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As they neared the door to her room, a servant girl appeared and dipped a quick curtsy before scurrying passed them down the hall. Pausing Alaunus tapped Morigan on the shoulder, momentarily shaking her from his spell. He motioned for her to watch.

He lifted his hand, and as he did so, the servant girl froze, her hands rising to clasp at her throat. Hearing the girl trying to gasp for air sent a wave of horror through Morigan. She cried out at the horrible gagging noises. “Stop! You can’t do this!” He didn’t stop, didn’t even take his eyes off the girl. The corners of his lips curled up with the hint of a sadistic smile.

“Remember this moment, and recall what I first said to you back in the Queens throne room.” He said quietly, “This is your fault; her death is your fault.” The servant fell to the floor with a dull thud, Morigan ran to her only to find her life already gone; she let out a choked sob. Alaunus was talking again, using the same monotone voice he had used earlier. And even as the tears streamed down her face, the numbness settled over her, allowing her to be controlled with only a word. “It is time for you to get dressed, we don’t want to be late for our own wedding now do we?” He said as he gently guided her back to her door. Where another servant was waiting, eyes cast down to hide the fear and shock she was feeling.

As Morigan entered the bed chamber, her eyes locked on a gown that adorned a mannequin in the center of the room. Rays of sunlight played through the dust motes that drifted in the air, causing the whole scene to look like it was straight out of a fairytale. Chocolate diamonds glinted and sparkled at the shoulders, and down the open back. She couldn’t resist the urge to run her fingers along the delicate blush lace of the gown. Cream colored ruffles adorned the base of the long sleeves, giving it a nostalgic romantic feeling.

Sliding on like butter, it settled on her curves like a second skin. The mermaid silhouette accentuating her shape. And though it had a high neck, the open back with cascading chocolate diamonds, and the spattering of clear diamonds across the bodice and skirt gave it such and elegant look that she couldn’t help but to feel like a queen. She sparkled with any move she made, glimmering with even the tiniest of indrawn breaths.

Her hair was pulled up into an elaborate chignon framed by loose curls, and topped with a dainty rose gold crown covered in diamonds. And with a smudge of carmine on her lips, and a sweep of coal on her eyes her look was complete. Morigan hardly recognized herself as she stared in the full-length mirror that had been provided. It was like she went from plane Jane, to an other worldly Goddess.

The servant ushered her out of the room at the sound of flutes in the distance. A beautiful white carriage, covered in delicate carvings of stags and unicorns, with touches of rose gold to add contrast awaited her at the foot of the front stairs. A beautiful pair of white mares were at the head of the carriage, ready to convey her to the ceremony with their smooth, fluid gate.

She rode in silence as the carriage cruised by the meadows that led up to the palace. Despite it being mid-winter, the sunlight made everything feel new as if it was the first day of Spring. The warmth of it on her face through the window was a welcome embrace. Closing her eyes, she listened to birdsong, and the sound of the wheels on the gravel road. The sense of compliance still within her. The growing sound of cheering had her peering out of the window again.

To her amazement light pink and white rose petals were falling from the clear blue sky, filling the air with their intoxicating scent. The trees had canopies full of vibrant green leaves; somehow Alaunus had truly created Spring in the middle of Winter. As the carriage came to a stop, groomsmen dressed in white opened the door. There were six total, flanking the aisle, one extended a gloved had to help her descend. The size of the crowd gave her pause. Peasants were shoulder to shoulder with nobles, all craning their necks to get a look at the bride. A few of the women had jealousy clearly written in their haughty expressions. But then her gaze found Alaunus at the head of the aisle.

His rich royal blue doublet and matching vest underneath, set off the natural deep blue tint of his black hair. The blue continued to his breeches, with a black satin accent line on each side. The black of his undershirt, collar, and cuffs enhanced the porcelain look of his skin; his eyes burned with a blue intensity as he stared at her. Everyone fell silent as he held out his hand and waited for her to approach.

A violin played softly as she took her first step towards him down the white aisle. His hand stayed steady for the duration of her walk, his eyes never wavering from hers. And with her heart in her throat, she took his hand. The soft coolness of his skin sent a shock through her, he smiled his most winning smile. A rose petal fell against her nose causing her to let out a startled giggle and smile, causing a lot of sighing from the crowd. The ceremony was quick and simple, a priest appeared wearing a white robe and a conical hat to perform the hand fasting, winding a silk ribbon around their wrists, joining their hands as he spoke the marriage rite composed by Alaunus.

The roaring in her ears drowned out the priest’s voice, and the feeling of her hands in his drowned out everything else. There was a brief pause as they waited for her response, a brief panic took hold as she realized she didn’t know what to say. Alaunus squeezed her hands, pulling her attention back to him, and her response seemed to be whispered into her mind. She knew it was him, telling her what to say. The calmness enveloped her again, and she repeated the words that were flowing into her mind. Her heart fluttered at the almost gentle look that appeared on his face in response to her panic.

Before she knew it, he was leaning in. And for a second it seemed her heart had stopped, then their lips met, and her heart restarted with the intensity of a thousand stampeding stallions. Everything melted away, nothing else mattered except his lips on hers. Lighting bursts of energy coursed through her body, then suddenly stopped as he pulled away. The emptiness left by his absent lips had her swaying on her feet. If it hadn’t been for his steady hand on her elbow she would have fallen over.

As she regained her composure she realized that he was also flushed and a little breathless. There was a new hungry look in his eyes.

The carriage ride back to the palace passed in silence. Tension crackled like a living animal in the small space between them. Building to an almost unbearable pressure, it was a relief to step out into the open air when they arrived. The entire palace had been decorated while they were gone, and a grand feast was laid out. With touches of rose gold, and diamonds. Dazzling all who attended.

There was food, and dancing, and what seemed like an endless round of toasts to their happiness. What surprised her the most was the few oaths of fealty that were sworn quietly during private congratulations. Morigan felt his hungry gaze on her more often than not, and her whole being quivered with anticipation.

As the night grew darker, he suddenly stood, bringing her up with him. Raising his glass, he addressed the guests, “I want to humbly thank you all for attending to witness this miraculous joining of two lost souls. With great regret, yet with great anticipation I bid you all goodnight.” A cheer swept the room as he turned and scooped Morigan into his arms, “and by all means, don’t stop the celebration! I know I won’t.” With that he swept her from the room with a devilish smile.

He carried her as if she weighed no more than a breath of air, until they reached his chamber. Kicking open the doors he strode in like a conquering hero returning from a quest. Gently he lowered her, his hands lingering on her waist before he turned to close and secure the doors. She stood waiting for him where he left her, watching his fluid movements, as he removed his doublet and vest. Then he turned towards her, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. She was frozen where she stood, wanting to move toward him, but was transfixed by his stare.

Slowly and methodically he undressed her. Brushing his fingers against her skin as each bit became visible. Until she stood naked before him, quivering. His hands moved up her body from behind, cupping her breasts in his hands. He pulled her back into him, moving one hand to undo her hair and let it cascade down her back. His mouth found her neck, worked its way down to her shoulder before he turned her head to claim her mouth in his.

His other hand found its way down to the heart of her femininity, finding her pearl as his tongue parted her lips for a deeper, fuller kiss than the one shared at the altar. She felt her essence flowing into him, and his flowing into her. Filling her with such energy as she had never felt before. A stifled gasp escaped her as his fingers entered her, their slow exploration a tantalizing stimulation. His breath became shorter, more urgent as he played her body like an instrument. Chills coursed down his spine as she responded like she was made to do. Alaunus turned her to face him, tearing off his shirt as he guided her backwards towards his bed. Never letting his lips leave hers he lowered her to the bed, pressing his body onto hers. Reveling in the shape of her body pinned beneath his.

The satin sheets were smooth against her back, she felt a deeper and deeper connection to him as their kiss continued, their essences almost taking on colors in the physical world. His hands were on her again, finding her pearl, entering her. Morigans hands took on a life of their own as they began to explore the contours of his chest, pausing at his indrawn breath as she grazed over his nipples. Then they moved down, her fingers delicately following the waist of his breeches until they found the tie. She needed him inside her. The smooth silk slid off with no resistance, and the naked length of him on top of her nearly sent her over the edge.

Static electricity could sparked where their skin touched, their sexual desire feeding the energy he emitted from his body. Spreading her legs, he slowly began entering her, her delicate fingers guiding his shaft to her entrance. Her back arched as he buried himself in her, hands locking in his hair holding the unbreakable kiss as gasps tried to escape. The lighting from the kiss at the altar was nothing compared to the torrent coursing through her body now, sparks danced in his eyes, and thunder roared in her soul. Growing louder and louder as he plunged into her again and again.

He quickened, thrusting faster and faster, her hips rising in time to his. Sweat beads evaporated as they formed, the living electrical current finding the moisture instantly. Chills enveloped her, heat consumed her, and she cried out as she came. Thunder boomed, sending the servants in the palace running for cover. Bright light filled the room, and lighting enveloped the palace as he climaxed. Growing in intensity as their orgasms merged, and their souls became one for a brief instant in time, that seemed to last a lifetime.

Collapsing on top of her, he finally broke their kiss. A sigh escaped him as he rolled to the side, the sparks slowly dancing away to nothing. One contented breath escaped her swollen lips before she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. “Rest beautiful, and awake a new being.” The transformation had been initiated.

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