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It all began when Mom went home with someone. A new face. As I was about to close the door, the man stopped it through his hand. His hand was sturdy, and by mere looking at his arms, he goes to the gym regularly. Though his shirt covers his body, I can say that his built is to die for. No doubt Mom worked her ass off to get this guy drive her home.

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It all began when Mom went home with someone. A new face. Maybe another one to add in her long list of men-I-fuck-for-leisure list. As they swayed in the air like dipsomaniacs, they almost fell face first when I opened the front door to let them in. They were so wasted.

“Garee, why won’t you greet your new Dad?” Mom blurted out as she leaned on the man, catching balance.

“Mom, you’re just too drunk. Come upstairs.” I grabbed her arm to keep her steady and faced the stranger, “Thanks for dropping her by. Good night, Sir.”

As I was about to close the door, the man stopped it through his hand. His hand was sturdy, and by mere looking at his arms, he goes to the gym regularly. Though his shirt covers his body, I can say that his built is to die for. No doubt Mom worked her ass off to get this guy drive her home.

“No kiddo, I’m staying. Your Mom and I ran at the church a few hours ago. I’m really your new Dad.” He flashed a ring and to that gesture, Mom showed her matching ring too.

“Let her in, Garee, he’s coming in my room for our honeymoon.” Mom giggled as she pulled the man upstairs. Puzzled, I just closed the door and proceeded to my room.

In my whole life, I’ve seen ample of men walk in and out of our house. Mom had been an avid fan of sleeping with men. She had been introducing different guys every week, and sometimes in an interval of just a few days.

As the sun shone through my window, I stretched my arms and jumped out of bed. Surely Mom’s still at her room, asleep with her new apple of the eye. With initiative, I went to the kitchen to cook our breakfast.

As I walked downstairs, I smelled the delicious odor of bacon. My stomach grumbled as I heard the sizzling of the pan for what seems to be cooking. Very much enticed by the aroma dominating our house, I peeked to look who was there doing the deed.

To my surprise, it was step dad. He was there, busy on cooking our breakfast. He wore nothing but his denim pants from last night. Despite seeing him on rear view, his muscular physique is a killer. The lining of his back shows how strong he his. His shoulders were very captivating, I wonder how long can he lift a woman to ecstasy. His brown hair is tousled, and I must say, it heightens his sex appeal. And his ass, oh, so hot any woman would want to seize that ass.

While I was so engaged on checking the scenery out, Mom popped out of my back. She kissed me on the cheek as she greeted me “Good morning, Garee,” and whirled her way to the living work of art. I watched as she pecked him on the lips, one juicy kiss, which they seemed to enjoy even at my presence.

“Garee, have you met your step dad?” She said while she gazed on his new man. I shook my head to express my confusion. “Haven’t told you his name yet, huh? This is Thomas, and now he’ll be living here with us. We got married last night and I can’t tell how in love I am with him.” She proceeded on smooching his guy again despite me being there. I turned my back and left the kitchen to get them out of my sight.

I know for one that she’s a daredevil; she takes home men she met in just one night. But getting married? Is she nuts? Never in my wildest imagination have I thought of Mom marrying someone. She’s dumb, yes, but not as dumb as tying the knot with some random man she met last night. Having a stranger live here? She’s insane! Bothered, I stormed out and climbed upstairs.

As I closed the door of my room, I closed my eyes as well. Why am I so pissed seeing them so intimate? Am I jealous? Yeah, I’ve been single for quite some time, and I have not flirted for long. Is that it? Am I missing the feeling of being attractive in someone’s sight? Guess I must have been envious. I miss having someone to cuddle and do crazy stuffs with.

Long since I had went out with someone. Troy, my ex, was the only one I had shared some crazy stuffs with. I had my first time here in this room, while Mom was out exploring the world to seek for a new amour. Mom really supported me and Troy, and she believed that we would be together forever. Believing that we were both innocent about the intricacies of sex, she even kidded that we would be virgins not until our wedding day. As pure as she thought of us, teenagers would still be teenagers. Curious, wild and furious.

We took the liberty to venture on greener pastures while Mom was out. One day during our senior year, right after school ended we hurried at my place. I pulled him up in my room. We have been dating for months then and I could tell how eager we are to release the tension in our bodies. As we stepped inside, he grabbed me closer to him. To my surprise, my mouth was open which gave him the chance to kiss me hard. I moved to the rhythm of his lips. He was a good kisser -- deep, hot kisses threw me off guard. I could feel his tongue move on my lips, my mouth and my teeth. I felt like floating on air.

His kisses ignited the heat in my chest, and the heat spread throughout my entire body. The heat amplified as his hands caressed my body. His hands began lingering on my lower back, travelling my waist, and eventually landing on my breasts. His hands were divine, they knew how to work their magic on my aching body. I bet he knew how horny I was because the next thing I knew was that he’s throwing my dress off the room. I giggled to that and then were back to making out.

As we escaped reality in this heavenly romance, we went for my bed. He lay me down and there, I watched him take his clothes off. His body was great even though he doesn’t work out. Just right, not too muscular, but manly. Looking at him strip off made my panties wet. With so much desire in my chest, I instantly grabbed him the moment he was naked.

He kissed me deeply, and there I felt my whole body vibrate with a sensation unexplainable; so compelling and involuntary, but I want it. I can’t help but moan as he kissed me from lips going down there, to my most priced possession.

My underwear must have been so moist right now, and I could tell it’s getting wetter as he approached it. He stopped at the front of my panties as he asked me to spread my legs. I couldn’t see clearly what’s going on there but the sensation sufficed. I felt his tongue contacted my undies, and my pussy drooled in excitement. He’s getting me wetter as he licked my panties simultaneously, negligent of my moans. While my mind was so occupied of his magic on my body, he stopped for a second and looked at me. He smiled and said, “Are you ready, babe?” I could tell how red my face was of both chagrin and arousal, so I said nothing and instead nodded to his query.

With my approval, he removed my panties and dived in to feast on my precious pearl. I never imagined how stimulating it was when his tongue and lips met my clit. I probably moaned a bit louder because he paused for a while and laughed, but continued right away. The feeling was so much, my head spinned every time he stroke my clit and pussy with his tongue. He fed on my sap and sucked it through kisses that made my body twitch several times. It felt so hot, and my body burned for every lick he did to my crying pussy.

Fuck, my head’s moving left to right due to the fervent impact of his actions. While my eyes were closed as I enjoyed his feast, I felt him stop and move closer to me. As I opened my eyes, I saw his beautiful face. The face I have adored every night, a handsome man I dreamed of all the time. Now’s the time to make him mine.

We kissed again, and he moved to kiss my jaw, going to my neck. I let my hands move through his body and there I realized he was still wearing his shorts. My hands worked their way and groped his cock; he was so hard and big, and I want to see him now. He must have understood my move as he stood up from the bed and took his shorts off. Awed by his naked body, my arousal was so intense I could feel the heat in my flesh. It wasn’t a mistake, he was so hard that it stood on its own, without any support. His cock was huge for a 18-year old guy, and I can’t wait to have it inside my soaked pussy.

He must have been horny as well, because he just damped it with his saliva and positioned on top of me. Missionary is very prevalent for first timers in porn, and now I’m going to try it, too. As he pointed his cock towards my pussy, he gazed at me with ardent passion. He kissed me on the lips, and then he thrust. One strenuous thrust that made me shout. He looked at me with anxiety and asked, “Are you okay, babe? Should I stop now?” Despite the tears on my eyes, I shook my head and held his hand. He held my hands and thrust again. I tried to prevent myself from screaming but tears fell on my eyes. The pain was surreal, but it was so good at the same time. It was tearing me apart, but I can’t stop. I want it, I want him, and I want this so bad. After a few more thrusts, I began to feel comfortable with his motion. I was then moaning instead of wailing, enjoying the intercourse. He seemed to enjoy his view as well because he increased the speed of his thrusting. I felt like convulsing by the meeting of our bodies, being as one. The tension was so high and I can’t take it anymore. With so much zeal in my body, I cummed while he was fucking me hard. I felt that we shared the same satisfaction as he stopped too, pulled his cock off my pussy and cummed on my navel. His stare was burning with passion as he kissed me. He kissed me one last time and whispered “I love you so much, babe.” He lay by my side and we fell asleep a few moments from then.

It was the best part of my life as a young woman, but now that I’m 20, it’s a shame that that has been my first and last to date. Troy and I broke up a few months after. There was really no third party, nor scandalous reason. It was all due to the difficulty of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Everything was falling apart ever since he decided to pursue college in California with the help of a scholarship program he worked hard for. Living the California dream would be good for him, but not for us. Our hometown is in Florida, and being together at this point would be at a minimum.

I would not want to ruin his plans in life and I want to support Troy, but it’s just impossible. We tried, but problems arise one after the other. Due to this, we decided to set things off and try to live on our own. If it’s meant to be, then it is.

Up until now, I still want him. And I miss him. We still exchange emails, but not the type of emails you share with someone special. With the slightest bit of hope I carry in my heart, I believe we still could be.

My body misses the touch of being adored. Being worshiped, being praised, being fucked. I settled on masturbation and watching porn, but it ain’t enough. I am envious of Mom. She gets the best most of the time.

After resting for a few minutes, I readied myself for work. I am an assistant in a grocer near our house. I could bike my way there in 10 minutes, so I’m not in a hurry. I went to the bathroom to shower. The door was open. I could hear the shower running. Curiosity struck my head, and I wanted to sneak a peek inside. Now that we have a hot guy in his early 40s at home, I felt quite excited. So from there, I peeked in, carefully so as not to make any noise. The only barrier that blocked my view was the curtain covering the shower area. Despite the blockage, I could see through. There it was, the silhouette of a man, bare and soaked, savoring the warm water. I could tell that he was stroking his dick, and by this site, my pussy went wet. He stroked his cock slowly, so as to feel the warm sensation the shower brings to his body. I could hear faint groans of pleasure as he masturbated in solitude. Aroused by the scene, I touched my pussy and started caressing and massaging it. His body is so hot, and the thought of him naked and wet heightened my excitement. I must have moaned unintentionally as he paused and turned off the shower. To my panic, I ran to my room, desperate not to be seen.

To my relief, I was not caught. My escape was a success, not until I noticed something. When I tried to check the clothes I was supposed to wear after my shower, something was missing. I dropped my panties! Horrified, I peered outside the door. I went back to the bathroom, wary of finding my lost item, when suddenly step dad appeared from my back.

“I guess this is yours?” Thomas smirked on me as he dangled in his finger the panties I dropped. He wore nothing but a towel on his waist to cover him. I was never this close to him half naked. Seeing him from afar was pleasurable, but delighting my eyes on close up was so much better. I was hypnotized by the muscular physique when suddenly he cleared his throat, ceasing my subconsciousness.

I grabbed my panties, which was a black, lace thong, from his hold. I couldn’t look him in the eye, but I can tell that he seemed to know my dirty, little secret. With so much embarrassment, I squeaked a brief “Thanks,” and ran to the bathroom. I made sure it was locked.

The day was tiring in the grocer, but I am happy with what I am doing. I like the way of helping people around, assisting them with completing the ingredients in their recipes and seeing families shop together. I hoped I could have that too. A family. A complete, loving family.

I never met my father. Whenever I ask Mom about him, she always says that he was long dead. That he was gone the moment Mom knew she was pregnant. That my father was an irresponsible man, and karma took its toll on him not long after he left us. Mom refused to expound, rather, she changed the subject every time we talk about it.

As I arrived home, Mom was out. She must have been partying again. Usually she would go home at the wee hours of the morning. The house was quiet, so I guess Thomas was with her.

Jolly about having the privilege of being alone, I hopped cheerfully to my room. I was worn out so I just took my shirt and pants off. I settled on wearing just my bra and thong, since no one’s around. As I lay on my bed, I thought of some random things. I felt so haggard and old compared to my Mom. My sex life was boring as my look. I got curious so I stood up and peered in the mirror. I scrutinized myself -- my face, my hair, my curves, my bosoms and my butt. I stared on my face -- tired but pretty. I have big, black eyes. My hair is a dark shade of brown which usually is secured by a bun. I untied my bun to let my hair down. Well, it looked better in this. It fell to the length of my torso, below my breasts. I placed my hands on my waist. The curve of my body is actually great. My waist is small, and I have big hips to proportionate my big butt. My tits don’t look small, in fact they’re a perfect 34B. Not too large nor too small. I focused my sight on the cleavage posing on my black lace bra. It looks good, in all fairness. I let my hands move from my waist to my tits, groping them while wearing my bra. It felt so good. I then moved to my side to glance on my butt. My rear is not flat; in fact, I consider it as my best asset. My ass is plump and round, and as I spank it, it shook. Watching myself in the mirror doing this made me feel hot. I seized my ass and spank it with my left hand as my right hand groped my right boob.

My black, lace, matching undies made me hornier. I began touching and caressing my body while I watched myself in the mirror. I moaned as I hit my hard nipple through the lace clothing. Having the night in my lonesome excited me more.

I began to imagine Thomas. I thought of him, stroking his cock on the shower earlier the day. His cock must be big, and I wonder how it is to deep throat him. His body is inviting mine, and I want to taste his skin. I want to be lifted by those hands, those mighty, muscular hands. I want him, I want to experience how good he is. I moaned to the idea of getting fucked by a big cock.

“I thought I was alone,” I heard a husky voice from the door. I jumped out of terror, but the moment I faced the person who spoke, I knew it was him. Thomas was standing in the door, wearing nothing but boxer shorts. My eyes were fixated on his exposed body until he said, “Nice ass, baby. Nice tits, too. I bet how nicer those look without that kinky lingerie.” His eyes checked my body and eventually stared at my eyes with a naughty smile. He came closer to me, while I stood there, frozen.

“You were watching me in the shower earlier this morning, right? Did you like the view?” I could smell a captivating scent of perfume as he approached near me. He was so close to me this time that our faces were a few centimeters away. I couldn’t move, I just stared at his eyes. “You’d like to fuck that big cock, right?” Our lips are about to touch now. My pussy is so wet and my nipples are so hard -- I’m so horny right now. Before he spoke any word, I pulled him to a deep kiss. He’s mouth was open in astonishment, so I played with his mouth with my tongue. He seemed to like what I did and eventually returned the favor. He was a hardcore kisser, and I could feel him sucking my lips and my tongue. As we made out, he grasp my ass and carried me. He threw me on the bed. I watched with anticipation what his next move would be. He took his boxers off and to my surprise, a big cock was in front of me. It was 8-inch long, fat and hard. He climbed the bed, and like a wild animal, he took my thong and bra off.

He lay in bed and told me, “Go on top of me, I want that juicy pussy, baby,” so I positioned to eat his cock as he ate my pussy. It was exhilarating, a feeling I never felt. The pleasure of giving a blow job and getting eaten were stirring my insides mad. As he ate my pussy, I felt his finger poked inside me simultaneously. I was moaning in between my sucking. The sensation is flawless, so fucking good I could cum just by that. This made me so horny that I sucked him tight and snug, and deep he went to my throat.

He must have shared the same delusional feeling as mine as I heard him moan from my pussy. I continued my rebellious act and I felt him thrust as I swallowed him whole. His cock was fucking my throat, and his mouth did wonders on my pussy. This arousal is making me insane.

Not long enough, he tapped my ass lightly and said, “Kneel on all fours, baby.” I promptly abode and with so much excitement, waited for his next move. I could tell that he positioned on my back, readying himself to fuck me. Not long, I felt his cock rubbing my pussy. This was something I’ve never felt before and it was so good. I moaned as he rubbed his head on my pussy and clit, making me more excited. I was so wet that I felt my sap flowing out of pussy like a crying baby.

He knew how much I want him to fuck me and he teased me so. “Please put it in,” I pleaded, but it was like he didn’t hear a thing. “Please, Thomas.” I begged again, feeling like an idiot but I want him badly. Thomas laughed as a reply and said, “Say ‘Fuck me hard, baby,’ Garee.” I hesitate for a minute, but obeyed. “Fuck me hard, baby.”

With that he penetrated my pussy. He was really big; I felt my pussy tore open by his cock inside. I was whimpering as he moved slowly in. I adjust my position to lessen the pain, but as soon as he was all in, he thrust fast. Rapid, tough thrusts that made me sway as he went in and out. I couldn’t help but moan louder by his moves, and being his horse drove me crazier.

As he thrust and thrust in me, he grabbed my tits and squeezed them. He must have felt my elevated lust as he pinched my hard nipples. When I felt that his pace was getting slower, he said, “Sit on me, baby. I want to see you ride.”

Like a slave following his master, I waited for him to sit and lean on my bed’s topmost woodwork. There, he patted his thigh as a sign of commanding me to sit. I quickly positioned to sit on his lap. He pointed his cock on my pussy and I sat on it like a dog. He raised my ass, as if telling me not to sit, so I did what he signaled me to do.

He then went inside me, moving up and down. He was fond of fucking fast and I am becoming a fan too. He was fucking me even though I’m riding him. His swift, sharp movements were effortless despite me being the one who should be domineering this position. I was steadily at a squat as he thrust in and out so fast that I felt my knees quiver. After getting used to the quivering aftereffect of this fucking position, I picked up his moves and grooved with him. We dug my pussy together, moving on opposing directions, meeting halfway. Then, I felt something warm was released inside me. He was moaning, but he didn’t stop moving.

Curious, I stood up and saw cum dropped from my pussy. I looked at Thomas and he pulled my arms to sit back to him. We made out and in between our kisses, he said, “I want you, Garee. I tried, but I can’t stop myself from wanting you.”

As we cuddled in bed, I heard Mom’s car coming. Panicked, we both jumped out of bed. I grabbed for my clothes while Thomas took his boxers. He proceeded to the door, but before we went out of the room, he looked at me.

“Let’s do this again, baby.” I watched as his shadow disappeared from the light of my room.

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