The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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Kai has to hand it to the boy, he still remains in the stool regardless of the death stare currently plastering the dark man’s face. Despite the slight acknowledgement of bravery, unless the kid is searching for a good beating, it is in his best interest he moves. Immediately.

Sensing the upcoming brawl, Malia smiles down at, who she now remembers to be named Colton, “I’m fine.” For a small heartbeat Colton remains in his position, his eyes flicker to Kai’s hold on the woman, before he slowly stands up and heads to the other side of the bar. At this, Darren practically smirks, he then focuses back in on Malia… instantly a scowl forms on the bartender’s face.

“You okay?” Darren mouths out to her.

She nods, “what do you think you’re doing?” She hisses out at the man who currently possesses her within his large muscular arms. Unfortunately, there is no response. “What’s your name?” She tries, realising she had let the man kiss her, and yet has no clue of his identity.

“Kai.” He answers, singularly.

Rolling her eyes, she replies, “it’s been a pleasure, Kai. But kindly remove your arms.”

“Are you that desperate for a fuck, little girl?” He grunts out, only tightening his already bruising grip.

Completely infuriated, Malia’s elbow flies back. It makes surprisingly hard impact with Kai’s chest, sadly the assault has little effect on the monster of a man. “Fuck you!” She seethes through her teeth. Yes, she admits she’s desperate… but is it so wrong to want to feel pleasure.

“So straightforward, princess.” He sneers, “I’ll fuck you, sweetheart. Don’t you worry.” This one doubled as a threat.

Shocked at the crude words coming from him, she attempts to break free from his grip, “you fucking bastard!” He waits for her to stop fighting against his hold, before he releases it, once again making a point. Simply showing her exactly who is in charge and who has more control. Malia turns to face him; her green eyes shoot daggers into his much colder ones. Lifting a hand, she places the tip of her pointer finger in the middle of his chest, “yes. I am desperate. So leave me alone, and I’ll see to curing that desperation right up.”

Her slender neck juts out at him, he could easily wrap his hand around the base, the thought remains a pleasing barrier that cages in his anger. Kai grabs her wrist and pulls her flush against his chest, giving no thought to the amount of attention they’d just drawn by the encounter. “Keep that mouth running and I’ll shove something hard down it,” his touch burns across her skin.

Twisting her wrist, she pulls free. “We’re in public.”

“You think that will stop me from bending you over and ramming into you from behind.” It isn’t a question. Little did she know, Kai would never expose her to a crowd simply because she is his little prey, a little treat for his eyes only to feast on.

Swallowing hard she looks down, “let me go.” He does. She turns around and slips back onto the stool. God his body twitched to throw her over his shoulder and storm out of there, instead his stiff legs carrier him two stools down. With a stone glare he watches the remaining scene unfold.

The rest of the foolish men in the bar, naturally assumed they had a chance with Malia. Idiots. A middle aged, semi drunk approaches the tattooed woman. He calls Darren over with a ringed hand, raising her eyebrow slightly Malia gives the tool an uninterested expression, after a couple minutes of attempting to coax her, he leaves taking the very subtle hint. Releasing an annoyed sound, she waits for the next daring fool. Glancing down the bar, her eyes catch on Kai’s, she refused to give him any kind of satisfaction.

Strong cologne hits her hard, moving away from the dark stare, she cranes her neck to catch a glimpse of a slimy looking older gentleman. Her head shifts down to analyse her attire, in her opinion the clothes did not come off as whorish… so why did it feel like she was a prostitute. She really did not care for other opinions, shaking her head once at the fifty plus man she stands up. Tonight is another failed mission, she ensures her disappointment remains within her own mind and not down the bar with Kai.

“Leaving already?” She turns slightly to face an average looking guy. His crisp shirt showcases a broad chest cheers to two open buttons. With a forceful tug, she frees the hand that the man seemed to lock in a bone-breaking grip. His words were slurred and instantly warning signs flashes across her mind.

With a deliberate couple of steps back, she smiles at him softly, “it’s late.” From the corner of her eyes she notices Darren move from around the bar.

Slamming his scotch glass down on the counter, Kai moves to his feet. Enough of this bullshit, he was done watching men lust after his little pet. With quick steps and a quick glare at the approaching bartender, he sweeps in between Malia and the nameless man. Effortlessly, the dark man lifts Malia over his shoulder, his palm rests firmly against her round behind. “Naughty, little girl.” Yes, he is angry with her. She has no business coming here while knowing full and well that the men within the joint only want a tight hole to release a load in, before returning to their wives and girlfriends. The damned vixen knew exactly what she was walking into and yet she continuously threw herself amidst it.

Words seem to leave Malia’s throat as her mind blanks, the only sensations she can feel is a buzzing along her electrified skin. Her stomach clenches as she watches Kai’s taunt behind shift with each step. Why she allows this man to do what he wishes with her, she has no idea. But, she isn’t about to stop it, especially when it feels so bloody good… even if that made her a dirty and foolish woman. Within a minute she’s thrust down on a leather seat and buckled in tightly, the blood rushes down from her head to her toes, she accepts what the night entails.

Kai slips into his seat and wraps his long fingers around the steering wheel, his knuckles strain against the hard surface as he pulls away from the curb. Like a coil ready to snap, he counts each metre in his head, an unknown anger brews within his bitter soul. Just what gave her the right to walk into that bar tonight, he owns her, and she so willingly sat waiting for another man. Tonight, he’d make sure she’d have absolutely no reason to ever go back to that fucking shithole.

Wringing her hands together she settles her nerves, she is ready for this. Beyond ready. It is absurd, but she trusts the devilish man and as ridiculous as it sounds she knows he’s the only one her body will accept. She isn’t cured, but he is a form of medication… one she is willing to overdose on, as unhealthy and wrong that thought is.

Neither of them make a sound and a couple of minutes later, Kai parks outside his complex. Cutting the engine, the two of them remain in the sleek black vehicle. Hesitantly, Malia turns in her seat to look at the intimidating man, only to find him already watching her. As their eyes meet so do their bodies, in one swift movement Kai has her unbuckled and halfway on his lap. He grips her hair tightly in his fist and tugs it back, releasing a small pant from her damp lips.

Leaning down, Kai takes her bottom lip between his hungry ones and sees to sucking the soft flesh. He manoeuvres her so that she rests comfortably on his lap, the steering wheel plays as a backrest. A large palm crawls up her torso and rests almost teasingly on her left breast, the other hand continues to control her actions using her long ponytail effectively. Two bright lights flash across the bonnet, realising they’re still situated outside, Kai takes his key from the engine and skilfully moves the two of them from the vehicle and onto the sidewalk. He locks up before taking her hand and leading her up to his temporary home.

Seconds from entering the small complex, Kai has Malia pressed firmly against the wall with his mouth marking sections of her exposed neck. She holds her breath and grabs the back of his head, pulling it up to join with hers. Their lips clash in an explosive rage induced need. She nibbles on his bottom lip, causing a moan to exit his occupied mouth. He grabs her shoulders and slams her back, her eyes open with a slight blur, she catches him swipe his tongue along the corner of his mouth. She’d drawn blood.

This doesn’t stop the two of them, feeling even more aroused than he’d previously been, Kai grabs the back of one of her thighs and clamps his free arm around her waist, hoisting her up. Instinctively her legs clamp around his waist, he effortlessly carries her through the hallway and into the living room where she plays havoc with his earlobe. Another wall makes contact with Malia’s back, Kai runs one hand down her throat, pausing at the neck of her shirt which he pulls down hard.

Inviting black laced breasts wink up at him, Kai shifts slightly, his cock becoming painfully restrained against his rough jeans. He grabs the middle of her bra and shifts it down, causing her heavy breasts to push up in the most stimulating manner possible. The shallow coarse groan from the dark man has Malia rolling her hips into the hard abdominal pressing sensitively against her burning pussy. In this state, she finds herself being carried past the living area and into a closed off bedroom.

Kai’s actions are anything but gentle, the large man simply drops the young woman onto the bed, he watches her move onto her elbows, posing in a suggestive manner unconsciously. He takes his sweet time removing his clothing, simply basking in the glory of having such a responsive little pet. Down to his jeans, he unzips the front, allowing some room for his member to pulse. With calculated movements, he leans over Malia and trails a finger down the middle of her body, stopping at the lining of her tights.

Through the material, Kai outlines the woman’s lower lips. The damp material quickly becomes an irritation and is discarded of in less than a minute. The man sits up on his knees and shins between Malia’s thighs, she looks far too fuckable. He reaches down to run a finger along her slit, her eyelids flicker down at the action. Without warning, his warm mouth clasps over one of her exposed breasts, he rolls his tongue around the pebbled button matching the rhythm on her clit.

Her back arches off the bed as teeth lightly bite down on her soft flesh, she practically begs him with her body to take her, devour her. The man doesn’t disappoint, he plays her clit like an instrument, without any mercy. The vigorous movement between her legs, forces her stomach to clench and her toes to curl. Barely holding herself together she attempts to close her thighs, but his large frame has them in a permeant spread position.

Malia’s eyes snap open as the pleasurable sensation on her left breast is taken away, she watches Kai’s head move down her semi-naked body, biting and licking certain regions until his hot mouth is over her leaking panty clad heat. Her eyes widen as she realises what he’s planning to do, “no…” The refusal comes off as a cry for more.

“Don’t cum.” He breathes over her, before licking her juices off his finger. He removes the triangle of lace hiding her cunt from him. His eyes meet hers and the order in them is clear, she nods slowly. He doesn’t wait for any verbal response, his dark head dives down and begins to lap at her seeping slit.

Something about his dark skin against her lighter one has an orgasm surfacing rapidly, the whole scene seems dangerously erotic, it’s the blatant contrast that has her wrapping her legs around his neck. One of his arms reach over her thighs and push between them to spread her sweet little pussy lips apart, opening her core to his intrusive tongue, which leaps at the opportunity to move in and out of her addictive tight cunt.

Clawing at the bed sheets, she throws her head back, “fuck…” At the curse, Kai nips her clit. “Let me cum… please.” She begs.

Much to her utter disappointment, the man breaks the tight hold around his neck and moves back, she focuses in on him in time to see his tongue sneak out and swipe her pleasure from his lower lip. His anger at her previous actions at the pub remain, “no.” He reaches down and pulls his cock from its cage, her eyes enlarge analysing the size of his member. Thick and long, brutally so. “You don’t deserve a release, Malia. Not after your act tonight.”

Too horny and confused to make thought of his words she apologises, “I’m sorry. Please, Kai…”

God, his name rolling off her tongue could undo him, testing his patience he rubs the tip of his cock against her opening. His eyes stay fixated on the site, her soft tan skin against his darker one sends a sick kind of carnal satisfaction through each and every cell of his body. “You were going to let them other men fuck you.” Kai bites out. “Bad move, kitten.” The term couldn’t sound like any more of an insult even if it tried to.

The lustful haze influences Malia’s words, “I only want you to fuck me.” It sounds strange even in her own ears, but she can’t deny the truth behind the response.

“Good girl.” He hums, lowering his body on hers. The weight of his bulk sends a shiver of fear down her spine, Kai feels the change in her instantly, he draws his eyes up and connects them with her wide ones. Confused at her actions, he refuses to allow himself to think about it, instead his mouth captures her.

Malia keeps her eyes open, focusing on the man on top of her, she keeps the bad memories locked away and gazes at the scar cutting across Kai’s face, it becomes her anchor. His claim over her mouth dominates her thoughts and injects a primitive need through her system. The pressure becomes too much and her lips part, his tongue reaches for hers. He traces each corner of her mouth, committing the taste to memory. He grabs each of her wrists and lifts them above her head, keeping them captive there within one of his.

The second free hand, strokes between them and cups her heat, he then grabs the base of his cock. Positioning it at her opening Kai begins to push forward, he barely holds back from slamming into her tight little hole. “Spread your legs.” He hisses out, sucking on her bottom lip.

Malia listens, but the action does little… it been years since she’d had a man, in fact this would be the second time she’d ever had a man penetrate her.

Kai can’t understand the situation. He knows she’s not a virgin, but fuck she’s as tight as one. Focusing all his energy on moving past the first barrier, he continues pushing, eventually the head of his member enters her wet, hot core. The two of them let out a simultaneous moan of pleasure. He thrusts in and out a little, loosening her up to him, for the life of him he can’t fathom why he didn’t just slam into her. After all, it’d be so much easier and less torturous as what he is currently doing.

Malia’s eyes remain on Kai’s scar, but at the same time she wraps her legs around his body and with unknown force she draws him in as much as she can. “It’s okay…” Her words are soft, they fall like a whisper on his ears.

Kai looks up and finds Malia staring directly at him, he then focuses on small trails of tears leaking out of her eyes, that alone halts him. He hates her, that’s for damn sure, so why isn’t her pain bringing him any pleasure. He goes to pull out, he had not planned to deal with this. But the woman stops him, his strong hands loosen and she uses that to her advantage, wrapping her arms around his neck she pulls him down.

She tugs him deeper until half of his length is within her, feeling beyond spread she stops. Kai realises this is as much of him that she’ll be able to take and he begins to slowly jerk his hips back and forth. The sensation rolls across her body and she begins to move herself against him, fluidly.

Becoming a beast, Kai loses all control, he places his palms either side of her head and begins to drive into her rapidly. He keeps her caged underneath him, and while his eyes close hers remain open and focused on her anchor. Her body clenches and he groans in response, as if she isn’t tight already. Sweat coats their skin, their breathing heightens and her sweet little pussy releases more heat, inviting him to take her to the climax she’s been craving. Like a wild animal, something dark takes over Kai and he ruts into her without caution.

The pain feels good, Malia bites her lip as the tension builds. Her arms clutch onto him as he mercilessly takes everything she has to offer, his actions becoming more jerky and fast, she shivers feeling his climax rise along with hers. With two more deep thrusts, Malia groans out her orgasm, Kai follows shortly after with shudders wracking through his entire form.

Kai remains above her, his body weight becoming the only thing keeping her from her haunting past. His head rests on her chest and his cock remains deep within her pussy, unknowingly Malia’s eyes close and she finds herself drifting off to a pill-less sleep, for the first time since the incident.

Eventually, Kai moves out of her slowly, this causes her to groan in discomfort. He removes the remaining pieces of clothing and admires her inked skin, light coarse fingertip trail over each design, then carefully he moves off the bed. Within minutes he has everything relatively clean. With the final dropping of her clothes in the washing machine, he heads to the kitchen and grabs a beer from the old fridge. Leaning against the bench top, he thinks over just how much he’d fucked up with Malia.

The silent night is ripped apart by a scream of pain. The bottle of beer shatters to the ground as Kai’s mind completely blanks and he races for the bedroom, unaware of his now injured feet. He comes to a stop at the doorframe, the dark man finally catches a glimpse of just how destroyed the woman he plans to ruin, really is…

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