The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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Keeping a steady gaze on Bates, Kai slowly moves towards Malia. Without warning, the young Silvetti takes one glance at her past, before she moves forward and clutches onto her future. “Don’t leave me...” She whispers against the side of his neck. Something in Kai snaps and he regrets not telling her his full story, knowing it’ll come back to bite his fucking ass, but is the small time he has with her now worth it? Fuck yes. He decides then and there to stop these foolish games, he wants her through and through. He want’s to protect her, forever. Screw vengeance, he has something much more addictive.

Rising to his feet, Kai lifts the two of them of the damp ground. Malia clamps her arms tightly around his neck, breathing in his scent. “Why didn’t you fight back!” The brute scolds, he remembers the night he’d followed her and she’d given his balls something to be weary of.

Unable to reply, she simply shakes her head and continues to calm her jittered nerves. Kai helps her into his dark vehicle and swiftly makes his way around to the drivers side, she curls up on the seat, her muscles clenched and frozen. As Kai drives, Malia focuses on him. She feels safe when he’s around, protected from everything and anything. Soon enough they park outside Kai’s apartment.

For a moment they sit in silence, before he moves out of the car and to her side. Opening the metal panel, he crouches down, “I need to shower,” Malia breathes out.

Her skin crawls and she fumbles to unto her seatbelt. Leaning over the dark man steadies her movements and releases the clip, he takes her hands in his and holds them tightly between his, “calm down, Malia. He’s gone.” Kai stresses the words. He lifts her from the seat and makes his way up to his apartment. Pushing through his front door, he takes them straight to the bathroom. Setting her on her feet he plays with the valves for the tub, reaching a comfortable heat he moves back over to her and removes her clothes.

He removes his own, before taking Malia in his arms and stepping into the tub. Lowering her shivering form he adjusts her in a position which straddles his lap. Malia rests her head against his shoulder, keeping her palms on his chest between them. Slowly her muscles begin to loosen. Leisurely Kai leans back and gently strokes her back, raising his legs he drags her closer. “Help me forget, Kai.” Malia mumbles against his dark skin.

“No.” He’d seen the look in her eyes, his sanity can not handle the terror that had flooded her dark green irises. He would loss control, he’d not be able to keep the beast on a leash and he knew she could not with stand the nightmare he’d become.

Malia leans back, gazing into his dark eyes pleadingly, “please...” She leans forward and places a gentle kiss on his lips. She feels his hands fist against his lower back, he remains a statue beneath her. “Please, Kai.” She rolls his lower lip into her mouth, lightly nipping the area.

His hands travel to her waist, forcefully he pushes her back. “Malia, not after what he did.” He looks away from her, “I won’t be a monster in your eyes.” He speaks through clenched teeth.

“I need you.” She begs him.

His eyes snap to hers, “I’ll hurt you.”

“I don’t care.” Her response is definite.

He smirks humourlessly, “you’ll hate me. You’ll run.” He places a soft kiss to her temple. “You’ve got me under some wicked spell, sweetheart, I can’t let you leave me.” Kai finally admits to both her and himself.

“Then help me forget, Kai.” She takes his face in her small hands and turns her to meet her gaze, “don’t look away from me.” She frowns. “All I see when I close my eyes is him, I need to see you. I need you.” She struggles to make sense of her words.

But that’s all Kai needs, “Don’t run from me.” It’s not a question. Kai strokes her lower lip with the pad of his tongue, before he leans in and persuades her to give into his desire. Heated bliss enters her bloodstream, her eyes flicker closed. Bates cold blue irises mock her, she releases a whimper, digging her fingers into the back of Kai’s neck. “Sh, baby. I’m here.” Kai strokes her jawline, releasing her mouth and waiting for her to open her eyes. When she does, he repeats those two words, “I’m here.”

“I’m dirty.” She looks down at Kai’s hand over her heart.

He leans forward and takes one risen nipple in his mouth, biting down punishingly his eyes flicker to hers, “you’re perfect.” His deep sensual voice is enforced by his mouth on her aroused bud. He rolls her nipple, sucking and biting the flesh until her back arches against him and she turns into a quivering mess on his lap. She wraps her arms around him, moaning out her pleasure.

Kai’s hand travels down her flat stomach, to the junction between her hips. Casually her runs his finger down the length of her slit, feeling her slick arousal dense against the water. He pushes one finger between her folds forcefully, crashing his lips to hers within a heartbeat. His fingers work in the same rhythm his tongue does.

Skilfully, forcing her body to crave a release. He adds a second finger, stretching her tightly core. His movements are jerky and rapid. Kai uses his thumb to stroke her throbbing clit, compelling her to release against his long, thick fingers with a violent shudder. She falls limp against him, her body trembling in intoxicating ecstasy. He is her drug; her bad but oh-so-pleasing addiction.

Lowering his legs, Kai wraps his arm around her narrow waist and lifts her, while his other hand positions his cock at her entrance. “It’s going to hurt, Malia.” He mutters, “but I need to bury myself balls fucking deep in you before all good judgment is lost.” He nods as his shaft grazes along her tender pussy lips.

He levels her hastily, the head of his cock pushing up against her slit. She breathes through the pain, rolling her hips until it slips between the sensitive layers. Rocking her hips, she stretches her cunt and slip more and more of his length in. Malia’s legs strain but she welcomes the burn, feeling more alive than ever.

Kai’s strong large hands grab her hips, knowing she won’t be able to take his full length he controls her movement. Loosening her tight pussy, he guides her hips to roll over his pulsing shaft, teaching her how to ride his cock just the way he likes it. She feels another release rise and her eyes shutter, the orgasm takes over her body and she clenches around Kai.

A painful moan escapes his parted lips, as if she wasn’t tight enough! Her body jerks against him, she whimpers as her clit brushes against him on every circle. Unable to control himself, Kai thrusts into her suddenly, pushing further than she’d adjusted to. Her limp body is incapable of halting his movements and to be honest she enjoys the pain. Wanting to feel him fill her completely, have him bruise her and mark her.

“Fuck!” He grunts the word out. “I want you to cum again, with me.” Kai demands, his jaw clicking as his body moves quickly against hers.

She groans, “I can’t…”

Releasing one of her hips, her dips his hand down to her swollen clit, rubbing the but furiously he lowers his mouth to her shoulder. Sucking her pulse, he continues to torture her, unable to hold herself at bay she feels the desire reach breaking point.

And, as Kai bites down against the bruising skin, they fall into a climax. He clutches her to him as her cunt twitches around his cock. Malia’s eyes drop as the pleasure rolls through her, she rests her head against his chest and allows the bliss to take over.

Kai releases up into her, allowing her constricted core to milk him dry. Her muscles clench around him even as she drifts off and he continues to roll her against him. Carefully, Kai lifts Malia off his semi-erect member. He pecks her lips and rises with her small, curvaceous body bundled in his arms. Grabbing a towel, he makes his way to the bedroom, where he dries her body to the best of his ability before dressing her in one of his shirts.

Resting her on the bed he strokes the side of her face, what he’d give to kill the bastard that dare hurt her! She rolls into his touch and curls her body around his arm, pulling free despite her disapproving grunt, Kai dries off before slipping into some sweats. He climbs into the bed behind her and takes her warm body against his.

She hums in satisfaction, pressing her round ass against his pelvis. Wrapping his arm and leg around her, Kai snuggles up into her hair, allowing her scent to lull him into a deep slumber.


So warm… Malia presses back against the comforting heat behind her. Despite the constraining bands around her, she manages to turn towards the source of warmth. Cracking her eyes open, she finds herself staring into Kai’s defined chest. Bringing her hand up, Malia traces patterns along his chocolate skin, pressing kisses here and there as she goes.

The horror of last night remains locked behind the passion Kai had rained over her. She feels lucky to have him, lucky that he followed her despite her cruel words and lucky that he still wanted her even though is tainted. Looking up she finds his structured chin and jaw. She squirms up the bed until her mouth meets his.

Leaning forward, Malia trails her lips along Kai’s jaw teasingly. She wakes him with soft pecks. “Thank you,” she presses a kiss to the side of his mouth as his eyes drift open. He tightens his hold around her and lowers his nose into her dark hair, breathing in deeply.

His hand skims down her body before reaching behind her and groping her ass, he clenches the soft skin. “Kiss me, properly.” He pursues her lips.

“No,” she leans back with a grin.

Kai’s eyes open fully and he glares down at her, “Malia.” His tone is strict.

“I’m hungry,” she pouts.

A devilish glint enters Kai’s eyes, releasing her he moves atop the woman. “So am I…” His gaze blazes into hers, moving down her body, Kai takes her legs within his hands and lifts them. Spreading her thighs, he instinctively grabs one of her hands, before leaning down and biting her inner thigh. “Very hungry.” He licks the area he’d nipped.

Groaning at the tenderness of her lower regions, Malia attempts to close her legs. “Kai!” She scolds as he uses his wide frame to keep her spread beneath him.

“Let me eat,” His hot mouth covers her aroused clit, sensually he sucks the sensitive bud. Without warning her pussy gushes, Kai’s talented tongue laps at her quivering core. He continues to eat her out while the hand that had held her thigh begins to leisurely play with her clit. Malia’s hips move against Kai’s mouth wantonly.

She mutters a curse as he dips his tongue between her slit, using his fingers to spread her lips. Kai mimics thrusting, “please,” she begs for a release.

“So fucking sweet,” Kai thrusts two fingers up into her, and allows her spent body to climax against his intruding digits. No mercy is shown, as he laps at her jerking cunt. Malia squeezes his hand and clamps her thighs around him.

Incoherent words pass through her lips as she comes down from her high, “I could get used to this…” She drags him up her body. Kai couldn’t agree more with her words. She wraps around him and draws his mouth to hers, the taste of her own juices mingle between their tongues. She groans as Kai’s cock digs into her thigh. Using her feet she lowers his sweats, before removing them completely.

Reaching down between them, she wraps her hand around his shaft, surprised that her hand is unable to fist around him completely. Kai rolls against her hand, sucking her tongue as he thrusts against her. Without thinking, Malia pushes at his shoulder knowing that without his cooperation she wouldn’t be able to move him.

Grudgingly, Kai follows her wordless instructions and leans against the headboard of his bed. Malia climbs atop him; she allows his member to nestle snug between her slit. She keeps her lips lightly against his and begins to roll her hips the way he likes it. She holds his fists against her waist and continues to torture him the way he had.

“Fuck Malia!” Kai jerks up, hoping to slip into her. She lifts her body as he does. He glares down at her. Before he can force her to impale him, she moves to her knees.

Malia holds back the smirk as his confused expression turns into a shocked one, she continues to move down his body to the aching cock she’d just teased. Lowering her down she stretches her mouth and takes the head of his penis between her lips. Kai groans, grabbing the back of her head. She reaches up to pump his shaft with her hand.

Slowly she works him up to an all-consuming release.

Malia swallows the cum that shoots from the tip of his member, licking her lips as he convulses against her mouth. “Could definitely get used to it.” Kai voices his agreement. Lifting her head, he takes her mouth in his.

Needing air, Malia breaks away from him. “I’ll make some breakfast,” She mumbles, rolling her bottom lip into her mouth before he captures it in his. She moves up and Kai swats her ass, shaking her head she allows the large shirt to fall down her body before she steps off the bed.

Kai leans back and watchers her round ass as she walks around of the room, she is fucking beautiful! Shaking his head, he moves out of the bed and heads for the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Malia begins to throw together a quick meal. She places milk on the counter before grabbing a mug and placing it down next to it. The toaster beeps, distracting her and as she turns her hand knocks the cartoon over. “Shit!” Malia curses while pulling the burnt toast from the machine. Turning back to the milk and mug, she swears once more, “fuck!”

Quickly, she grabs a nearby hand towel and begins to clean up the split milk. She mutters out her annoyance while dabbing at several envelopes on the counter.

“You okay?” Kai rounds the corner and walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her small waist and kissing the top of her head.

Malia focuses more closely on the envelopes below her frozen fingers. Carson. Kai fucking Carson!

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