The Time Traveller is Coming

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This was Roman’s life now. He was having the most boring and mundane sex with his wife Wanda. There was nothing from stopping them from going full out in the bedroom but this never occurred to her. Roman drove through the city with one arm outside the window. His long blonde hair flowed in the wind as he swerved through the traffic. He had finally reached that point in his life that nothing made sense anymore. There were so many rules and norms in society that breaking any of them killed you more than a death sentence. He wiped the sweat from his forehead even though it was almost freezing outside. His mind still ran over the thoughts in his head.

Erotica / Scifi
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Book 1: Lost

Wanda moaned loudly knowing nobody could hear her. He grabbed her thick breasts and sucked on her thick pink nipples, feeling completely numb to any pleasure. She slammed her fat ass against his dick as the sound of his balls slapping against it filled the room. He grabbed a handful of her ass and stuck his finger into her asshole, now he was getting turned on. She moaned and began to push back harder against his dick letting the whole length slide in and out of her. Roman turned her over onto her knees and began pounding away as his penis went deep into her. She moaned as she could feel his penis in the pit of her stomach and cum began to run down his balls. Roman pulled out his penis and tried to push into her tiny pink asshole but she moved his penis away and pushed it back into her tight wet pussy. Roman signed but had no choice to accept her decision and continued to slam away watching her breasts swing forward and back. He moaned loudly as he came into her and collapsed onto the bed with a straight face.

This was Roman’s life now. He was having the most boring and mundane sex with his wife Wanda. There was nothing from stopping them from going full out in the bedroom but this never occurred to her. Roman heard the car horn honk outside later that day and ran onto the street to get into the car with Carl. They were both much respected police officers but these days even that was getting boring. All they did now was roam across the city hoping there would be a call that would be worth tearing across the street to get to.

Roman drove through the city with one arm outside the window. His long blonde hair flowed in the wind as he swerved through the traffic. He had finally reached that point in his life that nothing made sense anymore. There were so many rules and norms in society that breaking any of them killed you more than a death sentence. He wiped the sweat from his forehead even though it was almost freezing outside. His mind still ran over the thoughts in his head till they jumbled over in his head.

“Earth to Roman!” Carl shouted from the passenger seat in which he sat in. He had been talking to Roman for the past ten minutes only to realize the man had phased out.

“You might as well be asleep man,” he continued slightly offended that he was talking to himself. “What’s on your mind?”

Roman sighed and he could see his breath in front of him. He looked at the thick moustached black man that sat beside him and smiled at how much he reminded of a cartoon version of a black cop.

“It’s nothing life threatening Carl, it’s just a problem with the missus.”

“What’s wrong? Is it her cooking?”

“It’s not that” Roman said

“She’s not putting out?” he prodded on
“It’s not that either” he said

“Her parents want a kid?”

“No, it’s not any of those things.”

“Then your marriage seems perfect to me buddy.”

“It’s not… do you ever just feel like you’re tired of your wife?”

“Dude, you’re talking to the guy that had a new girlfriend every week.”

“You know that’s not the same thing, Carl”

“I beg to argue my friend.”

“Well, what’s your defence?”

“The only difference between a girlfriend and a wife is a wedding ring.”

“In a way that’s true but you still haven’t made your point.”
“My point is, you just have to understand that this particular woman is the one you said you loved out of all those other women and you get your shit together to make sure that you make that love lasts forever”

“Well that’s beautiful and all Carl but it doesn’t really help my problem.” Roman said looking at the street lights that drowned the car every now and then.

“You know what; you need a boy’s night out my brother.”

“What do you have in mind” Roman said now smiling to his best friend

“Jimmy’s Spot!” they said in unison.

Roman laughed as he turned on the siren and cars began pulling out of the way for the speeding police car. They made it to their favourite spot in no time at all and they sat in the car wondering if they should change into their civilian clothes before they went in.

“Fuck it, I’ll go in with my gun even” Roman said with a smile on his face

“That’s the energy I’ve been looking for all night brother” Carl said excitedly

“You got the ones?” he said to Carl and his friend pulled out a thick wad of money.

“I can’t wait to get my face into some oily stripper’s ass” Carl said

“Me too!” Roman said half-heartedly and hoping that Carl wouldn’t notice his fake enthusiasm.

“Wait, you have to actually drop your gun though” Carl said pointing to the holster on his waist.

“Oh” Roman said laughing before tossing it into the police car.

“You know it’s weird how we’ve never closed the doors on this thing” Roman said as they walked into the strip club

“We’re just here for strippers Roman” Carl responded before pushing the blonde man into the brightly lit room. The light bulbs were all a bright shade of red but a rainbow of colours splashed over the strippers and the men who drooled by the stage. Money was littered along the floor of the stage and Roman wondered if he could just grab a few notes to buy something to eat later knowing Carl would blow the whole stack on strippers.

The instant they walked into the club, the handsome dup were noticed by the strippers and before they knew it, they were covered by beautiful thick assed women with oil rubbed across their bodies. They ran their hands across Roman’s face and he cringed as he thought of all the cum that might be across their palms. He brushed the thought to the back of his mind and tried to focus on enjoying the night, even if none of these girls could completely satisfy his lusts. Carl stuffed half of the money into Roman’s pockets and was dragged off to the back of the club by five women. Roman had something he wanted to try out tonight so he let a stripper drag him off to the room meant for the best paying customers.

Roman smiled as he was pushed onto the bed and a thick woman jumped onto his waist. She had long hair that ran to her waist that was dyed a bright red. He stared at her beautiful face and felt the buttons on his shirt ripped off. She whistled as she noticed his muscular chest and his abs before rubbing a more than average amount of Vaseline onto his chest. She rubbed his chest until her hands bumped against his waistband. She could feel his bump through his trousers and a large smile stretched across her face. Her smile widened when she pulled out a thick pink penis from his briefs. She didn’t waste anytime as she began sucking on his tip and smiled anytime Roman winced. She ran her thick lips along his tip before letting it slide down her slippery throat. Roman felt his dick began covered in thick saliva. The redhead pulled out the wet dick and saliva ran down his penis. He felt the saliva run down his balls and get in between his ass cheeks. She grabbed his balls gently and raised them to let the saliva run down into his ass. She leaned over and started sucking on his balls pulling one each testicle at a time. Roman loved how experienced she was and was expecting it to go right to sex. The redhead however raised his balls and spat a large helping on Roman’s dark asshole. Roman had never felt this good before in the many years he had been having sex. She rubbed the saliva around his asshole and watched it open up from the stimulation. She stuck her wet and sticky middle finger into his asshole until her whole finger was inside Roman. She kept sucking on his balls and she let her finger dance around inside him. Roman felt his eyes twitching from this new feeling. She spat some more on her finger and began sliding in and out of him. Roman squeezed the bed sheets and bit his lip from pleasure. His dick squeezed a bit of cum onto the redhead face and she slapped his balls to stop him from cumming early. She pulled out her finger and began riding Roman’s dick. This was the part Roman was used to and just sat back as she began riding him. Her flat chest only allowed her nipples to move a few inches across it and they were rock hard as he placed his tongue on it in the next minute. Roman felt her fat ass bouncing onto his thigh and the cum from her pussy dripping into the space between his balls and his ass. His eyes couldn’t stop their fluttering and he knew he had reached his limit. He pulled out his now red penis and came onto the strippers face. The cum was in her nose, across her mouth and dripped onto her chest. She rubbed off the one on her chest and licked it off her fingers before getting the rest of it and gurgling in her throat before swallowing it. She stared at Roman and opened her mouth to show him it was all gone. He smiled and rubbed her chest before a thought popped into his head.

“Do you think you could put your finger into my ass again?” he said as quietly as he could.

The redheaded stripper looked confused and her head tilted slightly to the right.

“What are you, gay?” she asked a little too loudly for Roman and he quickly hushed her.

“No, it’s not like that. I wouldn’t like a dick in there but your finger really did the trick to exciting me back there.”

“You pay extra” she said with a straight face

“Whatever” he said

She spat into her hand and pushed her finger back into his asshole and Roman moaned gently on the bed. The stripper kept going until she looked irritated and got up from the heavily stained bed.

“Fuck this, if you want someone to drill your asshole, there’s a club down the block that can sort you out,” she said angrily. “Coming in here with this shit” she said before she left the room and left the embarrassed Roman to himself. He wrapped his legs with his arms and bent his head till it reached his knees.

“What’s going on with me?” he asked himself

The ride back home was long and awkward with Roman sitting in the passenger seat sucking hard on a cigarette. He felt the cool menthol that it was laced with and felt it should calm but his mind still thought about the words of the stripper. She had asked if he was gay like it was some sort of disease. Was he though? He asked himself over and over till he had an answer on his lips. He was just open to everything and anything. There was a whole world of sexual positions and scenarios and yet all he had done for the past four years was missionary with his prudish wife. He had come upon this realization just as the car stopped suddenly.

“Here you are buddy” Carl said as he tapped the door of the car.

“Thanks for tonight man” Roman said as he got out and looked at the duplex he had known to call home. Carl waved before driving off with the siren on full blare so he could cut through the traffic of the night. Roman walked up the steps and into his home that had all the lights off except the one in the kitchen.

“Hey honey” Wanda said before kissing him on the cheek as he walked in through the door. She recoiled almost immediately as she smelled his neck.

“You know the least you could do is just wash off the perfume you’re so clearly drenched in”
“Sorry about that, it was Carl’s idea really”

“Trust me; I know you won’t drive all the way to a… gentleman’s club when you have all this here for you.” She turned around and smacked her ass through her tight shorts and smiled.

Roman looked at the ass he had seen for so long and held himself from visibly cringing.

“Let me go take a shower and get some much needed rest.”

“Don’t forget you need to pick up the turkey for dinner tomorrow.” She hollered to him

“What’s the special occasion?” he said stopping in his tracks.

“Our family is coming over tomorrow” she said trying to remind him

“Why is our family coming tomorrow?” he said starting to panic from the relay of new information

“Tomorrow’s Christmas Roman!” she said extremely shocked

“Tomorrow’s Christmas?” he said looking squarely at her now

“I can’t believe you forgot about Christmas” she said half laughing

“What can I say, I’ve been busy.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Go get some sleep, I understand dear”

Roman climbed the stairs and jumped onto his bed before tearing off his clothes and throwing them into a pile in the corner. He knew that by the time he got back from the grocery store tomorrow morning, he would see his unbearable family. He fell asleep as he thought of how he had managed to not notice all the Christmas decorations all week.

The snow was thick outside Roman’s house and he groaned knowing that he would be the one to get rid of it later. He sat on the side of his bed and wondered when he would get a kid so they could get rid of the snow on days like these. He had bigger problems now however. He had to expect his mom, her asshole new husband and his son. Kevin, his stepbrother wasn’t that bad really. He just couldn’t see himself in his late 30s having to get all buddy-buddy with a stepsibling.

Roman brushed off these thoughts before they gave him a headache and pulled on some jeans and a black tee. Roman hated looking casual when he remembered the level of authority his uniform gave. Now he would probably have to wait in line to buy the turkey.

The supermarket was even more overwhelming as he walked in. There were hundreds of turkeys that all looked the same but he felt like there was more to them to be checked other than size. After many moments deep in thought, he picked up a large one and walked to the line. He ground his teeth in his mouth as he got the checking out line as he realized how many people wanted to buy turkeys as well. He waited for many minutes in the line as a five year old girl stared at him curiously.

Roman drove back as slowly as he could, knowing fully well that his house was now crawling with unwanted people. He thought of whiling away time but the turkey in the bag next to him reminded him of what he needed to bring home otherwise risk the success of the dinner.

Wanda stood on the porch as he approached the house and he smiled as he could read the impatience on her face.

“Roman, it’s almost two pm! I still need to marinate this!” she said before leaning into the car and pulling the turkey through the window. Roman laughed to himself as she ran into the house while struggling to carry the heavy turkey. His smile vanished as he noticed the three new cars in the driveway. He sighed in the car and waited for many minutes before getting out of the car and walking into the house.

“Hey there champ.” His stepfather said with as big of a smile as he could pull.

Roman wasn’t afraid to let him see his face cringe and let it show for the greyed man to see.

He walked past him till he saw his mom sitting on the couch with Wanda’s parents and laughing away. She turned around suddenly as he walked into the room and her wine nearly spilled from her glass.

“Roman, baby, how’s life been treating you?” she said as she turned her face and he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

”It’s been great mom. I’m really living the life out here.”

He looked up and greeted his wife’s parents before he sat down and listened to them ask about things they asked every year and every time he picked up their call. They talked for hours until the smell of mashed potatoes, baked beans, turkey and whatever else Wanda had served up wafted into the room from the kitchen. The entire family floated to the dinner table and ate greedily at the delicious food. It was then Roman noticed Kevin at the end of the table. He hadn’t even noticed that his shier little stepbrother had been missing from the gathering, he must have found a place to keep himself incognito all night. The twenty something sat with a turkey leg in his hand and Roman noticed how much he had grown. His dark brown hair was perfectly combed and fell over the side of his head and covered part of his face. His ears were pierced with black earrings and a single piercing was on his nose. His cheekbones sunk in and Roman guessed he was either a model or a chronic weed user.

“Are you a model now Kevin?” he asked to the man who was still busy with his turkey.

Kevin heard and swallowed his turkey hurriedly from surprise. He looked over to Roman wondering what warranted such a question.

“Yeah, how did you guess?” he asked

“You’re eating like it’s the only meal you’ve gotten all year.”

“You’d be surprised how accurate that assumption is.”

“Well, I am a cop.”

“True,” Kevin laughed

The conversation broke into silence and the rest of the family began talking to each other about their own different thoughts on everyday things.

“Oh Roman,” Kevin said as he cleaned his hands on the table cloth before pulling a thick piece of paper from his pocket “We’ve got this awesome New Year’s party coming up. You should totally come”

Roman looked at the well printed invitation. It was from midnight to whenever and he laughed at how long it had been since he actually went for a party where people didn’t stand around with cups of coffee in their hands around their office tables.

“Thanks Kevin, I think I really needed this.” He said smiling at his stepbrother.

“I’ll only accept your thanks if you actually show up” he said before going back to the turkey leg that didn’t seem to be reducing in size.

Roman looked at the card in his hands everyday till the day it was actually needed. He drove his car through the sleeping city till he pulled up to the front of a large gate. A house stood on a hill in the distance and he wondered why everything in his house was turning into a weird movie. The gate swung after he presented the invitation to the guard at the gate. He shook his head as Roman drove past and he thought about this weird gesture all the way to the front door. He opened up the door and was face to face with a tall masked man in a bird costume. Even though Roman couldn’t see the strangers face, his smell and stature was intoxicating.

“Welcome,” he said in a voice that was so light it sounded like he was whispering. “Please strip and place your clothes in an empty basket” he said before pointing to the baskets in the corner.

Roman was beyond surprised by this and considered making his way back to his car and leaving immediately but he couldn’t deny this had piqued his interest.

“Please sir; if you are shy about stripping in front of me then you will have a problem in the next few rooms” the tall man said with a slight mocking tone

Roman took off his clothes quickly and dropped them into a basket before turning back to the tall man who had not even moved from his position or turned his head once since he got in.

“Move to the next room and select your personality” he said.

Roman knew he was done with this man and moved into the room. This room was even weirder as it was basically white walls on all sides. On the walls were masks of different shapes and sizes. Roman looked at them and noticed some were animals, others were human emotions and the others were just too terrifying for him to study. He looked at one that had a wolf mixed with a human face and pulled it off the wall. He stared at its intricate design before putting it on and walking into the next room. If the rooms before this one were weird, then this one was straight up insane. A thick mist full of drugs was being pumped into the room and he wrinkled his nose from its strength as he walked in. In every corner, the sound of vigorous fucking could be heard. He saw men walking around with their erections in front of them as they drank from cups by a water dispenser. In another corner, women’s legs hung out from many holes in the walls and men slammed away. Roman’s eyes scanned around what he had been searching for all this time. A lean girl crawled to him with a leash around her neck and licked his balls before grabbing onto his now hard dick and rubbing her tongue along his asshole. Roman remembered the delicious feeling and stood her as she began sucking on his dick. A thick wallop of saliva formed around her mouth as she pulled her mask off and threw it onto the ground. Roman looked down at the Asian cutie with perky breasts and long black hair and felt himself climaxing. She smiled as she knew how well she had sucked his dick. He felt the cum squirt out of his dick onto his face and she rubbed it across her face and into her hair before walking off. Roman walked to the dispenser to get some water and noticed the Viagra tablets. He downed one and drank a cup of water before roaming around the large house till he recovered. He came upon a large door and walked into it. It was painted red and had all sorts of masochistic gear. Many people were tied to the ceiling. He watched as a woman with a strapon fucked a guy’s ass while another man had placed his penis into his open mouth. When the guy came into the man’s mouth another one came and began fucking his mouth like it was a pussy. A girl had a ten inch lean dildo on a stick being rammed in and out of her pussy. Every now and then, her pussy would squirt a long spray of cum onto the ground. A dark girl lay on her back with her ankles and wrists strapped to the bench and had two men fucking her pussy and mouth alternatively. The bench was soaked from what Roman guessed was cum and while he watched, she squirted onto the guy’s dick that fucked her expertly while at the same time, a large amount of saliva poured out of her mouth and down her chin and neck. Roman felt his dick getting hard but all this was too much for his first night and he left the room to find someone to fuck hard. He walked around the house till he came upon a room with a naked guy sitting on the bed. He looked up at Roman and for a second, he felt fear in his stomach. Half from the fact that this was going to be new for him and half because he really wanted to try it. He walked up the guy and pushed him back onto the bed before spitting on the guy’s dick. Roman straddled the guy’s waist and slowly eased himself onto the dick. The dick struggled to get into his tight asshole but eventually the helping of saliva he spat allowed it to slide in. Roman felt the sharp pain as it went in but the worst was over. He began gently bouncing on the dick feeling weird moisture in his ass that lubricated the dick inside him. His dick was hard and swung forward and back as he bounced on the stranger’s dick. The stranger lifted Roman off and bent him over before fucking him hard while pulling his cheeks apart. It no longer hurt and now he slammed his ass back as he was being rammed by the stranger’s big dick. The stranger’s leg vibrated and the cum suddenly sprayed into Roman’s asshole. He pulled out the dick slowly and could feel the gape in his ass. He pulled the stranger to his feet and sat on the bed. He pulled the stranger back and let him bounce on his very hard dick. The stranger’s asshole was a lot freer than Roman’s and he watched at how easily he slid in and out of him. The stranger lifted himself and got to his knees expecting Roman to fuck him from behind. He grabbed the stranger’s waist and began fucking him like he hated him. The stranger moaned softly as he rammed his asshole. Roman noticed how his penis stood firmly below him and kept fucking. The sound of their balls slapping against each other filled the air as well as the slippery sound of his penis sliding in and out of his ass.

Roman felt his eyes fluttering and he came into the stranger’s ass and the stranger’s penis trickled a little bit of cum at the same time that was leftover from his fuck. Roman collapsed in exhaustion beside the stranger. He looked at the masked stranger who was also breathless and noticed a tattoo of a ninja on his waist. He stared at it until he fell asleep on the massive king sized bed.

Roman woke up the next morning naked on the lawn in front of the house next to dozens of other naked men and women. Some of them had been unmasked and some others had cum dried up on different parts of their bodies. Roman got to his feet painfully before walking to the front door to see if he could get his clothes. His mouth went wide with shock as he noticed it was locked. After struggling with the handle for many minutes, he walked to the parking lot and got into his car. Roman slammed his head against the steering wheel and wondered just how he was going to explain coming back home naked. He was still thinking it over when he noticed the basket full of his clothes sitting on his passenger seat. Roman hurriedly put his clothes on with a large smile on his face. The drive back home felt shorter than it usually was and he needed to think over the events of last night. Wanda hugged him as he got back but it felt more like he was holding his mom than with someone he could potentially have sex with. Surprisingly that was what she wanted and the next few minutes were a blur of unexciting sex while his mind drifted back to the perfectly tight asshole he fucked a few hours ago.

It was a couple minutes to midnight and Roman couldn’t even close his eyes to sleep. His mind raced as he thought of the night before and the meeting he had with the stranger. He needed to see Kevin to see how he could get to another one of these sex parties soon. He figured it would be better to talk to him in person than a whispered conversation over the phone, so he pulled on a tee and some pants and hopped into his car before pulling off towards the hotel close to the airport where his stepbrother was staying. Thick clouds hung in the sky and thunder rumbled as thick rain started pissing all over the city. Roman had remembered him talking about his room number and ran through the hallway after climbing in the elevator. He knocked on the door impatiently until it swung slowly open. A confused Kevin stood at the door in nothing but a towel and water dripping from his hair. Roman couldn’t help but admire his body, before shaking his head and trying to get those thoughts out of his head. This was his stepbrother for fucks sake.

“Roman, what’s going on?” he said without letting him enter

“That party… that was the best night of my life”

“Oh, that’s great to hear. We have one every new year’s”

“That’s a whole year Kevin! I can’t wait that long.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just in charge of spreading the word Roman, I don’t know what to tell you.” He said and turned around to get another towel to dry his hair. It was then that Roman noticed the tattoo on Kevin’s waist; it was a ninja. His mind reeled and he suddenly felt like he couldn’t stand.

“Roman, are you okay?” Kevin shouted as he noticed him swaying uncontrollably.

“It was you last night, in that room?”

“What?” Kevin said

“It was you I fucked last night wasn’t it?” he said feeling like he was going to faint.

“Oh, shit Roman, that was you?” he said in shock as he realized what he was babbling about. “Hey, we couldn’t have known. It’s not like we’re actually related, try not to sweat about it.”

Roman turned and ran down the hallway. He had to get out of there. He took the stairs when he saw the elevator hadn’t arrived yet. The rain was pouring down heavily and Roman tore across the parking lot to where he parked his car. He grabbed the handle and was about to get in when the sky lit up and he felt electricity surge through his body. His skin was burned and everything was red through his eyes. Roman had just been struck by lightning and lay on the cement in an intense amount of pain. He could hear Kevin running towards him and painfully turned his head to where the voice was coming from. His heart dropped as he noticed his entire arm had disappeared from his body. He tried to scream but nothing came from his mouth. He could only watch as the rest of his body began to disappear from his legs up.

Kevin got to Roman’s car only to see a large black crater on the ground. He looked around but couldn’t see his stepbrother anywhere.

“Roman!” he shouted as loudly as he could as the rain continued to pour heavily around him.

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