The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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A thrill of pleasure runs down Malia’s spine, her breathing halts and her skin prickles in the most titillating manner possible. Her lips move in sync with the brutes, his tongue demands entry. He nips her lower lip, causing her mouth to part and her eyes to flash open. Cold water splashes through the Malia’s system, raising her palms she pushes against Kai’s chest… little success is gained.

To make a point, Kai keeps control over the little woman in his arms. He mouths remains against hers arrogantly, until she stops pushing against him. Only then does he move back, a dark glint in his eyes. He watches her swipe her tongue across her plump lower lip. Under hooded eyelids her scans her firm body, pausing at her perky breasts and wide hips.

At a stalemate they gage each other’s reactions. Slowly, Malia takes two steps back. “Would you like to make an appointment?” She breathes out.

A cock of his mouth has her pursing her own. He advances and she moves back automatically. Playing cat and mouse, he follows her profile until her back hits one of the concrete walls, and his body cages her in. Reaching up, he grabs her long ponytail and yanks it down, drawing her face up. Malia’s exposed neck leaves her pulse beating vulnerably. Without permission, Kai lowers his face to the crook of her neck, he licks the space there… tasting her.

Malia can’t help but find herself attracted to the man’s animalistic ways. She can’t understand why her body dampened to his advances, yet had it been anyone else, she’d have spiders crawling down her throat. You want this. A small voice in her head whispers, she acknowledges the words as they are true. No other man seemed to make her forget, at least long enough to cure her sexual desires. She had a strange feeling the man currently latched to her neck would be able to do a lot more than just curing.

He came in on a mission, to leave a mark on the damn woman and he wasn’t leaving until that was complete. With that thought he sucks the striking woman’s skin, hard. All off a sudden, the most erotic sound fills the room. Malia’s moan has his cock straining painfully against his jeans. Fuck! The sound only plays as fuel to his already blazing fire, one large hand trails down her body, down to the waistband of her tights.

Closing her eyes tightly, Malia breaths out soft groans as the stranger wreaks havoc through her body. Without warning, a large hand thrusts into her leggings and pushes aside her panties. Releasing a small yelp, she allows him to please her.

Kai can’t help but find himself shocked and admittedly pleased at her responsiveness. His blunt finger strokes her leaking slit, pushing up into her, he curls the single digit and rubs the inside of her folds. Her hips ride against his on slaughter, subconsciously her arms wrap around the back of his head and neck, she pulls herself up and draws him in closer. Just a little more… She convinces herself to use the man.

Using his free arm, Kai lifts the warm body against him, up. She clings onto his skin and shudders in pleasure as his hand works her core. Her lips clamp down on the side of his neck as her orgasm builds, he moves faster, dragging her to the point of no return. Her teeth pierce his dark bronze skin, drawing a deep groan from the pit of his stomach. He cannot remember how long it’d been since he had such a plush, delectable body against his.

Malia’s hips convulse as a climax breaks through, she shudders against the large chocolate man, holding him tightly. Kai soaks up all her desire and breathes in her scents as she comes down from her high. Safe to say, his original plan had been compromised. Pulling his hand from her damp panties he lowers her, ensuring eye contact is kept he raises his tainted hand and sucks her juices off two of his fingers. He’d never seen a woman as sexy as the one currently in front of him, his eyes narrow in on her rising chest.

Snapping out of the haze, Malia clears her throat. She sets her clothes and creates distance between them, very aware of his predatory gaze following her around her store. What had possessed her to do something so, so exhibitionist like. Calming herself from the high she steps behind the front desk and turns to face him full frontal. “Would you like to book an appointment, sir?” She questions again, this time more forcefully... As if he hadn’t just given her the best and only orgasm she’d ever felt. She hoped he’d book one, the dirty little girl inside of her wasn’t finish with Kai, not in a long shot.

Feeling a bit insulted at her indifference, Kai steps up to the desk while mimicking her emotions. His large profile casts an intimidating shadow over her as he reaches over and wraps an arm around her waist tightly, his free hand moves down and points to a space on her appointments chart. “Yes,” his response is a deep grunt, as if enunciating words is too much effort for him. But lord have mercy, the grunt was panty wetting worthy.

“I’m booked tomorrow.” Malia looks down to where is finger rests.

Kai almost scoffs, “then un-book yourself.”

“I can’t do that, sorry.” She mutters, feeling ridiculously vulnerable in her current position. Her eyes flicker over to the scissors resting innocently in their holder, she glances back at him only to find a slight hint of amusement in his eyes.

The large man releases her all at once, “I’ll see you, tomorrow.” Kai finalises. He turns on his heels and heads towards the doors, upon his exit she finds herself gawking after him, while her mother enters.

A slight tremble of fear shoots down Sofia spine as she passes the large man, maybe it had something to do with the scar cutting across part of his face, or the darkness that seemed to exit the building with him. Her eyes zero in on her daughter, who leans against the counter looking flushed, instantly the puzzle clicks together. The older woman makes her way to her daughter and cautiously rests a hand on her shoulder, “Malia.”

“Ma, you’re back early.” Malia, wonders what had happened to her mother’s plans to stay the night at a friend she’d made down here. Her mother shrugs and attempts to gauge her daughter’s thoughts.

Finally, Sofia decides to put her foot down, “is that a new client?” She questions with a raised eyebrow.

“Si, I think he’s new in town.” Malia nods, while shifting uncomfortably due to her still burning core. Within seconds she realises her mother is on to her and she move out of her hold, “don’t ma, it’s nothing.”

Sighing, Sofia follows her daughter around the store as she locks up, “your flushed expression says otherwise, Malia… Something about him is off.”

“You don’t even know him.” She rolls her eyes.

Her mother scoffs, “and you do?” Fair point.

“End of conversation, I need a long shower.” The young woman leaves her mother downstairs while she ascends to the top level, pulling her hair out of its tie on the way. She heads straight for her separate bathroom and locks the door, while flipping the light switch on. Looking at the large mirror opposite her, only now understanding why her mother had warnings to make, she looked like a thoroughly fucked and satisfied woman.

Stepping out of her clothes she moves into the large shower and relaxes under the punishing bullets of hot water.

Across town, Kai storms into the gym, much to everyone’s annoyance. Almost like a routine, the space around him instantly vacates and the brooding man is left to take out his never ending anger out on the boxing bags and in the ring. Shin practically smirks while moving around the members in his gym, he watches as the dark skinned man slaughters an imaginary opponent.

Feeling the need to let of some of his own steam, Shin moves between the ropes and enters the ring with Kai, this gains the attention of most of the men. The owner patiently waits for Kai to acknowledge him. As he does, Shin raises his arm in a mocking manner, this leaks as antagonism. Pausing his attacks on the air, a sweaty Kai cocks his head. The man must just love looking for death. Clenching his molars together, he moves into a stance and waits for Shin to attack first.

In that moment alone, the gym owner falters, he may just be out of his depth. He’d always just assumed the brute only ever fought with anger, but for some reason the look in Kai’s eyes said otherwise. Acknowledging their size difference, Kai allows Shin to circle him a couple of times. Without warning the owner lunges forward.

Kai steps aside and the man is left hooking the air. The owner turns to find his opponent smirking in a cruel manner. He had to admit to himself that he’d grown a certain fondness towards the gym owner and for that reason alone he’d only see to injuring the man for doubting him. He rolls his shoulders as Shin closes the distance, this time he doesn’t lunge but instead fakes a left. The end result leaves Kai with a bleeding right lip.

Sucking the blood from the corner of his mouth, Kai allows the owner another hit, the gym cheers assuming Shin had the upper hand. But both he and Kai knew that wasn’t the case. Kai pulls the man’s forearm forward and thrusts his fist into the owners exposed lung region, losing breath the owner’s legs weaken and this action allows Kai to heel the back of his knee. Finishing with an elbow behind the ear, with a paused groan Shin crumbles to the hard floor.

There’s a moment of silence in the hall, up until Shin releases a small chuckle. Kai crouches down and helps the owner into a sitting position, “Shin Park.” He holds his hand out to the younger man.

“Kai Carson,” He shakes the bruised man’s hand, and then assists in raising him up.

Shin places a hand on Kai’s shoulder, “and where did that come from… I thought I had you all figured out?” The accent in his voice is prominent.

“Don’t fight with anger, old man.” The corner of Kai’s mouth rises slightly. Together the two of them leave the ring, it is clear that the rest of the men are quite shocked at the situation. After all, how often did you see two rivals become best buddies after a match.

Shin grabs a bottle of water and throws one to Kai in the same motion, the owner then takes a seat on one of the pieces of equipment near a boxing bag, where Kai hacks at it. “You’re quite the mystery, huh.” Kai’s rhythm breaks for a second, he then continues his torture. “Runaway convict?” Shin tries with a bit of amusement. The younger man stops to glare at the owner. “Disowned family member?” He attempts only to receive another glare. “Trouble with the Mrs?”

Kai pinches the bridge of his nose, “all of them.” He grabs his bag and leaves Shin with a dropped jaw behind him. Heading out into the drizzling night, Kai makes quick steps to his vehicle. Buckling up, he keys the engine and reverses out, ending up in front of his complex within a couple of short minutes. Parking, the man exits his car and allows the demanding rain to soak his fitted shirt. Walking up to his apartment, he enters the small joint and heads for the shower, dropping his clothes along the way.

It was strange, Malia almost felt like his large hands were running down her body, as if they were caressing her inner thighs and lower legs. With closed eyes she allows delirious haze to take over. Her fingers run over her wet skin, ringing around one of her breasts, the second hand lowers to the junction between her hips.

One single digit caresses the slick folds, mimicking the motions Kai had in the store, she breathes out a sigh as the pleasure soaks through her body. For the first time in her life she pleasures herself… Slowly, almost hesitantly the same stroking finger enters her core, thrusting up she adds a second until they scissor her into an erotic bliss. Deep husky moans of pleasure fill the bathroom as her hand moves between her thighs, demanding another climax.

After working herself for a period of time, Malia leans against the tiles completely exhausted, yes she had a release… but not one as wonderful as the one she’d received earlier that afternoon. Maybe she needed another participant to cause those kinds of exhilarating experiences. Washing herself down, she exits the shower and dries off before pulling on underwear. She dries her hair and then steps into a tight fitting black long sleeve, along with leggings and boots, finishing with a leather jacket. Her normal attire.

She plans for another try at the pub, tonight, feeling cured after her encounter with a certain grey eyed, chocolate skinned man. Exiting her room, she enters the living space and then takes a seat on one of the bar stools in the kitchen, while her mother tosses up pasta. The delicious aroma has her missing her carefree childhood. Malia’s phone buzzes on the counter and her brothers annoying names pop up, she declines the call.

Frowning at her attire, Sofia sighs while dishing up Malia a bowl of pasta, she really hoped her daughter would stop these late night affairs. God knows what her brothers or father would do if they ever found out... But, Malia is stubborn, she refuses to go to therapy and would rather solve the issue herself, regardless of how her actions could aid the already problematic issue. Shaking her head, she keeps her thoughts to herself and places a glass of water next to the bowl.

Sensing her mother’s disapproval, Malia quietly eats her food. Finishing up she washes their dishes and then ensures all the windows are closed and locked. Her mother rests on the sofa, watching an old romantic comedy. “I’ll be back soon.” Malia mumbles, without waiting for a reply.

Drops of rain coat Malia’s jacket as she exits the lower level, groaning she heads to her car and slips inside, turning on the heater for some warmth. She pulls out from the curb along with another dark car a couple of meters down, thinking nothing of it she continues on her way to Darren’s. She knew the coward in her would only ever trust that one pub, despite this she routinely makes her way there.

Kai maintains a steady trail behind Malia, he had this sick feeling that she would head out tonight, a selfish part of him wished she hadn’t. He had hoped she wouldn’t try to seduce another man, he then realised that he was there to hurt her and instantly the burning need is kicked to the curb real damn quick.

He watches Malia park in front of the bar and decides to pull up a couple of spots behind her. His cock immediately salutes the vixen as she steps out of her car. Those long, shapely fuckable legs are booted tonight. With narrowed eyelids, he exits his own ride and follows a good distance behind her, enjoying the sight of her round behind swinging with each step. He had to have her, just once, he had to have her spread eagle and begging for his mercy.

The woman enters the bar much to his utter annoyance, the need to give her a good spanking runs through his body. She’s not yours! A little voice in his head taunts. As he enters, his eyes instantly scan for her sex-craving form, he finds her leaning against the bar with a beer in her hand. Feeling satisfied with the empty seat next to her, he moves to his usual space in one of the darkened corners. Resting, he keeps a hawk like watch over her.

Tonight. With a dark kind of hunger scorching through his system, Kai decides tonight he will fuck her… and then tomorrow he’ll destroy the damn woman!

Malia rests her head on the benchtop, tonight couldn’t be another failed mission, she had to find someone she could trust enough to release the pressure. Feeling his eyes on her, she remains facing Darren, but her legs cross unconsciously as heat seeps from between her thighs, readying her. Her phobia was cured and it was time she found someone to finalise that notion.

She pauses as a young man enters the bar, he meets her gaze and smiles softly. With a few cautious steps he approaches Malia, who encourages the contact, she felt like a new woman. He takes a seat and draws Darren’s attention. The bartender makes his way to the couple, with as much enthusiasm as a penguin in Hawaii. Slamming the beer down in front of the man, he glares at Malia who only raises an eyebrow.

Malia turns her full attention on the man next to her, “Malia Silvetti, huh...” The man smiles, “you sure have changed since high school.” He finishes, flashing those pearly whites.

“You know me?” The young tattooist questions.

He chuckles, “we flunked biology together, because someone seemed to think her boyfriend was a better study partner.” He teases. Although the tease would of been a lot more humorous had it not contained someone she’d rather forget. Her responsive laugh could double as a cough, he places a hand on her forearm, “are you okay?”

It was surprising that the boy next to Malia couldn’t feel Kai glare from across the room, because it sure had everyone else glancing back at him nervously. He had no idea where this little fucker had sprouted up from, but it seemed his little pet had a certain fondness for him… considering the beautiful smile that had graced her lips upon his entry.

He notices her leg shake nervously and take in the rest of her form which seems to be at ease, he wonders what’s got her so on edge. And then it happens, the sweet tan shudders of her face and leaves a pale mask in its wake, this for some strange reason causes an unfamiliar protective instinct to well up inside the brute.

Moving to his feet, he glares at the young boy’s hand on Malia’s as he approaches the couple. Enough of these games, he is taking her to his bed. His cock strains against his jeans in agreeance.

Instantly, Malia flinches back. Her skin begins to prickle and sweat beads at the back of her neck. So much for being cured... Just before she goes into panic mode, a much stronger hand clenches her shoulder, “she’s fine.” The deep voice has her fear subsiding but a more dangerous kind of need churning between her legs. “Now, I suggest you remove that hand, boy.” The threat sends shivers down her spine… but only the good kind.

“Mate-” the childhood friend begins.

Kai shuts him down with another glare, “get up.” He tightens his hold on her, his anger at her actions coursing through his system in a red hot need to slam her against the bar and fuck her silly. In another world, they’d call these emotions jealousy... but Kai refuses to believe this young Silvetti can draw such emotions out of him, so instead he pulls her up flush against his body.

Malia feels the bulge of his member press into the middle of her back, biting her lower lips she clenches her legs together, afraid that she may just collapse into an aroused mess, and she is positive Darren would not be happy to clean such substances up off his pub floor. “What do you think you’re doing!” She whispers harshly.

“I can practically smell you sweet leaking pussy, Malia.”

Oh boy.

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