Erotic Tales 3

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Jess is a confident girl who believes that she’s the best. Her wealthy family plus her good looks made her think she can have it all. Now, all she wanted was to win the presidency of the student council. She’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and do anything for anyone if problem arises. Let’s see how far can she go.

Two weeks left before the result of the campus election would be out. I was confident enough to safely say that I would win by landslide. Three opponents on the line, and I am on top of the leaderboard.

I took the whole month doing full campaigns to let my fellow students realize who the worthy council president is. I even spend some cash for the marketing paraphernalia, and I would not give a damn if anyone shoots me a sharp criticizing look about it. It was what richies do, stash some cash and spend it on things they find amusing. As for me, added power and influence on top of our wealthy lineage was an eye candy.

Kendall and Lily walked behind my back while we swung our hips, walking in the hallway as if it was our runway. As if it was a cue, students scattered on the pathway went to the side to respect the queen, and that’s me of course. I smirked at them. Poor ones, power is nothing when I’m around.

“Hey Jess, what are we doing today?” Kendall asked, catching some steps to walk at par with me.

“We need to do my last campaign to wrap up my plans for the election.” I tucked a blonde hair on my right ear as I glanced on my loyal companion’s direction. Yes, for me there were no friends born, just like dogs, they are described as worthy companions.

“Exciting! What do you have in mind?” Kendall was now keeping her pace up with us, trying her best not to be left behind.

“I fondly call it the ‘Menace Sabotage.’” I laughed sophisticatedly with a spice of sarcasm, sounding like a savage monarch ordering to kill anyone that comes in her way.

“Sounds spicy.” Helga whispered behind my back, and later walked on my side.

We walked like queens, all eyes on us. As if the world stopped as I led my cliques. Absolutely, my good looks plus my hot bod would make every boy and girl tempt for a second look. I relished their envious and adoring stares on me.

My expensive Louboutin heels stopped clicking the floor as I paused in the bulletin board. My two tail cats also stopped at my lead. I scanned the papers posted on the announcement section, searching for my name which is supposed to be on top of the leaderboard.

I squinted my eyes, browsing the thousands of words written on pinned posts. I looked up because I would definitely be on the top, and yes there was my name! Under the survey conducted by the university publication for the upcoming electoral president listed my name-- Jessica Granger, on the number one spot.

I drew my signature smirk over my pretty face, assured of the triumph that is yet to come. My self-esteem was cut short when Kendall start murmuring on my ear.

“Hey, Jess. Look at the stats!” She pointed on the right side of the paper, her freckles getting more noticeable due to her pallid face.

I raised a brow and rolled my eyes before checking what she was fussing about. As I stared again on the paper, I knew what she meant. The stats showed that I had 32.76% of the total survey votes. High, but Petunia Marcus was racing with a percentage average of 30.03%. I could not accept this. Not with any dweeb in the campus. Not with anybody.

I stormed out of the hall, leaving Kendall and Helga wandering over the board like fools. I needed to do something. I need to win this election no matter what.

I stood in front of the faculty room, hesitant to pursue my scheme of action. But as I waited further, I thought that I could not lose this battle. Jess is not a quitter, never will be. So I checked who was around and when I saw to it that nobody saw me, I pushed the door and went inside.

I dusted the checkered pleats of my miniskirt before I strolled forward. I skimmed over the cubicles, trying to locate Mr. Reid. He was mom’s close friend, and undeniably her crush. I knew for a fact that something’s between them, and he’s doing his best to establish a good relationship with his prospective stepdaughter. Mom said if I was available, Mr. Reid could offer one-on-one tutorials with me at home. Little did they know that I was aware of their nasty “backdoor” action.

After searching along the faces of different professors, finally I was able to locate Mr. Reid. He was seating in the third to the last cubicle from the last row, with a pleasant view of the whole university behind him. His window was open, enabling full sunshine in his work area. He had brown streaks looking natural on his grayish roots. He wore those black, circular specs by which at first glance made him look like a nerd, but at the long run suited him well. His preppy fashion sense was a turn on for me-- good boy looks are always intriguing and inviting.

I tucked another strand of hair that fell from my face, and moved closer to his cubicle.

“Hey, Mr. Reid.” I announced my presence for him to recognize. He raised his head in response.

“Oh, hello there, Jess! What’s up?” He sounded energetic, sporting his regular mood even in his History class.

“I’m having trouble in my African Heritage and Culture. If you’re not busy, would you please help me on some topics, Mr. Reid?” I asked him, leaning forward to squeeze my tits closer to his face.

He must have been affected by my invitation. I caught him look at my cleavage, which stuck out of my top two unbuttoned blouse. Trying to cover his distraction, he looked up and smiled back at me.

“Of course, Jess! I would love to! I promised your mom I would extend help when you need it, and I’ll keep true to my word.” His eyes were lit up in both excitement and vigor. But behind those eyes, I could see a deeper emotion. A hint of lust and craving. Yeah, just what I planned it to be.

“So, what are your plans for the operation ‘Menace Sabotage’?” Kendall asked me while she sipped from her strawberry juice drink.

“Yeah, what’s on your mind?” Helga followed up her question without even hearing the former’s answer.

“Well, I’ll need you to do some things. We’ll embarrass the dweeb.” I proceeded on discussing the details of my plan, by which they both agreed was a brilliant idea. Yeah, I always come up with great notions, and they always hit on the head.

So the three of us set the entire plan in action. Today was the last day of the campaign timeline, and we were asked to speak one by one in the auditorium. Our final chance to convince the students; our final chance to win their votes.

Kendall immediately went on the auditorium hours before the forum. She set up a pail of pink paint on the stage’s uppermost railing, where the curtains were hung. Helga, on the other hand, flirted with the technical support volunteer in order to manipulate her visual presentation. My girls were working hard, and I prepped myself for the most significant performance of my life.

The auditorium was filled with people, both from the student body and the faculty members. I was now seated on the chairs aligned on stage, together with my competitors. There were five of us in total, the aspiring presidential candidates. I ran as an independent not primarily because I had a different platform, but rather I didn’t want to work on a team. I am the team, I am a ONE-MAN team. I was pretty confident, wearing my favorite red plaid skirt and a blouse with a black vest on top. My bandana assured that no strands of hair shall dangle on my face. I looked regal, and as I checked my competitors out, they looked like crap beside this precious gem.

I squint to check if all was in place. I caught Helga, who was there on the tech support section caressing the manipulator’s shoulders. Afterwards, I searched for Kendall, who was there on the side of the stage giving me a thumbs up. Everything was set. Since Petunia was up first, the climax should erupt at the start of the event.

The moment she stood up and took the podium, I had eye contact with Helga. Petunia began her enthusiastic speech well, and captured everyone’s attention. Not long enough.

When she signaled the tech support to play her multimedia, a screeching sound filled the auditorium. The annoying sound reverberated several times, until it ceased. The black screen was slowly fading in white, and there played in the background photos of Petunia’s worst, stolen photographs.

The auditorium was occupied by the chaotic laughter of the student body. I also spotted a few faculty members making fun of her “slipped in slippery when wet” picture. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling too, together with my fellow candidates.

She stood there, frozen in shame and wrath. She gathered the papers which she placed on the podium, meaning she was about to walk out. I mouthed Kendall a soft “Go” and the disgusting pink paint splattered on her head down to her toes, coloring Petunia a real-life hue of the flower named after her.

The crowd burst in a tumultuous laughter, amused of today’s frolic. I walked in to attend to Petunia, pretending I was concerned of her dishonor. I stood her up from her knees, making sure the university publication’s photographer captured a worthy shot of this moment. This was a chance for me to increase my popularity rating, and so was my kindness and considerate meter.

“Are you okay, Pet?” I wiped off the paint on her face, and assisted her backstage. Mr. Reid stood up from the audience and went up the stage to manage the commotion.

The program still pushed through, and I was now moved to speak last. I was stained with pink paint as well, evidencing my act of valor and compassion. When it was my turn, I recited a very moving speech about equality in line with Petunia’s bullying encounter. Of course, this speech was drafted beforehand, but I made it appear like it was a last-minute modified message. As I wanted, the crowd appreciated me through an earsplitting cheering and clapping. Just like that, I won their hearts and I’m sure of that.

Three days had passed since the last campaign. We were now resting from the strenuous activities from marketing ourselves to getting our advocacies heard. I had now to wait for my victory to come.

My eyes ventured outside the window as Mrs. Leighmann discussed the Art of Philosophy. I didn’t really care what she says, because all I want was to celebrate my landslide win against my low class competitors.

Only a knock from the door disrupted my daydreaming. Mrs. Leighmann approached the door to let Mr. Reid come in. He was not his old self. He seemed a bit sullen and intense today.

“Ms. Granger, I need to talk to you after your class. Meet me at the faculty. I’ll be there until 6.” Mr. Reid adjusted his specs, staring directly at me. My classmates shot a quick glance at me as well, all eyes on me.

I raised a brow and answered back, “Okay.” With that, Mr. Reid left the room.

It was unusual for me to feel any traces of fright, intimidation nor guilt. But right now, I felt like I was in serious trouble. And the heck, I’m scared about it.

I lifted my wrist to check the time. It was 5:37pm. I put my stuffs in my shoulder bag and proceeded to the faculty room.

It took me a couple of minutes before I pushed the door open. Like the old times, I scanned the room. I wanted to know if there were any faculty member around. A mixture of relief and anxiousness wrapped my skin as I learned no one’s around, but Mr. Reid. He was standing still, staring outside his window while scrutinizing the wonders of the sunset.

“Hey, Mr. Reid.” I said, my voice reduced to almost a whisper. I stood in his front of his desk, waiting for his words why he wanted to meet me.

“You know for a fact that I am the officer in charge for the student council election, right?” Mr. Reid faced me, his hands crossed on his chest.

“Yes, Sir.” I answered back. I could not comprehend this intimidation I am feeling right now, a foreign emotion I never felt before.

“And you know how much effort and dedication I put on my tasks, right?” He asked, now his big black eyes shooting right on mine. Despite his specs, the intensity of his stare hit me big-time. I looked down, a defense mechanism over his powerful aura.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then, what’s this news I heard from my student volunteers?” His tone was tough, suggesting his irritation.

I looked up at his eyes, wondering what he meant. Could it be that he knew?

“About what, Sir?” I asked, curious as to what he was inferring.

“The tech support said Helga switched Petunia’s flash drive with something else. Earlier this day, I called for Helga and she confessed you were the one who plotted out the mischief in the auditorium.” He was mad, and I was mad too. What the hell, Helga? You fucking whore!

“Huh?” I didn’t want to admit anything. My reputation? My mom getting mad? The cash I spent on this shit? Hell no!

“Tell me the truth, Ms. Granger. You did it?” He was now leaning closer, his palms on his desk. I looked at his arms, exposed from the folded sleeves of his sky blue polo. His eyes were just so overpowering, I couldn’t look straight at him. I wanted to lie, but a force was refuting my intended response. His eyes, oh his eyes. I could not lie with those haunting stares.

I squirmed, shifting my weight on each foot.

He took his specs. His eyes were more than powerful without those glasses, and I couldn’t help but lose my stead on his gaze. His eyes were black, and they were very much expressive than ever. A burning passion reflected through the windows of his soul, contrary to the angered state he was posing to.

“Answer me!” He smashed the table loudly, startling me. I shook shortly, taking a deep breath before answering his query.

“Sorry, Sir. I did it.” I could no longer lie. He was threatening in an engaging way. Damn, what did he do to me?

“Well then, you’re disqualified. I’ll take your name off of the ballot entries. Thanks for your candor, Ms. Granger.” He spoke, finally returning to his calm self.

“Sir, please don’t do this to me. I can’t lose the election. Not after what I’ve worked for.” I begged, my voice shaky from his boldness.

“I’m afraid we could not make any consideration for your mishap, Ms. Granger.” His looked bored, but his eyes said otherwise.

“Please, Mr. Reid.” I trotted around his table, kneeling in front of him. I was holding his brown pants at the knees’ level, pulling his clothes like a kid begging for some candy from her mom.

His face was in awe, somewhat surprised by my sudden move. He quickly recovered from his startled reaction, now that he was smirking over me.

“I think we could do something about it.” He finally answered, his words sounding like a stroke of hope amidst my misery.

“Anything, Mr. Reid. I can’t lose this election. Please.” I pleaded again, trying to look more merciful than ever. I hate this.

“Then, please me.” His eyes were on mine, staring like Medusa against a prey. I was there, kneeling and helpless.

Right now I could not thing of anything more but to keep his attention and interest. Since my hands held his pants, I let them crept up towards the button of his trousers.

He did not seem to be shocked by this. Instead, his face looked delighted, getting a student to plead over some petty thing. A student willing to do anything just for a council position. As for me, this is relevant.

After I have unbuttoned his pants, I pulled them down. His brief was already insufficient to cover up his hard cock, its head sticking out of his brief. He began unbuttoning his polo, and soon enough threw it on his desk. He stood there topless with briefs only for my eyes to see.

I must admit, I was impressed by his cock. His head was huge, and by that I could tell that the whole thing was big too. His shaft was evident, easily traced by the bulge on his underwear. I looked at him and he nodded as approval. I pulled his briefs down and saw his pride and glory without any clothing. I couldn’t help myself but open my mouth in amazement.

“Never seen that big?” He peeked at me, pleased to see my reaction. I nodded shyly, pleased as well on the thing that stood in front of me.

“Suck it on, baby.” Mr. Reid said, unexpected from his polite demeanor. Nonetheless I followed his command.

I opened my mouth and came closer, putting his cock in my mouth. I barely allowed him in, his thich shaft filling my mouth. He moved one strenuous thrust, pushing his cock inside my throat. I almost gagged to his head tickling my uvula, but he held my head to secure I would not dismantle.

I closed my eyes to keep myself focused on doing the blow job, but he tipped my hair to make me look up. I was startled to this, and my eyes widened to his action.

“Keep your eyes open, I want you to witness all of this.” He smirked again, his eyes melting the remaining courage inside of me.

I continued gagging over his cock inside my mouth while I stared at his eyes. He was focused on me, watching my every move. Teary eyed, I did not let my eyes look any other way but on his only.

He began to swing his hips against my mouth, fucking me like it was my pussy. I almost gagged again, but this time I was able to control the feeling. I get oriented to his cock by this time. I actually liked the feeling of his cock inside my hole.

He moaned after doing a series of thrusts, and he moved backwards to let his cock out of my mouth. Saliva and sticky precum dripped from my mouth, evidencing both our pleasure from the sensation.

He took my hand and pushed me to bend down on his work table. I did bend, leaning forward on his clear desk. He maneuvered my body like a puppet, arching my back as he pulled my skirt up. My white panties revealed for him to see, with my ass sticking up. He caressed it for a few minutes, then pulled it down on my knee-level.

“You’re wet, why is that?” His voice sounded like he was teasing me, but I didn’t answered. I was indeed wet, and I liked what we were doing. I didn’t want another mortifying moment. I just want him to fuck me right now.

He grinded his wet, hard cock against my wet pussy. While he did, he played with my ass hole, fidgeting it with his wet index finger. I moaned in both delight and pain, but this made him more motivated to play with it. He poked a finger in, and I shrieked as I felt a strange feeling over my entire body.

“You like it?” He asked again, teasing me. I replied with a groan which he believed was a sign of approval. As he rubbed his shaft on my dripping cunt, he began fingering my ass hole, finger fucking me behind.

“Ughhh!” I shouted, feeling irritated with his thick finger in my tight hole. Instead of pulling it out, he inserted his cock in my pussy, double penetrating me. I could not understand what I was feeling by then, so I rested my head on his desk. This allowed him an opportunity to penetrate me with his entire cock inside my vagina.

For a few moments I felt like I was possessed, deranged by the feeling stirring inside my body. My heart was pumping like I heard every beat of it, and were at full work. I could not help but scream and moan loudly, unable to contain the unexplainable sensation dominating me.

While I leaned my head on the desk, I felt his hand crept on my blouse. One strong pull and my blouse’s buttons opened, two of which fell on the floor. He dragged my bra down to pop a tit out. He seized my tit as he played with my erect nipple. Its sensitivity adding arousal to my enslaved body.

He pumped so hard against my pussy, fucking me like he was mad. I started to feel a tingling, funny sensation on my pussy but I did not ask him to stop. Instead, I felt a warm gush inside my pussy as I orgasmed. Our cum met inside my womb, hot and sticky, dripping out of my opening as he pulled his still rigid cock off my pussy.

“You got yourself a winner, Ms. Kelsey.” Mr. Reid said, while he tapped his cock on my vibrating pussy.

“For real?” I turned around despite my weakened body, facing him with big, excited eyes.

“Yeah, just leave it up to me. Get ready for your victory party. But I need you to celebrate it with me.” He smirked, and winked at me. I smiled nastily at him, and kissed his lips one last time.

I won again, and always will.

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