The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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Chapter 15: CLIMAX

Numb, Kai tightens his hold on Malia’s motionless body. Mentally he doesn’t accept the sight before him, grabbing her hands he rubs them between his. “Come on, baby… open your eyes for me,” he pleads, finding himself distraught at the thought of never seeing the dark green sparkle or the flashes of amusement across her lips. “Please sweetheart, wake up and tell me to fuck off,” he continues, needing to hear her scold him once more. But she remains lifeless in his arms. He’d killed the only person he’s ever loved. Dropping his head, he shelters her form against his body.

Across from the couple, Mikel’s eyes remain fixated on the pool of blood staining Malia’s clothing, he clenches his fist as a vein throbs at the base of his neck. She isn’t dead! She can’t be. Johann mimicked his brothers thought, he didn’t believe it. Any minute now he’d wake up and she’d be her usual healthy, sarcastic self. Any minute now, she’d call him up and tell his ass to get into shape and come down for a barbeque. Any minute now, she’d give him that knowing look, the look that forced him to make something of himself. That forced him to care.

Anger drives Johann insane. He’d caused this! The livid emotions take over and the mechanic is unable to control his actions, his arm swings out and clips Kai across his jaw. Moving to his feet, the large Silvetti attacks Kai. Beating after beating, he continues. Despite the brutal pummelling, the man clinging onto his cousin doesn’t move, this only sends more fury through Johann. Raising his fist once more he drives it through the air in the direction of Kai’s brainstem.

Don’t hurt him. Malia’s last words ring through Mikel’s dazed state. Launching himself in front of Kai, he takes the blunt of Johann’s abuse. Grabbing onto his brother’s form, he drills the final warning out, “stop! Or the next person you’ll be fighting is me.”

“Mikel…” Johann glares at his brother, shocked by his words.

Mikel shakes his head, “she’d fuck you up, Johann…”

All of a sudden, Kai is on his feet with her cradled in his brawny arms. Striding through the gym, he pushes through to Shin’s office. Resting her gently on the large office table, he shreds through her shirt, feeling around her body he locates the bullet wound. Looking around the room his eyes narrow in on alcohol and a roll of sticky tape sitting innocently on Shin’s bookshelf. The sound of a siren quickens his actions.

Grabbing the items, he returns to Malia. “I’ll make it stop, baby.” He promises while tearing a piece of his own shirt off. He drenches the torn material in alcohol and presses it firmly against her chest, then he secures it around her body with the tape. Removing his shirt completely, he covers her exposed torso. Leaning over her, Kai cups her face between his hands. “Stay with me, Malia. I need you, baby.” He presses his lips against her much colder ones as silent tears leak from his eyes and drop against her soft skin.

What happens after is a blur to Kai. All he knows is he isn’t going to lose her, he’ll never let her go…

Mikel and Johann watch as paramedics race through the warehouse and enter Shin’s office. Fortunately, the owner had thought to call emergency services. A minute later a stone-faced Kai exits the room, with Malia, pressed to his chest. Both the brothers remain rooted at the sight of the large man’s tears. It’s only then that they understand Kai and Malia’s connection. The thought of their partners being in the condition Malia is, is beyond tormenting.

And, they know it’s only a fraction of the tormenting agony Kai is feeling...

The paramedics help Kai into the ambulance along with Malia and rush to the hospital. Kai remains mute and simply watches the young Silvetti as the medics work on her. Before long, they’re racing through the emergency department, Malia is taken from Kai and rolled into an operating theatre. As the doors close, Kai turns around to find Malia’s parents and brothers.

Without warning, Royce slams Kai against the wall. He was out for blood the second he saw Malia’s lifeless form; his wife begs him to stop but the raging beast within sees red. “He’s the reason she’s gone, Sofia!” He shouts down at the woman by his side.

“No, Royce. We are.” Sofia lowers her head in guilt. They were the reason their baby girl was in the operating room, fighting for survival. The blame fell directly on the Silvetti’s; they’d sent fear through Malia… they had made her choose.

One by one, Silvetti’s crowded the waiting room, it had only taken one phone call and Malia’s entire family had dropped everything and were headed for the small hospital. Including Edwardo and Royce’s sister, Nardeeah. Although the shock of seeing Nardeeah set tension in the room, her family reframed from commenting on her arrival. Despite it being almost four decades since they’d seen her.

Nardeeah was careful, she had kept her family a secret from her husband and children. But she always kept in contact with her parent’s career and when she’d found out her niece was battling for her life and needed blood she couldn’t stay away any longer. After all, she is a Silvetti. And, Silvetti’s don’t turn their backs on family. She scans the room and releases a breath, she has missed so much, she has missed her family grow into the large army surrounding her, currently waiting anxiously.

Kai could relate to Nardeeah, as he slumps against the wall and watches the Silvetti’s he can’t help but regret his own past. Regret being born a Carson. He’ll never have what the Silvetti’s do. He’ll never have a family. He’ll never have Malia.

Royce grunts out a curse and releases Kai, he watches the man slide down against the wall before turning to his wife. He buries his head against Sofia’s chest and prays for their daughter to make it through.

The minute’s tick into hours and this only causes the Silvetti’s to become more anxious.

Kai keeps his eyes glued to the operating room’s doors. The second he sees them inch open he’s on his feet and barrelling towards the doctor that makes his way through them. The rest of the Silvetti’s stand up and follow behind Kai. But the absolute distress in Kai’s voice stops them from crowding in on him “Let me see her!” Realisation hit’s them, they recognise what Malia means to Kai.

Royce is the first to make a move, he steps up beside Kai as the large Carson grabs onto the surprised doctor’s coat. “Calm down, son.” Royce places his hand over Kai’s fist.

Slowly, Kai releases the doctor, he turns to face Royce and grinds his molars together. “I need her to be okay.” He forces the words between his teeth.

“She’s stable,” The doctor stutters out, breaking the tension in the room.

Snapping back to face the doctor, Kai is quick to question, “where is she?”

“She’s still in the operati-” Before the doctor can finish his sentence, Kai is pushing past him and slipping through the closing doors. He goes to walk through the scrub room and into the operating theatre only to be stopped by a solid metal door requiring carded identification. Slamming his fist against it, he groans out a curse and looks through the large thick-glass window barricading him from Malia.

His eyes lock onto her still face seconds before she’s rolled out of the room. Pushing out of the space, he runs past the worried Silvetti’s and continues in the direction they’d taken her in until another door appears, pushing through he releases a sigh of defeat. The room is racked with linen. Exiting the area, he returns to the waiting space. Pushing past Royce and Sofia, he grabs the doctor and presses him against the wall, “where the fuck is she?” He speaks through his teeth.

“The patient is being cleaned up; she’ll then be moved to a patient room in CCU.” The doctor splutters out.

Kai nods curtly, “where’s that?”

“Down the hall and to your left…” The doctor replies in a rush, feeling beyond intimidated by the large man glaring down at him.

Kai drops the doctor and takes off in the direction he’d stated. The Silvetti’s are quick to follow. Opening each door down the hallway, Kai searches for Malia. Eventually, after a dozen shocked glares, he pushes through to the right room.

Stumbling at the sight before him, Kai drops to his knees and clutches onto Malia’s hand. He scans her body and finds several tubes protruding from various locations. A sick feeling has him lowering his head against her body. You’ll only ever bring her pain… his subconscious taunts him. The only thing that keeps him from losing it completely, is the small rise and fall of her chest.

Promising to only stay beside her until she wakes, Kai settles.

Days pass and the incident becomes a dark memory. Malia is yet to open her eyes, and an uneasy Kai remains stationed beside her as the hours turned into days. Slowly each Silvetti begins to respect the broken brute. They discover, had he not have stopped the bleeding when he had, Malia may not have made it this far. They owed him one.

But Kai couldn’t give two fucks about anyone or anything other than Malia. He just needs her to be okay, just needs her to open her alluring eyes and then he’d silently leave. Kai knows leaving her will kill him, but staying would kill her and he can’t risk her life for a small slice of heaven. So he sticks by her side; giving her bed baths and keeping her company with small talk.

As night fell on the fourth day, Sofia enters Malia’s hospital room. She pauses as she finds Kai sleeping silently with his head resting on the bed. She then looks up to find Malia’s eyes crack open. Holding back her tears of joy, she watches her daughter raise her hand and run it through Kai’s hair, lovingly. Quietly, Sofia exits. She grabs onto her approaching husbands hand and pulls him away from the room.

Groaning in pain, Malia smiles down at Kai. She’d faked being asleep for a few days now after accidently hearing Kai as he grumbled his plans to leave her. It saddens her to find out that Kai believes his happiness is worth next to nothing. Continuing to stroke Kai, she leans back onto her pillow and closes her eyes. “I love you, Kai.” Sleep takes over.

The next morning, Sofia forces Kai to leave Malia. She tells him to take a shower and eat something, before returning, telling him that Malia would hate to see him like this. It’s only when she threatens him with visiting rights, does he leave.

Exiting the hospital, Kai heads home. Pushing through his front door, he scans the opening… flashes of Malia laughing on the sofa, smiling as they ate breakfast and moaning as he rams into her, mock him. With a shadowed expression, Kai strips out of his clothing and makes his way to the bathroom. Stepping under blistering hot water, he washes himself in a rush. Before drying off and pulling on a set of different clothes.

Returning to the hospital, Kai instantly heads for Malia. As he approaches her door, he hears voices. Stopping he leans against the wall beside the slightly open door. A shudder runs through his system as he finally hears her soft, sultry voice.

“Don’t let him know, mum.” Malia pleads with her mother.

Sofia frowns down at her daughter, “he’s going crazy, Malia. He needs to know you’re okay.” She can’t help but feel for Kai. That man has stuck by her daughter, he willing faced a room full of Silvetti’s… knowing full and well that he may not make it back out alive. He did it for Malia and for that reason alone, Sofia accepts him as one of her own.

Her voice cracks as she replies, “he’ll leave me, ma…” The words break Kai’s resolution. Twisting his head, he squeezes his eyes close as pain erupts in his chest. Her soft sobbing kills Kai.

“I thought I raised a strong daughter,” Sofia sighs. Shaking her head, she gives her daughter a few final words, “he doesn’t deserve this, Malia. He’s a good man.” She presses a chaste kiss to her daughter’s forehead before turning to leave.

Kai ducks into a storage area opposite him just as Sofia exits the room. Giving it a moment, he moves out of the dark space and steps up to Malia’s closed door. Taking a breath, he pushes through, she’s awake and he’ll leave as planned. But before he does he just needs to see those intoxicating eyes one last time.

Approaching her sleeping form, Kai leans down and presses a rough kiss against her jaw, “I know you’re awake, baby.” He whispers, angry at her for toying with his sanity but at the same time beyond relieved to know she’s awake.

Slowly her eyes open and clash with his, she shivers at the sight of his intense glare. Before he can move away from her, she locks her arms around his neck and drags his mouth to hers, ignoring the discomfort near her chest. Their mouths battle one another, and she moans as he teases her lower lips. God, she misses this!

“Don’t leave me,” She mumbles as Kai trails down her neck.

Groaning Kai replies between suckles, “I have too. I’m no good for you, baby.”

Malia shakes her head as tears run down her cheeks in disbelief, “please Kai.” She begs. She hates this, not being able to stand up and cling onto him, being too weak to stop him from leaving.

“It’s safer for you this way,” He continues leaving a bruising mark against her pulse. She didn’t need to know that he’ll always be lurking in the shadows, watching over her and making sure no fucker tried their luck with his little Malia.

Malia begins to become hysterical, “don’t do this Kai. I need you.” She splutters out in distress. “Please, Kai. I’m sorry, baby, you can’t just leave me like this.” She coughs the words through her tears.

Clenching his jaw together he breaks her grip around his neck and stands up to his full height, he looks down at her and shakes his head. “I need you to live,” he presses another kiss to her soft lips.

“I can’t live without you, Kai.” Malia struggles to sit up. Kai steps back, knowing her touch will drop him to his knees, “you can’t do this. You can’t make me love you and then up and leave. It’s not fair!” She shouts.

Ashamed, Kai looks past her, “be safe, Malia.” He turns his back on her.

“One more step and we’re over,” she repeats his words. Furiously pulling at all the cords attached to her body. Faltering to her feet on shaky legs, she steps towards Kai. Pain shoots through her and she prays he’ll stay. Taking another step her legs weaken, she closes her eyes as her body falls.

Kai turns around just in time, he catches her decent. Resting her in his lap on the ground he scolds her, “you’re fucking crazy, Malia. Don’t do shit like this.” He runs his hand down her face.

She smiles faintly up at him, “don’t leave me, Kai. It destroys me.”

“Your family won’t let that happen, Malia. They won’t let you destroy yourself,” that knowledge gives Kai enough strength to leave her.

Losing all hope, she takes a different tact. Placing her hand over his at the base of her neck she blinks up at him. “Fine. If you’re okay with another man touching me, giving me pleasure, then fine. Go. If you’re okay with me having another man’s child, then leave. I won’t stop you.” She watches amazed as total fury contorts Kai’s appearance. His arms tighten around her and she welcomes the pain.

Disturbing images of the scene she’d painted play out in Kai’s mind. Each one driving another nail into the coffin. He’d murder any bastard that looked at her wrong. “You’re mine, Malia.” He possessive voice sends a chill down her spine. “Don’t let any other man touch, and shit baby if you let the fucker impregnate you…” He leaves the threat open.

“I want children Kai, and if you’re not willing to stick around…” She too leaves a threat hanging in the air.

Kai slams his mouth against hers, punishingly. “Don’t test me, Malia. You’re fucking with my sanity; the only baby you’ll ever have is mine, understand.” He hisses, pulling away from her eager lips. “Your body is mine and may Lord help any wanker that thinks otherwise.” Before she can respond he gives her another demanding kiss. “I don’t share.”

“If you leave I’m fair game, Kai.” Malia holds back an amused smirk.

Kai glares down at her, “baby, I’m seconds away from kidnapping you and chaining you to my bed.” His attempt at humour is unsuccessful due to his words being completely serious.

Malia holds her wrists out to him and looks up under hooded eyelashes, “I’m yours for the taking…”

He wraps one large hand around both her wrists, “I know what you’re doing, baby. And, it’s working.” Kai grunts. “I’ll destroy you, Malia.” He kisses down her jaw. Selfishly he decides to keep her, knowing he’ll really become a monster, otherwise.

“Promise?” Malia murmurs.

Kai groans, with a nod of his head he picks her up and carries her over to the soft double seater against the furthest wall. Lowering them down, he forces Malia to straddle his muscular form. Reaching down under her dressing gown, he takes hold of her leaking heat and squeezes hard, “Always.” Leaning down he takes her lower lip, between his teeth while tugging at the material hiding her from his hungry eyes.


One month later…

“The fucker touched you!” Kai fumes, dragging Malia out of the large glass building.

Shaking her head, Malia laughs. “Kai, he handed me a glass of water!”

“What kind of therapist fondles their client’s hand!” Kai shakes his head. “The water was an excuse, Malia. You don’t understand men.”

Hiding her amusement, Malia continues, “he’s at least sixty-five.”

“And? What, you don’t think sixty-five-year-old men have cocks,” Kai deadpans. “Fuck therapy, Malia. We don’t need that shit.” He helps her into his car before rounding the vehicle and slipping in beside her.

Malia turns to face him, “Kai…” She raises her eyebrow.

“Yeah, I know. At least six months of therapy until we talk about having kids…” Kai keys the ignition, annoyed with the foolish promise he made one night after they had fought like crazy and then fucked like rabbits. “You can’t keep threatening me with my future kids, Malia. That shit’s fucked up.”

Kai reverses out of the parking lot and begins driving to their home. Malia waits until he has parked in front of the tattoo parlour before she replies. “You gon’ punish me, baby?” She doesn’t wait for a response, knowing he’ll be on her heels within seconds. Slipping out of the car, she dashes through the store and up to their apartment. Before she can lock herself in the bathroom, Kai’s arms wrap around her form. She releases a loud chuckle and attempts to wiggle out of his arms.

“You know the answer to that, baby… so why run?” Kai nibbles at her earlobe.

She moans wantonly, “because I know you enjoy the chase, Kai.” Malia replies in a deep, husky tone.

“My little temptress,” Kai turns her in his arms before leaning down and grabbing the backs of her thighs. Lifting her up, he wraps her legs around his waist and presses her back against the closest wall. She clings onto him as he slips his hand under her flimsy leggings. “You’re mine, Malia,” he grunts out, thrusting one large, blunt digit between her slit and up into her burning heat.

And she will always be… forever, his little prey.

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