Erotic Tales: Family Affairs

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Peter’s large hands were sweeping over my body, slowly but surely. When he bit particularly hard on my neck, I had to bite my lips to stifle a moan. People would think that a father would be embarrassed or ashamed of doing something sexual with his son’s babysitter, but Peter was far from that. Instead of feeling even a little guilty, he only looked a little put-off like it was his kid’s fault instead of his.

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When Baby's Sleeping

“Hands off, Peter,” I said as soon as I felt hands wrapped around my waist. Instead of keeping his hands off me, he only pushed his body even closer as he pulled me towards him.

His lips ghosted above my neck, and just before he started to kiss it, he said, “I don’t want to.”

I didn’t have the time to scold him because he bit me in my neck. Even as I tried to drive the lust that formed inside of me, it only grew stronger because of his close proximity.

Peter’s large hands were sweeping over my body, slowly but surely. When he bit particularly hard on my neck, I had to bite my lips to stifle a moan.

“What are you doing?” Peter asked, his voice rising slightly. He pulled back for awhile as he turned me around. When he faced me, a small frown was forming on his lips, “I don’t like it when you’re quiet.”

“I’m quiet,” I started, trying to gather up my patience, “because your child is still out there – watching television just a few rooms away.”

Instead of looking guilty, he only looked a little exasperated. His dark eyes were staring hard as his grip turned a little rougher, “Then why isn’t he sleeping?”

People would think that a father would be embarrassed or ashamed of doing something sexual with his son’s babysitter, but Peter was far from that. Instead of feeling even a little guilty, he only looked a little put-off like it was his kid’s fault instead of his.

One of these days, I’m going to call him out on it. But since Peter is a menace in the bed and he still gives an enormous amount for my salary, it wasn’t in my position to complain.

I do know that I could try, however.

I met Peter eyes as evenly as I can. Trying to lower my voice, I told him, “You’d think that you would be ashamed of doing this when your son’s still in the house.”

“You’re lucky I never do anything in front of him,” he answered back, and I could see the hints of a smirk on his handsome face. Even as he already had a four-year-old son, he was still buff and attractive.

Before I can say anything, his hands slowly moved from my waist to my breasts, and finally, to my chin. As he tilted my head up so that I can meet his eyes directly, he added, “I wonder if you’d like that Alice – should we try doing it in my son’s bedroom next time, when he’s fast asleep?”

The thought of him mercilessly pounding me as the bed creaked made me blush. It didn’t help when my imagination grew more graphic. I can imagine him thrusting it into me roughly and quickly, not letting me up to catch my breath.

Without meaning to, I took a small gulp. Peter was excellent at sex, and even though he pays me money for it, I also enjoy it when he inserts his dick inside of me.

With my boring regular job, I had to act like a little saint. But whenever I part-time here as his son’s babysitter, I could do all the things that I could never do in public.

I can still remember when we first did it. It was when Peter came home drunk after one of his corporate events. John, his son, was already tucked in bed and was sleeping.

I only waited for him to get my pay, but before I knew it, he was pulling me down to him. Since Peter was a single father, I had several dirty thoughts about him. It was hard not to.

After all, Peter had been shirtless around the house, and I saw how his muscles rippled with his every movement. It doesn’t help that his face was also one of the most handsome faces that I’ve ever seen.

With his chiseled jaw and dark eyes, it was hard not to lust over him.

It seemed that he felt the same because, during that drunken evening, he pulled me to the couch and started kissing me. I managed to fend off his advances for a while before a small, playful thought entered my mind.

I was half-joking when I told him that if he wanted to do it to me, then he should double my salary. Without missing a beat, Peter agreed, and the rest was history.

But it really wasn’t history when the next consecutive evenings, Peter always managed to find his hands on me. Sometimes, the touches were fleeting and innocent. However, there were also times where his lust would get the better of him.

Peter followed through with our deal. Ever since I let him do it with me, my salary was not only doubled but also tripled. I could still remember the first night after sex when he wired me my salary.

I couldn’t remember having that much money in my account since that moment.

“What are you thinking about?” Peter’s voice cut off my reminiscent moment, and I looked up at him. His free hand had moved from my chin to my hair, playing with it softly.

There were a few seconds of silence before a small smirk formed on his lips as he asked, “Are you thinking about doing it in front of John, Alice? I didn’t know that you were that risqué.”

“I didn’t…!” I helplessly denied, even though I partly imagined it. Trying to fight off the blush on my cheeks, I mumbled, “Besides, I would feel too bad to even participate properly if we do it in front of your son.”

“Oh?” He tilted his head to the side. There was an unreadable expression on his face before he abruptly leaned in towards me. I thought that he was going to kiss me, but his lips were on my ears instead.

In a quiet tone, he whispered, “I wonder if you can still say that when I’m pounding inside of you.”

And just as quickly, Peter removed himself from me. I shivered at both his touch and his statement, and I can only look at him as lust partially clouded my mind.

I was still reeling in shock when Peter withdrew his hands without any notice. As I look at him in confusion, I belatedly heard a few steps towards the kitchen where both of us were in.

Within a few minutes, an adorable child with messy black hair peeked out from the door. His eyes were groggy and sleepy, and he looked at Peter then me, before he muttered, “Alice, I’m sleepy.”

Instead of going to him immediately like usual, I was still stuck in place. It took Peter’s slight nudge and nod towards John before I managed to move.

Without any word, I walked towards John. However, just as I walked away from Peter, I heard him whisper lowly, “Meet me in my room once John sleeps. He’s not the only one that you should take care of.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his implication. Still, I pushed that thought out of my mind as I reached out for John. I gathered him in my arms, and before I left the kitchen, I noticed that Peter was staring intently at me.

“You’re late.”

As soon as I went into Peter’s room, I heard his low voice. When I looked up at the direction of the voice, my heart almost stopped beating at sight.

Unlike usual, Peter was already naked in the bed. He was jerking off his dick without any sound, and I couldn’t help but feel aroused at the sight.

Most of the time, I was the one who undresses him while he does the same to me. As I continued to stare at his enchanting movements, he spoke up again.

“What are you waiting for?” His voice broke me out of my trance, and I immediately walked towards him. I tried my best to focus on my face, but it was hard to do so when he was bluntly touching his own shaft.

When I reached him, he didn’t even give me the chance to speak up. I saw his dark eyes met mine as he asked, “Why are you late?”

The dark tint of his voice made me shudder in anticipation. Peter is usually a kind man – if not a little teasing – and he barely lets anything get under his skin. To hear his voice with a hint of irritation was refreshing.

At the back of my mind, I wonder if I had masochistic tendencies for thinking like that.

However, I pushed other thoughts in my mind when I realized that he was still waiting for my answer. His hands had stopped moving as he placed it on the bed. He leaned back slightly as he looked up at me like he was some predator.

“John couldn’t sleep immediately,” I confessed, remembering how his son was unable to sleep for almost an hour. He was watching a horror movie beforehand, so I found it understandable.

If I knew that Peter would get this agitated in waiting for me, maybe I would have picked up my pace. I would have tried harder in letting his son sleep faster.

“As his babysitter, I know that you have duties for my son,” his voice was calm and cool, but the look on his eyes was stormy, “But you do remember that you answer to me too, right?”

Even if he didn’t ask me, I would have remembered. It would be hard not to when the thoughts of him entered my mind every day.

“Yes, but –“

“I don’t like it when you make excuses.” Peter cut me off with a small sigh. His gaze was softening slightly, and just as I breathed out a sigh of relief, he said, “If you want to make it up for me, then show me how sorry you really are.”

I blinked at his statement as I asked, “… How?”

This time, his lips quirked upward to form a delicious smirk. As I gulped at the sight, he raised his voice as he challenged me, “It depends on you. What can you do to get my forgiveness, Alice?”

The way he said my name brought pleasant shivers down my spine. As I walked closer to him, I couldn’t help but blush.

In the back of my mind, I knew that Peter wanted me to do something sexual. However, I didn’t know exactly what to do. Should I strip? Should I masturbate in front of him?

It was hard to think for myself when most of the time, I only followed his lead.

“Don’t think too much about it,” Peter must have noticed my puzzled expression, “Keep it sweet yet simple. You know that I’ll be reacting positively to anything that you do.”

My cheeks colored at his statement. Peter was a straight-up Casanova, knowing the right words to say at the right moment.

Slowly, I thought about the things that I could do for him. Should I suggest bondage? Or should I perform some sensual dance? But he did say that he wanted something simple, so should I simply let give him a breast job?

Bondage would be out of the question because we did it a month ago. Even though Peter love it when he does that, he also prefers not to do it on a daily basis. A sensual dance would sound nice, but I have the inkling that I’d make an awkward dance instead of an erotic dance.

And, well… Peter said that he wanted something simple yet sweet. It has been some time since I used my tits to get him off, so maybe he would find it enjoyable.

With that in mind, I hurriedly took my shirt off. Peter was still in the bed, leaning on his elbows as he watched me with his intense stare. I tried to shrug off the feeling as I slowly took off my bra.

Peter made a questioning noise, but I didn’t bother to answer it. Instead, I went to the bed and slowly crawled to where his dick was.

I can see that it was flush and erect. Precum was leaking from the tip and thinking about how he was masturbating awhile ago made my own underwear wet.

As I was about to position myself near his member, Peter called out to me, “Stop.”

Immediately, I froze in my movements. I looked up at him in confusion, and he only said, “Take your pants off too.”

Even though I didn’t know what his plans were, I still followed his request. Within a few seconds, I was out of my pants as I neatly folded it. With ginger movements, I placed it on the corner of the bed.

I looked up at Peter again as I looked for his next instructions. I felt a little disappointed that he stopped me. Since it had been a long time since I took the lead, I wanted to be the one who made him flush and bothered.

“You’re going to give me a titty fuck, right?” The coarse words that left Peter’s lips made my cheeks flame up, but I still gave a nervous nod. I saw a small shadow of a smile form on his lips as he continued, “You can do it, but…”


“I think that I want to eat you out tonight.” At his statement, a sudden pool of slickness leaked in my own member. I felt the tips of pleasure as he asked, “Should we do a sixty-nine tonight?”

I tried not to look too excited, but the immediate bob of my head gave it away. As soon as Peter chuckled lightly at that, I mumbled, “Stop teasing me.”

Even as I said that I resumed my movements and approached him. I slowly positioned my head so that my vagina was on his face, while my breasts can reach his own dick.

It took a little maneuvering, but I managed to do it in a few seconds.

When I laid down gently on him, I waited for him to give the approval. I thought that he would immediately place his lips on me, but he only said, “I’ll let you move first – I know that you’d be too far gone if I so much as touch you.”

I wanted to deny his statement, but it was true, so I only made a small grumbling noise. Peter was everything heavenly – his face, his body, his hands, his dick, and his lips. He was experienced and knew how to touch all the right places.

If I let him move first, I really would be too far gone to do anything with him.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly adjusted my chests so that it was near his shaft. But I didn’t go ahead and started with my breasts. Instead, I placed my small hands on his member first, moving it up and down.

“Damn,” Peter’s voice was still calm and placating as he praised me, “Your hands are so tiny and small.”

I didn’t know if that was a compliment or an insult, but he had told me about it several times. Just to tease him, I decided to move my hands faster. As my hands went up and down at a quicker pace, I saw how his dick started to grow even bigger in arousal.

Peter wasn’t moaning or grunting yet, composed as always. Still, his breathing was getting shallow, especially when I purposely slowed down or sped up my movements without any warning.

For a few minutes, I was content on only moving my hands on his dick. In hindsight, I couldn’t help but get amazed by Peter’s control. Since he already masturbated before I came to him, I partially expected him to blow up with just my touches.

However, even as his breathing got ragged, his cock only grew bigger as few precums leaked from the tip. I personally took it as a challenge to make him cum immediately so without warning, I started to secure both of my hands around his dick and move it together in fast paces.

Instead of getting him aroused, I received the opposite effect. As soon as I made a small circle with my hands, he tentatively poked my wet underwear.

“H-Hey didn’t you –“

“Alice,” Peter called out to me, his voice quiet and dark, “If you don’t stop it with the teasing, I’m going to start before you even go to the main event.”

As if giving me a warning, he pressed his finger even deeper. As I let out a small moan at the intrusion, he quickly pulled back his finger with a loud slick sound.

If I were honest, it would be alright with me if Peter did all of the work. However, I told him that I was going to pleasure him beforehand this time, so I hesitantly pulled back my hands from his dick.

Likewise, Peter seemed to move his hands away from my own member. He rested them on my thighs as he helped stabilize my position.

I had taken a deep, nervous breath before I moved my torso towards his dick. Even though Peter didn’t make any sound, I knew that he was getting even more aroused.

His dick seemed to throbbed more as it grew even bigger. I can see the veins of his cock forming just before I placed it between my breasts.

At the touch, Peter didn’t make any sound. His hands on my thighs gripped harder, but he was letting nothing slip from his mouth. For some reason, that agitated me, so I decided to move my breasts up and down his dick.

I made my large breasts bounce and jiggle as they continue to swallow his cock. However, I can still see the tip because Peter had a huge cock. It didn’t deter me from my movements, and I started to roll my body slightly as I continued to let my breasts do the job.

I tried to squirm forward, and when Peter loosened his hold to let me, I let both of my breasts create a small circle around his did. That seemed to do the job because he let out a short, sensual grunt at the first touch.

The sound was so arousing, and I know that I want to hear more of them. Without thinking about it and letting the pleasure get in my head, I continue to let my breasts bounce obscenely with his dick in between them.

I even massaged my breasts sensually, letting his cock brush my erect nipples. At that, Peter’s grunts turned into small moans, and I shivered with anticipation. I continued to move my breasts up and down his dick, moaning as I saw some of his cum leak on my breasts.

My movements became more hurried as I start to get drunk in the feeling of pleasure. I continued to give him the best breast massage when a thought entered my mind. When I slowed down my movements, I heard Peter take a short breath.

I couldn’t help but smile at that. It made me feel good to know that I can affect him as much as he affects me.

Slowly, I leaned my face down as I let my lips swallow the tip of his dick. I gave it a small, tentative lick before I swallowed down as much as I can, letting my mouth take in the parts that weren’t covered by my breasts.

That seemed to do the trick because, within seconds, I heard Peter call out my name, “Fuck, Alice…!”

“Your lips are so tiny,” he muttered between moans as I continued to swallow him up. My breasts were covering his shaft while my lips were on his tip.

As I continued to use both my lips and my breasts, I can hear him say, “Your lips were made for my dick. Fuck, Alice…”

I moaned at his reaction, and when since his dick was still inside me, I knew that it made some vibration. I didn’t know if it was intentional, but for the first time that night, Peter’s hips thrust upward.

My eyes widened because I wasn’t prepared for it. Even with my breasts covering his shaft, he managed to thrust so hard that I managed to get half of his dick inside my mouth. As I was wondering if he would continue to do it, I felt his hands give my thighs a soft pat.

“That was unintentional,” The calmness of his voice unnerved me because even with my movements, he was still able to talk in complete sentences. I didn’t have the time to voice it out, because he continued, “Keep on doing it.”

I nodded my head in reply, unintentionally bobbing up and down his dick. Then, I realized that it wouldn’t be a bad thing, so I only closed my eyes. As I started to bob my head in time with the movement of my breasts, I can hear more moans from Peter.

I would have made a smug smile at that if it weren’t for the fact that without any warning, he inserted one finger inside of me. I gasped at the movement, the sound of my lips being drowned with his dick inside my mouth.

He continued to press his fingers in my clothed member, giving a short chuckle between moans as he pointed out, “You’re so wet.”

I wanted to retort that his dick was so erect, but I knew that he would only shrug it off. Trying to not let his fingers distract me, I started to use my tongue expertly on the tip of his dick.

With my breasts covering his dick, I began to lick the cock like it was a lollipop. I thought that it would drive him to orgasm, but it only brought out a different reaction.

Without warning, Peter pulled my panty off and pushed my ass down. I shuddered when I felt his mouth breath on my pussy, and even with his dick in my lips, I was getting distracted.

It didn’t help that he placed one finger inside my vagina so that he can stretch it. As I gulped, I accidentally took in more of his dick. I almost choked on his dick, but I moved fast enough to withdraw.

With my breasts still on his member and with his lips just above my vagina, he laughed lightly, “What are you doing?”

“Stop teasing.” That was the only thing that I can say because I was already very aroused. It didn’t help that at that exact moment, I felt Peter nod.

Without warning, his tongue entered me this time, and I couldn’t help but shudder. His tongue was an expert, licking on my clit slightly as he searched for my most sensitive parts.

Peter knew my body like it was his favorite book. Within minutes, he was happily and obscenely slurping around the part that made me see stars.

All of his movements were bringing out a collective sense of arousal inside of me. As I can feel his tongue do another sensual flick, I couldn’t help but release a small shudder.

My head lazily fell down because of all the sensations. Instead of meeting the covered bed, my mouth accidentally met the tip of his dick and realization returned to me.

I almost forgot that I was supposed to pleasure him too, just as he continued to pleasure me. It was unfair because Peter was insanely good with his tongue, biting and licking at just the right moments.

However, it also lit up a competitive spirit that I barely acknowledge. As I shuddered exhilaratingly when he drew out one long lick, I decided to give back as much as I took.

With that in mind, I latched back my mouth on his throbbing dick. I pressed my breasts harder together this time, making sure that his cock fitted snugly against my tits. I also tried to lean in more so that when I swallowed up his member, the tip was reaching a great depth in my mouth.

It was hard to concentrate on my own movements when Peter was expertly doing his ministrations, but I tried to do it. I let out exaggerated moans leave my vocal cords, letting it vibrate against his dick.

I knew that it was doing the trick because from time to time, Peter paused from his licks and touches. But every time he rested, the next movements grew even more intense.

As I tried to swallow up more of him as my breasts bounced faster against him, I wondered who would climax first. In the back of my mind, I was cursing Peter’s ungodly restraint because I started ahead of time yet he was still keeping up with my movements.

I continued to bob my head up and down, swirling my tongue and licking his dick erotically. I started to speed up my progress in hopes that I could make him orgasm first.

But just as I sped up my own paces, Peter did the same. His tongue started to prod even deeper, and he was even inserting his fingers inside of me. Arousal was starting to peak inside of me, and I knew that I was getting close to my own climax.

Even as I can feel his dick throb quicker in my hold, I was already seeing the stars from the back of my lids. As he gave one especially drawn-out lick, I couldn’t help but shudder. Even as I tried to restrain myself, I had an orgasm.

My moans didn’t make any sound because my lips were still on his dick. As Peter continued to lick me despite my pouring pussy, I couldn’t help but moan and gasp continuously.

It seemed that my own reactions were getting to Peter because, after a few more series of moans, he was also releasing his load inside of my mouth. My eyes widened as I tried to swallow up his overdue orgasm.

I tried to milk it out of him, pressing my breasts even tighter. In retaliation, Peter seemed to draw out more licks inside of me, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper.

He only stopped when I finally stopped swallowing his cum. I groggily moved my lips off him with a loud, obscene sound. I also removed my breasts, trying to lean backward.

At that, Peter helped me out and started to carry my thighs gently. He helped me position myself in his bed as I felt myself shiver from my great orgasm.

When our eyes met, I saw his eyes twinkle with mirth.

“Shut up,” I told him before he can say anything else.

However, he wasn’t even deterred. Instead, he pulled my body near him closely as he whispered, “I couldn’t believe that you climaxed before me.”

“Liar.” I rolled my eyes, even as I was beginning to get sleepy. As I tried to get up on his bed, I added, “You kept on restraining yourself – that was unfair.”

There was no bite in my statement because I was still feeling the post-orgasm bliss.

In the back of my mind, I knew that I had to get up and dress up. Even if I was tired, I had to at least sleep inside a room that wasn’t his.

After all, John was still a few doors away.

Peter seemed to read my mind because he said, “Sleep here tonight.”

“What?” My eyes widened, even as I felt sleep enter my system, “But, John –“

“He wouldn’t know.” Peter cut me off, a tone of finality in his voice. When I gave him an uncertain expression, he added, “I’ll lock the door and wake up early in the morning.”

I took one long look at him, wondering if he’ll follow his word. However, it didn’t take me a long time to agree because sleep really was getting the best of me.

Slowly, my eyes started to close as I nodded. Without meaning to, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, dread immediately filled inside of me when I realized that I was still in Peter’s room. I couldn’t help but feel a little bad because I was scared of letting John see me sleep in his father’s bedroom.

However, just as more thoughts entered my mind, Peter went inside the room. I met his eyes as soon as he approached me and just like usual, he knew what I was thinking.

“John already left for daycare,” he told me slowly, approaching me with slow footsteps. I belatedly realized that he was holding a plate of food until he placed it beside me.

“Did he…?”

“No,” Peter shook his head, answering my unspoken question. He looked at me with a small, teasing smile as he narrated, “I woke up before him, so I managed to prepare him by myself. I also locked the door to the room so that he wouldn’t accidentally enter.”

I nodded my head at his statements. Peter had always been responsible and correct in his actions. Of course, he would know how to deal with his son properly.

“Anyway,” Peter moved the topic before I can give any input, “Eat that for breakfast.”

“Did you cook this?” I looked up at him as soon as I realized that I was given a home-cooked meal.

Instead of meeting my eyes, he moved up the bed. I thought that he wouldn’t answer my question. But as he was taking clothes from his closet, he responded, “Yeah.”

I looked at the meal, and it looked like it was done by a professional. Between his cooking and his treatment towards John, I wondered if he really ever needed a babysitter.

I wouldn’t bring the topic up, even as it entered my mind. After all, the salary here was good, and the sex was even better.

“Stop thinking too deeply.” Peter met my eyes with an unreadable gaze. When he smiled at me, I could feel my heart race slightly. Trying to push the feeling away, I nodded at Peter.

It’s alright if I don’t get any answers now. What matters is the present, after all.

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