Erotic Tales 4

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A loud scream erupted again but this time both heads looked at the now open bedroom door at Ella’s mom whose mouth was now slacked wide open in shock.

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Sinful Sister

Ella huffed loudly in her poorly lit room. Her raven black hair lay around her hair covered in sweat and sticking to her forehead. Her lean body was deceiving as she moved with the strength of an Olympian. Her back muscles tensed as she bent over and raised her almost flat ass in the air before slamming down hard repeatedly on what gave her pleasure. She was straddled on the thick black penis of a heavily muscular boy from her high school. His afro was matted down from Ella’s constant grabs at his hair. His pink lips were wet with her saliva from the many moments Ella had leaned over and stuck her pink tongue down his throat. He grabbed at her B cup breasts and squeezed the soft mounds gently at first before raising himself up and sucking her dark nipples hard. Ella’s pussy dripped violently like a fountain onto his belly and around his crotch. Her clit was vibrating as it squirted cum every now and then from its overexcitement. The boy’s dick was a wet mess of cum and saliva and pounded away at her extremely tight pussy. Ella’s eyes began to twitch in her head as she could no longer control her screams. She screamed loudly enough for the boy to know it was time for him to finish and the two came at the same time. Warm, sticky cum spilled out of her pussy and down the thick black penis that had produced it.

A loud scream erupted again but this time both heads looked at the now open bedroom door at Ella’s mom whose mouth was now slacked wide open in shock. Ella looked irritated at her mother who was still staring with her mouth wide open. The boy pulled the bed sheets up his well sculpted chest and laughed at how he was the wrong person to be doing that. Ella got off his dick as casually as one would get off a bicycle and placed a hand on her now dripping pussy. The thick sticky cum was now between her fingers and she raised it up to her mouth to lick it with a smile. Her mom who was already shocked was now completely broken as she saw her daughter continuously rubbing cum from her pussy and sucking it off her fingers. The three remained doing the same thing for the next few tense moments as though they were on a repeat without changing a single thing.

Ella found herself in a bathrobe in her living room as the clock ticked loudly in the corner of the room waiting for her father to return home. Her mother tapped her foot violently against the wooden floor boards shooting daggers at her daughter who didn’t even seem the least bothered about anything.

“How many times must this happen before you know that it’s wrong?” her mother shouted.

“How is having sex wrong?” Ella snapped back. She dragged the word sex knowing fully well it would have the worst effect on her mom. It definitely did as her mom’s foot tapped even more violently onto the floor.

“Normal girls at least hide their... their... sessions, but you just do it in my own house.” She said very agitated at this point.

“I’m sorry mom, next time I’ll do it on a Chlamydia covered motel mattress.” Ella said with a smirk on the corner of her mouth.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” her mother shouted at the top of her lungs

“I guess I just need some therapy” Ella said with a sing song voice

“Worst part is you’re more than willing to fuck every boy in the town”

“Not every boy...” Ella said defensively.

“I called your father, he’ll know what to do” she said before looking up at the clock.

The two waited in their respective armchairs as the crickets outside on the front lawn got louder by the minute.

Hours passed as the two waited quietly without looking at each other. Headlights flashed through the crack of the curtain and lit up the slightly dark room for just a second. Wheels screeched on the driveway and Ella’s mother jumped to her feet triumphantly and waited by the front door. The door swung open quickly and a large bearded man with his blazer in his arm and his tie pulled away from his neck walked through. He looked at Ella and frowned.

“You’re moving to a Catholic school in England by the end of the week” he said in a deep baritone voice. Without saying another word, Ella’s father walked up the stairs and into his room to get some much deserved sleep.

It was Ella’s mother’s turn to smile as a huge one stretched from ear to ear. Ella on the other hand looked devastated as this sort of news had just been dropped on her head.

Her mother had begun to dance around the living room and Ella could only bite her lip in anger.

She stormed off to her room and without get wearing anything she fell asleep in her bath robe with her pink pussy peeking through her spread legs.

Ella scowled at the growing feeling of anger growing deep down in her stomach. She only had four days left which was barely enough time for her to satisfy her mind the freedom she was used to.

Her face was pressed hard against the window pane and she could see deep into Benny’s backyard. Benny although he was an annoying prick in her mind would always have a special space in her heart. He was her first time and saved her from forever hating sex by being very experienced with everything he did. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she remembered the first time her nipple felt the sensation of a warm tongue splashing against its hardened tip. She was so scared of it back then as she heard of how painful it was going to be but he had glided in like a pro. In a corner of her mind, she blamed him for her sex addiction but as she had accepted deeply he was always going to be the best time she ever had. The realization that she was going to see him again for the next four years brought back the pain that emanated from her stomach and moved from there to a numbing pounding in her head. She stared at his window for many minutes hoping he would peer out and flash his smile that won her over but his curtain remained shut.

Ella whimpered quietly as she fell onto her bed and screamed into her pillow.

“You better keep it down there young lady” her mom shouted

“Fuck you” she retorted

“What was that?” her mom shouted back

“I said thank you mom” she said before stomping loudly in place on the wooden room floor.

Ella’s face boiled in anger and she scanned the room for something she could smash into a million pieces before her eyes settled on the time on her alarm clock. It was barely noon and she wasn’t going to spend her days sitting around her depressing house with her stay at home. She decided she was going to expend her energy on something more productive and jumped into a shower. She barely spent a few minutes in there and returned to her bedroom without even drying her hair. The tiny beads of water ran down her milky white skin and dripped off the end of her tiny ass and onto the wooden ground. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled on a grey crop top with black leggings and knee high boots. The sun shone through the window like a symbol of hope and walked towards her only means of escape. She pulled the window frame as slowly and as quietly as possible but the noisy hinges still gave a tiny squeak every time they moved. The sound of her mother washing dishes downstairs had stopped and Ella assumed she was standing down there with her hand cupped to her ear expecting to hear a suspicious sound. Outside the window was a sloped tiled roof that stood over the driveway and Ella knew jumping off it and into the front yard was her only way out. Ella stuck one leg through the crack in the window and listened again. She knew her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her when she heard the pounding of feet against the carpeted stairs. She bent through and in an instant was in the open air and sunlight. She pulled her other leg through and at that moment, her bedroom door was thrown open. Her mother stood there fuming with soapy bubbles around her hands. Ella smiled before running the length of the roof and jumping. Her mother’s mouth went slack with surprise for the second time that week as she saw her daughter swinging her arms and legs through the air. Ella landed on the grass of the front yard with nothing more than a sharp shock passing through her body. She looked up at her mom who just stared silently down at her. She winked and made a clicking sound with her mouth before taking off down the street. Ella knew her mother was chasing her but she ran down the street as though someone definitely was. Her black hair flew around her face as she took corner after corner blindly until she was completely winded and doubled over in exhaustion. She had barely caught her breath when she looked around her and a deep groan escaped her throat. She knew exactly where she was and if her assumptions were correct she was definitely going to get...

“Ello there puppet” a raspy voice said in a forced British accent.

“Damn it” Ella said in between breaths.

“Come now, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you weren’t happy to see me” the voice continued

Ella looked up to see the lanky, pasty blonde haired boy with multiple piercings on his ear and one in his nose. He smiled awkwardly at her as he walked with his car keys swinging on his bony fingers. His name was Reggie and Ella couldn’t stand him for reasons she couldn’t tell anyone.

“What do you think?” Ella snapped in response to his earlier question. “You’re not exactly my favourite person in town.” She said without a shred of hesitation or fear of hurting his feelings.

“Aw, now that makes me sad” he said with a smile from ear to ear. “I give you a few minutes to change your mind about that” he said before standing face to face with her.

He grabbed her by her waist and lifted her onto his shoulders. With one hand he balanced her and with the other he pulled down her leggings from her waist and to the middle of her thighs to reveal her dripping pink pussy.

“See you were already excited and you were here fronting” he said triumphantly before pushing her to the wall while his head was between her legs.

He pressed his mouth against her bright pink pussy and ran his tongue along it with precision and skill. Ella moaned as he kissed it softly, his wet lips pressed hard against them. He began to move his head gently and his mouth followed. So did Ella’s waist as the two objects danced against the stone wall she was up against. The two remained in their position until Ella sighed and struggled to get down. Reggie smiled before wiping his mouth and let her down roughly. Ella got up to her feet and pulled up her leggings. She scowled at him but he just smiled sheepishly with his hand anticipating probably a slap.

“I need your help” she said

“What? Did someone replace you with a less shallow version of yourself?”

She punched him hard on his arm and he laughed while dodging another one that she was prepping.

“So what do you need?” he said smirking

“I need to get downtown” she said before putting up her best begging face.

“Funny how I was already headed that way” he says before walking away towards the black mustang parked on the sidewalk.

Reggie jumps through the wound down window and starts the engine. His heavily pierced looked up at Ella and waited for her to jump in as well.

“I think I’ll just go in the normal way, thank you” she says before opening the door and sitting in quietly.

“Where in downtown exactly?” he said with a perplexed look.

“Clubber Lang district” she says before buckling her seatbelt. She made the right choice to do so because just then Reggie pulled out of the driveway with enough force that could have snapped her neck and in the next moment was barrelling down the road.

The night had just begun to creep into the sky as the two reached the district. Many clubs were lit up with bright neon signs that hung on the walls outside of them. Ella looked around till she saw what she was there for. The tattoo parlour looked exactly like how it had been for the past ten years Ella had been in this city. She jumped out of Reggie’s car and without saying a word walked towards the small building.

A bell rang as she opened up the door and she would have thought she just walked into a grocery store if she was surrounded by ink, needles, drawn pictures and scruffy, rugged people everywhere.

She had her eyes on an especially rugged person by the name of Kyle. He was a huge man with a massive beer belly and bright red hair that fell to his neck. He looked up from the back that he was working on and flashed a smile.

“Been a while” he said in a thick Irish accent.

“Tell me about it. I haven’t been down here in forever.”

“How’d did your mom take the tattoo we worked on last time”

“She went completely ballistic. I really wish you could have seen her face.”

“You’re going to kill your mom if you keep going like this Ella” he said before returning to the customer who waited for him.

“So I’m going to need something particularly huge and not somewhere incognito like my hip.”

“Where do you have in mind?”

“Along my chest” she said with a smile on her face.

“I hope you know those hurt like crazy plus you want it to be how huge?”

“Covering every inch above my boobs.” She said while looking at the gallery of tattoos on the wall.

Kyle and the customer he was working on looked up in shock. Both were trying their hardest to understand just how insane this girl was.

“Let me be done with this boyo here and we can get started.” Kyle said deciding to focus on his work.

“I’ll be here” she said before settling into a chair and picking up a magazine on tattoos.

Ella remained in the uncomfortable chair for hours till she got sick of tattoo magazines. The irritating buzzing sound of the tattoo needle had gotten into her ears and she clenched her teeth painfully.

“You’re up Ella” Kyle shouted looking at her with a smile but an exhausted look.

“Finally...” she moaned before tossing the magazine she held into the corner of the room. She pulled off her top and stood in the middle of the room bare chested. Her petite breasts stood firmly on her chest. She walked up to Kyle’s bench and the artist looked as natural as possible. His associates however, could all be heard whispered like an angry hive of bees. She looked up at him and smiled waiting for him to ask what she wanted.

“So what do you want?” he asked after cleaning up his needle.

Ella’s mouth moved as she explained and Kyle’s dropped to his chest as the sheer madness of her tattoo began to settle on his mind.

Ella walked out of the parlour a few hours later with a sore chest but a smile on her face regardless. She had one more thing to do before she would get back home and get some clothes for her few remaining days of freedom. She pulled open her phone until she got the name “Ray” on her screen,. She dialled the number after two rings; a high pitched voice could be heard on the other side of the line.

“Ella, what do you need?”

“A sports bag” she said matter of factly.

“Well, I’m home now. So whenever you’re ready come pick it up” he said before dropping the call.

Ella hailed a cab with the last wad of cash she had on her and went further downtown in the direction of Ray’s home.

The cab pulled up in front of a five storey building where all the lights were turned off. Ella scanned the street before running up the sidewalk and into the building. The building was darker than she expected and she turned on the torch on her phone to climb the stairs. She had almost reached the top of the building when she got to Ray’s door. She knocked twice and waited. She could hear the sound of someone tripping over bottles and cursing loudly. A lean, blonde boy no older than 20 years old opened the door and smiled. He didn’t let Ella in through the door and pushed a small sports bag out to her.

“I’ll wire you your payment” she said with a smile

“You’d better or my boss would come after us both”

“Don’t worry about Reggie, Ray. If I had my way, I would be taking this for free.”

“Then have your way” he said laughing

“You know how disgusting Reggie can be” Ella said before disappearing down the stairs. Ella realized that she was stranded as she got to the final step and ran back up to bum some money from an annoyed Ray.

She waited for ten minutes on the sidewalk waiting for a cab to pull up. With her hand clutching tightly to the sports bag, she crossed her fingers that she would get out of this neighbourhood without getting jumped. Her heart soared in her chest as a yellow cab pulled up to where she stood. She half jumped in and sat on the sticky chairs like she had been saved from a death sentence. She hollered her home directions and the cab pulled off quickly back up to the city. It was maybe a few minutes to midnight when Ella got back home. She looked at the sad looking house with no lights on inside. She tossed her newly acquired sports bag onto the roof but it rolled over the side and into a bush. A light was switched on in the living room and Ella made a run for the side of the low roof. She jumped as high as she could until she could grab for the roof. She pulled herself onto the cold tiled cover and crept to her bedroom window. She pulled at the frame just as quietly as she had been when she escaped earlier and crawled into the dark room. She snuck into her bed and covered herself underneath the sheets as though the bogeyman was coming after her. She stayed under the sheets with her eyes wide open at the direction of the door hoping in every part of her mind that it won’t swing open. She remained like this for a few minutes before she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning seemed just as normal as the day before and she considered repeating the same escape as yesterday. She looked outside the window and sighed in relief as she realized her father’s car was not in the driveway. Her mother couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to. She felt a gnawing pain in her belly and considered getting something to snack on and snuck downstairs to the kitchen. She had barely stepped on the ground floor when she was ambushed by two large burly men. Her cousins, Gary and Henry stood on either side of the entrance to the kitchen. The twins stood straight faced and marched towards their least favourite cousin before grabbing her with their powerful hands. Ella couldn’t escape their grip and struggled the best she could as they lifted her off the ground and into a parked car down the street. Her mother sat behind the wheel and nodded approvingly at her two nephews. They smiled as they sat on either side of the devastated Ella.

“After your daring escape yesterday, your father resolved that we’d move your shipping off to school a few days earlier”

Ella was mortified as she was driven to the airport and shuffled onto a plane to England. Ella was mortified as she was flown through the air and even many miles in the air, she was still blocked on either side by her cousins. They touched down and drove up to school that would hold Ella down for the next few years. She almost burst into tears as she saw just how ancient the school was. She was even mortified when she saw the girls walking around like nuns. They all wore the black and white veil and robe and marched through the joyless school.

Her mother dropped her off with her baggage and pulled off. Her cousin, Henry wound the window down and winked at her. She couldn’t understand what he meant. Whether that was some sort of odd mocking style or had secretly pasted something obscene on her back. Ella stared at the campus for a few minutes until a particularly tall woman walked up to her and tried her best to hold away the smile she had on her face.

“You must be Ella” she said trying really hard to stifle a laugh.

“What’s it to you?” she said with a large scowl.

“I’m Sister Elizabeth and I’m here to welcome you to our fine family”

“Can I drop out right now?” Ella said looking down at the asphalt she stood on with so much anger you would think it had offended her.

“No, my dear, here we don’t allow academic forfeiture.” She said with a soft laugh

“So, I’m actually going to be here for the next four years” she said suddenly realizing her fate.

“I’m afraid so. If you’d like, I could help you get your things together.” She said while actually lifting Ella’s bags from off the road.

Ella looked at the odd lady and felt like she wasn’t so bad. Ella noticed however, that behind her robe, Sister Elizabeth had a huge ass and her breasts pushed through the thin fabric.

The two walked into a large brown building and climbed multiple steps before they got to a particularly large one. Four other girls sat in their underwear on decently sized beds and looked at the new girl who seemed on the verge of tears.

“Girls, this is Ella and she’s going to be joining us in this fine family”

“Hey, Ella” the girls said in unison.

Sister Elizabeth looked accomplished and walked out of the room leaving Ella to her new roommates.

“So what are you bitches called?” she said with a smile

“I’m Maggie” a redhead said in a thick cockney accent and she got off her bed.

“These here are Julia and Rebecca” she said pointing to a blonde and a brunette respectively.

“I’m August” a thick girl said before Maggie could introduce her.

They all seemed normal enough and Ella spent the rest of the day hearing about how life was for them in a school with no boys. Before she knew it, Ella was lost in their company and couldn’t even seem to stop talking about her many escapades, her almost psychotic mother and all the boys.

Ella opened her box later that night and found her sports bag stuffed in a deep corner of the large container. She remembered Henry’s odd wink and it all made sense to her. Ella smiled as she began pouring out the contents of the sports bag. She took out half and placed it in a black paper bag before stuffing it into her pillow. The next day was just as mundane as the last as it was still two days till school was in session. Ella couldn’t keep the secret of her sports bag to herself and shared it with her new sisters. They all looked wide eyed except Maggie who claimed she was used to that whole debacle. They all plotted out the ultimate prank that they would unleash on the school as soon as it was time for dinner.

The day passed like water in a basket and the girls giggled to themselves as the clock hand crept towards the special hour. Ella and her new best friend snuck into the kitchen with the black paper bag underneath her arm. Every now and then they would run into a sister and had to switch corridors. It took them quite some time before they got to stand over the still cooking dinner for the whole school. Ella opened up the black paper bag and revealed the greenest batch of weed anyone in her new squad had ever seen. They all sniffled and giggled as they emptied the contents of the bag into the soup. In an instant, they had all scattered and waited for their plan to come together.

Ella walked back to her room with a large smile on her face until she bumped roughly into Sister Elizabeth’s exceptionally large bosom.

“What mischief have you gotten into” she said with a smile as Ella moved her head away from the soft mounds on her chest while taking her time to actually grab it gently.

“Nothing sister, I’ve been minding my idleness.” She said with an awkward smile.

“You like what you just felt” Sister Elizabeth said suddenly.

Ella was visibly taken aback at the suddenness of this.

“What do you mean?” she said

“I’ve noticed how you look at them, my breasts” she said with the same smile still plastered on her face.

“Wow, do you do this to all the new students” Ella asked starting to blush uncontrollably.

“Just the ones I find particularly attractive” she said before pulling open the broom closet they stood in front of and dragged Ella inside.

Sister Elizabeth pulled back her veil and in an instant was kissing Ella deeply. Ella felt the warmth of her in the tightly packed room. Their wet tongues rolled around in each other’s mouths and soft moans could be heard from both their throats. Ella grabbed at her breasts and Elizabeth began peeling away the rest of her attire. Ella was now face to face with her massive breasts that had been well concealed. Ella placed her mouth around the dark areolas until she sucked on her nipple like a baby’s teat. Elizabeth grabbed at Ella’s head and squeezed it gently while running her hand through her dark hair. Ella now moved from nipple to nipple running her tongue until Elizabeth’s breasts were covered in sticky saliva. Ella began pulling away her clothes and stood in front of Elizabeth naked and waiting to be ravaged. Elizabeth moaned softly before grabbing Ella by her waist and sucking on her now hard and pointy nipples. Ella’s back curved in ecstasy as she felt the surge of pleasure every time Elizabeth’s tongue moved across her chest. Elizabeth noticed how red Ella’s chest was from the fresh tattoo and gently rubbed her tongue along the sensitive skin. Ella’s eye twitched violently in her head. The two collapsed to the ground and were now locked pussy to mouth with the two aiming to make the other squirt uncontrollably. Ella was the first as she stuck a finger into the woman she lay over’s pussy. She felt the sticky, warm pussy and fingered it till Elizabeth began to squirm. Cum began to run from the pussy and onto Ella’s mouth. Ella continued to suck on her thick lips while rubbing her tongue between. Elizabeth looked up at the tiny but well pounded pussy of Ella and rubbed her palm across the face of it. Ella’s sensitive pussy gushed cum all over the floor and the late teen moaned in pleasure. Elizabeth smiled as she stuck two fingers into the pussy before the number increased and she was now fisting the tight pussy. Ella rocked back and forth and moaned gently as the fist moved around inside her. Cum streamed down Elizabeth’s wrist and down her arm as she pleasured the girl. Ella got to her feet and straddled Elizabeth with her wet pussy against Elizabeth’s.

She began riding her pussy, gently at first and then wildly with one hand on her nipple and the other around Elizabeth’s breasts. She moaned as she rubbed her pussy against the cum that had soaked Elizabeth and a squelching sound could be heard. Elizabeth began to vibrate beneath and the tow continued to rub their pussies, they came with loud sighs. Ella’s cum ran down into Elizabeth and ran onto the ground. The two smile as they kissed deeply. Ella smiled as she collapsed in exhaustion on Elizabeth. She bit her lip as she jostled around the thick breasts.

A loud bang could be heard outside and it seemed like all hell had broken loose. Ella jumped to her feet and quickly got dressed up. She and Sister Elizabeth peeked through the door before they came out and saw girls running madly down the corridor with complete abandon.

“You’re responsible for this aren’t you?” Sister Elizabeth said with her usual smile

“To be very honest sister, I think I’m going to like it here” she said with a massive grin on her face.

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