Erotic Tales: Gangbang

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When Derek first approached his wife about spicing up their sex life, she had no idea he meant bringing in another woman. One she figured he was already having sex with. Tommie wasn’t an ugly woman. She knew that standing at 5’5, hazel eyes and a body that looked like it had been sculpted to perfection, she was one of the baddest Latinas walking. And if her husband no longer appreciated that, she knew exactly how to make him.

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Gang Up On Me

When Derek first approached his wife about spicing up their sex life, she had no idea he meant bringing in another woman. One she figured he was already having sex with. When things started to feel like a monogamous relationship to her, she wanted to discontinue the spiciness. But Derek, was totally against it. Of course he would be. What man would want to stop being able to cheat openly?

Tommie wasn’t an ugly woman. She knew that standing at 5’5, hazel eyes and a body that looked like it had been sculpted to perfection, she was one of the baddest Latinas walking. And if her husband no longer appreciated that, she knew exactly how to make him.

At his initial approach, Tommie thought her husband only wanted to fondle with toys, or try new places, but no. He was into full on threesomes. Which, she eventually opened up to, and enjoyed. Maybe even more than he did. This new idea of his got Tommie so hot, she showed up to his job, ready to go.”

“Hey, big daddy,” she spoke seductively into his intercom. “The gang’s here.”

“The gang?” he asked eagerly, thinking his wife had brought him more women.

“That’s right,” she teased, “Let us up.”

The elevator ride, for Tommie and her guests, was steamy. Dressed in nothing more than a see-through gown, and red pumps, she was the center of attention. From the three sets of eyes, as well as the three rock hard cocks, itching to get underneath her gown.

“Easy boys,” she giggled, “there will be plenty of time for a good time.”

Derek’s office was the only one at the top of the building. Tommie, would have loved for it to be in the middle, because she loved the thrill of getting caught. But, there was still plenty of chance for that. She hoped.

When the doors to the elevator opened and Derek saw three other men, with their hands all over his wife, he nearly lost his cool. However, Tommie quickly reminded him that she’d played his game, so it was only right that he played hers.

“What the hell is going on here, Tommie,” he barked under his breath, while pulling her close to him. “This isn’t funny.”

“It’s not meant to be,” she licked his lips and grabbed his crotch. “We’re spicing things up, babe. Remember?”

The crowd of pussy lovers lurking in the background clarified that for Derek. He was a man who loved to have fun and try new things, but he wasn’t so sure about he would have fun sharing his wife with three other men. Tommie on the other hand, didn’t care that there were three other heads in the building. All she wanted was to have her pussy dug out. And, get back at her husband.

“Tommie,” Derek nearly pleaded with his eyes. “Why can’t we just, have our fun like we’ve been doing? With other women?”

“I need more spice,” she shrugged.

Derek was pretty adamant about not sharing the goodness hiding between the legs of his wife. He knew, that if any man got the slightest taste of her wetness, they would be hooked, lusting for more. And although he was the one stepping outside of their marriage, he was completely against the whole thing. Until, Tommie whipped into actress mode and started to antagonize their guests.

“What?” she flirted with the group, “you boys wanna join?”

Before either of the guys could answer, Derek yanked her arm, in an attempt to end her game.

“I don’t think so,” he said, addressing the guys, “my wife may have had a little too much to drink.”

Do you want to keep our marriage, Derek?” she asked in a low tone, turning her back towards the crowd of hard wood.

“You know I do,” he said, giving her one last pleading look.

“Good!” she exclaimed, turning towards the crowd again. “Get your asses in here.”

Looking to towards the other men, half annoyed, half intrigued by his wife initiating a gang bang, Derek invited them into his office. Tommie was excited! So much so, she was already soaking her panties with her juicy vagina. And after scoping out the most aggressive man in the room, which would be Derek, any other time, Tommie was ready for some action.

Her husband was still skeptical, but slowly becoming aroused, seeing as how she paid the most attention to him. That was part of her plan. She would make Derek feel like the big man in charge, to down play her revenge, while still enjoying her pounding from the other men. Tonight, she couldn’t lose. Her plan was flawless.

Leaning back on the desk she knew her husband had fucked other women on, Tommie got herself ready. Teasing the men first. Playing with her love canal. Opening it. Using her fingers to penetrate herself, letting them see the pinkness inside. Until, one of the men attempted to make the first move on her.

It was Derek, by default, who called first dibs. The man wasted no time bending down between his wife’s legs, to lick up the mess she’d just made of her pussy. That made her even wetter. Not only did his tongue feel good caressing her insides, but he looked good, taking control of what he felt he owned.

While Derek used his tongue to trace the shape of Tommie’s vagina, one of the guys lurking in the shadows of lust, stroked his hard-on, preparing it to dive in.

Now, standing to face her, Derek brushed his body against hers before taking one of her nipples into his mouth. Flicking his tongue back and forth, he circled it, as if he were licking from a dripping ice cream cone. The way he nibbled every so often, being sure to let the men know he owned them, made Tommie want to forgive him. More than she ever did before.

Getting more turned on by the audience in the background stroking their dicks, Tommie arched her back and thrust her hips, trying to grab Derek’s tongue with her vagina. Looking back, to make sure his audience was fully tuned in, Derek grabbed his wife by the hips and slid his erection inside. All the way. Making Tommie juice his stomach, and the desk underneath them.

“Oh!” she moaned while he plowed her pussy. “You know just how I like it!”

Derek pushed himself deeper inside her walls. He plowed her strictly for her enjoyment, and to be sure he left an impression on who he felt, was his competition. Of course, Tommie enjoyed his roughness, she always did. Even when they were by themselves.

He stroked with power, moving his hips in a circular motion, like he was dancing to the sexiest song ever. That loosened her up more, and made her cream appear, then disappear on his wood, each time he slid in and out.

Derek smiled, knowing that he had the upper hand in the room. Or, at least that’s what he thought. Because, although Tommie enjoyed her husband’s stroke, she was ready for him to shoot his load and let the next man have his turn.

The runner up, Rick, was eager to feel Tommie’s pussy muscle squeezing around his dick, and he had a fat one. So, he hoped she was ready. Following Derek’s lead, he too, wasted not a second pushing himself inside. And after a few long, slow strokes, he pulled his beef all the way out, just to see how much he had her open, then dove back in and paused for a minute. Taking a moment to savor all of her warmth and wetness.

Taking her from behind, the man standing nearly two feet taller than her, used his manhood like a sword, stabbing at her g-spot. His ‘bury the bone’ game was even a bit more impressive than Derek’s. The way he pulled out and pushed back in, as deep as he could go, made Tommie’s entire body quiver with weakness.

She literally, had to press her face against the desk after that one, because she was nearing exhaustion after he made her cum. She hadn’t reached her climax when Derek rammed her, but with his competitor, she came twice and screamed at the top of her lungs, with nothing but pleasure.

The entire time he filled her up, with ten inches and a cream pie, she wondered if he was married, or had a girlfriend. If he did, whoever the chick was would just have to be mad with her, because she was definitely planning on letting him fill her up again. And again if he chose to.

“Ah yea, baby!” he moaned, grinding his hips to push deeper inside her.

When Rick saw that Tommie had completely smothered his dick with cream, he made her get on her knees, and lick him clean. While she sucked and slurped her fruitiness off of his pole, he pushed himself deep to the back of her throat. The girl didn’t even gag. Instead, she gripped his shaft and took him a little deeper. Slurping from base, to tip, until she felt him tense up. Then, taking the head to her tonsils, she hummed and just like that, he shot his load in her mouth.

“Who’s next?” she smirked, whipping the sides of her mouth.

When the next guy, Kelly, stepped up, she saw that he was a little nervous. Not wanting to put him on the spot, Tommie took the lead, pushed him to sit on the desk and straddled him. Before she climbed on top, she had to brace herself. Because, although he was a little shy, Kelly had a long dick and she knew, she was about to feel it all in her stomach. She loved to ride. It was her favorite position, and from the looks of Kelly and his muscle, Tommie knew she was about to take the ride of her life.

Just putting the head of his dick in her vagina almost made her squirt. It was such a tight fit, she almost wanted to stop herself. But, she was no punk and she was always up for a challenge. Even though she didn’t think it would go all the way in, she wanted to be fucked until exhaustion, so, she forced it. And the more she pushed him inside, the wetter she got. Soon enough, he was all the way in, and had found his mojo.

“Oh shit!” she moaned. “Damn!”

“Swallow that dick,” he commanded, positioning her on her tip toes.

Squatting on her toes made her take his dick deeper. It took her some time, but when she finally adjusted herself enough to swallow his dick with her pussy, she was in her zone.

Bouncing so that her ass slammed down hard on his thighs, made it seem like his dick got harder. She gripped the backs of his shoulders, to keep her balance while poking her ass out and working her pussy, to milk Kelly’s rod of every drop it held. When he was ready to cum, she switched positions and rode him backwards.

“Oh fuck! I’m Cumming!” another cream pie for Tommie.

When she finished Kelly off, there was only Jose left to handle. She thought he might’ve been a little intimidated by the younger guys, but he actually performed better than either one of them. He fucked her like he was trying to make love to her or something. Like she was the woman he married, and they were on their first honeymoon. Very passionate.

“Is this how you want it?” he asked, seeing her body start to tremble.

“Yes. Is this how you wanna give it to me?” she moaned and pinched at his nipples.

For a moment, Jose fucked her on the desk, but needing a little more leverage to really get up inside of her, he picked her up and took her over to the sofa. The sofa Tommie knew her husband had made love with other women on, while he took his lunch break. So, she was kind of happy that Jose was being as passionate as he was. Maybe it would make Derek, think back to the times he shared with those other women and feel guilty

Thinking Jose was going to lay her down, and take her missionary style, Tommie prejudged him. To her surprise, the man had other plans. Instead of laying her down, he bent her over the arm of the sofa, and dug her out from behind. He must have wanted to show his younger gang bang partners that he could keep up. Whatever floats his boat, Tommie thought to herself, while enjoying the lay-age of pipe he put down.

She really didn’t mind as long as he made her pussy drip. She wasn’t too much of a sensual lover anyway. Every time she and Derek had sex, she would make sure to tell him to bring his A-game, or she would never fuck him again. Maybe that’s where she went wrong. Maybe that’s what made him stray.

Jose could tell she loved to get rough, but he took his time anyway. Showing her that she didn’t always have to be rough, to get what she wanted. Tommie was responding very well too. The more he stroked her kitty, making it feel loved, the louder she purred. She was so wet, Jose slid right out of her and when he pushed himself back in, she queefed.

Hearing the sound of her wetness talking, really set him off. He started pulling his dick out slow, and diving back in, faster with each stroke, just to hear her pussy talk some more.

When he was finally ready to shoot his load, Tommie was tired as hell. Pleased, but tired. She could see herself becoming friendly with Jose, so before he came and wasted all of his sweet cum, she pushed him away, and made him sit down on the sofa, so she could take his load straight to the back of her throat.

“You ready for this, old man?” she smiled seductively, getting down on her knees between his legs.

“I always am,” he panted, eagerly.

While she stroked his erection, slowly in both of her hands, Jose positioned himself like king tut, placing his hands behind his head. Taking his manhood to the back of her throat and humming, like she did for Rick, she showed Jose her skills. He moaned, letting her know that she was doing her job, and also grabbed a fist full of her hair, to let her know he wanted more. Tommie looked him square in the eyes, and forcefully sucked the tip of his penis, until he lost control of his grip.

She sucked and rolled her tongue so much, making his body shiver and jerk, to the point where she thought he might have a heart attack. Even though when he finally shot his load, she didn’t stop sucking. She sucked until he came again and even after, she kept a firm grip on his penis, until he went limp in her hands.

Tommie had put on such an amazing show with sucking this guy off, Rick wanted some more of her sweet pussy. Being the man that he was, he picked her up, placed himself back on the desk, and pulled her back into her riding position. She didn’t protest either. Instead, she looked over at Derek, who had a raging fire burning in his eyes, and rode Rick’s dick so long and hard, he shot another load into her walls and went limp inside of her.

“This has all been great, but I’ve gotta get out of here,” Kelly chimed in.

“Yea me too,” Rick said, leaving Derek and Jose, to continue what looked like something they were ready to start all over again.

By now, Derek was savagely in competition mode. Although he wouldn’t show it to the guys, Tommie knew better. She could tell by the way he positioned her on the sofa, so he could swirl his tongue all around her vagina, while she gave Jose the blowjob of the century.

Tommie was good with her mouth piece. She took more than half of Jose’s thickness into her mouth, with ease. Which was very impressive to him. He hadn’t had sex with a woman yet, who could handle that much cock or who could do the things Tommie could. On top of hearing her moan, while her husband tickled her pearl and dipped two fingers in and out of her wetness, Jose thought Tommie was the sexiest woman alive right now.

Picking her up, Jose turned her around so that her mouth was now facing Derek. Letting her suck him off, while he stuffed her from behind, and traced her nipples with his fingers.

With Jose behind her, filling her up with his thickness and every inch he had, Tommie had to keep pausing while sucking Derek off. There was no way she could keep her mouth wrapped around his dick, with the amount of beef sliding in and out of her. So, to please him equally, she spit on his dick and used both hands to Jack him off him. Between jacking and screaming from being stuffed from behind, Tommie was extra tired.

Jose gave her a full ten minutes of straight plow action, while she tried her hardest to keep sucking her husband up. The duo tag teamed her so good, she felt very strongly that these two men had done this before. Together. They were too good at sharing her. Not only were they good with sharing, but they were even more amazing at fucking. They fucked her like they would never get another chance to fuck anybody else, ever again.

When Derek got his turn with her pussy, he made her get on top. Just like he liked it. Tommie didn’t care at this point, her pussy was still open from Jose’s thickness digging her out, she could barely pay Derek any attention.

While she rode her husband, Jose stood behind the Sofa, so she could suck his dick some more. And even though she was beat, Tommie worked her mouth and used her tongue so good, she had the old man ready to cum. Again! She didn’t understand how he had so much to give, but she loved it.

The moment she saw his orgasm appear in his eyes, she went into attack mode. Sucking, slurping and jerking him off like his erection was the fountain of youth and she wanted a drink. Rolling and flicking her tongue over the head, did the trick. She felt his dick jerk, and before he knew it, Tommie opened her mouth as wide as she could, and swallowed him up.

After nearly passing out from such an explosion, Jose collapsed on the floor, behind the Sofa, trying to catch his breath and regain his composure. Once he was all caught up, he Left Tommie and her husband to finish what they’d started.

Not even five minutes into their fuck session, the couple heard a loud banging noise come from the hall, seemingly getting closer and closer. Still naked, Derek yanked open the office door, to see what the noise was, and there stood his mistress. Harley.

“What the fuck?” she cursed, “who the fuck are you! And Derek!” she shook her head, “I knew you were fucking someone else all along. You’d better hope she has a place for you to live inside of her pussy, because I’m putting you out!”

“Harley wait! It’s not what you think,” Derek said, grabbing her hand to keep her from leaving. “This is my wife,” he shook his head in shame.

“Your wife? So, you’re married?”

“Six years,” Tommie chimed in, not really caring for either of them.

“You dog!” Harley snapped, “you’ve been married for six years? During the two that we’ve been together!?”

Tommie wasn’t at all surprised with what she was hearing. She knew that her husband was cheating, and had been for a long time. Tonight, she used his own tactics against him, to show him exactly, what he gave up and would be missing out on. From here on out.

“So long, lover boy,” she said, slipping her gown back on. “I hope this was worth it.”

“Tommie!” Derek blurted out in confusion.

After six years, and the gang bang that just went down in his office, the man wasn’t ready to give up what he knew. He couldn’t.


“For what, Derek? Another Harley? Hm. Another baby?” Tommie questioned with tears in her eyes. “Six years, and this is what we’ve come to.”

“Well,” Derek stuttered, trying to figure out how to reason with her. “You’re the one who said it was ok to have a three some.”

“Yea! A threesome Derek! Not ok for you to continue fucking other women behind my back!”

“I’m sorry, Tommie.”

“You’re sorry!?” Harley shouted. “What do you mean you’re sorry! What about me!?”

“Good luck with him,” Tommie smiled, and proceeded to leave the building.

Once Tommie made it home, she tossed her purse onto her bed and pulled out her phone. Sure enough, she had a missed call from Rick, who’s number she made sure she kept. She was smiling so hard, she had to stop and ask herself “why are you smiling?” before she mustered up the courage to call him back.

“Hey,” she sang into the phone when he picked up. “What’s up?”

“Why didn’t you answer the first time?”

“Because! Mr. Bossy, I was trying to get in my house. I am pretty wore out, remember?” She had now tossed herself onto the bed.

“Yea,” he said smoothly, “I remember. But, what you doing right now?”

Something about the way he asked her a simple question, sent chills throughout her body and before she knew it, her hand was in her shirt, caressing her breast!

“Nothing,” she nearly moaned. “I’m about to get ready for bed. Why?”

“You should let me stop by before you tap out.”

That, made her back arch. Her hand had crept down south, unbuttoned her pants and entered her panties.

“Are you trying to go to bed with me?” she asked, while her finger circled her pearl.

“Mmm, nah, not really. I just wanna see you for a minute.”

Her mouth dropped open! Why was her hand in her pants? She didn’t know, but she had to cover her mouth to hide her laugh.


“I’m here, I’m sorry. But umm, yea, I guess you can stop by for a minute.”

After she gave him her address, Tommie went to the kitchen for a glass of wine. She had to make herself relax before he got there, or else he would think she was some kind of crazy lady. Considering their encounter not too long ago, he probably already did.

When Rick finally pulled up in her drive way, he instantly recognized the neighborhood. Smiling to himself, he put two and two together, and came to the conclusion that this was the same Tommie his wife knew. He remembered hearing her mention a friend named Tommie a time or two, but he hadn’t gotten the impression that it was this Tommie. He figured she was some older looking woman, with kids his age or something. He would’ve never guessed that his wife had friends who were into the type of things Tommie was. She was too wholesome. Little did he know, that used to be Tommie, once upon a time.

Instead of ringing the doorbell, he texted her and said: open up. He was talking about the door, but Tommie, took it as something else. Oddly, they were unknowingly on the same page. She didn’t want anyone to know she was having company, because she knew Rick’s wife and didn’t want to be asked fifty million questions about why he was there so late. And now that he knew who Tommie was, he didn’t want his wife to know that he was seeing another woman. Her friend at that.

“Come back this way, I guess I can show you my room,” she said shyly, taking his hand.

As she pulled him towards the back of the house, Rick had his eyes on her tight ass. When she turned around to look at him, just to confirm she already knew what he was looking at, he let his bottom lip slide from in between his teeth, and laughed.

“Mhm,” she sassed “caught your ass.”

Rick could do nothing but laugh. The instant they reached her room, he plunged in with a kiss. The taste of his lips made her body quiver! She damn near collapsed to the floor. Rick, being so big and strong, picked her up by what seemed like her ass, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Lock the door,” she moaned.

“My hands are full.”

Tommie smiled a vengeful smiled as she reached behind her to lock the door. When they fell to the bed, she slung everything that was on top of it, down to the floor to make room. She didn’t care what it was. It had to go. She was just that hungry for him! The man was so sexy and smelled so good, the fruit in her panties, had already ripened and began dripping its juice.

“See what you did to me?” she moaned, pushing his hand down into her underwear and ripping off his shirt.

Rick unbuckled his belt and slowly took off his shoes. He wanted her to feign for him. To be so horny, she felt like she would explode. And that she was.

Tommie took off her shirt, to expose her bra, and Rick dropped his pants. When she saw his package erect in his briefs, she nearly fainted! Yea she’d seen it earlier, but her focus wasn’t just on his alone. There were three other dicks in the room she had to be aware of.

“Take those off,” he commanded, pointing to her underwear.

She did as she was told and he did the same. The way his erection bounced upon release, made her even wetter downstairs. She was ready to be taken, while his appetite had taken over.

The way he spread her legs aggressively, yet with so much passion, made Tommie moan out like he had just entered her. He let his body slide down between her legs, kissed her lower stomach, her left thigh and then her right. Licked his lips and then, suctioned his whole mouth over here vagina. Catching her off guard.

“Ooh!” she cried out and arched her back.

Rick placed his hand on her stomach and gently pushed her back down. He wanted her open with no restrictions, as he let his tongue draw circles inside of her. After every third circle, he pulled his tongue out and flicked it over her clit, until she exploded.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, as she ran her fingers through his hair.

The man had definitely shown her a thing or two. Now, it was her turn. She pushed him off of her, onto the bed, and straddled him. Grinding her vagina on his bare penis. She almost couldn’t stop! And when he noticed, he made her keep going until she had an orgasm. Without even being penetrated. She then, ran her hands down his chest, down his stomach, took his penis into both hands, and licked her cream from the bottom of his shaft, all the way to the top. Rick tossed his head back and bit his bottom lip, as she circled the head with her tongue.

Grabbing a hand full of her hair, he gently guided himself in and out of her mouth. This drove her crazy! To the point where she started to dig her nails into his thigh. Rick was so turned on by this, he threw his head back and pinched his own nipples.

When he shot his load, Tommie almost got upset, because she didn’t remember him being a quickster hours ago. But, just as she’d thought, Rick had a surprise for her. He reached down on the floor and grabbed a bottle of lube from the pocket of his jeans.

“I was almost mad with you,” she smiled a smile full of lust.

Tommie was so turned on and caught up in the moment, she didn’t even realize, she swallowed.

“You should know me better than that,” he winked.

The way he commanded and demanded things from her, drove her insane. She could really get used to this. Especially, after the end of her marriage. Rick wasn’t aware, at the time, that Derek was her husband. Tommie didn’t even think he cared. But in the event that he did, he definitely wasn’t showing any signs.

“Go ahead,” he said, lying back on the back, “ride me.”

She side eyed him like she wanted to protest, but then did as she was told. Wrapping her hand around the bottom of his shaft, Tommie inserted his erection into her warm, moist, pool. Rick was so thick, she had to take her time to work herself all the way down. When she was almost there, he inhaled deeply, exhaled and then pushed himself up into her. This made her arch her back so hard, it was like she’d been riding a bull in a country bar.

Feeling frisky, Tommie exhaled and shook out her hair, like a female lion with a mane. Placing her hands on his chest, she brought her legs up into a squatting position and let her pool drown his erection. Over and over and over.

“Oh my god” she moaned, “It’s happening again!”

She started going faster and coming down harder. After about five more squats, she came so hard her body went into convulsion, and she collapsed on top of him.

“Damn,” she sighed, “Who are you?”

Rick smiled and rolled over on top of her, still inside, pulled out of her pool, letting her grip the rim of his head for a second and the plunged in again. She moaned so loud, he thought for sure the neighbors would burst in to check on her.

“Shh,” he laughed.

He could still feel her muscles clamping from the previous orgasm, and, she’d gotten wetter. Warmer too. Knowing she was nearing her climax again, Rick flipped her over and took her from behind.

“Harder!” she moaned. “Harder!”

He obeyed. He rammed her so hard, after only four long strokes she squirted him out, and collapsed on the bed. Once again. Rick couldn’t even touch her without her body convulsing.

“Boy!” She said, after what seemed like forever. “Get out of my house.”

Rick laughed, kissed her on the cheek and said, “call me when you need me.”

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