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The dingy dusty room was well boarded and the door leading to it was well shut. Jane lay on the bed with a brunette’s head between her thighs. Jane had also managed to avoid capture or even death due to her disciplined and ambitious posse. They were made up of Rick; a sharpshooter who rarely missed his mark, Adewale; a tactician who excelled in battle planning and escaping impossible situations; Babatunde; a slave that Jane had liberated and now had the most kills in the group and finally Rodriguez the drunk gunslinger who terrified their foes with his insane and unpredictable nature. These five rode through the desert with the intent of robbing every town that even slightly boasted of their wealth and they will bleed it so dry that the townspeople would depart to find safer and better places.

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Wet & Wild West

The dingy dusty room was well boarded and the door leading to it was well shut. Jane lay on the bed with a brunette’s head between her thighs. She sucked on her pussy lips like she was never going to see them. The brunette ran her hand down Jane’s muscular legs and the woman moaned in pleasure. Jane smiled before rubbing the woman’s hair and raising her for a long deep kiss before pushing her back down to her place. Another woman with auburn hair squats over Jane’s face and begins straddling her mouth. Jane starts to lick her from asshole to clit in long hard strokes. With each lick from the girl between her legs she runs her tongue into the auburn girl’s pussy. It is working. Jane is getting wetter and wetter. The juice coming from Jane’s pussy spills down and the brunette licks it up happily. A black haired girl climbed onto the bed as well and begins kissing Jane’s hard nipples longingly. Jane who is now in the middle of this excitement feels herself getting close to her limit. Her pussy explodes in cum and her back arches in and out as the cum splashes onto the dirty bed and into the expecting mouth of the brunette. The brunette runs her fingers through Jane’s thin patch of hair across her crotch before focusing her tongue around Jane’s clit. With the last of her energy she sticks her fingers into Jane’s pussy and rubs it violently. Jane gasps as she reaches her limit and her legs twitch and bend in ecstasy. The girls get off her and smile in the corner as she gets off the bed. Jane walks naked with her lean and muscular body on full display to where her satchel was kept. She pulled out a thick pile of money and dropped it onto the bed. The eyes of all three girls widen and they jump at it before counting whatever they were able to grab.

Jane dressed up quickly and walked out of the room. A number of men ran to a corner as she walked out as they had been listening to the wonderful noises that been coming from the room. She looked at them in disgust before stepping down the stairs that led out of the brothel. Jane was a powerful outlaw who had made a name for herself in the side of the Wild West not only for her ferocious and unforgiving nature but for the fact that her town was now flourishing due to her escapades. Jane was a Western Robin Hood who robbed the richest towns and brought back the proceedings to her town. Due to this selfless decision that had gone on for more than ten years she had not only been able to avoid greedy lawmen but now she was untouchable in her town. Jane as everyone knew was not interested in men and in a normal town, she would be ostracized like she wasn’t human but due to the fear she imbibed in her enemies’ hearts she was now regarded as a man. This was a big deal in these backward days.

Jane had also managed to avoid capture or even death due to her disciplined and ambitious posse. They were made up of Rick; a sharpshooter who rarely missed his mark, Adewale; a tactician who excelled in battle planning and escaping impossible situations; Babatunde; a slave that Jane had liberated and now had the most kills in the group and finally Rodriguez the drunk gunslinger who terrified their foes with his insane and unpredictable nature. These five rode through the desert with the intent of robbing every town that even slightly boasted of their wealth and they will bleed it so dry that the townspeople would depart to find safer and better places.

Jane stepped to where her posse waited and walked to her black mount. The horse neighed as it recognized its master and remained still as she got up to it. The doors to a house swung open suddenly and a lean redhead in a night frock ran through the sand to meet her before she left.

“Come back safe Jane” she said with tears in her eyes

“Don’t I always?” Jane said confidently with a smile on her face

“You never know when the day you ride is the last day I see you” she said

“I’ll be back before you know it”

Jeanine looked slightly content with her answer and raised herself up for a kiss. Jane smiled before leaning in to meet her pouted lips.

She turned her horse and rode off with the rest of her group in search of the town that had grown popular for how well it thrived.

The sand blew across the desert and washed across the figures moving through it. A pack of coyotes howled in the distance in search of their evening meal yet the posse remained focused on what they had set out for. Their horses whinnied from the long journey and breathed vapours of wet exertion into the humid air.

Jane stopped at the edge of the cliff overlooking the town that they had waited for. This was going to be their big break. Adewale dismounted from his horse and looked down to survey it in the dark. The buildings were lit up and it seemed like they were having a party. A smile spread across his pockmarked face and he turned to face Jane.

“They’re still up. I say we take out the sheriff in the middle of this confusion.” He said before looking at Rodriguez who was bound to disapprove of his opinion. The thick moustached man smiled however and bared his poor dentition. Rick looked worried however as he dismounted as well before pulling out his rifle.

“There’s a high chance there would be more than lawman down there if the whole town is going to be going drowned in booze.”

“Rick’s right,” Jane said. “They wouldn’t leave their town defenceless and these lawman might be steady eyed and waiting for fellas just like us.

“We cannot begin to have varying choices on what we are going to do here after riding days through the desert. What is it going to be?” Babatunde said before looking at Jane.

The five looked at each other all wondering who would speak first and hoped that they would not die tonight or leave empty handed.

“I say, we get down there and mingle till we find all the lawmen and pick them off from there” Jane said finally and broke the stiff silence

“A wise plan as always” Rodriguez and he let free his crooked teeth.

“Let’s get down there then” Rick said as his face was lit up by a match which he used to light his cigarette.

“Last man down, feeds the horses” Adewale said and began jumping down the side of the cliff.

The four followed him although a lot safer till they had reached the bottom. The sound of a rattle snake could be heard in the distance but the five outlaws were more concerned in looking as inconspicuous as possible as they marched through the red sand towards the sound of drinking and dancing.

Jane pushed past drunken man after drunken man while carefully studying their chests for any sign of authority. Every now and then she would see a badge and tallied it in her mind. The five met up thirty minutes later with Rodriguez happily gulping down a bottle of tequila.

“Do you know how much of a stereotype you are sometimes?” Babatunde asked slightly amused.

“I wonder what you’ll say if I started riding a mule around and wore a sombrero” he said before taking another long swig from the bottle.

“I counted four on that side” Adewale said suddenly reminding them of what they had come for.

“I counted three over there” Rick added

“Three” Rodriguez said

“Zero” Babatunde

“Six” Jane said grimly and they tallied the total up to a whopping 16. This was going to either end in a bloodbath or with one or all of them dead in the sand.

“We take them on in bits. Starting with the smallest group” Rick said to the rest.

“Then let’s get to work” Rodriguez said cocking his twin pistols.

“No guns!” Adewale said through a loud whisper.

“He’s right. Stealth is the watchword here” Babatunde agreed

“So no guns then” he said placing the guns back into his waistband and pulling out his jagged knife.

Jane, Rodriguez and Adewale snuck through the darkness till they were right behind a group of marshals. They tapped their feet to the sound of the loud singing and dancing without the slightest hint that they were targets for the bandits.

They all wrapped their arms around their faces and dragged them forcefully across the ground before plunging their knives deep into their bellies till they stopped moving.

Rodriguez smiled as he wiped the blood from his face and began creeping towards the next group. Babatunde and Rick followed after him and dispatched the group. Rodriguez was enjoying himself and his smile now stretched from ear to ear in excitement. A loud bang rang out suddenly and he was thrown back into the sand.

“Murderers” a half drunken man said while he swayed violently. Loud cries could be heard through the town as people ran in terror from the sound of the gunshot. The five knew they had lost the element of surprise and ducked into a church with a bleeding Rodriguez trailing behind them. Jane looked at the wounded comrade and found his arm had been shot clean through.

“You’re lucky. If he wasn’t drunk, this bullet would have gone through your heart” she said as she ripped off a length of her shirt and exposed her belly before tying it round his wound.

The sound of lawmen as well as any able bodied man with a gun could be heard running towards the church. They all looked at each other with wide eyes as they imagined the inevitable. They were to going to have to either kill every armed man out there, die here in this church or find a way to escape. The first option was the only thing that seemed like the only liveable choice since they had spent the past four days riding through the desert to get there.

“It’s going to be a Mexican standoff” Rick said

“How many times have I told you, there are no standoffs of any sort that primarily originated from Mexico?” Rodriguez said with sweat profusely pouring down his head.

“At least you can still talk, so I’m going to assume you can shoot” Jane said helping him by putting his pistols in his hands.

A shot rang out and a bullet lodged its way into a bench beside Adewale. The big man jumped and ducked behind a window. He leaned out and began firing into the dark.

“They’ve got rifles!” Rick said while leaning out of his own peephole and firing his rifle.

“They’re so many!” Babatunde said firing from the door.

“It doesn’t matter how many, we can’t leave empty handed”

The five shot and lit up the dark with the muzzle of their fired guns for hours till their ears rang and their arms vibrated.

“They’re running for the hills!” Jane shouted and the rest cheered in joy.

“For a second there, I almost thought of walking out there with my hands up” Babatunde laughed

“It’s not over yet” Rick said

“He’s right, we still have to get the money and get out of here”

The five walked confidently through the now abandoned town where the women and children hid behind closed doors and the few drunken men lay in the sand completely unconscious.

The bank was lit up and Adewale ran in with Babatunde right after. Two you men shakily packed a bag with the gold bars and bank notes that the town had spent their entire lives saving and accumulating.

They dropped the bag to the ground as soon as they saw the bald, muscular black man with a large rifle in his hands.

Tears streamed down their faces and they fell to their knees as soon Babatunde walked in a few moments later.

“Please this is all we have” one of the young men said with his voice trembling. Rick walked in and noticed the two men lying on the ground and freed his guns.

“Rick, what do you think you’re doing?” Jane shouted as she saw him pointing his pistols at the heads of the kneeling youths.

“We have to kill them. They’ve seen our faces.” He said angrily and wondering why he still hadn’t explained them.

“We’ve killed enough people today, Rick” Rodriguez said as he trudged in still holding onto his arm. “Even for me, this would be too much”

“Rick is right,” Adewale said “This is just begging for trouble if we leave these guys here”

The men trembled violently as the bandits debated their fates over their heads.

“Why do we have to argue about every damn thing? Couldn’t we for once just have an opinion we all share?” Babatunde said irritated.

“Well we’re three in opposition of killing these men to two fully in support of” Rodriguez said

“I don’t want anything to do with this waste of time” Babatunde said

“So it’s up to you boss” Rick said looking at Jane.

Jane looked at Rick before looking at each of the faces of the men in her posse before her jade eyes settled on the faces of the young men pleading without words.

“Round up the money, tie them up and let’s get out of here” she said and she turned suddenly towards the door, her orange hair flowing in the wind behind her as she walked towards the cliff where their horses waited. She grabbed hold of the rocky wall and pulled herself up painfully until she reached the top of it. She crouched slightly exhausted looking down at the town that now seemed like a different place entirely. Every sign of a party seemed to have vanished and all that remained was a silence that bit into her ears. She wanted to scream and break it completely but she didn’t want to panic the rest of her posse. She waited there in the cold wind until she could see them running from the bank and begin climbing up the face of the cliff.

The posse looked down at the town and they all seemed to share Jane’s initial thoughts before they mounted their horses and pulled off what they could consider home four days across the desert.

“Are you okay boss?” Rick said as he pulled his horse next to her

“Are we ever going to get out of this life?” she asked as quietly as possible.

“I don’t people like us would ever make it in regular society.”

“Could we try?”

“I don’t think we have a choice” he said cryptically and pulled his horse away with his face focused on the path in front of him.

The posse rode on for two days only stopping to relieve themselves as well as get food. They slept in the warm sand one night when the loud hooting of a locomotive could be heard in the distance.

“When did locomotives start moving through here?” he said jumping to his feet and picking up his gear.

“Why is that special?” Rodriguez said rubbing his tired eyes

“Do you even know the kind of people that ride on locomotives?” Rick said and the rest seemed to understand immediately.

“You want to rob a locomotive? Are you insane?” Jane said with a slight smile on her face.

“Not just rob it, Jane. Hijack it.” Rick said raising his hands into the air with a huge smile on his face.

“You’re mad, he’s mad” Adewale said about to return to his position on the ground.

“Wait, he’s onto something” Jane said placing her hands on Adewale’s shoulder. “Think of all the things we could do with a locomotive”

“I’m seeing what you’re onto here” Babatunde said. “We could rule this desert.”

“Not to mention I’ll never remember what it’s like to feel the numbing pain of saddle chafe.”

“You’re all mad now?” Adewale said. “Did the near brush with death a few nights ago not remind you of your own mortality?”

“The only thing that night made me realize is we haven’t even scraped the bottom of the barrel with this profession.” Rodriguez said smiling awkwardly.

“Has your arm even fully healed?” Adewale asked angrily.

“The heavens have gifted us with a locomotive! I’m not about to pass this up” Rodriguez said as he ran off towards the town that the train had stopped at.

“We’re just playing with death at this point” Babatunde said before running after him

Jane and the Rick took after the two leaving Adewale contemplating the success rate of this mission. He kissed his teeth loudly before lifting his pistols and running after them.

The town was asleep as they got closer but a good number of upstanding men and women stood at the platform as a black man dressed in tight clothing lifted their luggage. The conductor wiped the sweat from his brow as he added more coal to the blazing furnace that powered the locomotive.

“Stealth or we go in guns blazing?” Rick asked already placing his guns into his waistband.

“Stealth, I say we use some of our money and pay to get on board. When it’s speeding along the tracks, we take over it and rob the occupants.”

“What do we do with them afterwards?” Adewale asked

“Toss them over” Rodriguez said

“Did we all actually agree on a plan?” she said with a large grin on her face.

“Indeed, we did hefe” Rodriguez said

The five got into the line and waited till they were allowed on. The ticket master looked puzzled as they found their ways to their seats but could not argue with a paying customer.

The locomotive’s whistle blared loudly and broke the silence of the night. The leftover passengers who had lost their seats to the gang frowned at the platform. The train increased in speed and powered across the desert.

“Normal banditos jump from their horses onto these things but we just paid and actually have seats.” Rodriguez said sipping from a tall glass of water on the table in front of him.

“Relax, we’re getting our money back from these rich fools” Jane said

“When?” Babatunde said irritated.

“Right now” she said before shooting her gun into the ceiling. The rich patrons screamed in terror and some fainted in their seats.

“If you don’t mind, we’d like you to drop your wallets and everything of substantial value onto the ground beside you or on the table preferably.” Rodriguez said as he marched down the aisle

“Don’t bother hiding anything because we will search and we will take it from you” Rick added

The compartment’s door slid open and three well dressed lawmen with their shiny badges on their chests rushed in with pistols cocked and ready. Rick kicked over the table beside him and crouched behind it. The rest ducked around the innocent passengers with every intent of using them as human shields. Bullets tore through the compartment as volleys of hot lead. The lawmen had received and their man lay bleeding on the ground but the two pushed on and more had started their way towards the battle.

Jane reloaded her gun and pointed it at the head of the nearest lawman but his comrade saw the muzzle of her gun and fired in her direction. The number of lawmen rose to a comfortable five and now it was a five for five battle for who would take control of the locomotive.

Rodriguez who had snuck into a corner unknown to the lawmen and raised his prized twin pistols and with simultaneous squeezes of the trigger, he dropped a lawman and the man struggled for a second before his body stopped moving entirely. One in the rear who had been blocked by his comrades raised a rifle and everyone in the compartment looked in shock at the powerful weapon. He steadied it in his hand and with the perfect precision shot at the corner where Rodriguez hid.

The man was about looking from his vantage point once again to fire at this new threat when he felt a cold wetness in his belly. He looked down to see his shirt completely soaked in blood and it was already making a puddle on the ground. Another shot rang out from the rifle and in the next instant; Rodriguez was dead on the floor.

The crew looked back to see the loud talkative and for a second they forgot where they were. It was almost impossible that this could be the outcome of their choice. Rick fired his gun until its chamber was empty in both grief and anger and the rest snapped back into reality. Jane still looked with the side of her eye and the dead man that laughed only a moment ago. She looked at the rest of her gang and imagined them in puddles of their own. She turned round at the door that led to the next compartment and made a run for it. She slid the door open and turned to her men.

“We need to get out now! We can’t win against a rifle in this small space!” she shouted to them and they all ran out while she fired at the lawmen covering her men from their fire. They all made it into the next compartment and made a mad dash down the aisle towards the next one. The lawmen chased after them and bullets whizzed past their heads before lodging into the walls and unfortunately into a seated passengers. They slid open door by door until they opened one that revealed the dark blue landscape of the desert in the night. Jane looked back and saw the lawman with the rifle raising his gun in their direction. She jumped immediately and the rest followed suite. They rolled violently through the sand until they lay in exhausted heaps. They were unhurt but remained on the ground with a numbing pain gnawing at their hearts. They had not only lost the money and their possessions but now their friend had died in front of their eyes and lay on the floor of the locomotive that now rolled away and out of their reach. They looked at their dream as it shrunk until it vanished entirely.

They got up after many moments not entirely sure where they were but west was always west and they began the long march back to their town without horses and returning with less than they left with. The desert seemed to punish them for their crimes as they trudged through the hot sand in the morning and the cold wind in the night. The threat of snakes remained constant every time they lay down to sleep and the coyotes howled every now and then to remind them that they ruled these lands. The vultures circled above them whenever they lay down to rest as though telling them that death was knocking on their door. They would usually be on the verge of giving up but they imagined the stories that would be told of them when they were gone and they clenched their teeth before marching on.

They stumbled back to their town many days later looking more like moving corpses than people. The townspeople cried when they walked in that day and rushed to their aid. Jane seemed to be the strongest and walked with the townspeople towards the closest place to get rest and food when she noticed a large paper on a wall. Her face as well as that of her men was drawn with great detail with the word wanted painted over it. She looked down to see the bounty and her knees buckled before she felt to the sand. A hundred thousand dollars bounty for the robbing of Lampton. She passed out and the people panicked with them all trying their best to revive her.

Jane regained consciousness suddenly as the sound of commotion could be heard in the streets. Babatunde, Rick and Adewale lay in the sand on their knees with their hand tied behind them. A large posse with close to twenty men all dressed in black stood over them with one pointing a gun at them. He shouted at Rick who only shook his head and spat in the sand. In the next instant, his brains were blown out and he was dead in the sand. The man walked over to Adewale and Babatunde and the two were dispatched in a similar manner. Jane bit her lip and tears ran down her cheeks. The tears felt like fire as they fell uncontrollably. The door swung open suddenly and for a second she thought that her time had come to be taken away to be killed but she turned around to see a weeping Jeanine. The girl threw her arms around her and kissed her deeply.

“You’ll never make it out alive if you try and fight”

“So what do I do?”

“You run that’s what Jane” she said trying her best to control her tears.

“They’ll take only one look at me and leave their bullets in my back”

“Not if you listen to what I say” Jeanine said pulling open her drawer

Jane walked into the crowd of people who looked at the dead gang members. A large hat sat on her head and her hair was cut to the roots. The crowd cried profusely as they looked at the people they had grown to love. Jane held back the tears for she knew if she didn’t her wails would betray her. The men left the scene and began searching the houses for Jane. The sun fell from high in the sky till halfway behind the horizon before they mounted their horses and rode off in search of the outlaw who they all assumed had escaped. She walked over to where her friends lay and knelt beside their bodies. The townspeople came beside her and under the light of the moon helped bury the men.

Jane lay in a bed on top of a moaning Jeanine and kissed her neck affectionately. Jeanine’s hands rubbed against Jane’s pussy and the cum dripped onto her stomach. She kissed Jane’s lips and her tongue ran around in her mouth and the two began to moan into each other’s mouths. Jane lowered herself down the bed until she had her head between Jeanine’s thighs and looked a thick tuft of red hair. She ran her tongue along the tight pussy and felt Jeanine pulse with pleasure. Her pussy lips parted and closed with every breath. Jane got to her feet and lowered herself onto Jeanine’s face. The petite girl smiled as the ass she loved was now crammed into her face.

“Suck that clit please. Suck it good and maybe you will get yours sucked for the rest of the night.” Jeanine pulled Jane’s ass close to her. Jeanine fingernails dug gently in her hardened skin and she began to wince in the mixture of pain and pleasure. Jeanine opened her eyes and noticed the pink asshole that was aching to be penetrated .Jane liked that it hurt. She felt like she needed it for all she had done in her life. Jeanine placed her middle finger into the tight hole and Jane’s excited pussy released a spray of cum onto her chin. She pushed two fingers into the hole and Jane began to gasp in joy. Jeanine added finger and finger until her whole hand was in. Jane began to straddle the face that licked her pussy and the hand that was now slowly pounding her asshole. Jeanine laughed as Jane’s pussy dripped cum with every movement of her fist. Jane’s clit had hardened in Jeanine’s mouth and now she sucked on it. Jane came and her body vibrated in powerful spasms all over her body. She came down and began sucking on Jeanine’s pussy like she had promised. The two remained in this position for hours more until the sun began to seep through the cracks in the boards. Jane sat up and rested against the headboard of the bed with her eyes to the ceiling. Tears ran down her face as she stared at nothing.

“What is it? Is it something I did? Are you hurt?” Jeanine said as she noticed the drops falling from Jane’s chin.

“Its over Jeanine, it’s all over and there’s none of them left.” She said through painful wails.

“Are you talking about your friends?”Jeanine said finally understanding the source of Jane’s pain.

“They’re all gone and I’m here alive and with you. What do you think they feel knowing I left everything they did behind to be forgotten?”

“They must understand. Your friends will never be forgotten because you are still here to prove that they once roamed these deserts.”

“There must be something I can do” she said

“No, you can’t. You can’t go back to that life” Jeanine said as she began to cry now.

“I am an outlaw Jeanine, we don’t return to lives like this. Not when my men sleep beneath the ground. I only insult what they lived for.”

“I cannot stop you, I can only support you”

“That’s all I ask you” she said and kissed her

Jane walked down to her new black stead with her hair still closely cropped and a wide brimmed hat on her head. Four men looked down at her until she mounted her horse and with a slight grin on their faces they rode off into the sunset behind Jane fully ready to follow her to the ends of the earth.

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