The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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Malia signals over one of the bartenders, glad that the owner of the story is currently absent, she is not ready for another battle tonight. Beer after beer is placed down in front of the young woman, unaware of her surroundings she continues to drink up some confidence. Despite her façade, deep down she knows she’s not cured, fuck if anything she’s more destroyed than ever.

Kai keeps a steady eye on his little pet, he shakes his head at a woman who takes to approaching him. What had he gotten himself into, he could have very easily ignored all that had happened, he could have gone along with his fucked up life without involving the gorgeous woman across from him. For the first time in his life, he truly regrets coming for the Silvetti’s, regrets choosing her. A part of him knows that the second she finds out who he really is, she’ll go running for the hills.

His tightens his fist around the chilled bottle as he watches her entertain a drunk married man. Almost as if Kai’s glare has physically struck the man, Malia’s company turns to face the dark man’s dangerous gaze. Kai cocks his head to the side slightly, a death threat clear in his striking eyes. The married man glances back at Malia and decides she’s not worth a ticket to hell, so he backs away with a small forced smile at the young Silvetti.

He grinds his teeth together, watching her flaunt around as if she isn’t already his. Did the woman want him to brand her, spank her until she couldn’t walk a step without being reminded of him? His mouth curves at the thought, he wouldn’t mind marking her… Narrowing his eyes at another admirer of hers, Kai drowns the rest of the bottle.

But the possibility of having her, forever, sends sick notions through his body. Has him plotting various ways to keep her hidden from all the bad, to keep her beside him, chained to him… His thoughts drift off to the last meeting he had with his brother.

Montel smirks wickedly through the glass at his younger brother, the foolish idiot still sought out to avenge their brother, Miguel… It came as no surprise to Montel, he already knew he’d lost all sanity, lost all will to live. But why should he go down alone, it was those damn Silvetti’s that forced him to kill his own blood and flesh. If that fucking whore, Mary, had only opened her legs for him exclusively. But he’d learnt long ago that the world is never fair, especially to people like him.

He felt no remorse or guilt, even while eyeing Kai; the reason is simple, he did no wrong. He killed a dying man, he stopped the pain and agony. He is a hero… at least that’s what keeps him from following his brother to the afterlife, that and a certain woman. “What are you doing here?” The words are said through clench teeth, Montel couldn’t understand why Kai continued to visit him.

“Who keeps visiting you?” Kai questioned.

Montel leans back in his chair, the bloody kid seemed to always ask the same questions. Why is he so curious? “Are you jealous, little Kai?” He scoffs. Despite Montel’s insanity, he held on to the mother of his child. Even monsters can fall in love…

“Who is she, Montel?” Kai forces out.

Montel shakes his head, “not telling…” She’d asked him for one thing, that no one find out; and in return she’d allow him to meet his son. It’s not like he’d suddenly turned over a new leaf, no, Montel is still the sick bastard who finds pleasure in destroying and tormenting those around him… but he was a fatherless child. For him, even a horror of a father is better than the absence of one.

Kai runs a frustrated hand down the side of his face, he leans forward. “Why? Who is it you’re trying to protect?” The young Carson couldn’t understand his brother’s actions, his refusal to identify this mystery woman. “I’m not an idiot, what do they hold over you?”

“My reason to live, brother.” Montel sits up straight. “Have you come with news, or is this one of those family gatherings you always wished for?”

Low blow. Kai reels back his anger, “can’t really have a gathering with just us two, now can we.” The mock is practically visible in the air. He doesn’t wait for his brother to respond, “I don’t understand why you won’t allow me to destroy them all… I can very easily kill that bitch Miguel became intoxicated with.” He mutters.

Montel keeps his thoughts hidden, “because the women of that family are weak… to destroy them you need to kill their strength. Kill Johann… then pick off the rest of those bastards one by one.”

Kai nods, “fine brother. I’ll take him out. But-” he stops before he reveals his new found attraction to Malia. She’s the only one he’ll keep alive.

Montel moves to his feet and looks down at his brother. He’d die before he admitted to killing their brother… but maybe dying would be worth it, if it kept Mary and his son alive. She is the woman who visits him every month. She may love Miguel… but she was his first. She’ll always be his little pet.

Looking into Kai’s eyes, he sees a monster, but greater than himself. Kai won’t stop at Johann... the taste of death will become his addiction. He will crave it. The poor bastard is completely alone in this world, with absolutely no one to save him. Little does Montel know, but Kai has already found the one thing that can save him. It’s this lack of knowledge that causes the inmate to admit; yes, the three brother are beyond fucked up; but Kai has always been a little more sinister…

Snapping out of the memory, Kai instantly stands to attention. Where is she? His eyes scan the bar, but come up short. “Fuck!” He slams the bottle of beer down and grabs his jacket. He makes his way across the bar, only to be stopped by two sets of pointed nails.

At first Malia thought she may have something on her face, or may be projecting some sort of bad odour. Insulting to say the least, it seemed no one in the bar is in any mood to tune her tonight. After the seventh failed attempt she feels him, the dark brooding glare of a man she’s become far too familiar with.

Keeping herself occupied with the half-empty bottle in front of her, she bluntly ignores his presence, using her body to coax someone to her side… yes, the devil in her wants to taunt Kai. Malia knows exactly what will get under his skin, another man touching her, it came as no shock considering his possessive nature; as much as she enjoyed being possessed she can’t help but feel that a part of her should be repelled.

You’re asking for trouble, her subconscious warns… she finishes off her drink and nods at the bartender. Moving to her feet, she turns on her heel instantly feeling the need to throttle a red clawed woman as she approaches Kai. Her plan clearly backfired as she’s now the one feeling angst. Placing a couple of bills on the counter, she makes her way through the crowded bar, mindful of Kai’s unawareness.

Did he really not see her? She can’t help but find herself fuming, or is he able to move onto another woman that easily… she hates this! Feeling like a love sick puppy, need and depending on gaining affection from someone, it causes bile to rise up her throat. Malia’s stomach churns and she debates her chances of making it home without puking in her car, groaning she leans against the wall, slowly making her way around the side of the building into one of the alleyways.

She wraps her hand around her mouth and scans for a bin or container of some sort, her eyes catch onto a glimmer of metal, she makes her way to it. Bending down, the young woman empty’s her stomach into the round bin. The pounding in her ears have her losing focus, by the time she senses another presence behind her, it’s too late.

Bates is many things, lucky; never. She left him, ran away from him… when all he ever did was love her. The blue eyed man finishes off his scotch, before glancing at his sweet girl’s new sex-toy… a bitter taste erupts in his mouth, she must really think him dead to be ballsy enough to find herself another man.

He grins while exiting the bar, the bastard inside wouldn’t realise until it’s too late, until he has his sweet butterfly wrapped around his finger. With silent steps, his looms behind Malia’s swaying form as she makes her way down the street, leaning on the wall as support. Seven towns. Seven fucking towns he’d searched for her, in every bloody nook and cranny… and here she is, right under his nose. A measly hour drive away from their hometown.

He’d clipped her wings long ago, had her tied to his ankles… but she’s left him with a knife in the heart. She likes playing those masochistic games with him, his perfect other half. Trailing his fingers along the bricks of the bar, he continues a good several metre behind her, enjoying the view. Like the nyctophiliac fucker he is, Bates shudders in delight as the dark night settles over them. The fierce need to claim her, has him clenching his jaw as his pupils dilate.

With a skip in his step, Bates strolls around the side of the bar where he leans against the opening, admiring Malia’s bent form. He can already taste her sweetness. His footsteps blend in with the violent whipping of the wind, she heaves into a metal bin as he comes to a stop behind her weakened body. His arm moves on its own accord, itching to touch her smooth skin… “I’ve found you, Malia…” he whispers.

A shudder descends Malia’s spine, and had she not just emptied her stomach into the bin, she’d be vomiting brutally. That malice laced voice, her fingers twitch and she slowly straightens up, keeping her back turned. She prays for this all to be a hellish nightmare, but when terror reaches out for her shoulder she feels fear like no other grasp her heart, wrap around her lungs and restrain her muscles.

The night seems to darken, and the wind picks up; an ominous atmosphere takes over. Bates holds onto his pleasure at her small terrified figure, he digs his fingers into her should, turning her to face him. Initially his plan was to taunt her, have her frightened out of her mind and then he’d take her… but now, all he can think about is tasting that sweet body of hers.

Like a lifeless corpse, Malia’s knees weaken and she finds herself hung by his nails. “I just want one small taste, my sweet butterfly… then we can go home,” Bates promises, mistaking her sob as anticipation. “Do you still have my tattoo?” He questions, looming closer to her. Her numb body remains mute. He shakes his head in disappointment, before snapping it back to look into her wide green irises.

Bates free hand reaches down to grab the corner of Malia’s shirt, he lifts it slightly, running his thumb over her hip bone. Malia releases a painful whimper, remembering the way he’d given her that marking. The sick man’s eyes flicker down, he barely contains his anger when he finds his beautiful marking blanked out. “Let…” The broken word is whispers out.

“What have you done, Malia…” He reaches up to grab her neck, tightening his fist around the slender passage. “You killed my sweet butterfly.”

A madness takes over Bates, his silent cooing voice transforms into blood-chilling grunts paired with rage. She remembers that tone far too well. In that moment she’s forgotten all the self-defence classes, all the hours training and learning to fight. He steps towards her, in the process forcing her back against the icy, rough wall.

Malia squeezes her eyes shut, praying for this all to be a hallucination. But the sensation of his tongue licking up her neck, drives her back into reality. Then he appears, his dark eyes and scarred face… She clutches onto the image in her mind like a life line, using it to kick start her system. From limp to live, Malia’s eyes snap open and she releases eardrum shattering cry, using everything in her she pushes against the revolting man.

Bates tilts his head slightly, he bites the inside of his mouth just as his butterfly’s fist makes contact with his jaw. Tasting blood, he groans out in desire and takes the side of her head within his grip, and while releasing a disturbing chuckle Bates slams Malia’s head against the side of the building. She crumples to the damp concrete, a sudden rush of dizziness taking over her conscious.

He crouches down, trailing his cold fingers along the features of her well defined face, “you’ve been whoring around, haven’t you…” Bates grabs her chin and forces her eyes to meet his murderous gaze. “Who’s the fucker that’s been following you around, Malia… maybe I’ll torture him, just for my sweet butterfly.”

Malia shakes her head, “don’t touch him,” she mumbles out, spitting out the clogging blood in her mouth.

A vile snarl escapes Bates lips, his control snaps and within seconds he has her beneath him, “are you trying to taunt me…” He grabs the neckline of her shirt, tearing it apart he licks his lips, “don’t try to make me jealous, Malia. I may just go crazy.” He threatens, lowering his mouth to her rapid pulse.

Soundless tears escape the corners of Malia’s eyes as black dots fill her vision. She holds her breath, feeling Bates grab the lining of her leggings, closing her eyes she breaths out his name, “Kai…”

“You little fucking bitch…” Bates head snaps up, he glares down at her. “I won’t let anyone else have you, I won’t stop.” He torments, reaching down he unzips his jeans and continues pulling down the material on her legs, “I’ll make you forget him, sweet Malia.” He strokes her inner thigh, “I’ll make you mine once more.”

Stretching his leg, Bates pauses as the metal bin clashes loudly with the concrete, he turns to eyes the distraction. The piercing crash fuels Malia, she begins to thrash around underneath him, closing her eyes and keeping the image of Kai in her head. Her sudden resistance comes as a shock to Bates, he grabs her neck once against, tightening his hold on her with one hand, while lowering his jeans with the other…

Fear. The word ricochets around Kai’s mind as he pushes past the two woman who’d barricaded him. Terrified of not knowing where she is, has him fisting his hands by his sides, an emptiness forming inside the pit of his stomach. The two women leer at him, hissing sultry promises of pleasure, but all Kai can think about is getting the fuck out of there.

Unable to control the biting need to find Malia, he pushes past the woman, their nails clawing against his forearms. Ignoring their protests, Kai exits the bar and scans the street for her car. A sense of dread fills him as he sees her empty vehicle parked along the curb, spinning he squints into the darkness. Slamming his fist against the building, he focuses; a clatter in the distance has his attention.

Straightening, Kai strides towards the sound. Rounding the corner, he halts. He’s never had an issue with killing someone, until the moment he saw her struggling beneath another man, killing him would be to easy; the bastard deserves to be tortured. Red hot rage fills Kai, without thought he charges for the fucker, tackling the bastard and slamming his fist against his pretty boy jaw.

Bates swallows the sudden burst of blood in his mouth, blinking hastily to concentrate on the beast above him. He swings his own fist forward, missing Kai’s jaw in a blur of knuckles. Bates brings his leg up and thrusts it into his opponent’s stomach, Kai grunts out, this allows Bates to slide out from under him.

Kai’s eyes dance over a motionless Malia, he moves to his feet and turns just in time to catch Bates charge like a deranged bull. He sidesteps and lunges, avoiding one flying fist with one of his own in return. The blow knocks Bates to his knees, his ribs taking the blunt of the sharp sting. Grinning Kai takes another jab to his torso, continuing to pummel the bastard the dark man forgets about Malia. He’s out for blood.

Malia forces herself to move, commanding her body to at least sit up. But it remains immobile. “Move…” she breathes out, flinching at the sound of fists breaking bones and splitting skin. Her neck is the first thing to twist, from the corners of her eyes she locates the source of the noise. She moves absently, pushing back against the wall after tugging her clothes back up to cover her body.

Her eyes remain on the scene in front of her, it’s only when the large man brutally murdering Bates with his fists, turns, that Malia releases a sigh in relief. “Kai…” She breathes out.

The small whisper of his name is like a bullet to his heart, Kai looks down at the unconscious man beneath him, blood is splattered everywhere. Using his forearm his whips the corner of his mouth, before slowly turning to face her. What he finds, kills him; her eyes scream the one word that’s been haunting him.


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