The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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At some point, Kai moves across the room and to the shivering woman on his bed. He slides in beside her and rests her naked body against his. Her sweat strokes his chest, hesitantly he begins to lightly rub her skin. Fuck it. The emotions rolling through the man seemed unfamiliar and awkward, despite the discomfort he cannot move. His body remains next to her, attempting to supply some kind of support. Eventually her frown straightens out and she lulls back into a horror-less sleep, only then does the large brute allow his eyes to close.

Feeling overly hot, Malia groans awake with twists and turns. She attempts to break free from the strong branding iron keeping her captive, with little success. She finds herself feeling disgusted at amount of filth covering her body, like grim is leaking from each pore. Snapping her eyes open, she finds herself stark naked across rock solid dark skin. Inching her way out of his arms, she looks for his phone and checks the time. Just after midnight. She needs to get back home, but how? Her nude state is first priority, moving to a sitting position she looks down at the man next to her as the bed sheets pool around her hips.

Kai sleeps soundlessly, he frowns slightly, his body unconsciously sensing the movement and disappearance of Malia’s warm body.

Immediately Malia finds herself confused, she does not regret what she’s done with Kai, not in the slightest… so why did she still feel the need to rub her skin down raw? The minimal moonlight from a large window, sufficiently allows her to analyse Kai’s sleeping form. He doesn’t frighten her regardless of his intimidating mannerisms. Subconsciously, she begins to scratch at her arms and shift nervously.

She then remembers something; she had not taken a sleeping pill… did she have another episode? Her eyes flicker back down to Kai, he wouldn’t be next to her if she had. Maybe, she hadn’t enough time for it to electrify her system, thanking the heavens she realises that she must never stay the night out. She cannot let some see her in her most vulnerable position, not to mention the questions that she’d have to answer. God, she hopes one of these days she’ll have a bright solution for her semi-terminal problem.

With slow movements, Malia sees to moving Kai’s bands of steel from her body, she then quickly finds clothes to put on. Settling with the tightest pair of his boxers and a long black t-shirt, she makes her way through the small condo after snagging his phone. Once she’s in the living area, she calls a cab and then looks for Kai’s keys. The metal winks at her from a spot on the ground, she bends and picks it up. Exiting the place, she heads down to Kai’s car. Unlocking the vehicle her eyes instantly search for her wallet and keys.

After obtaining her items from his car, she returns his phone and keys. In the cool night, Malia finally takes a moment to reflect over her actions, what is she doing? She wraps her arms around her body, the cold air biting into her exposed flesh, just when she almost caves and heads back up to the condo, two lights flash towards her.

She slips inside the back of the yellow vehicle and gives the address for Darren’s bar, to the driver, they head towards it in a comfortable silence. As she pays the man and exits the cab, she can’t help but glare at the driver who turns a judgmental stare in her general direction, asshole. Shrugging it off, her numb legs move towards her ride. Only when she’s inside her own car does she begin to feel a little more at ease. Fluid motions dictate their way over the wheel, gear, break and acceleration.

The drive home occurs without disturbance, funnily enough even the traffic lights seem to sense Malia’s ticking time bomb. She parks out front and locks up before heading into her store, her footsteps are soundless as she makes her way through the store and into her bedroom. Within seconds she’s completely nude and making her way into the shower. Bruising hot jets of water hit her back as she crouches down and takes a seat on the hard tile. She closes her eyes and allows her past memories to taunt her, unconsciously she scrubs her arms and legs.

Kai rolls over uncomfortably, with a groan of annoyance his eyes flash open and he looks down at the space next to him, empty. He does not need to get up and search to know she is gone, reaching down the crisp sheets are cold and confronting, he’d wanted her to be there when he woke? Running a hand through his hair he sits up, he rolls the sheets over his body and stands, only then does he take note of the injuries on his foot. Fucksake!

Making quick work of it, he disinfects the area and wraps a bandage around his right foot. Feeling even more angrier than before he laces up his joggers after pulling on some sweats, he pockets his house keys and exits the building. Rolling his shoulders, Kai stretches before taking off in a dead sprint around his surroundings, morning has yet to arrive so his only company remains the dusky sky.

Each thud on his injured foot is a pleasing reminder of what he is here to do, he convinces himself that he’s had his fix of her and now it is in his best interest he sends her back to her a family in a beautifully bruised and bloody package. His gut churns uncomfortably. Halting the tall man bends and claps his knees, breathing heavily. Looking around slightly, Kai finds himself a couple yards from the gym. Yeah… he could do with a punching bag.

Arriving at the gym, the dark man enters through the surprisingly open door, he had planned to wait out front until it opened. Walking through the hall he comes to a stop at the boxing ring. Shin pounds away at the empty space in front of himself, Kai looks down next to the ropes and finds empty beer cans. Shaking his head, he heads to the towels and grabs one to dry his bare sweaty chest.

He leaves the towel around his neck and heads to the boxing bags, not in the mood to deal with an intoxicated angry old man, he keeps to himself and powers up to lay it into the bag.

Shin groans, visions of his wife kiss each haunting memory. A loud constant bashing has his eyes drifting across the gym, his eyes narrow on Kai. The mid-aged owner moves through the ropes and heads over to the fighter, his steps falter slightly. “Hey, punk!” He greets, slapping the brutes exposed shoulder blade. In three seconds flat, the owner finds himself slammed onto the hard concrete with a tight fist around his neck.

“Bad move.” Kai grunts back.

Unable to respond, Shin for some crazy reason sees himself in the stranger’s eyes. His anger caused him to loss his wife… he really hoped Kai wouldn’t make the same mistakes he did. But, the dark glint in the man’s eyes confirmed he’d do a lot worse than just lose her. Releasing his hold, Kai pulls him up onto his feet and turns back to the boxing bag. The muscles at his back strain taunt with each flexion, as the younger man destroys another one of Shin’s bags. Shin swoops down to grasp a beer can. He takes a seat and together in the silence of the gym and early morning, they release their anguish.

Through each punch, Kai releases he needs to get his head back on straight. He plans to go visit his brother, heading to the state prison always seems to send a thrill down Kai’s spine. It isn’t fear that has him cautious, but ammunition. The facility is what powers him, and after his night with Malia he knows he needs a reminder of his first priority. His fist slams forward one last time, causing the bag to drop off its hook.

Shin watches as the large man exits the gym.

Malia groans planting her hands against the wall, breathing heavily through her nose and mouth. After her shower, she wasn’t able to fall asleep, her body is far too livid and despite the dull pain between her thighs, she throws herself into an intense workout. Pushing off the wall, she rolls her shoulders before beginning her run again, currently she is situated in the town center.

Lucky for her, Kol would be opening the shop today and would have no choice but to finish Satoka’s design instead of her. She heads towards one of the less local and amped up gyms in the city. She makes it there just as it hits opening hour, pushing through the large metal doors, Malia crosses the opening and heads straight for the kick boxing mats, it’d been too long since she’d let off some steam. The owner, Linda, makes her way to the sweaty Silvetti.

“Long time,” the woman has a strong Irish accent.

Malia smiles up at the woman, “I’ve been busy.” Glancing around she realises not many people are currently present, “you up for it?” The words are a challenge.

“When am I not,” Linda wraps bands around her feet as does Malia after removing her runners and socks. Once fully prepared and stretched, the two of them circle each other. Linda makes her first move, raising her hands to her chest she turns slightly, her leg moves through the area towards Malia.

Laugh, Malia moves out of the way and raises and eyebrow, “you’ve lost your touch!” Spinning, her own leg shoots out and clips the owner’s upper thigh.

The two taunt and tease each other, and it’s not until there is a loud bang across the room do they snap out of their daze. Malia drops to a cross legged position on the mat as Linda heads across the gym to where a man had caused weights to roll off their stand. She undoes the bands and slips her shoes back on. Nodding at Linda, she exits the gym and begins a steady jog back to her store.

By the time she arrives, both Kol and Rhett are tending to customers. She greets everyone before making her way upstairs and to the bathroom. She drops her dirty clothes in the washing basket and quickly washes the sweat off her body, she then heads back into her room and dries off. Tugging on clothes and her boots, Malia makes her way to the kitchen. Instantly she can feel her mother’s hard gaze boring into her back as she grabs orange juice from the fridge. “Just say it, ma.”

“Malia…” Sofia is unable to finish. She simply sighs and plates up some breakfast for her daughter.

Malia takes a seat on one of the bar stool and quickly devours the food her mother places in front of her. She’s glad Sofia hadn’t asked much about where she’d been last night or this morning. Finishing their breakfast, together they clean the kitchen. The young tattooist then heads down to the store below.

Kol sends a glare towards Malia as she approaches the work station, “ya! Ajumma-”

“I’m younger than you.” Malia cuts him off with a small smirk.

Kol clenches his molars, “you look like an older lady!” He hisses, “so apparently, Satoka had an appointment this morning.”

“Yes. I am aware of that.” Malia nods, understandingly.

Kol fists his hands, seconds from wringing the woman neck, “thanks for the heads up, boss.”

“Damn… I wish I was here early. Satoka is daebak man... totally bang worthy!” Rhett teases. Knowing full well that Kol would slaughter Rhett junior if he so much as touched Satoka.

Moving to his feet, Kol nods at the customer currently watching the scene unfold, he heads towards Rhett who instantly jumps up and moves behind the counter. “She’s what…” Kol grunts out. Rhett holds his hands up and shrugs, “try saying it one more time.” He advances on the cowering man. Laughing, Malia smiles down at the customers. She wraps up their designs and they leave. Meanwhile, Kol lands a brutal fist into Rhett’s abdomen.

“Oppa, over here says he doesn’t like her, what a joke.” Malia chuckles, using the same formality Satoka uses to address Kol.

“She’s just a friend.” Kol seems to be trying to convince himself of this, rather than his two annoying friends who simply mock him. Kol believes that Satoka is too young, she has yet to experience life and regardless of his feelings what if she is simply in love with the idea of love and not him.

Rhett moves behind Malia, “She don’t want no old man!” Little did Rhett know, this is another reason Kol will never consider Satoka. “I’m more her league, you know. A young handsome bachelor like me!”

Malia swats Rhett, “you’re also older than her, idiot. A good six years at that!”

“Better than eleven!” Rhett pouts.

Before Kol can throw a stapler at him, the doors open and an older woman enters. She scans each of our faces and stops at Rhett, who simply smirks back at her. Kol and Malia share a look as Rhett approaches the lady. They speak in hushed whisper, so Kol heads back to cleaning his station while Malia tends to the stores books. Malia’s eyes flicker up at Rhett occasionally as he speaks to the mysterious woman.

Rhett had thought the woman was a bluff, he’d met her at a bar and challenged her to live life on the wild side. She’d recently divorced her husband and finally gained custody over her eight-year-old son. “Imani…” He circles the woman, “little innocent, Imani, want’s a tattoo?” He teases her.

Imani swallows hard, god the man did crazy things to her body, things a divorcee should not be feeling, especially for someone seven years her junior. She wipes her hands on her long flowy dress and nods. Rhett’s eyes flicker down to the low-cut neckline.

“Okay sweetheart, let’s get you an appointment.” His arm curls round her waist. God, the woman is beautiful, Rhett feels his member press firmly against his jeans. In that moment he decides he’ll have her, under him and spread eagle, waiting patiently for him to have his dirty way with her.

Imani knows the tall, muscular man is a player and yet she still feels her core leak and her nipples pebble. She allows him to lead her to the desk where a striking raven haired beauty eyes them suspiciously.

Catching Rhetts gaze, Malia moves away from the front desk, her legs carry her to Kol. “Looks like he’s moved on from Satoka.”

“He was never on her, to begin with.” Kol looks back down at his design.

Malia’s eyes widen and a loud laugh busts from her lips, “and you couldn’t of phrased that better?” He shrugs and continues his sketch.

A few days’ pass. Malia finds herself thrown into a fit of working out, her early mornings are spent running through town, while her nights are spent at the gym with Linda. Although her body is busy doing other tasks, her mind remains coated with images of Kai. Quite erotic images at that. She remembers the way his callous fingers spread her thighs and his talented tongue swiped across her burning heat… The way his cock broke all her barriers, his bruising marks only now seem to begin to fade. “Dammit!” She grunts out.

“fifth day in a row… you have to tell me who he is, now,” Linda advances on Malia as she pins down an offender.

The lady under Malia shrugs out of the tight hold and shakes her hand before grabbing a towel and moving away from the mat. “I don’t know what you’re on about.” Malia replies indifferently.

“What some handsome hunk hasn’t got your nickers in a twist?” Linda laughs.

Malia wants to laugh with the owner and tell her exactly how absurd that notion is, except a part of it is true. She cannot understand why Kai has her so unraveled, hell she can count the number of the encounters they’d had on her hand. “No…” the reply sounds unconvincing in in her own ears. Feeling out of her depth and frankly quite tired, she grabs a swig of water before telling Linda she’s off.

Normally, Malia would jog back to her studio, however tonight she’s burned out and therefore decides to stick to a steady walk. But the darkened night did little in her favor, and that same constraint gave the predator behind her the perfect opportunity to stalk it’s pray.

After visiting the prison his brother is held captive in, several times in the past few days, Kai plans a new plan of attack. Hurting Malia is a necessary evil, one he can accomplish only… from the inside. With his thoughts straight the vengeful man makes his way to the young Silvetti’s store. About halfway there, he breaks to a small crawl as his eyes catch a certain tattooed beauty. Instantly, his once clear thoughts go haywire.

What the fuck was she doing out so late! That alone pisses him off beyond belief. Keeping a wide distance, he decides to follow her. The damn woman seems so bloody oblivious to her surroundings, does she not care for her safety, anyone could slam her once across the back of her head and that would be the end of it. He could easily knock her out and tie her up… on his bed. The thought seems violently pleasurable for all the wrong reasons.

Eventually the couple make it back to Malia’s store, feeling a nervous shiver run through her system, the woman quickly enters her store. She goes to lock up, but before she can a tall figure enters the dark studio with her. And, before she can release a scream, a strong hand wraps around her mouth as a large defined body presses up against her back. “Don’t scream, Malia… or I may just have to punish you.” A unyielding hand pushes past the waistband of her yoga pants and cups her panty clad core.

His threat holds the darkest kind of carnal intentions...

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