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Silk and ribbons he had said? I could work with that. It occurred to me that Blake was the man from whom everyone wanted something

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Silk and ribbons he had said? I could work with that. It occurred to me that Blake was the man from whom everyone wanted something – money, the next deal, marriage, his name, his endorsement. It must have been exhausting. I wondered how often someone gave him something, freely, with no strings attached, just because they wanted to.

I had learned three things from perusing his passport when I did our online check-in in Aspen a fortnight before. Firstly, I had seen that his middle name was Morales, which was unusual, as he didn’t have any obvious Latino connections. Secondly, I had learned his age – 34 – and thirdly I had found out that it was his birthday two weeks later. He hadn’t said anything, and there was no sign that he had any intention of celebrating in any way. How sad, I thought. A thirty-fifth birthday was a big deal, and not something to go unremarked. Well, I intended to do something about that.

A few months before, I had catered at a wedding that had the most beautiful decorations, including huge oversized pink silk bows on the chairs. I had asked the bride if she minded if I took one as a souvenir, as the color was so beautiful. Now I had the idea of using my bow to present Blake with a birthday gift. I let myself into his suite using my cardkey, and then called him.

‘Hi Blake, it’s Janice here.’

‘Hello Jan. This is a nice surprise. Are we still on for later? I’m nearly finished up here.’

‘Yes, I’m actually already at the hotel. I let myself in – I hope you don’t mind.’

‘No, that’s perfect. I’ll come and meet you there, and we can finish going over the plans, and maybe go out for a bite after. Or order in.’

‘Sounds perfect. Do you mind if I have something to drink while I wait for you?’

‘Of course not. Please go ahead. I’ll see you in about half an hour.’

Suddenly I was nervous. I found some champagne in the fridge and went to the suite’s spare bedroom – it seemed presumptuous to use his – where I undressed with shaking hands. Then I took my huge pink silk bow, and wrapped it around my waist, tying it in front. I arranged it so that the points of the bow just covered my breasts and the longer pieces hung down to cover my pussy. I was decent, but only barely, from the front anyway. I snickered at the possibility that Blake might come in with someone else and find me like this. I added lacy white hold up stockings and some flirty heels, and the overall effect was fantastic. A quick squirt of Chanel Chance and I was ready.

Once I had made these preparations, I poured myself a glass of the champagne and went and reclined on the elegant chaise over by the window, and steeled myself for Blake’s arrival. This was going to be fun. At least I hoped so. There was a chance that I had completely misread Blake, and that this could be a horribly embarrassing mistake.

Right on time, I heard his key hit the lock, and he came bustling in with tubes of plans tucked under one arm and his bulging briefcase, which he slung on the hall table.

‘Sorry if I kept you waiting,’ he called out as he came in, but he still hadn’t caught sight of me. ‘It’s been quite a day.’

‘I’ll bet,’ I said. ‘Come and have a glass of champagne.’

‘Champagne?’ he asked, now loosening his tie in front of the mirror. ‘Are we celebrating something?’

‘Well, I sort of figured your birthday should be celebrated,’ I replied.

‘What?’ he asked. ‘How did you know it was my …’ his voice caught in throat as he finally saw me lying on the chaise, wearing nothing but a silk bow. ‘What the hell, Janice?’ he almost choked.

‘I know it’s your birthday, Blake, because I saw your passport the other day, remember? And this,’ I gestured to myself, ‘is your present. You said you’d like to see me in silk and ribbons. Well, here you go.’

He stood in the middle of the room, rubbing the back of his neck, staring at me. His dark eyes were as inscrutable as ever, and I couldn’t tell if he was pleased, shocked or embarrassed.

‘I’d better have that drink then,’ he said eventually, and went to pour a glass.

He sat in one of the wing chairs, and continued to survey me. God, this man was cool.

‘I don’t normally like birthdays,’ he remarked. ‘But this is turning out rather well.’

I grinned at him, and said,

‘Don’t you want to unwrap your present?’

‘I do, very much. But I also want to savor it. There’s no need to rush, my flower. Perhaps you could show me a bit more of it. Especially the wrapping.’

I put my glass down and stood up, letting him admire my inventive little outfit. Then I stalked towards him, and put my hands on my hips and did a slow turn. When I had my back to him, I looked over my shoulder at him suggestively, and saw that he was eyeing my naked buttocks and thighs appreciatively. He let out a low whistle, and then met my eyes.

‘Janice, I …’ he cleared his throat noisily.

‘Yes, Blake?’ I prompted.

‘Please come here.’

I approached him, and he pulled me onto his lap. Oh, yes, my little stunt had definitely pleased him. But Blake was not some callow boy, like the kind I was used to fooling around with. Everything he did, he did seriously, and sex was no exception. I shivered with anticipation when I saw the intensity in his eyes.

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