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Erotic Tales 1

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It’s a dark place. It smells of dirt and wet fur. Last thing I remember I was with Bobby in his car. I remember we were getting all hot and bothered.

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Chapter one

‘Oh Bobby, I can feel it, I can feel you. You’re so big. Can you feel me?’

‘Yes, Nicky. I feel you. I can feel your warmth coming from your pussy. Even with both our pants on. Can you feel me throbbing? I am insanely horny. I can’t believe you are here with me.’

‘You better believe it, Bobby. I can feel you too. You are here with me.’ I kiss Bobby. It’s not like I like Bobby, not anymore. I spent way too much time investing in him to just let him go and fuck someone else. I just need to get this over with. Eighteen and still a virgin, I can hear them say. I can feel them judging me behind my back. What is wrong with her. Nobody likes her. That’s why she is still a virgin. I can feel them talking about me behind my back and I will have no more of that. I decided that him having kissed Jenny at last weekend’s party was no excuse for me to just let go of three years of listening to his jock stories. Staring as he undressed, completely oblivious to whatever he was saying. Fantasizing about running my tongue over his six packs. He acts tough but for these last years getting him undressed always had been a lot of work. And now, because he feels guilty, I get to finally have him inside of me. I get to finally lose my virginity and I get to do with this eye candy. Oh Bobby, you poor sack of shit. After this I am so done with you.

’Take you shirt off,’ Let me see that six pack. No matter how many times I seen them before, the reveal always gets me going. The sheer thought of running my hand over them makes me wet. Licking them makes me water my mouth. I firmly grab him by the side of his chest and press myself forcefully against his thick cock. I can feel it struggling against his pants. He moans and that gets me wetter than standing in the middle of the street during a rainstorm. I grab his hair firmly and pull his head back, ‘you better fuck me good, mister. You better make this up to me.’ He nods, what a good boy. Maybe there is hope for him. He takes charge. He grabs me with his strong hands and lifts me up. Wrapping one arm under my ass he uses his other to unzip his pants and put them down to his ankles. He grabs my jeans, unzips them and just slides them over my ass, revealing my naked body just enough for what was needed. He is still holding me up. Our smell was intoxicating as I felt him rubbing his cock on my clit. Just fuck me already. Just do it. ‘JUST DO ME!’

It’s a dark place. It smells of dirt and wet fur. Last thing I remember I was with Bobby in his car. I remember we were getting all hot and bothered. I remember feeling his hard cock under his jeans. Rubbing myself against it. I am still wet. No. The air is wet. I can’t see anything. All around me is pitch black.


No sounds come from wherever I am. Where am I? This place feel huge. I feel like there are one hundred yards in every direction around me. Did I ever get through with it? Did I lose it?

Coming right in front of me I hear some rustling. As my eyes get used to the dark I think I can make two black spheres from their light reflections. They are standing still. Almost as if they were floating. The two of them disappear all of a sudden. They reappear, slowly, from bottom to top. That movement is very familiar. It’s almost as if they were eyes. Big dark eyes looking back at me. Blinking eyes. Eyes that belong to something that is alive. The eyes blink one more time. I gasp. From under the eyes I see white smoke coming out. Being summoned from thin air is not possible so the only logical explanation is that it is a mouth. A breathing mouth and blinking eyes, standing in front of me.

‘Bobby?’ I ask. I tremble.

Whatever it was it stopped as soon as I called out to Bobby. The eyes stopped blinking for a second. The mouth no longer let out white smoke. And just like that, as fast as it appeared, it disappeared. And there were no more eyes nor mouth to keep track off. I try to focus and can hear some rustling of leaves. Someone is walking over the wet ground. I stand up. I can barely see now. I am inside what appears to be an enormous cave. What the fuck is going on. A shift in the shadows catches me eye as I realize that whatever that thing was, it was behind me. I try to run but feel a hairy hand reach out around my waist and pull me back. I shout, I scream. ‘Let me go!’ I struggle. Whatever this thing was its body was covered in fur. I could feel my naked body rubbing against its hairy pelt as I try to release myself. A big paw comes from behind me. It had big strong claws. It presses against my face, keeping me from breathing. All starts to become black, again. ‘No, please don’t. Please.’ Darkness returns. I fear for my life. What happened to Bobby? How did I get here? Am I hallucinating? Did Bobby give me an orgasmic hallucination? No. This is no dream, no make believe. The wet dirt was real under my feet. The hairy pelt was warm around my belly and over my face. I am as good as dead. This is it. It is the end of Nicky. Nicole Pelton is no more. Whatever beast this is, it brought me here to feed. Of that I am sure.

I am tied up. I feel some sort of rope tying my ankles together. I am down on all fours. I feel a chill all over my body. I think I might be completely naked. There is this strange warmth coming from behind me but I can’t turn my head to see what it is. Chills run down my spine. It’s not as dark as it was before. There is a light flickering in front of me. It is being danced around by the wind. I am still alive. But for how long? My hands are tied to the ground. There is something rough under me. Upon closer inspection with my fingers I realize that I was tied up to some tree branches that travelled just below the ground. Thick tree branches that in no way seemed like they could be about to break. Come on Nicky, think. In front of me there a shadow cast. I move and realize it is my shadow. There must be a fire behind me, something that explains this weird warmth I feel. All of a sudden my heart skips a beat. My legs fail me as I hear a grunt coming from somewhere in front of me. A grunt that made my insides tremble. I see it. As my eyes start getting used to the lack of light I see it standing in front of me. It is standing. Covered in fur but standing on its hind legs. What is this thing?

With eyes as dark as the night, brown fur and a massive posture. He is fiddling with something big in front of him. Oh my god. Is that its… It is, its his penis. The beast looked at me as it stroked its cock. That thing was massive. It was about as thick as the tip f a baseball bat. The beast stroked it and let out large puffs of warm condensed air out from his mouth. This monster didn’t bring me here to feed. It brought me here to mate. The monster starts walking towards me. With each step he took I felt my knees weakening. I thought hard about whether this was a better or worse faith than dying. It’s massive cock had a bright red tip. It was pulsating and wriggling around. As if it had a mind of its own. It was gnarly. But, was it though? Still with Bobby in my mind, still wet, I feel a sudden urge to enjoy myself. The beast sits down in front of me. It runs its clawed paw on the side of my face. For a second I feel like its smiling at me. Like it is courting me. And for some reason it is working. I don’t know what is going on but I feel like I couldn’t be complete without that thing’s huge cock inside of me. I bet that head of its can wriggle around inside of me. I am so wet. The beast walks around me, slowly, as if to not scare me. It had big gentle eyes. Even if they were pitch black. It is not longer growling. Instead it is letting out a low and satisfying purr. Like a huge cat with a big dick. I start panting. I can’t believe it. Why am I sexually attracted to this beast? And why hasn’t it ravaged me yet? The beast reaches near my vagina with its face and he takes a big whiff. It moans and purrs. It starts stroking itself harder. He walks around me and is finally standing behind me. I feel my pussy calling out to it. Like it knew what smell to send its way in order to be fucked by it. I can feel my vagina swelling up, physically preparing for what was about to come. The beast sticks its face between my butt cheeks and I feel something prickly and wet running up from my vagina to my asshole. The beast takes a deep breath as it does. This thing knows exactly how to hit all my spots. In my mind I am sure it knows I am a virgin. In my mind I am sure this is why I am still alive. It releases his face from my vagina and asshole and already I feel a huge gap inside of me that needs to be filled. It is time. The beast grabs my buttocks, he gently approaches his massive cock from my vagina. I feel my whole body earning it. I feel my head drifting away in disgust as my body gives itself away. Its penis was rough and hard. It was wet also. It slid inside of me, ripping me apart and making me shudder all over for a whole straight minute. And for that minute the beast just stood there. Its member inside of me just stretching me out. I am getting wetter by the second but I am pretty sure it is blood. I am bleeding all over it and I can feel it loving it. It grabs my ass harder just as I stop shuddering and it slowly pulls out. I breathe out. I know what’s coming. It thrusts with brute force, ramming its penis back inside of me. I breathe in, gasp, really. I let out a moan and feel my vagina reach nirvana. My head wandering around only to always return to the pleasure. My body just completely aroused. I am completely in its hands. It can do whatever it wants to me. As if it was completely obvious to my pain and could only smell my pleasure the monster thrusts and thrusts. Forward and backward. Up and down. In and out. It is something I am not equipped to handle. I feel my feet and hands tingly as blood struggles to reach out, preferring to stick around my nether regions and my brain. This is for optimal pleasure intake I imagine. And it does work. My legs start failing and the monster uses his strength to pick me up. He keeps fucking me with no sign of letting out or slowing down. Now my arms give out as I plant my face on the soft warm ground. My new position allows the monster to penetrate me even deeper. As if deep wasn’t deep enough. I feel its moving tip spinning around inside of me, looking for something. I can feel it burrowing next to my stomach. I feel stretched out. Like those medieval torture tools except they were being used for pleasure. I am sure I can never be satisfied again by a single man. I imagine being tossed after he is done with me as I will no longer be a virgin. I imagine wanting to resume a sex life and needing to be triple penetrated to feel anything. Oh my god. What am I feeling. There is a warmth coming from inside of me. The beast. It’s ejaculating inside of me. It, it… I can feel it moving. I can feel something moving inside of me. I am pretty sure it’s its sperm. It is burrowing its way into my stomach. What is going on? I feel like… I don’t know how I feel. The monster pants and lets himself lie over me. I cede under its weight. I feel its furry pelt and its weight. I feel its chest rising and falling as it slows down. It falls asleep over me. I close my eyes and go to sleep. Tomorrow this will all be over. It will either kill me or otherwise dispose of me.

Each new time I wake up I feel I can see better. This time it was no different. As I open my eyes I feel the room. I smell something in the air. It’s strong and all over me. I feel my stomach is full. I can’t be sure but I sense I have been here for two days. I should be starving but I feel fine. No hunger whatsoever. The room, if you could call it a room, is large. It is really large. I can see the walls that come from behind me so I assume I am near one of the corners. The opposite corner is still beyond my sight, but now I can see several flickering lights all around the room. They all dance the same way. Curiously I am no longer chilly. That breeze I could feel yesterday was no longer there. The lights though, they still moved the same way. The same rustling as before psyches me out as the beast shows up coming from nowhere. It is now standing in front of me. It is smiling. It approaches me and runs its hand through the side of my face, gently, as it were caressing me. I feel a warmth coming from inside. I let out a small grunt. I never grunted like that before. This beast is really awaking things up in me. Things I never knew existed. The rope was still very much tied to the branches. I still couldn’t move but I felt like if I could I wouldn’t want to. The beast turns around and runs away. It leaves me there, on all fours. I am alone, trying to figure this out. The chill that is no longer there. The hunger that is no longer there. The disgust that was in my brain that is diminishing. I can feel it. Could it be form his cum? Could his cum have strengthened me from the inside? Could his cum have healing powers of some sort? What is this beast? This magnificent beast. I should be afraid. I should be terrified. But I feel calmer than I have ever felt. The smell that surrounded me was intoxicating. It was mild. It smelled of sweet and sour pork. The one form the Chinese place down on Main Road. Oh, shit. Main Road. People must be looking for me. I have been gone at least two days. I am sure by now they have at least realized I was gone. They must have, right? My heart starts pounding. I feel uneasy. All of a sudden the beast is standing in front of me, again. It is touching itself, again. For a second I feel afraid but then that smell fills me up and all I sense is an inhumane lust for that magic cock of its. It approaches me and looks me in the eyes. Its eyes were beautiful and soothing. Its dick was hard and throbbing. It sticks its fingers in my mouth and forces it open. I know what it is about to do. Without letting go of my mouth it stands up. Its massive cock looking straight at me. Its tip wriggling and promising pleasure that I had never felt before. Just like it delivered before. It sticks it in my mouth. It immediately fills me up and I feel the lack of air rapidly coming. I cannot breathe. Is this how it’s going to kill me? Death by deepthroat? As I feel like I am about to pass out I can feel the beast increasing the thrust. As if it was speeding up towards completion. It was in the zone. My hands were are tied up. I cannot push him away. As soon as I feel I am about to black out the monster ejaculates in my throat. I feel it moving down and into my lungs. I feel the air finding its way inside my lungs. As some sort of magic the air is now going through my skin, or something of the sort. There is no room for it to enter my lungs. There is a massive monster dick going down my throat. But I can breathe. I can breathe in and I can breathe out. The monster’s cum is magic. The monster’s cum feeds me and gives me air. I start purring with this realisation. I had never purred before. The monster takes out its cock from inside my mouth and he looks at me. It grabs a bit of its cum from its tip and it hands it over to me. Using its other hand it makes a feeding gesture. I understand it. I grab its cum and I put it in my mouth. It tastes like honey and acid apples. It tastes great. I swallow it and almost immediately feel the energy return to me. What is in this thing? It is magic. A miracle maybe. Whatever it is, it’s mine. The monster lies down in front of me, he turns around itself, curls up in a small circle and sighs. I lie down also and I sleep. I was not even sleepy. I was not even tired but watching him sleep made me sleepy so I slept.

The morning of the third day, as I wake up, I can see it clearly. Everything. I can see everything clearly. The cave was huge. All around it there were torches burning, dancing to the strength of the wind. I can see the wind. I can see a darker shade of blue travelling around the cave in gusts. Like drawn squiggly lines flying around and playing with the torches’ flames. It was beautiful. I sense something red entering the cave. It was the beast. It approached me and smiled. I could see it was red but it still had dark brown fur. From its insides I could see a bright patch of light. It was descending from its stomach and down to its penis. Its penis starts to become aroused as it pants and stares at me. I feel my ass wriggling around as if it was asking for something. I could not control it. The monster walks around me and presses its face in my ass. I feel a warm thing penetrating my ass. It was soft and squiggly. I felt it expanding as my ass felt wider and wider. I was dripping to the already wet floor of the cave. Its tongue ran through my insides like a marble running through sand lines. It was one of the best feeling I had ever had. Everything this beast did to me for the first time was one of the best things I ever felt at that time. It was like this monster was nature’s response to what women want. I feel his tongue squiggling and popping out of my asshole. It made a loud noise. Almost instantly the monster shoves its huge cock inside my hole. Oh my god. I immediately lose all feeling in my legs. My arms go next as the monster keeps ramming it inside of me. My asshole is not equipped to deal with this. Inside I know that once he ejaculates I will feel completely renovated and ready for more. This beast is turning me into a perfect fuck toy and I am loving it. It shoves its whole weight over me. Using it to dig deeper and deeper. Burrowing down my asshole. The monster is fucking me so hard, I smell burnt rubber and gasoline. I smell raspberries and whip cream. I smell 40 year old scotch. His fucking leaves me hallucinating. I see a bright orange glow coming out of my skin and out into the air. Turning blue as it floated away from me. In my head I listen to George Gershwin, Prince and Rick Astley performing Rhapsody Never Gonna Give The Rocket Man Up In Blue. It sounds like a bad mashup of the three songs. I am losing my mind. The beast keeps screwing me into madness. With every thrust he goes deeper. With every pull out he grabs me harder before burrowing back in. I realize that the beast is now a he. I realize that I am now calling him a him. He is no longer a it, no longer a beast. I no longer feel like I am being ravaged by a soulless beast. Instead I feel a connection with him. He turn my head around to face him, looking at him over my shoulder. As I do the beast lets out a long howl. Puckering his lips, looking up and howling. Like a wolf to the moon. I feel his load being shot in my insides. I feel it squirming around and reaching places I know it shouldn’t be reaching. And I love it. He grabs me from behind and gives out. His weight brings me down to the floor. His full weight on top of me. I let go and join him in sleep.

I smell blood. On the fourth day I smelled a lot of blood but there was no blood anywhere to be seen. I look at him, sitting in front of me. He looks at me as if he is trying to understand me. Or if I was supposed to understand him. ‘Do you smell that?’ He stands up and nods. He smiles. I know what he means even though he doesn’t speak. He says I can smell the blood inside of myself. It is normal, at first. ‘What is normal at first? How can I smell my own blood?’ He approaches me and touches me on my hand. I look down and that was the first time I saw it. My arms were hairy. My hands was hairy. I pull my arms up and easily break off the rope. I take a good look at my hands. My fingernails were growing before my eyes. My palms were sweaty. I use my new found strength to break my legs free and I stand up. I feel like a million bucks. I look at him and he looks at me.

‘There you are.’ He says. He smiles. ‘Transformation is almost complete.’

I look at him. ‘What is missing? Maybe a bit more of you?’

He nods. I jump at him. He grabs me. As soon as my vagina reaches down in front of his penis he is already hard. He is so strong. He holds me up as the tip of his penis rubs my clitoris. This feels amazing. My vagina secretes a thick liquid that engulfs his dick making it even larger. ‘Please, just put it inside of me.’ He gently lowers me, our private parts directing themselves. Like a rockstar crowd surfing, being directed by his fans to wherever they wished to take him. His penis was talking to my vagina and this simples conversation felt like a melting pot of pleasure. When penetration finally occurred I shouted. It was like having one million rockets firing at the same time. All of them with the single purpose of giving me pleasure. He was also like I had never seen him. He didn’t move, holding me up. Holding me in his strong hairy arms. His penis fucking my vagina as we just help each other, together in a warm embrace. But that was not all of it. As his penis neared ejaculation I also felt like I was about to explode. Our private parts were orchestrating each other. They were following each others directions and giving their own. It was like we were made to fuck. Made to pleasure each other. Some sort of crazy sex monsters. Bound forever as the two sole members of a species. Cursed to fuck each others brains out into oblivion. Reaching new heights of pleasure. Oh my god. I am about to explode. I don’t know what is happening. I feel his penis throbbing as he finally starts ejaculating. I feel my whole body tremble and become numb.

I have no words for how I feel. I don’t even believe there are any words in any human language for this. I feel like I am being rocked in a thousand feathered cribs for maximum comfort. Being caressed by one thousand masseuses for maximum relaxation. Being fucked by a thousand of the best dicks in history for maximum pleasure. I was in a sea of comfort, relaxation and pleasure. Just me, myself and my orgasm. Floating away endlessly. My mind achieving a greater degree of understanding. I could see heat. Feel color. Smell sex and taste myself just as much as I could taste him. It was something undeniably amazing. I pass out.

I wake up with a gasp. I am naked in the middle of nowhere. There are a lot of trees around. Last thing I remember is being with Bobby in his car. I am scared, what happened? How did I end up here? Did I drink too much last night? Did that fucker Bobby leave me out in the middle of the fucking woods? These trees are not familiar but what do I know about trees? I look up but the trees’ cups are too thick, I can’t see the sun. I look around, shifting from side to side, trying to watch a little bit farther. There is something this way. I start walking. Why am I naked in the middle of the forest?

‘Bobby!’ He better be out there looking for me. Unless he is dead. But if he isn’t I am going to kill him myself. ‘Bobby!!’ I shout but there is no response. My shout is drowned out by all the wood around, almost as if all of it was being absorbed before reaching far enough. It’s like being mute but still being able to speak. What am I doing here? I reach a small clearing and recognize the place. On the floor were tire tracks, Bobby’s car. This is where I was last night. I hear something. From behind a tree I see these black eyes looking at me, way far away, back from where I just came from. Oh shit, shit, shit. What was that? I turn my back to it and start running. There is something sounding in front of me. I feel it’s a familiar voice.

’Nicky! Nicole!’

Someone is calling out to me.

‘Help! Please!! Something is chasing me!’ I run towards the voice. The person runs towards me. I don’t know that person. It was a woman. Thank god. She reaches out into her pocket and takes out a small radio. She presses its button, ‘I got her, everyone to me, bring water, blankets, paramedics. I have got her, I repeat.’ The woman reaches me and grabs me. I start stuttering and crying. ‘Something, something, something…’

‘It’s OK, Nicky. You are safe now. Help is here. Thank god we found you.’ The woman takes out her jacket and wraps me around it. Other people start gathering up around me. A familiar voice between the crowd. Mom, Dad.

‘Nicole! Thank god! Where have you been, what happened?’

‘I, I, I…’ I cannot speak. All I do is shiver and cry.

‘It’s ok, Nicole. It’s over now. Thank god. We had all but lost hope. It has been seven days since you were gone.’

A small police officer approaches. ‘Nicky, thank the heavens you are alive. My name is Officer Eva Browning. Let’s get you to a hospital.’ The paramedics lay me down on a gurney and carry me to an ambulance. As they set me inside I gasp again as I relax some. ’Bobby?’ I look up at the paramedics. One of them twists his nose. The other one nods.

‘We found him six days ago in a clearing not far from here…’ The second paramedic looks at the first. ‘Maybe we do not want to traumatize more our trauma victim, right?’ The first paramedic cringes. ‘She has the right to know.’

I cry. The ambulance’s doors are shut and off we go.

I wake up the next day in a hospital bed. My parents at my bedside. ‘Nicky, you are up. You are going to be ok. The doctors say that you only have mild burns, that its just probably from sleeping on rough terrain for a some night. We still can’t believe you are here with us.’ They hug me. I hug them back.

I still can’t believe what they told me had happened. Something snuck up on Bobby and I that night. Bobby must have been killed immediately because he was still sporting a boner, apparently. I was nowhere to be found. For seven days they looked for me. They passed that specific point where they found me at least once a day before actually finding me there. It is still a mystery where I was for those seven days. I started talking to a therapist that hipnotized his patients and even like that, nothing. Sometimes I dream about those eyes that I saw back when I was rescued. I still feel like those eyes watch me. Every time I am alone I can feel them piercing the back of my head. What I never told anyone is that feeling those eyes watching me makes me feel horny. That I have masturbated countless times. That I fantasize about a man with large dark eyes, whoever that man is. Whoever he is, nobody may ever know that I secretly long for him. Even though I cannot explain it.

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