Erotic Tales 3

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Six days have passed since that night. I could still reminisce vividly in my mind everything that happened. The way he made everything, it was intense. I enjoyed everything he did with passion and kink. He was an angel who came down from the heavens to save my thirsty soul, but he was at the same time the devil who brought heat on my long, cold body.

It still hit me every single day, minute and second how that night felt. I knew, deep inside, that I wanted more. I needed more. I wanted to get that feeling of being wanted so bad. That feeling of being liked and desired by someone with ardent emotions.

But this selfish wish of mine could not be tolerated. Ever since Thomas had lived here in our house, Mom seldom went out. She was suddenly a reformed woman. Old habits die hard, but she might be the unexpected exemption. She goes home right after she went from work. She enjoys the privilege of being a home buddy. She also tries hard to be a good housewife. She even cooks now. It was as if she’s been hit in the head and became a new person.

This is one of the main reason why I tried to avoid Thomas. I have never seen Mom as happy as she is right now, and I could tell how much he loves Thomas. She is so happy and contented with her life right now that I can’t ruin that. I can’t hurt Mom. I can’t be an obstruction on her happy ending.

Thomas must have felt my silent evasions. He looked at me with worried and skeptic eyes, as if finding the fault that caused me to avoid him.

“Mom, can I go on a vacation?” I blurted out while the three of us enjoyed the dinner Mom prepared. Thomas stopped eating and stared with me with the same anxious eyes he seemed to have for the past few days.

“But why, Garee? Are you getting too stressed out on the grocer? I told you, you can’t vacate that work and find another one that fits you better.” Mom looked at me with genuine concern.

“No, Mom. It’s not about work. Just that, I would like to refresh my head. Just to relax.” I replied. I attempted a quick glance at Thomas who is now looking a bit guilty.

“Alright, but can you delay your plans first? I want our little family to get together over the weekend. I’m cooking and you shouldn’t miss my masterpiece.” She grinned similar to that of a child begging her Mom to buy her some candies on the candy store.

I looked at Thomas who is know looking at me, as if begging as well for me to stay. “Okay, Mom. You know I can’t win over you.” I let out a weak smile of agreement.

As dinner was finished, I was the one to clean the dishes. I was left alone on the kitchen, contemplating things. I rested my back from the wall as I closed my eyes. This desire has been so difficult to contravene. I hope I could fight it back. I hope I could.

I began cleaning the dishes when I heard footsteps from my back. I looked immediately to find out it was Thomas. He was going to the refrigerator.

“Garee, you don’t need to go. Seriously.” He spoke to me without looking at my eyes. I could feel that he was ashamed.

I let out a nervous laugh. “It’s okay. If Mom wouldn’t want me to, I won’t.”

He looked at me now, and he was coming to my direction. “Garee, is it really me?” He was coming close to me now. I swallowed. “You don’t know how much I’m stopping myself. I still dream about that night.” He whispered to me, as if he was to nibble my ear.

Now were eye to eye, so intimate that the space between us was few inches away. I could feel his breath on my face. He was to kiss me. I closed my eyes in anticipation as I felt the same weakness I felt that night. He was my kryptonite, the one that made my whole body tremble.

Our lips touched and that same old feeling came back again. He was kissing me as if he won’t kiss again in his entire life. He was so passionate and I could feel his chest burned. He was pressing me against the wall, pinning me like a butterfly. He won’t let me go anywhere as he snug me safe and locked on this position. He began to run his hands all over my torso, working its way on my most vulnerable parts. It was as if he knew my anatomy, my sensitive spots.

He was going to seize my breasts as his hand went under my bra when suddenly we heard Mom’s voice from a distance.

“Honey?” Her voice was coming from upstairs, and upon hearing her call, we promptly lose contact. I straightened my stead and turned my back against Thomas. “You should go back to her, she must be finding you.”

He was whispering to my ear from behind, “You should know what you’re missing out if you forget about me, baby.”

Within a few seconds of silence, I looked back to find he was gone.

I was awakened by an excruciating pain today. My head hurt like it was splitting into halves and I can’t even stand up from my bed. I reached for my phone on my side table and dialed my manager’s number. I asked to take the day off for today. I was grateful that he was kind enough to understand and wished me to get well soon. I threw my phone aside and closed my eyes for a moment.

Not long enough, Mom was knocking my door. I crept on the floor to unlock the door. Mom was surprised to see my sitting on the floor. “Are you okay, Garee? You didn’t go downstairs to eat breakfast.”

“Sorry, Mom, but I’m not feeling well today.” I seemed to look like shit because she immediately held my neck and forehead to check my temperature. “You’re hot, Garee! I’ll ask your step dad to take care of you. I got to go to work now, work load is so plenty I can’t take the day off. I would buy you anything you want when I get back home.” She kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. Not long enough I could hear her talk to Thomas outside my door, telling him to watch over me.

I crept back to bed, negligent of what is happening outside. My head was seriously hurt and all I can do was hopelessly scatter myself on bed. I closed my eyes again, and without knowing it I dozed off.

Soon enough, I woke up by the cold feeling on my face. Someone was bathing me through a towel. I opened my eyes carefully to find Thomas doing the bathing to me. I was wearing a new pair of pajamas now. Though my head hurt, I jumped out of fright to sit on my bed. Thomas laugh out with a dirty smile over my reaction.

“I thought you were too dizzy to sit nor stand?” He was smirking at my swift move. He was looking so alluring as usual, and he seemed to have been just up from bed. His messy hair was hot as fuck, and his body looked as astonishing as ever even with shirt on. He was on his boxers, and this made me dizzier.

“I can take a bath alone, why do you have to do this?” My brows met together with great disgust. Great disgust resulting from both fervent desire and anger from his seductions.

“What if I told you I want to see you naked again?” He leaned to me, attempting for a kiss. I missed his touch so I grabbed him by the neck to take him deep on my mouth. His tongue was moving as if he was exploring my mouth.

I missed his taste. I returned the favor as we kissed together, our tongues like swords moving in symphony. His hands began to continue what they didn’t finish last night. They began to move on my hips. He was seizing my flesh, as if he was a hungry animal.

Despite my headache, I was a slave to his every command. I laid flat on bed, watching his every move. He removed his clothes off. I was watching as he removed his boxers and uncover his cock. He was so hard at this point, and I was aching to put that hard dick on my mouth.

He must have understood how my head was at extreme pain so he worked his way to align his cock on my mouth while I was lying on my back. I swiftly followed his request to give him head. I was so excited to have him again for myself, and I could not deny this anymore. I immediately put his cock in my mouth, sucking him back and forth. His cock was twitching and this made me hornier. I sucked his cock tighter, providing no space for any air to come in. He seemed to like this as I watched him close his eyes and moan with satisfaction.

I felt my pussy go wet on what is happening right now. My body missed him, and so did my pussy. I want to get stuffed by his huge cock, and I could not wait any longer. I licked his cock after sucking him hard. He was staring at me while I stared back at him, telling through my gaze that I want him now.

He was so hard right now that I know he wanted to go into me. He stood up and positioned himself in between my legs. He lifted my shirt up to show my tits and pulled my pajamas off. He was now wetting his hand with his saliva in order to lubricate his cock more. He then played on my opening, rubbing his cock on my pussy. That familiar sensation was back, and it made me so wet that showed how excited I was. He then entered me without any warning, digging me hard. The moment he drilled my pussy, he moved briefly back and forth. He was fucking my like a rabbit, so fast he seemed to be a sex addict.

Now my head hurt badly but I could not stop him from fucking me. My sight was spinning and I was delusional but he kept on moving fast. He was watching me drool as he was thrusting in and out my dripping pussy.

“Open your eyes to see this unforgettable fuck, baby.” Thomas said while he was so fast that I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment more. Soon enough, I was obedient to his command and opened my eyes. I could not ask for more; good fuck, hot man and intimate moves. I could not contain myself, and I felt like cumming already. His cock was like a accessory, bring enjoyment and perfection on my throbbing pussy.

He pulled out his cock to turn me around. I am now lying on bed face first. He really was considering my headache and kept me on bed. Nonetheless, he positioned himself on top of me. I could tell despite me not seeing the view. He was rubbing my pussy again and went in. He was so deep that I could not imagine he could go in all the way. I felt my pussy tearing out of his huge cock being inside me, making me looser than ever. He was thrusting in and out, and this made me scream. He held my hands together, placing them at my back, as if I’m a prisoner arrested by a police officer. He was torturing me in a way that I enjoyed.

“Fuck me harder, baby.” I shouted as he was digging my pussy without mercy, totally lost in lunacy. I was reaching for his body from my position but he seized my hand before I could lift it, as if dictating me to stop. He was on command, and I have nothing else to do but nurture his nasty moves. I was still lost in the heavens when all of sudden he pulled off.

“Face me, baby.” Thomas said, and to his words, I did what I was asked to do. His eyes were burning with fiery desire. I held his body to touch him, and he was so hot he seemed like burning.

“I want you to show me how you work those tits.” His face was so strong, his jaws were prominent and attractive. His body was so muscular that women would die to see him naked, and I’m so lucky to have him here in my room, by myself, with no clothes on. I bit my lip as I nod, and to that, he moved to put his cock on my chest. As I laid down, I mashed my tits together to trap his cock in between my tits, securing that his cock would like the warm, cozy snug. He began to move slowly, testing the depths of my tits. He was liking the compacted sensation so he moved faster and faster. I loved the new libido it brought to me so I kept my tits more snug as he was fucking me.

As he moved at the fastest pace ever, he decided to put his cock back in where it enjoyed the most. He raised my left leg on his shoulder and stared at me. “I love fucking you, baby.” As he said that, he went inside my pussy without any signal. My pussy was set to let him in and he needed no lubrication. He was drilling me inside, taking me on another world. He kept on thrusting inside me with so much enthusiasm, going in and out of my dripping pussy. I couldn’t take it as I orgasm. Not long enough, Thomas stopped too and took his cock off my pussy. I watched as he jerked off his cum out of his quivering cock, his juices splashing from my stomach to my face.

“Did you like today’s fuck, baby?” Thomas said as he laid beside me on bed, cuddling me despite my feverish temperature.

“Yes. But we should stop this. Mom would be hurt.” I said, guilty of being too weak to say no to him.

“But she won’t know.” Thomas said, as he gently kissed me on the cheek and stood up to wear his clothes.

I fell quiet for a moment. Thomas continued, “You better get well soon, I need you to come with me tomorrow. We’ll do some shopping.” He then proceeded to the door and went out of the room.

“You stupid bitch.” That’s all I could tell to myself as my headache began to emphasize its presence again.

Thank goodness I woke up the next morning with a clear mind and free-from-headache feeling. It’s my day off today so I could have the day to myself. I began the day with a happy spirit as I went downstairs to meet Mom who was cooking breakfast. I went to watch her cook. When she noticed my presence, I kissed her on the cheek to greet her good morning. She seemed to really improve a lot, now that she cooked recipes that I watch on cooking channels.

“You’re getting better and better, Mom.” I said with pure candor. “Glad to see you well, Garee. Thomas must have worked hard yesterday to keep you well today.” Mom said with so much sincerity that I felt guilty again.

“Hey, I’ll help you prepare the table, Mom.” I replied. “You better be, Garee, because you’ll enjoy the feast that I prepared.” She grinned as she finished her cooking and turned off the stove.

Thomas was on the living room when I called him for breakfast. He was watching television news then. He winked at me as he followed, and as we went to the dining table, he squeezed my ass. He was a naughty man.

We ate the breakfast through and chatted about Mom’s weekend plans. I could feel Mom’s zealous drive to keep our little family close and intact, but Thomas seemed to not care at all. He didn’t react the whole time. What he seemed to pay attention was playing with my legs through his toes. He was caressing my skin through his foot and he seemed to enjoy it as I saw him smile several times as I felt uneasy.

Not longer than an hour, Mom bid farewell as she went on her job and left. So now, Thomas and I were left again at home. I was to go upstairs when he grabbed my arm. “You better get dressed. You’ll come shopping with me.” He yielded a dirty smile. I almost forgot about what he said yesterday. So there, I took a short shower and dressed up. I wore a knee length dress and some doll shoes.

As we went on the road, I was still thinking what Thomas was going to shop. Since I work in the grocer, I’m in charge of grocery shopping. And to date, shopping is the least interesting thing men think of doing. So I just patiently waited as I stared through the window of the passenger’s seat.

As we parked on a mall that was familiar to me, I went out of the car and asked Thomas. “What are we going to buy?”

“You’ll see. Just wait.” Thomas replied with great zest on his tone.

I was shy to ask Thomas again, but now that were roaming around the mall without knowing our destination, it bored me. He was not entering any shop, just walking endlessly.

As we continued to stride along stores, Thomas stopped in front of an adult store. I felt my face turned red as I felt both shame and excitement. I’ve never been to one before, and this is definitely my first. After looking to check my reaction, he pulled me to come inside the store.

The store sold a lot of toys and apparel. Eveything you see in porn can be bought here -- BDSM materials, masturbations toys and even lingerie. Your eyes won’t run out of dildos and vibrators of different sorts, as well as kinky lotions, candies and magazines. My attention was grabbed by this weird lipstick which was tagged as dickstick. It looked like the usual, except that it was shaped like a dick. There are edible panties and bras as well, looking tasty and sexy at the same time. Thomas called me out to look on the toys section, where he was cheking out some anal beads. These looked familiar, the ones prevalent in porn, where women stuck them in their ass while they get nailed on the pussy.

“I would like to try this on our next fuck, Garee.” Thomas whispered on my ear as he was holding a black, evenly sized, anal beads set. I felt my face went red. He was an old pervert.

Together, we looked at some more items on the store until we went on the lingerie station. Thomas, who was now holding a basket with a lot of items to purchase varying from erotic candies and edible panties to sex toys, was intirgued by the lingeries. I, too, was attracted by the sexy lingeries. I wanted to try one, if how it would look on me. He must have read the look on my face as he said, “Come on, pick one or two, and try it. Anything there would look good on you.” He said as if he was imagining me wearing those already.

My attention was gotten by a white, lace, one piece lingerie that emphasized the cleavage when worn. I took it and picked another which was a red, see through, two piece that looked good and hot. I signaled to Thomas that I would try them out on the dressing room at the back, but he followed. He wanted to see how it fitted, I guess. Or maybe he wanted more than seeing.

I tried the red pair first. I took my dress and shoes off, then my underwear. It felt chilly as I stood there naked in front of the mirror. I took a few seconds to stare at my bare body, then I tried on the red, sexy pair. It looked good on me, and I felt like a pornstar wearing it. I felt so hot that I got horny by seeing myself wore this. I peaked on the door to tell Thomas that it fits, and he insisted on seeing how it looked on me. I hesitated, telling him that someone might see us, but he was hard headed. He was persistent, so I let him in. He seemed to like it too, because he looked me from head to toe with burning desire. His cock must have liked it as well because I could see how hard he was even with his pants on.

He told me to try the other one and he would watch as I did. I objected at first, but gave in eventually. I unclipped the bra and slowly slid it off my chest and removed the thong that matched with it. I was naked again, bare for him to see, and he was liking the scene. He watched with keen concentration as he studied my body, staring at it like a vulture waiting for an opportunity to binge on its prey.

I then took the white onesie, wearing it slowly as if seducing Thomas. I peered on the mirror as I wore it with pride as it gave emphasis on my curves and assets. My ass was sticking out of the narrow thong, and my cleavage was accentuated by the low neckline. I faced Thomas to show him how it fitted me, only to find out that his cock was now out of his pants. He was stroking it as he was staring at my body, appreciating my shape. I came to his proximity to kiss him deeply. We kissed on this small dressing room. I could not contain my heat as I took his shirt off as well as his pants. I sucked his cock as it was hard by merely staring at me in this sexy lingerie.

It made me hornier as I watched us doing dangerous things on the mirror. By any moment people might be suspicious on what was happening inside this dressing room, but I don’t care. I’m so aroused right now that I can no longer wait for later. He stood me up from my kneel and positioned me to bend forward, leaning on the wall for support. He moved my thong on the side and let his saliva drop on my pussy. He grinded his cock against my pussy, causing it to be so wet, and eventually entered me in one great thrust. The moment he was inside, he drilled fast as if digging my flesh, fucking me like a wild animal. Thomas was doing this in a consistent, tireless energy. He was moving with all his strength, and my knees were shaking by the intensity of his fucking.

This dressing room was tiny and movements were restricted at a minimum so positions were only limited to some. After driving me crazy from that exhilirating dog style, he carried me on his arms and lifted me, pinning me against the wall. He was moving at ease, as if I’m weightless, fucking me without any problem. He was thrusting in and out with so much power that made my body heat up. I felt so weak by his thrusts that I couldn’t do anything but keep my hold on his bulky shoulders. I was panting heavily as he was making me feverish out of the sensation. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, but he looked at me and said, “Shut up, baby.” I did shut up and bit my lip instead.

We must have been a few minutes inside because I heard some people talking outside the door. At that moment, Thomas was still screwing me, and I couldn’t stop him. I am under his delusional spell, and stopping from this fucking was my last option. Not long enough, I felt him cum inside me and my whole body was shaking. He dropped me from his carry and there, his cum dripped from my pussy. I immediately took the lingerie off and wore my dress and sneakers back.

Together, Thomas and I walked out of the dressing room to find out two more ladies were waiting in line. They followed us with their gaze as we headed to the counter to pay for our shopped items.

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