The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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Lowering the beer in his hand, Johann rounds the grill and comes to a stop in front of his younger cousin. “Inside.” He mutters, grabbing her upper arm. He did not need to make this scene any bigger than it already was, he did not need to get his family further involved with the Carson’s.

She shakes his hold off, “Johann?” She stresses his name. Wrapping her arms around herself, she continues, “answer the question.”

The large Silvetti eyes his pregnant wife as she attempts to stealthily move out of their home and to his side. Ignoring Malia’s demands, he forcefully grabs her arms and leads her to his wife. Wrapping a brawny arm around a mildly-pregnant Lacy, he leads the two of them inside. “What’s going on?” Lacy demands, shifting her glare from Johann to Malia.

Pushing the two of them down the hall and to the bedroom, he navigates them away from their concerned and nosy family. “Get her some clothes.” Johann grunts after closing the bedroom door.

Lacy moves to their closet, she crouches down to the boxes she’d packed after the pregnancy started showing. Biting her lower lip, she locates a simple black dress. Although, leggings and a black long sleeve would have been more appropriate. She’d been given a brief of Malia’s demons, and she knows without a doubt that the girl must really be out of it, if she’s walking around dressed in another man’s shirt and looking like hell. “Malia…” She trails off, holding the dress out to her.

“Change. Then we’ll talk.” Johann states after noticing her reluctance to move, let alone change clothes. Taking a seat on the bed, he runs a hand through his hair and looks down.

Lacy senses the need for privacy, “I’ll get you a glass of water,” she mutters out quickly, placing the material on the bed. These two need to sort this out. Whatever this is. Meeting Johann’s intoxicating green eyes, she nods at her husband and leaves the room, closing the door with a light thump behind her.

Snatching the items from the mattress, Malia walks to the bathroom. “Talk.” She snaps, closing the door partially and slipping out of Kai’s shirt.

Johann glares at his feet, he clamps his hands together between his lap as he hears the tap go on. “No.” The word is sharp and cold.

“No, what?” Malia replies, slipping into Lacy’s clothes.

Johann stands, moving towards the bathroom, “you done?” He leans by the door.

“Yeah…” She turns on the sink and begins to wash her arms.

The large Silvetti pushes through, he instantly frowns at her actions. “Who hurt you?” He grabs a washer and begins to wash her arms and face. He’d always been protective of Malia, ever since Bates got his grimy fucking hands on her.

She releases a breath, holding her arms out for him. “Did you kill a Carson?” The words sound bitter in her mouth. Johann had been there for her since she could remember, asking him something like this just doesn’t seem right.

“No.” His jaw clenches. “I should have.” He drops the lid of the toilet and pushes her to sit down on it. Lifting her leg, he slowly cleans up the dried blood. Flashes of Mary’s unconscious body float in his head, he can’t help but relate the image to Malia’s current state. “Who told you?” He questions, taking her other leg.

She shakes her head, “I found out,” the lie rolls easily off her tongue. She wouldn’t allow them to find Kai, no good would come from it. Taking Johann’s large hand in both of hers she gains his attention, “promise me. Tell me you’ve never killed one of them.”

He narrows his eyes, “Malia, who you been talkin’ too?”

“Fucking promise me, Johann!” She releases him and stands up. “I don’t care if you lie, just tell me you didn’t fucking do it.

Grabbing her shoulders, he forces her to face him. “I didn’t fuckin’ kill any of those bastards!” Johann tightens his grip as he feels her sag. Something in her shatters and he finds himself looking into a Malia’s eyes, those same eyes that had lost life eleven years ago. “Malia?” He allows her to sink against the tiled wall, following her descent.

“I-” she could barely form words, fisting her hair she closes her eyes. Tears trail down her cheeks.

Reaching forward, Johann wipes one of the trails. Freezing completely when she flinches away from his touch. “Calm down,” He drives the words through his teeth, hopping they work through his own raging systems as well as hers. “Fuck… Malia! Who’s done this too you?”

“Son?” Johann’s father’s voice comes through the door. “Malia?” Edwardo calls out again. For a sixty-two-year-old, the man didn’t look a day over fifty… Nor did he feel like it. Finding the bedroom empty, he eyes the bathroom.

Johann doesn’t even bother to look up as his father enters the bathroom, the large sized space shrinking drastically. “Fuck off,” he mutters. “Give us a sec.” Swearing comes as a first language to the Silvetti’s, despite this; Johann would never tell his mother to ‘fuck off’, she’d whoop his ass until the fucker blistered! His father, however, and the rest of the idiots in his family were fair game.

“Move, you bloody wanker,” Edwardo grabs his sons collar and attempts to drag the fool away from his silently sobbing niece.

Then come’s his mother’s voice, “Johann?” Gloria enters the empty bedroom just as her husband exits the bathroom with their niece in his arms. She rushes forward and wraps a blanket around Malia’s shoulders after Edwardo lowers her onto the bed. “Sweetheart, what’s happened?”

Johann leaves the bathroom after disposing of the dirty washer in a hamper. “She won’t say,” He says before Malia can even open her mouth.

“We’re your family, Malia… You can trust us.” Gloria takes a seat and wraps her arms around her niece, offering her as much comfort as she possibly can.

Johann’s patience runs thin, grabbing his cousins shoulder he commands her attention. “Family don’t keep secrets.”

Guilt takes over the sadness. Malia uses the backs of her palms to wipe her tears as the thought of Kai being hurt rushes through her. Gaining unknown strength, the young woman breaks free from her family’s grip, she stands up while dropping the blanket and dodging Edwardo’s outstretched hand. “I’m not keeping secrets, Johann.” She speaks through her teeth.

Sighing, Gloria takes her husband’s forearm, she leads him from the room with a stern nod and word, “give them space, Eddie.”

Malia pulls back from cursing her aunt out, she does not want to be left alone with Johann. He’s a soft spot. Johann found her when she was at her most vulnerable state. “Forget it,” She grunts out before passing them and grabbing her keys from the dresser. She has his answer; one she’s willing to believe.

“Malia.” Johann catches her wrist. “Don’t betray your family for the enemy.” He releases his hold on her slowly.

Guilt eats at her insides; her eyes flicker away from his. She isn’t going to be Mary. She refuses to allow any harm to come to Kai. With that in mind, Malia leans up and presses a chaste kiss to Johann’s cheek, “don’t do that.” She whispers before turning her back to him. Kai has to leave. He needs to find somewhere far away from the Silvetti’s. That’s the only solution.

The drive home is quick, with her mind running in full drive, she’s lucky to have not gotten into a car accident. As she parks in front of her Kai’s apartment, she realises she’s going to go against her family, she’s going to keep a dirty little secret.

Standing in front of his front door, Malia reaches out and twists the handle, testing her luck. The wooden plank swings open and she finds herself blinking rapidly to adjust to the darkened hallway. He should lock his door! Instantly the scent of hard liquor rushes through her nose. Frowning, Malia enters and makes her down to the living room. She suppresses her shock at the disaster of a room, reminding her of her own store. Keeping eye of her bare feet, Malia drops her keys on the counter before heading for his room, mindful of all the broken glass.

The room is empty when she steps into it. Glancing around she finds herself on the brink of hysteria. Did Johann already find him? Oh god, if her brothers found him… she’d die. Maybe she truly is losing it, for the past couple of weeks she’s felt like her life has been one crazy rush. Running back and forth. Now this! Spinning several times, she crouches down and grabs her head, holding her breath to restrain the building madness.

“Malia…” His voice is soft and deep. Two large muscular arms wrap around her, she leans into Kai’s strong chest. “You came back.” He whispers. She finds herself voiceless. Placing small kisses on her bare shoulder, he fingers the thin strap of her dress.

Turning in his arms she gasps, the left side of his mouth is swollen. “Who hurt you?” She finds words and prays that the answer isn’t the one she expects. Reaching up, her fingers softly trail over his skin. She can’t stop herself from placing a light kiss over his wound.

All the new emotions rage in Kai’s body, a dangerous dance that has him grabbing the back of her head and slamming their mouths together.

Desperately, their mouths battle against one another, each looking to find the others weakness. He sips at her mouth while banding an arm around her waist. Just one last time… The taste of blood snaps her back to reality. “Kai, you’re hurt.” She mumbles as he continues to tease down her neck. Frustrated with her refusal to give into his touches, the brute grabs her jaw.

“Don’t stop me,” he licks his lower lip, her core clenches at the sight.

Lifting her, Kai slams her back against the wall, capturing her yelp between his lips. She binds her legs around the large man, and wraps her arms around his head, keeping them locked together. Their eyes lock and she finds herself gazing into his dark eyes. He hunches over her and bruises the skin on her thighs with need, their lips break apart. “You need to leave,” her voice is a husky whisper. Johann will piece it together…

Narrowing his eyes, he shakes his head, no. Distressed at the thought of her with some other man he growls out, “you’re mine.” Holding her up with one arm, he reaches down to grab her throbbing cunt, “this is mine.”

Quivering at his possessive words, she grinds her hips against his palm. Leaning up, Malia trails kisses down his neck, pulling his shirt down she takes his left nipple. Sucking softly, her body rhythmically works against him. She moans out loudly, as he shifts her borrowed panties to the side and pushes one blunt finger up into her tight heat. Pushing her into her hard, Kai rolls her clit under his calloused thumb.

Throwing her head back she curses, “fuck…”

Feasting on her vulnerable state, Kai adds another thick digit. Forcing her lower lips to spread and accommodate the size of his fingers. He senses her climax and slowly pulls free from her clenching muscles. Looking up at him pleadingly, she groans. Bringing his hand up, he licks her juices clean. God she wants him so badly.

The material of Kai’s sweatpants restrains his pulsating cock. Jerkily, he lowers them along. Resting her on his aroused member, the two of them hum their pleasure as her folds cradle his thick shaft. Curling her arms around his neck, she holds herself up and sensually rubs her dripping heat against him. His control is slipping, grinding his molars he drops his head to the hollow of her neck.

Kai’s fingers bite into Malia’s hips, “I need to get it in you.” He grunts.

She bucks against him, her thoughts completely inundated. The tease already has her close to a climax. Taking her thighs, he locks them around his waist, reaching for her wrists next. Malia finds her hands bound above her head in one of his. Moving between them he takes the palpitating phallus and guides it to her opening. “You want this… just as much as I do.” His voice sounded gravely, anger lingering on the surface.

Her cream pushes out, lining the span of his dick. Fucking hell, he’s seconds from coming there and then. His erection aches, hardening further… He needed her. But he couldn’t hurt her. The thought burned at the front of his mind. Primal lust oozing from his eyes, he steadies himself. Then he presses against her wet opening, “feel that, Malia.” His gaze is harsh. Taking a short stab, he pushes into her, seducing a pleasurable whimper to escape her panting mouth.

Soft and wet. Too fucking tight, he’d never get enough of her. He forces another inch into her, demanding her absolute submission. Like hot silk wrapped around him, her intoxicating core influences Kai’s hips to thrust back and forth, in hopes of adding a few more inches. Too far gone, he releases her wrists. She uses his shoulders for support, his eyes close and pure ecstasy emblazons his features.

Kai can’t help it. He planned to take it slow, to make her beg for him. But he’d lost it several thrusts prior and now he guides her to ride him hard. Her feminine scent lifts into his nostrils and just like that he becomes a madman, rutting into her like there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. Half his length had squeezed its way up into her, she can no longer tell where he stops and she begins.

Unable to take it any longer, her eyes flutter closed. Her stomach clenches and she tightens around the thrusting tool. The orgasm shimmers through her, from her small toenails to the fine hairs on the back of her neck. Shuddering against him, she creams his cock. Seeing her break apart in his arms, has him flying up and over the edge. Bucking into her sensitive pussy, he drills into her with short, fast stabs.

The climax comes in waves, his erection spilling his seed into her hole. Her semi-unconscious body milks his shaft, taking everything he has to ejaculate. Lowering them to the ground, Kai holds her in his arms as their heart rates thump back to a normal pace. Finally, being in her allows his mind to settle.

Malia rests in his sinewy arms, unable to move away. What has she done. The plan was to come here and make him leave, not end up with his penis buried tightly within her, regardless of how enjoyable the fullness is. There is no playing victim or crying rape, like he said; she wants this as much as he does.

It’s be easier if the man wasn’t as captivating or challenging, so blatantly male. Very quickly embarrassment rains over her, it’s him. She can’t think straight with him; that one touch of his did it. She lost control. Frantically, Malia moves against him, she needed to put distance between them. But Kai isn’t finished with her just yet, no, not but a long shot.

The two of them groan as his member begins to swell inside her, object to her erratic movements. Her own body lubricates, readying itself for further pleasure. Lowering the dress bunched at her waist, she holds on tight. “What are you doing?” Kai’s penis twitches underneath her. “Let go.” He tugs at the material. She keeps hold, wriggling around on his lap slightly. His strained threat has her pausing real damn fast, “I’m two seconds from ploughing away into you from behind, Malia. Stop fucking moving.”

Her chest moves against his rapidly, her eyes dilute and he’s hit by unadulterated desire. Looking down, he can’t help but take a long slow thrust up into her… The dress shields her most intimate parts from him, but at the same time highlights the curves leading to her puffy slit. He takes another stroke, easing a cry from her.

Then his eyes latch onto her inked skin, small bruises peeking through the designs along her thighs. His heart drops to his gut, what has he done. The reason behind his incensed actions is obvious; the need to brand her and possess her… Deep inside he knows that he shouldn’t be aroused at the marks… but they only encourage him. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Malia looks down. “Fucking hell, Kai!” Her words vibrate down her body, teasing him. Lifting up, she swears as a shot of pain runs through her.

“Keep still a minute,” His words are cold.

Moving her so that she’s on her back, Kai gently pulls out of her. They both groan as the head of his cock leaves her gaping entrance. He watches transfixed as their mixed passion leaks from her opening. Before Malia can sit up, Kai reaches out, unable to stop himself. His fingers caress her slick folds, spreading the dripping cum.

“Stop…” She moans, her pussy shuttering as he plays with her.

He didn’t want to stop. He wouldn’t stop. She is his. Once again, the image of another man having her invades his mind. The bastard fucking her, devouring her juices, touching her… He shoves two fingers into her quivering cunt. Finding peace in knowing that the cum he’s toying with, is his. And, unless he’s six foot under; will always be his. “No one else, Malia.” He’d end up either dead or behind bars before another fucker got his grimy hands on her.

The sound of Kai’s phone ringing, breaks through Malia’s drugged mind. Closing her legs, she crawls away from him. He moves for her but she stands up in one fluid motion, mildly aware of the throbbing between her thighs. “We can’t do this. You need to leave. Get far away from us, Kai.” Malia steps around him, heading for the front door while swiping her keys on the way. Grabbing the knob, Malia’s hand freezes. Kai’s voice comes from a fair distance behind her. His words cut like a knife.

“One more step and we’re over.” It feels like déjà-fucking-vu. Except this time, Kai’s done. Fed up with of all this back and forward shit. He’ll kill anyone that dares touch his pet, but he will also no longer beg her to stay. After all, he’s a Carson.

Carson’s don’t beg. Either her family, or him…

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