion. For a brief moment stubbornness replaced her panic, allowing her a brief second of hesitation that quickly melted away as the guard stepped toward her. At which point she meekly let him escort her down the hall.

It was the same hallway that she had been led down the night before, but once again her warring emotions made her blind to her surroundings until she found herself in a large, plainly decorated room. Where a petite woman sat in an elaborate chair. Her dark red hair piled in an elaborate coif secured by bejewel pins, and a delicate silver crown adorned with diamonds.

Morrigan couldn't help but stare, there was such strength and dignity pouring out of the Queens tiny frame that she couldn’t stop herself. However; the monarch had eyes only for one. The violet orbs staring transfixed at a point just behind Morrigan, as if she didn’t exist.

Gravity seemed to shift as she turned and their eyes locked. Alaunus. His beauty drowned out all else. “Ah, the lady of the hour has arrived. Come we must be on our way.” He said jovially, his voice falling like a happy melody. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Fear had paralyzed her. The dream was real…

In a vain attempt, she looked pleadingly at the Queen. Who’s gaze never left Alaunus. A loud clang claimed everyone's attention as a guard dropped his weapon and clutched his throat. Alaunus coldly walked across the room, ignoring the guard as he dropped to his knees, to stand in front of Morrigan. “If you do not come with me now, I will kill him. And with every second that you delay, I will kill another. The choice of how many deaths you want on your conscious is yours.”

With that he turned abruptly and walked away, walking past the choking man and right out into the sunlit courtyard, whistling as he went. It only took a second’s hesitation and a terrified look from the guard for her to follow him, and as she ran through the door she heard a relieved gasp behind her. A gasp echoed by herself. She had not realized she had been holding her breath in terror.

The carriage he claimed was an elegant masterpiece. Its simplicity only enhanced its richness. She gazed admiringly at its black on black design, broken only by the merest hints of gold. The fine pair of black stallions stood at attention, ready to obey at a single word. It made for a very fine picture with him standing next to it, holding out his hand for her to take. Its beauty could almost make her forget the horror she just witnessed.

She extended her hand taking his, and as their skin touched an intense shock of energy passed between them, so briefly she barely had time to register it. The feeling left her hair standing on end, and sent a shiver up her spine causing her to shudder involuntarily.

Alaunus concealed a satisfied smirk as he climbed in behind her. After all this time he finally found it.

“Now that you have me, will you tell me…”

“Shh, there will be time for that later.” He replied, silencing her with a raised hand. He stared at her for some time, his brash and open gaze had her blushing and fidgeting awkwardly. She didn’t know what to say or do, so she settled for staring out of the window. Finally admitting to herself that she was in way over her head.

The sun had disappeared beneath the horizon when he finally decided to speak. At first it was as if he was talking to himself, he spoke so softly. “I have searched thousands of worlds, millions of time streams, and tracked countless people to find you.” Alaunus leaned forward, willing her to look him in the eye. The air crackling with tension as he drew near her. “A war has been brewing for a long time, and you are my key to victory.”

Pausing, he mulled over his words, choosing them carefully. “The people here worship me as a God, and to them, I suppose I am. I have powers and abilities beyond their wildest imaginations… The truth is, I am fallen.” For a brief instant he lowered his head, cupping his face in his hands. A gesture that made him seem vulnerable, small.

“I was an Angel once. Now here I sit, forsaken by God and Satan. No human can hope to change that, no human can give me the army I need to rise to true glory.”

Morrigan sat still as a stone, not sure if she should feel sympathy, or fear. Noticing the confusion on her face he smiled a disarming, almost charming smile. Leaning back, he exuded confidence once again. Lounging as if the rocking carriage was a divinely soft bed. “To have an army that is powerful enough, I must have children of my own. But mortal women cannot carry anything but monsters, giants, abominations! You my dear, have the blood of angels coursing through your veins. With you by my side we can birth an army capable of taking on God himself.”

The sheer terror in her eyes gave him pause, “you want me to have your children???” was all she could manage to say. All the sexually charged dreams made sense now, he had been visiting her, preparing her… “No.”

Roaring laughter erupted from him, catching her off guard. And before she knew what was happening he was over her, pinning her to the seat beneath his body. She could feel the heat of it through her clothes, causing a yearning she didn’t know existed. “You will not take this away from me, I have waited too long! You will become my bride tomorrow and accept the gift of eternal life and that is final.”

He hovered, his lips almost touching hers. Staring into her eyes he ran a hand along her thigh, briefly hovering above the junction of her thighs. Before continuing up to cup her breast. Her breath came in short gasps, and her eyes glazed over. “You can’t deny what you feel, you were meant for immortal hands.”

As quickly as it started, it ended. He moved back to his seat, leaving a stark void in her chest. And a craving like she had never felt before... for more.

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