Erotic Tales: Pride Edition

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I’ve never met someone who could have taken my breath away as much as Leo did. Even though he was a guy like me, he looked beautiful.

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More Than Just Roomates?

Finishing up the meal that I’ve prepared for me and my roommate, Leo, I took a small ragged breath.

Since both of us had been preparing rigorously for our individual college finals, it wasn’t easy for us to eat together. I tried to remember if Leo had already eaten.

However, he hasn’t left his room since this afternoon, and it wasn’t like there had been any food deliveries that would have given him his meal.

With a small smile on my face, I walked towards Leo’s room.

I can already imagine the gratefulness in Leo’s face once he realized that I have cooked for him. That thought immediately warmed my heart because if there was something that I really liked, it was the smile on Leo’s lips.

As I walked, I tried to remember about my relationship with him. I recall that a few years back, I was only looking for a great place to stay. Back then, a high school underclassman introduced me to Leo and I swear, I’ve never met someone who could have taken my breath away as much as Leo did.

Even though he was a guy like me, he looked beautiful.

That was the only thing that I can use to describe him. He had almost catlike eyes that looked at me with amusement and politeness. His lips weren’t large, but it was pouty and red.

The first time that I met him, I realized that my preference was for boys. Or at least, for Leo.

I’ve met both handsome men and lovely ladies, but there really was no one who gave me an impression that was better than Leo.

Without any complaints, I immediately agreed to room with him as soon as I reached college. In the following years, we’ve managed to get closer.

It seemed like Leo was my age. While I was studying medicine, he studied architecture. I also realized that he looked best when he was looking up at me with his beautiful eyes.

Thankfully, our apartment was big enough that we’ve managed to get our separate rooms. After all, I knew that I have been having frequent wet dreams about him.

Sometimes, I imagine him writhing under me as I fucked him senseless. Other times, I dream about him slowly kneeling below me as he took my dick with his small and pretty lips.

When my mind was feeling particularly naughty, I even dreamt about binding him in the beds as I pounded him roughly. There were even dreams where I was the one that was bounded as Leo rode me.

My cheeks flushed as the continuous thoughts filled my mind. I shook my head because I shouldn’t be thinking of these things, especially not when I’m about to knock on Leo’s door.

I realized that I’ve already reached Leo’s room and just before I knocked on his door, a sound stopped me.

It was barely audible, but I thought that I’ve heard a moan. No, it wasn’t just one moan.

It was a series of moans that made my cheeks flushed. What was Leo doing in his room?

I blinked my eyes, realizing that my crush must have been masturbating. I had to control myself or else I would have immediately opened the room to see him in action.

Leo’s moans were combined with whimpers, and I couldn’t help it when my own dick started to stir.

I knew that Leo was only human, so it was normal for him to jerk himself off. I just never imagined that I would have caught him in the act.

My mind started to go to places that only made me feel even more lust. I tried to think about what Leo looked like right now.

Were his cheeks flushed as he continued to jerk himself off? How ragged was his breathing?

I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be if instead of letting him suffer from his hand, I could have helped him with his problem.

My mind continued to go to places, but as soon as Leo managed to form a word that wasn’t a garble of words, I stopped.


I initially thought that he caught me by his door, but it was impossible. His door was locked, and I don’t believe that I’ve done anything to let him know of my presence.

But then, it seemed that Leo really didn’t know that I was just outside his door. His moans were starting to form more words, and I could hear him desperately whimper, “Andrew, Andrew, Andrew…!”

My eyes shot wide with his continuous words and I knew that my dick was already erect just from the sounds. A part of me thought that I should just leave right now.

After all, even if Leo moaned my name, wouldn’t it be rude to simply barge in?

“Andrew, right there…!”

But as soon as I heard Leo’s next whimper, I couldn’t even restrain myself. It seemed like all of my control was thrown out of the window.

As my dick continued to throb in my pants, I couldn’t help but open the door to his room.

And never in my life had I thought that I’d be blessed to see this scene.

As soon as my eyes landed on Leo’s obscene figure, I felt like my breathing was taken away from me.

Leo was lying on the bed, with his head almost pushed on his pillow. His eyes were glazed with lust as he looked at me unfocused and I couldn’t help but gulp at the sight.

His expression contained pure desperation. His fair cheeks were colored with red, and his pouty lips looked puffy as he bit them.

It took me every control in my body to not approach his bed and take him right then and there.

It seemed that it was a great decision because as my eyes reluctantly left his face, I saw another sight that made pleasure and lust overwhelm me.

I thought that I would only see Leo jerking off his length, but instead, I saw that his fingers were contained with lube. And his small fingers were slowly but gradually inserting in and out of his asshole.

Even as I continued to watch him, his fingers didn’t stop. Leo was hiccupping by now, and it sounded even more obscene with the dirty squelching sounds from his ass.

I wondered if I managed to save a country in my old lifetime because looking at Leo right now, I knew that I was lucky.

I felt even luckier as Leo slowly moved up to sit. His fingers were removed from his ass with a loud, dirty noise, but I didn’t have the time to be disappointed.

With his lube-covered fingers, he motioned towards me as he whispered, “Andrew, come to me.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice because before I knew it, I was already pouncing towards his bed.

As I walked towards Leo‘s bed, I sheathed off my boxers without any care. I threw it somewhere in the room. When I reached Leo, I pushed him slightly on the bed.

Without any resistance, Leo followed my movements as he laid down. He was looking at me with lust-filled eyes as he gave a sultry smile, “Andrew…”

I couldn’t help but shiver at his tone because he sounded so fucking sexy. I already knew that my dick was fully hard and any minute now, I knew that the tip would start leaking.

“Leo,” Before I get completely overwhelmed by my own feelings of lust, I realized that I need to ask this, “Do you really want this?”

After all, even though Leo offering himself up to me was something straight out of my dreams, I didn’t want to force him to do it.

It was true that I lusted over Leo’s body – my soiled sheets every single morning can attest to that – but I also liked Leo as a person.

I didn’t want to go out of control like a wild animal if he didn’t give me any consent.

We were already crossing the lines between roommates and best friends. I didn’t want to push it even further without any permission.

I stared at Leo’s eyes, and I saw how some of the lust seemed to have dissipated. His eyes were starting to clear up now, and I couldn’t help but hope for the best.

When Leo met my eyes, I almost looked away. He was silent for a few moments after my question, and I wondered if he was going to take everything back.

Sure, he did just masturbate about me, and he offered himself up, but he should have known that I’d be willing to do anything he asks of me. Even if he wanted to leave me hanging right now, I would completely agree without any question.

It seemed like the moment was dragging, and I couldn’t help it when despair started to well inside of me.

But instead of pushing me away, I felt Leo’s hand slowly move towards my neck. He pulled my head close enough so that our lips were only a few centimeters apart and I let him.

He met my eyes and the sheer fondness in his eyes made me want to kiss him until he couldn’t breathe. However, I knew that I have to wait for his answer first.

“I want you, Andrew,” My heart almost leaped out of my chest at the statement, “And I want to do this with you.”

Without thinking about it, I crashed my lips on his. I have always wanted to do this, and now that I can, I am going to savor the moment.

Leo’s lips were as soft as they were in my dreams. Contrary to his usual attitude, Leo was willing to be submissive as he reciprocated my kiss.

I saw him close his eyes as he brought his other hand to press me closer to him. I would have closed my eyes too, but I wanted to see this moment and remember it.

As we continued to kiss softly, I stared at his face. His cheeks were reddening with every kiss, but I can feel his lips forming a smile.

I continued to press soft kisses that he reciprocated before I started to get bolder. Slowly, I began to lick his lips as I asked for entrance.

Leo’s eyes opened at that. I thought that he was going to deny me, but he opened his mouth for me. As I started to lick his cavern, I couldn’t help but moan when I felt his crotch start to grin on my bare thigh.

It was almost like he was teasing me because as I continued to suck his tongue, he grinds on me with slow, languid rolls.

My restraint was getting weaker by the moment, and when I managed to suck particularly hard, I felt his dick harden against my crotch as he went for a slow but extremely close body roll.

I unceremoniously bit his tongue as I tried to contain my moan. But he started to continuously repeat it that I had to withdraw from the kiss.

As soon as I leaned back, I looked at him with narrowed, accusing eyes, “Leo, what are you doing?”

Leo only tried to play innocent as he smiled at me.

“I’m not doing anything.” He said that even as he continued to roll his hips a bit. I grunted at the friction, and I can see his smile growing wider.

“If you keep on doing that,” I took a deep breathe so that I can level my tone, “I’m going to pound you so hard that you won’t be able to leave this bed afterward.”

I would have thought that it would make Leo back down. However, even as Leo’s cheeks continued to redden, he only said, “Then do it.”

I almost growled at his statement as I shrugged his arms off. He relaxingly pulled his arms away as he continued to look at me with an appraising expression.

If Leo wanted to be pounded until he was mumbling incoherently, then I’ll give it to him.

I remember dreaming of our first time together. In my dreams, it was far sweeter and perhaps even a little romantic.

I thought about preparing candle lights and roses. I wanted to take Leo’s virginity in the sappiest way possible.

But Leo must have another thought in mind because he was flat-out seducing me right now.

And now that I think about it, my plans for our supposed time may have been utterly romantic, but this was even better.

With Leo looking up at me with combined anticipation and lust, I personally thought that this was heaven.

“Don’t go soft on me now.” Leo’s voice cut off my train of thoughts, and I looked at him. He had an encouraging smile on his lips like he was thinking that I was going to back out.

As if.

Even if Leo stopped me now, I think that I’d be too far gone in pleasure to take his request for consideration.

Still, I realized that I had to say something. I slowly shook my head, “I’m not.”

That was the only thing that I said as I prodded his thighs to spread wide. I couldn’t help but look at his plush, bare thighs as he spreads his legs. It didn’t help that he wasn’t wearing anything at all, so I can even see how his dick was throbbing with anticipation.

I almost wanted to lean in and suck on it, but I realized that it might be too slow for Leo. Since Leo wanted rough, I don’t think that he’s going to appreciate a blowjob.

“Can you turn over?” I asked him as I leaned back a little. It was going to be hard to prepare his asshole if he was facing in front of me.

Granted, I can see more of his expressions when he’s facing me, but it would be easier if he were on his knees.

“You can just move my body,” Leo grunted out, but there was no real bite in his statement. He slowly rolled over, and within a few seconds, he was on his hands and his knees.

I can feel my dick started to leak at the sight. Leo was offering everything to me, and I couldn’t help but want to pound him right here and now.

It almost felt like a dream, but I knew that it was the reality when Leo purred, “You don’t need to prepare me, Andrew.”

“Why not?” I managed to ask as my hands moved towards his hips, steadying him gently.

“As if you haven’t already seen me.” I couldn’t see Leo’s face, but I knew that he was rolling his eyes. When I didn’t respond and only placed small circles on his hips, Leo added, “I was preparing myself while I was masturbating.”

I already knew that, but somehow, everything immediately felt even hotter with Leo’s admission. I couldn’t help but wonder, how long had Leo been masturbating about me?

Was it a one-time thing, or did he always used my image in his masturbation sessions just as much as I dreamt dirty dreams about him?

Well, it wasn’t anything that I could ask right now. I pushed that thought away as I felt Leo’s ass wiggled a bit.

“I want to do this too.” I finally stated, “I know that you’re already prepped, but I want to see how you writhe on the bed as my long and thick fingers fuck your asshole.”

That was coarser than the thought in my mind, but Leo seemed to like it. He gave an approving hum as he murmured, “Do your best.”

I reached for the opened bottle of lube in the bed and coated my fingers with the cold liquid. Belatedly, I noticed that the lube was half-empty and I wondered just how much times had Leo done this before.

I couldn’t help but shiver with lust at the thought of Leo spreading himself open like this every day.

Slowly, I placed one finger inside Leo’s asshole, and my eyes immediately widened. Since he also prepared himself beforehand, my finger’s entrance was smooth. However, it seemed like his ass was devouring my finger as I started to insert it deeper.

Fuck, this was so hot.

Leo moaned when I started to give slow and experimental thrusts. In a few more minutes and even more thrusts, Leo was already grunting in the bed as he began to push his face to the pillow. His hips also started to arch, grinding against my finger.

“More,” Leo ordered when I felt that his ass was getting comfortable with my finger. I complied, and I started to insert another finger inside of him.

Just as I did, Leo moaned again, “Fuck, this is – Andrew, this is better than my own fingers.”

I got spurned on by his comments, and even though I wanted to go slow so that his ass can get comfortable, I couldn’t restrain myself. Unlike before, I began to push my fingers in and out of his hole in a faster and rougher pace.

Leo was moaning, and I can see him thrashing slowly in the bed. My dick started to leak even more, and if I didn’t control myself, I could come just from this sight.

But I wanted our first time together to be better, so I decided to focus on the task at hand. I continued to push my finger with sharp thrusts, and Leo moved his hips to accommodate it. Even as my movements became familiar, his ass continued to clench around my fingers tightly.

“Fuck,” I cursed out, my voice quiet and rough, “Leo, you’re so tight.”

Leo only managed to whimper in response. I started to pump in and out of him with a faster pace, and then, a thought entered my mind. Without giving Leo any warning, I began to increase the number of fingers inside of him.

When I pulled my fingers out of him, I heard Leo gave a small whimper. I patted his butt slightly as I chuckled a bit, “You’re so needy.”

“You’re one to talk,” Leo managed to say, even as his ass was inching close towards me, “You’re the one who’s –“

Before he can talk anymore, I inserted three fingers inside of him without any warning. I didn’t know if it was because my hands were thicker and longer, but it seemed like his ass wasn’t familiar to this much intrusion.

Leo moaned out loud with even just the tip of my fingers. As I started to push it deeper, I can also feel his ass clench tightly, trying to devour my fingers with every movement.

I couldn’t help but let out a small groan because this was all so hot.

It took a few seconds and several nudges, but I managed to fully insert my fingers inside of him. In fact, I went even deeper than before because I only stopped entering until even my knuckles entered Leo.

He keened in the bed and unfamiliar with the intrusion, Leo started to let out a loud cry.

“Fuck,” My eyes widened at the sight, and I began to pull out. I asked him, worriedly, “Was that painful?”

“Y-Yeah, but don’t move!” Leo’s voice was desperate as he said that. He was breathing heavily as he added, “Let me… get comfortable first. But don’t pull out!”

Even though I wanted to do the opposite, I decided to comply. After all, Leo wanted it.

Since I pulled back slightly awhile ago, I started pushing my three fingers even deeper inside of him. Leo was downright shivering until I managed to go knuckle-deep inside of him again.

For a few minutes, all that I can hear from the room was Leo’s needy moans and my loud grunts. As I waited for him to get comfortable, I let my eyes gaze on him.

Leo’s face was partly covered with his pillow, but I can see that he was breathing heavily. It looked like his entire body was flushed. His usual peachy tone had hints of pink within it.

I moved my gaze even more. I gulped as soon as I stared at my fingers that were deeply inserted inside of him.

I’ve always dreamed of it, but the reality was even better than all of my dreams.

I thought that the silence would stretch for a little longer, but then, Leo spoke up, “Y-You can move now.”

I nodded my head, and I started to move my fingers again. However, instead of thrusting it in and out of his ass, I decided to wiggle it slightly.

My fingers were already so deep inside of him, and I knew that if I nudge a little bit more, I can find that spot that will have him crying out my name.

As I continued to move my fingers in his ass, I heard Leo’s moan started to peak. His screams were getting louder, and I was getting more turned on.

With a few more pokes, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find his prostate. But then, just as I was about to give up, Leo shouted my name loudly, “Fuck, Andrew…!”

“There, there!” Even as Leo’s legs started to give way, he was ordering me. His ass continued to wriggle against me, and I knew that I found the right spot.

With a small smile forming on my lips, I started to move toward the spot that made him scream again. I continuously prodded his prostate and Leo began to whimper as he writhed on the bed.

He continued to voice out his satisfaction as I gently moved towards his spot. I was content on satiating him like this, but I remembered Leo’s words before and the promise that I gave him.

I told him that I’m going to make him writhe powerlessly in the bed and even if he was already doing it now, I couldn’t help but want to go even further.

Without any words, I pulled out my fingers. That movement made Leo turn his head slightly at me, confusion and desperation on his face.

I wanted to kiss him reassuringly because he looked so desperate but I knew that I can give him even more pleasure.

Without responding to him, I started to insert my fingers roughly inside of him, pounding him powerfully. And it wasn’t just an average thrust, I also made sure that my rough push was straight to his prostate.

I didn’t saw Leo’s face, but I knew that he was taken aback by the sheer pleasure. He gave a broken gasp as I unrelentingly continued to pull and push my fingers as I accurately hit the spot.

Leo was shivering with pleasure as even his hands lose their power. He was slumped on the bed, and the only thing that steadied him was my hand on his hips.

“Fuck, fuck,” Leo was moaning and writhing as I continued to mercilessly attack his prostate, “Y-You’re the fucking best, Andrew.”

“You’re the best too, Leo.” I managed to tell him as I continued to push my fingers roughly and accurately inside of him.

I kept up with the movements as I watched him get more undone with the passing minute. I wouldn’t have stopped if Leo didn’t let out a small whimper, “A- Andrew, get your fingers out of my ass.”

My eyes narrowed because I knew that he was enjoying my sharp movements. However, even with my mind that was clouded with lust, Leo was my priority.

With a loud and obscene sound, I slowly remove my fingers from him.

I was about to say something when Leo beat me to it. With a short gasp, he said, “You should get on with your dick now or… I’ll cum with your hands alone.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Leo can simply come just from that. However, even Leo must have wanted to make this special, so I decided to follow his orders.

I started to pump my dick to get even harder, but I realized that I was already throbbing hard and leaking.

With a smile on my lips, I moved back a little as I slowly rolled Leo around so that he can face me.

Leo must have been taken aback because his eyes widened as soon as he met my gaze.

But I didn’t have the time to consider his surprise because his entire expression took my breath away. Drool escaped from his lips, and his cheeks were tinted with red. His catlike eyes also looked teary.

Leo looked so sexy that I really wanted to fuck him so hard that he can’t move away from me for a long time.


“I want to see your face,” My voice was calm as I said that. I slotted myself between his thighs, and I could see that Leo’s face was burning up.

Before he can ask more questions, I placed my lips on his and started to kiss him softly. He closed his eyes as we kissed and I couldn’t help but smile.

As we continued to kiss, I started to part his legs wider and bent his body so that I can still reach his hole. I thought that this position would be hard to do, but Leo’s body was oddly flexible, and I was grateful for the fact.

I continued to press soft kisses on his lips as I slowly entered my dick inside of him without any warming.

At the entrance of my tip, Leo’s eyes shot up and he withdrew from the kiss. I leaned back slightly as I stopped moving, and I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but…” He took a deep breath as he looked away, “Can you be a little gentle? It is my first time.”

His admission made me want to ravish him right then and there, but I complied with his wishes. I nodded my head, and as I slowly eased inside of him, I told him, “This is my first time too.”

Leo’s eyes widened at that, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he pulled me towards him so that we can kiss. I placed passionate kisses on his lips as I started to push even deeper inside of him.

I couldn’t help but shiver because his ass was swallowing up my dick. Even with my preparations, Leo’s ass continued to clench my cock so tightly that it was almost hard to move.

I managed to pull in and out of him, but all of my thrusts were shallow. I waited for his ass to get more comfortable and when Leo started to whine in between of our kisses, I know that he was already prepared.

I continued to kiss Leo even as I began to pound hard inside of him. With my free hands, I managed to bend his body even more so that he can meet all of my thrusts.

His ass was heavenly, and even with my continued intrusion, he still managed to clench my dick so tightly. I could already feel the heat that pooled in my stomach as my cock continued to throb with every movement.

I kept on thrusting in and out of him with a fast pace, only breaking our shared kisses when we needed our share of oxygen. With every passing minute, my thrusts were getting rougher and quicker.

I also managed to enter deeper when his ass started to loosen up. Within several more moments, I managed to insert so deep inside of him.

His ass was meeting my balls, and I groaned at the sensation, “Fuck, I love you.”

I couldn’t even think about the gravity of my statement because it felt so, so good inside of him. I continued to thrust in and out of him.

We were getting a steady rhythm with my constant poundings, but then Leo’s eyes widened, and he almost screamed when I pushed particularly hard.

I belatedly realized that I felt his spot and then, a small smirk formed on my lips.

“Found it,” I murmured as I leaned back. A few sobs were leaving Leo’s lips, and I only placed comforting kisses on his neck.

But even with those gentle movements, I positioned his hips up so that he can meet the brunt of my thrusts. Without warning him, I decided to continuously and mercilessly pound in that sweet spot that had him screaming for my name.

“Andrew, Andrew, Andrew…!” Leo was screaming my name like a prayer, and I couldn’t help but get turned on.

I knew that I was starting to get close to my own climax, but I wanted Leo to reach it first. It wasn’t my original idea, but I realized that it would be amazing if I made Leo come untouched.

With that thought in mind, I continued to hit his prostate accurately and roughly. He was sobbing and crying, tears forming in his eyes.

I leaned in to kiss him, but I continued my powerful movements. My own dick was throbbing hard, and I knew that in only a few minutes, I’d reach my climax.

I added, even more, force to my thrusts. My movements were so rough that the bed started to creak. When I thrust particularly hard, Leo screamed, and before I knew it, I felt liquid splash on my stomach.

A small smile formed on my lips at that and as I tried to meet my own high, Leo sobbed, “Fuck, Andrew, come for me too…”

With his words, I can also feel my dick throbbing hard and fast. Just as cum spurted out of my dick, I pulled out.

I didn’t even realize that we didn’t use any condom.

But I didn’t have any more time to think because Leo reached out for me weakly. As soon as our eyes met, he gave me a small smile, “That was incredible.”

I nodded my head, and it was like everything caught up to me because I started to get tired. With a smile on my face, I fell on the other side of Leo’s bed.

“Oh, you’re awake now?”

When I woke up, I instinctively blinked my eyes. In front of me, Leo was naked, and his hair was mussed and messy.

I remembered the moments from last night. As I felt my muscles ache slightly, I realized that I actually did manage to make love with Leo.

“Was that –“

“It was real.” Leo cut me off, and I couldn’t do anything else but stare at him. He flinched slightly when he moved towards me, and I realized that it was because I was pretty rough with him last night.

I sat up slowly as I helped him move and I asked him, “Sorry, was I too rough?”

“No,” Leo closed his eyes as he said that. I saw that his cheeks started to turn into a pink shade as he murmured, “I liked it.”

I gulped at his words, and before I can stop myself, I asked, “Leo, do you like me?”

At that, Leo slowly opened his eyes. He looked at me with a serious expression as he muttered, “Yes, do –“

And that was the only thing that I needed to hear because I placed my lips on his. As Leo relaxed in my touch, I closed my eyes and thought that life was good.

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