The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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“Are you looking for danger… I think you crave it.” Kai hisses, his mind flashing back to her careless strolling form.

Beyond shocked and admittedly a little scared, Malia is unable to respond, and it has nothing to do with the firm hand against her mouth. She most definitely did not seek out danger, in fact Malia regrated her decision to walk immediately, but she was too sore to run let alone jog. The night had sent a warning through her and she was glad when she saw her shop, only now is her heart steadying. She moves her head to release the hold on her mouth. He keeps her locked.

Slowly, Kai leans down and trails small little nips along the side of her neck. The assault is sharp and pain evoking; he wants her to feel his displeasure in her actions. He walks her forward, until her front is pressed against one of the concrete walls. His arms then curl up to cup her heaving breasts.

Malia closes her eyes without any thought, the teasing pleasure coming from the man behind her becomes too much. Wrong move. Within seconds, her skin crawls like little spiders are running all over her. Her breathing halts, she begs her eyes to open but her body only sees to squeezing them shut tighter. All in one quick moment, a strangled cry comes from her part lips and her body goes from numb to livid. She thrashes against the wall.

Kai once again receives that first time experience, he’s beyond shocked. His arms are frozen around her moving body. He does not know how to react; last time she was asleep… his mind blanks completely. He encloses his arms around her torso and tightens her limbs to her sides. With hesitant movement’s he slowly turns her around, glad that his size and strength outweighs hers by loads. Her eyes flash open and meet his. It’s in that moment he realises she’s broken. He recognises the absolute terror in her eyes and drops his arms.

Malia’s watery green eyes blink up at him, she anchors onto the scar and releases a deep breath. Clenching her fists, she waits for him to say something.

And he does, after a minute of silence. “Who hurt you?”

“You did,” she lies. “You were hurting me.” He didn’t believe her, not even for a second.

The darker more possessive part of him wants to find out who hurt her, wants to find the bastard and kill him… slowly, painfully. “You like it when I hurt you,” Kai comments distracted, remembering the night they’d shared and the way her body responded to little strikes of pain.

“Masochism isn’t really my thing.” She replies quietly. Their conversation remains absurdly calm.

He cautiously places a hand on her hip, tightening it there. She feels heat seep from her core. “It is with me.” She couldn’t deny him that.

Malia leans into his touch, allowing his strength to course through her body and electrify her cells. His large hands control her, pulling her towards his chest. They lower down to cup the back of her thighs, he lifts her slowly and slides her smaller body up his. Her back hits the wall and her eyes flash to his. She’s glad he doesn’t ask any more questions, little does she know he plans to push all the answers he’s craving from her, forcefully. Her fingers trace lightly over the back of his neck, she wonders for a second what it’d feel like to see him with hair, would that lessen the intimidation? Probably not.

Kai releases his hold on her thighs and they tighten around his waist, supporting the little woman. “Any sane woman would run from you.” Malia mutters.

Yes, they would. And they have. “Is that so,” Kai nods.

“Mm-hm.” She nods back.

He holds back a smirk and takes her bottom lip between his teeth, his mouth closes over the flesh and using his talented tongue he stimulates the area. Releasing her grazed lip, he replies, “my insane little Malia.” Neither of them were prepared for the possession laced through his words. His wicked eyes catch hers and lock their stare. One hand grabs her throat tightly, and the other reaches down to catch her slipping thighs.

Her mouth dries and no words exit, hesitantly one brave hand moves back and trails down the side of his face. Kai’s hold on her neck weakens as she traces the rough scar cutting across his skin. He allows her to feel around the indent full of threats before releasing her throat and grabbing her wrist. Something about her touch soothes his raging emotions, what has the wicked woman done to him! “Did it hurt?” She questions.

He shakes his head, “no.” There’s no more elaboration.

She leans forward and he waits for her soft full lips to caress his, inches from touching them, a loud shrill cuts through the air. Malia jolts back, causing Kai to quickly catch her from injuring herself. “Let me down,” She whispers, her eyes lower to his chest. He releases her. The tattooist catches a breath against the hard concrete wall before heading towards her flashing phone in the darkened room.

Kai runs an angered hand through his hair, what the fuck was that! He’s brothers would have his balls if they ever found out, well one would have them in hell… but that is beside the point. Malia’s words are hushed whispers; a flash of shock crosses her features. He curbs the need to find out who’s on the other side of the line and waits for her to hang up.

Her back faces him and with two long strides Kai closes the distance, wrapping an arm around her waist. She tenses up and he keeps note of her body trying to turn towards him. If he breaks her completely, she’ll be a blank slate… she’ll be his to destroy. Watching her had made him realise her anxiety strikes when she is unable to see.

She hangs up, “Kai.” The name is said with fear. He doesn’t answer. She needed to hear his voice, see his face… he plans to hide both. “Please, let me go.” Her chest moves rapidly, while her body shifts. He takes her wrists and captures them against her lower abdomen, pushing against her back and forcing her to bend over the bench.

Malia’s mouth dries up, words escape in voiceless whispers. She prays her mother will come down, prays someone will come and take him away. Unfortunately, Sofia has taken that particular night to stay at one of her friends’ home. Kai trails his heated mouth down the curve of her neck, she shivers at his touch. Her body still responding to his in a pleasurable manner, whereas her mind shifts down darker paths.

A haunting face passes under her eyelids, a sinister smirk paired with those irregular pastel blue eyes. Finally, a screech passes through her lips. All at once, Malia pushes away from the bench, catching Kai of guard. He watches her become a hysterical mess, lowering to the floor while clutching her knees to her chest. He thought breaking her would please him, and this should have been a victory… so why was it slowly killing him. Yes, she was the one silently crying on the floor but he is the one bleeding inside.

That’s when he realises he’s a fucking moron, stepping forward Kai crouches down and reaches out towards her. Malia’s eyes snap shut, she closes the world off as a ringing in her ears becomes too much to handle. She feels hands on her shoulders and tries to crawl away, but blinded and muted her body remains motionless.

Kai catches Malia’s falling body before it hits the concrete, he cradles her to his chest and curses himself in every fucking language he knows. He hadn’t expected this, okay… maybe he did, but he thought the outcome would be satisfying. Without thinking, he spins them until he’s leaning against the front desk. Wrapping his large arms around her small frame, Kai hugs her close. Fucking bastard! His own past comes to life in his head as a direct response to her. She looked just as distressed as his brothers had, just as distressed as he’d once been. Malia Silvetti is hiding something, and he was going to tear it apart, even if it took all of him.

Moments of silence pass and slowly Kai moves to his feet, he keeps tight hold of her while he walks through the lower level and up to the second one. The loft is dark, the only light coming from the night sky, streaming in through ceiling to floor windows. Shuffling past the furniture, Kai locates Malia’s partitioned bedroom. With skilful steps he removes her shoes and tights, leaving her in her shirt and underwear.

Climbing onto the bed, Kai lowers her weightless form, he pulls the covers up to her waist and settles in behind her, getting comfortable against her plush backside. Sliding one arm under her head and the other over her waist, he strokes her hip. Past memories taunt him and for a small instance he finds himself becoming the one thing that fucked his childhood over. Disgust fills him down to his core and he bites the sides of his lip until he tastes metallic. Minutes turn into hours and Kai finds himself drifting off to sleep.

Feeling rather hot and bound, Malia stirs. She opens her eyes and finds a dusky morning. What happened? Looking down at the arms around her waist, she turns her head to look behind her, catching Kai’s sleeping form she relaxes. All she could remember was working out at the gym, after that everything seems like a blur. Did she dream Kai hurting her? You’re crazy! Boy did she know it. Rotating, she turns to face the dangerous man behind her.

Her fingers reach up and traces the dominant lines of his face, Kai subconsciously leans into the touch. Leaning forward she presses a kiss to the scar, trailing down the length of it. Why would she imagine Kai doing such a thing, is she really that fucked up! She’d turned down therapy, but if she’s making all this up in her head, then shit she needs someone to help her.

One long slender leg strokes Kai’s calf and lower leg, it curls around and allows Malia to pull herself closer to the slowly waking man. Her mouth trails from the scar to the corner of his mouth, lowering along his jawbone and down his neck. She wants to vaporise all her crazy thoughts and dreams, better termed nightmares.

Kai’s eyes crack open and he looks down to find Malia slowly tormenting his aroused body. The bloody vixen! Her plush figure fits perfectly against his muscular and much harder one, her legs wrapping around him in the most pleasing manner.

Looking up, Malia locks gaze with him, “I’m sorry… I must have fallen asleep,” she whispers. Once again surprised that she hadn’t had an episode.

“You don’t-” Kai stops, that’s when he realises; she has no memory of what he’d done last night, something in him settles at that discovery. “It’s okay, you were tired.”

She smiles up at him softly, “want some breakfast?” She moves away from him and climbs off the bed, looking down at him for an answer.

Kai can only nod, watching after her ridiculously attractive body. How can someone forget something like that? She’d completely lost it last night. He sits up and runs a hand over his head. For the first time since he’d crafted his plan did he feel out of his depth, is he really prepared for what the outcome may be.

Malia disappears into the adjoining bathroom. Fifteen minutes later she returns with a towel wrapped around her body, drops of water wink at Kai seductively, along her body. He folds his arms behind his head and watches her search for clothes. “Tell me about your past, Malia.”

The young woman’s hand freezes for a moment, she remains with her back facing him, “there’s nothing to tell, Kai. I’m just a normal girl.” She shrugs, slipping into underwear before dropping the towel and adjusting her bra.

“Why don’t I believe you?” He questions distracted by her semi-naked inked body.

She pulls on tights and turns to face him, “because you don’t want to believe me.” She tugs a long-sleeve over her head and proceeds to walk out of the room.

Kai uses the bathroom and freshens up before making his way out and into the kitchen where the young Silvetti stands. He finds himself noticing small things, like the way she always wears dark, long clothes; or the way she hugs herself and tap her foot nervously. Hell he even notices the way her hair always seems to cover the back of her neck…

Bending to grab a frying pan, Malia becomes strikingly aware of Kai’s burning eyes watching her every move. Her eyes flicker to his as she rises and his face becomes hooded, something familiar to satisfaction crosses his features. She turns so her back is once again facing him and preps oil on the stove, “fried eggs, good for you?”

Silence meets the question, before Malia can turn around, two strong arms land on the bench either side of her. “Tell me about your family.” Kai demands in a hushed whisper. She turns around and goes to deny him his answer, but once again he beats her to the punch and without warning hard lips press against hers.

His strong hands move from the counter and onto her hips, where they bite into the skin like molten lava. Clenching and unclenching the flesh there, Kai finds himself with a raging erection. A dying need to slam her down on against the counter and fuck her hard against the counter becomes his only thought, any hope of finding out more about the Silvetti’s is lost in his own damn horny haze.

His tongue works skilfully against hers, making sure to taste each and every corner of her mouth. The small moans coming from her lips, send vibrations through his entire body, teasing his cock.

Malia watches the flashes of pleasure kiss Kai’s face; she breathes out a sigh of relief into his mouth. Her panties dampen, almost as if sensing this, the large man’s hand travels down her stomach and enters her tights. His free hand holds her in place, while the one between her thighs begins to stroke her through her underwear.

His eyes open and clash with hers, a part of him toke pleasure in the way she responds to his touches… in fact all of him takes pleasure in that. Seeing her helpless against him, rendered limp from one kiss; yeah, that shit felt good!

A possession like no other takes over and Malia finds herself wanting to make this man hers, a risky concept, one that will bring more harm than good. Her arms wrap around his neck, she uses it as a leaver and pulls herself up. With his free arm, Kai helps her onto the bench next to the stove after subconsciously turning it off.

Her hips grind against his fingers as her lips detach from his lips and hum down to a certain part of his neck. “Unzip me,” Kai grunts out around a moan.

With shaky fingers, Malia does just that. The hand holding her waist now clamps onto her right breast, while the one stimulating her core, pushes her panties to the side. One finger pushes into her tight cunt, causing the woman to bite down on his skin hard. The single digit moves back and forth inside her leaking cunt, her hips buck up on every thrust. A second finger joins the first, the movements are faster, stronger. So close…

Before Malia can climax, Kai removes his hand from her tights, he leans back and licks his fingers clean. Stunned, Malia frowns and looks down, did she do something wrong?

The man places his hands at the sides of her tights, “up,” he commands. Without thinking her hands push up from the bench. In one swift movement Kai has her tights and underwear down and off her legs. It’s like he’s unaware of the impact his strength has on other people, with ease he lifts her, instantly causing her arms and legs to wrap around him tightly.

He relishes in the sensation of her naked core pressing against his torso, turning them around he rests her on the clear island. Pulling his cock free from his jeans, he drags her towards it. Pushing her back, he leans over her. Kai tells himself he does this out of sheer convenience but really he knows it’s so she can see him.

The tip of his member brushes against her wet core, she shivers at the contact. God, is it sick for her to want him to just ram it in, no more of this waiting bullshit! He strokes her slit with the tip of his penis and watches her plead from her eyes for him to penetrate. But that wasn’t enough, he wants her to say the words, for her sweet voice to beg him to fuck her senseless.

His thumb reaches down and begins to stimulate her clit, Malia doesn’t understand what he’s waiting for. Shit, her body felt like a coil just waiting to snap, “please…” A breathless whispers escapes her mouth. Animalistic satisfaction courses through Kai, Malia finds herself spellbound by his expression, almost too bound to notice his member pushing past her tight opening. “Fuck!” The moaned curse has Kai pushing against her harder. Her muscles constrict around him, milking his shaft for all it’s worth.

His thumb moves more furiously against her bud, trying to force her body to naturally lubricate itself. Malia spreads her hips further, he pulls the couple of inches he’d gained back and thrusts forwards again. She hisses through her teeth as her cunt is stretched to the max. Minutes pass and they both come closer to a release. Their breathing is heavy and their bodies sweaty.

Frustratingly, they’re snapped out of the sexual bliss by a loud shout from down stairs, “Malia!” Instantly, the woman beneath Kai is pushing away from him.

But the sound of another man calling her, has him grabbing her startled body and keeping it plastered against his with a climax worthy threat of pleasure, “you’re going to cum, Malia. Your sweet little pussy is going to milk my cock while the fucker downstairs looks for you.”

Her eyes widen as he thrusts up into her forcefully, painfully. Her gasp is captured between his lips…

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