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Naive Expectations

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She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I knew you’d have a great cock!” She slowly dragged her tongue up his neck breathing on him as she did so. Follows the journey of Ricky Nash a naive boy who falls in love on his first day of High School. The overpowering effect she has on him, even though they were never to speak at that time. After many years of wondering about her, a chance meeting gives him the opportunity to not only get to know the woman she really is but also the ride of his life. He discovers she's far from what he had envisaged.

Erotica / Romance
Tori Bartlett
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

February 1977. It was the first day of high school at Karma Lee. It would be a nerve wrecking day for anyone. As Ricky Nash got off the bus and looked about the place he would spend the next four years, he had no idea the course of his life was about to change, in a profound way. This change would result in the ruin of his longest friendship. Set him on the path to his destiny. Almost steal his son away from him, before he even had a chance to meet him and literally, he would save someone from a life of total disappointment, frustration and degradation.

All Ricky wanted was his best friend, Brian Turner, to be in the same classes with him. Ricky and Brian had always been the best of friends. They lived in a small town, called Middle Cove, or The Cove, as all who lived there referred to it.

Ricky had dark blonde hair, with a sculpted handsome face, even for a thirteen year old boy. He was taller than Brian and his body was already forming muscles. Still he was shy and although he and his best friend would talk a lot about sex, neither had ever been able to talk to, or approach a girl.

Brian had light brown hair, his eyes were small which made his nose look bigger than it was, his thin lips were in contrast to Ricky’s, which were plump and kissable, both had pimples, Brian’s were scattered all over his face and Ricky’s were mainly on his forehead, cover by his hair.

Ricky’s brother, Sam, was in grade ten, and had a girl friend Tania, lots of friends and would be off to college next year. His best friend Tony was 16 and learning to drive, so Sam wouldn’t be taking the bus with Ricky as he could get a lift to school with Tony and his mum.

To Ricky’s great delight he found he was in the same classes as Brian and his other friends from The Cove, Jason and Ted. It had started well but as they all gathered for class teacher in the science lab, she happened.

Her name was Stacey Harris and Ricky thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Long wavy dark hair, perfect little nose, dark brown eyes, round face and a thin, brown athletic body. All she had to do was glance in his direction. From that moment on he was like a worm on a hook, with no way off. She was to engross herself in every part of his love life, without even knowing it.

But as she went to sit down, Jason spoke the words that would make Ricky believe he needed to keep his feelings hidden.

“Look at her fat arse!” Of course they all laughed, even Ricky, after all he was thirteen and any talk about arses was funny. But he knew it was only her school jumper tied around her waist that was depicting that illusion.

Ricky watched her as she went to sit with her friends but he noticed her friend point to the next seat along and Stacey moved her books one seat, to sit down. He also saw that two girls that had been heading for the end seats at the same bench, suddenly change their minds and move to the bench behind.

Although he saw it, he had no understanding of how these things could devastate a young girl’s self esteem.

All day long he would continue to see her, feeling sick he lost his appetite , but his friends never noticed. So it would continue for the next four years. The only relief he had was at home, away from her. His mother was baffled. He’d stopped talking to everyone and he would eat like a starving wolf at tea time but his lunch would come back hardly touched. She put it down to the changes in his life, he’s a growing boy and things are bound to change, hormones, so she too grew used to the changes in him.

Soon after school started, Ricky and his friends were at lunch. As he glanced up he saw Stacey with her friend Kim standing with a boy. Kim didn’t appear very interested and soon walked away but Stacey stayed. She seemed captivated by this guy; they laughed and talked for ages. Was she flirting with him? He watched them interacting, eager to get some sort of clue as to what sort of relationship they may have. But without hearing what was being said, it was impossible. He became very uncomfortable and conspicuous just looking in their direction. As they walked away together, she looked up at him, with a big smile on her face. The bell rang at that moment and Ricky had to go to class. He followed his friends, who moved in a different direction from Stacey. Arriving at the classroom they lined up, waiting for the teacher to open the door. Ricky stood facing the guys but he was really searching for Stacey. He saw her coming down the corridor, she was still with him. Walking her to the end of the line, they chatted some more. She kept smiling and laughing with him like he was the best thing since sliced bread. When the teacher arrived he was eyeing them both.

“Don’t you have a class to get to Bernie?” He said crustily.

“Yes sir!” Bernie answered irreverently, laughing as he left.

Ricky watched as Stacey turned to see him walk away, wondereding if he was her boyfriend, was she having sex. No surely she wasn’t that type of girl. He wanted to know who this guy was; he was older than her, he could see that. It was something that puzzled him, especially as he was to see them together a lot that week.

It wasn’t till the next week, he ran into his brother Sam in the lunch hour. As they stopped to talk, Sam began shouting as someone. “Hey, Harris, how ya’ goin’, burned down any more Timber yards lately?” They both laughed, waving.

“Do you know that guy?” Ricky asked his brother.

“Yeah, that’s Bernie Harris and before you ask, yes he did burn down a timber yard. We all laugh about it whenever we see him. Oh there’s Tony! I’ll see you later,” Sam said hurrying to catch up with his friend.

The guys looked at each other like they couldn’t believe it, there was an arsonist in their school and they hadn’t heard about it. They thought that was so cool.

“Haven’t we seen him with Stacey?” Ted asked.

“Well he has to be her brother right, same last name an’ all.” Jason added.

That’s right! Ricky thought. It’s her brother. He couldn’t wait to ask Sam more about him and he had the perfect excuse when his friends asked him to find out more about this Bernie.

That night seemed to take forever to get there but when it did Ricky took no time to find Sam. He was in his bedroom, lying on his bed.

“Sam,” he said, trying to act like he couldn’t care less. “That Bernie character you were talking to today. The guys were very excited to hear that there was a star at our school and wanted me to ask you more about him.”

“Bernie is not a star, he’s an idiot that can’t help himself and he’s not popular.”

“But the guys just want to know a bit more about what happened. How did he burn down a Timber yard?” He asked.

“We’ll what’s to know. He apparently first robbed the joint, then went back later and burnt it to the ground. He didn’t get away with it, they caught him. He stupidly hung around to watch it go up, said he didn’t think about all the wood burning as well. He was just trying to get rid of all the finger prints he’d left behind in the managers’ office. Now he’s in the boys home, been there five years, doesn’t get to see his family much poor guy. Apparently he’s very close to his little sister. I hear she’s almost as weird as him.”

Ricky’s heart began to race at the mention of Bernie’s sister, he wished he could confide in Sam but he seemed too close to the situation and he didn’t know if he could trust him to keep his mouth shut. One word, one slip and it could all be out.

“So how did he get caught?” He asked with genuine curiosity.

“Well he was standing with a group of spectators but then he saw the cops, got scared and ran. The idiot, if he’d stayed they might not even have noticed him. Oh god, look at the time, I’d better go, I’ve got to meet Tania soon. See ya.”

Ricky went to his room, he thought about what it would’ve been like not to have had Sam around in the last five years, especially since his own father’s death a few years earlier, how bad that must have been for Stacey.

“Stacey,” he said silently. And not for the first time he found his hand rubbing his crotch. “My god, this girl has me under her spell.” And he unzipped his pants to release his rather large cock, and masturbate away the frustration he’d been feeling for the last week.

Ricky would see them together a lot over that year; they were always laughing and talking. It seemed that when they were together it was always somewhere near him. He saw this as a good sign. Perhaps it may mean that she liked him after all, she might have confided in her brother, something he’d not been able to do himself. Any way it was good to see her happy and it meant she was spending less time with her bitchy friends Kim and Sara.

There was always a discussion when his friends saw Bernie. Jason and Ted wanted to go over and find out what his deal was, after all he was like a star in their minds but Ricky was always against it. He’d say they should leave them alone. Since this was probably the only time they saw much of each other, plus he didn’t want to imagine what might happen if he went near her. Then there was Brian, he complained that he didn’t want to go near the fat arse. Even though Ricky knew that he was just as intrigued as the rest of them.

The year went by so unbearably slow but he seemed no closer to the truth about how Stacey might feel about him. His own feelings didn’t change, and soon the holidays would be here but Ricky had mixed feelings. Although he was looking forward to having a break from the sick feeling he was having nearly all the time. He didn’t like the notion that he would be away from Stacey. He knew he couldn’t stop thinking about her and hoped something might happen to lessen the frustration.

That day came soon in the holidays, Ted and Jason’s families had gone away, as they did every year, so Brian and Ricky were hanging out by themselves, mostly at the local milk bar. This particular day they were the only ones there. Bored and wondered what they should do after they’d finished their milkshakes. When two girls came strolling in. They went to the counter to order. Brian mentioned how cute they were and kept glancing in their direction.

Once they paid they turned and immediately headed towards the boys, stopping right at their table. “Do you boys mind if we sit here with you?”

“No, sit, please!” Brian said, unable to contain his glee.

“My name is Jess.” One of the girls said as she sat down next to Brian. She was a pretty girl with a round face, big hazel eyes and long blonde hair.

“And I’m Janet.” The other said, sitting next to Ricky. Janet was the taller girl of the two, with long straight hair; her face was long but not unattractive.

Jess and Janet were cousins who had come from the next town over because their gran had died. There families were pillaging her things, as the girls put it, trying to get anything good for themselves before the rest of the family got there.

That was the beginning of their first relationships with girls and all they had to do was be in the right place at the right time. It wasn’t long before Ricky, Janet, Brian and Jess were seeing each other nearly every day and talking on the phone most nights. It was great at first but there soon came a time when the couples started to make their own plans to be alone.

This continued through the holidays but all too quickly it was time to go back to school. Ricky was dreading it; he’d managed to keep his feelings at bay. Janet was a much needed distraction; but he couldn’t be sure how he may react once he saw Stacey again. Maybe he wouldn’t have the same attitude towards her, only time would tell.

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