The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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An erotic bliss takes over Malia’s form, she writhers beneath Kai and pushes against his chest. Her eyes lock with his and she can see hidden anger lurking just beneath the surface. Unsure of what she’s done, the woman gently reaches up to stroke the scarred man, flinching slightly as he pushes up into her again.

Some sick part of her enjoys the way his body pushes against hers, she finds his weight comforting. The manner in which his mouth takes control and possesses hers, and the way in which he captures her body under his, has the young woman lost in sexual desire and soon she curses the man downstairs who continues to call her name out, like some kind of mood killer.

Kai, groans in pleasure as her fingers move from cupping his face to run down his back, scratching the skin lightly. He refused to believe he was jealous of the tool downstairs, he refused to believe she could bring such an emotion out of him; so he decides to punish her. Knowing she’s not fully ready to take him, he continues his thrusting, speeding up as thoughts of another man touching her like this float into his dark mind.

He drags his mouth from hers and eyes her warningly, she quickly curbs the yelp of pleasure wanting to burst from her lips. His teeth graze her jaw and move down to the junction between her neck and shoulder, stopping there, Kai latches onto the soft spot. Breathing in her scent, marking it to memory. He reaches up to fist her hair and clench his other hand on her waist, holding her still he ruts into her, over and over, harder and harder!

Hitting her deep and brutally, Malia feels her body tense around his large member, this only works to encourage his jerky movements. With unknown power he juts into her, moving deeper than anything she’d ever felt, so deep her toes curl and her mouth opens in a breathless moan. Within a matter of seconds, she’s crashing into a mind-shattering climax.

Kai doesn’t stop, despite feeling Malia lose all control. He continues to pound into her, the sound of his balls slapping against her bottom become a sick kind of pleasure. The faint sound of Kai making his way up the stairs has Kai smirking, what he’d give for the bastard to see him claiming Malia… Unfortunately, Kai’s pissing contest wasn’t worth another man seeing his woman naked, and oh-so fucking sexy!

Without warning, he lifts her off the island and moves through the kitchen and towards the partitioning. He makes it into her room and out of sight just as Kol enters the loft. Malia’s drugged state clenches onto Kai, tightly, her body feeling overly sensitive. She bites her lip as each step Kai takes jolts up into her tender pussy.

A low grunt passes through Kai’s lips, he catches Malia’s eyes and sensually bounces her on his cock. “Malia… You here?” Kol questions.

Her eyes widen and for the first time since she’s met him; Kai smirks. Illicit gratification thrives through his bones, he feels his own orgasm approach and rolls her small body against his. Kai’s voice is a buried mock against Malia’s ear, “you’re milking my dick, Malia… with the bastard on the other side of the wall.”

As ashamed as she is, Malia can’t help but feeling another release approach. Thankfully she senses Kol disappearing downstairs, probably giving up on her, “fucking dog!” Malia hisses out. What is this man thinking, is he insane!

“Such foul words coming from that fuck worthy mouth of yours…” Kai trails off, his own jealousy clouding his rationality.

Their breathing is uneven and their chests move rapidly, she moans loudly as Kai releases up into her; shuddering out his pleasure against her spent body. For a moment they stayed attached to one another in the most intimate way possible, before Malia snaps out of her daze and with a series of uncoordinated movements, attempts to part their bodies. “Let me go,” she grumbles.

“Your sweet little cunt’s tight hold seems far more reluctant than I, sweetheart.” Another mock.

Shocked at his crude words, she slaps glares up at him and slowly tries to relax her lower body, annoyed at its disloyal behaviour. With a ridiculous amount of effort, she manages to loosen up around him, Kai gently moves her off his semi-hard shaft, knowing it’ll hurt her no matter how soft he is; but hoping his careful actions are less painful.

“Fuck!” Malia hides her face against Kai’s neck, her lower regions protesting against the Kai’s movements, “why are you so damn big…” She mumbles.

Finding himself strangely amused, Kai keeps silent as the unfamiliar emotions run through him. They both groan, finally completely separated. He allows her to stand and keeps hold of her waist, supporting her shaky form. She pushes against his arms and grabs the closest thing to her, draping it over her form.

The long black silky robe only sees to provoking Kai further, the material light and slightly see-through. Malia backs away from the unpredictable man and leans against her wardrobe. “You can’t just do that.” She scolds him.

“Do what? Fuck you… cause from where I was sitting, you seemed to enjoy that.” He lounges against the opposite wall, moving his dick back into his boxer, but leaving his zipper down. Her eyes shift down to his member, before flickering back to him.

She juggles her cluttered thoughts before coming back to her main concern, “what if he’d seen us!”

“What’s he doing here at the ass crack of dawn, Malia?” The tables turn.

She halts, her mouth drying. For a moment she forgets while Kol was there so early, “he works here, Kai.” She manages to get the reason out, despite the large chocolate man’s pressuring persona. He cocks his head to the side, analysing her; trying to find a fault. Feeling out of her league, she turns and moves into her bathroom, closing the door behind herself.

Kai scratches the back of his neck, not understanding his reaction fully. He leaves Malia’s room and heads across the loft and down the stairs, hoping like crazy that the interrupting cunt is still downstairs, sadly he isn’t. The large man continues out of the shop, remembering to lock it, and towards his lone car. Slipping inside the dark vehicle, the brute keys the ignition and revers out of the parking space, before making him way back to his temporary apartment.

Parking outside the building, he makes his way up to his home and unlocks the front door, his house feeling far to eerie and silent. That thought alone seems out of place, grunting his annoyance out through a series of curse words, the man shrugs through the door way and enters the apartment; heading straight for the bathroom.

Standing under a steaming hot showerhead, has never been as pleasing; Kai allows the spray of water ease his muscles. Behind every thought he finds Malia’s distraught form… he can’t hurt her, at least not with his own hands. Finally, it clicks, he needs someone else to do his dirty work; the idea feels like acid cutting down his spine, but he needs to send the Silvetti’s a message.

Exiting the shower, Kai wraps a towel around his waist and enters his room just as his phone buzzes on the chest of draws opposite his bed. Making his way to it, he swipes his thumb across the screen and answers with an annoyed incoherent greeting.

“Mr. Carson?” The voice on the other line is husky, instantly Kai knows it’s one of the female workers at the prison. “You told me to call you if anyone else visits your brother… She’s here again.” The voice continues.

Kai frowns, he’d only just recently come to find that someone else had been visiting his brother, a woman. But who? It can’t be Claire, that bitch is also behind bars. Montel himself is a stubborn mother-fucker, no matter how many times Kai questioned him, he’d remain mute. “Did she leave her name this time?” Kai questions.

“Nope, just Mrs. C. Again.” The woman replies.

With a frustrated groan, he ends the call and slips into some boxers before tugging grey sweats up his legs. There is no point driving to the prison now, the drive toke more than an hour and a half; by the time he reaching the facility, the mystery woman is always long gone.

Across town, Malia dries her body for the second time that morning and pulls on her usual attire, before making her way through the loft and down into the shop. She’d already sensed Kai’s departure. A part of her is admittedly saddened by his exit, another part angry at his previous actions. She looks up as the doors are unlocked and Kol comes through with a tray of fresh juices.

He gives her a confused look, “when did you get in?” The suspicion rests in the air as a painful reminder of her moments with Kai.

“Just then.” Malia lies.

Kol clearly doesn’t trust her, but decides not to probe her, just in case she completely shuts off. He hands her one of the plastic cups and places the other in the mini fridge for Rhett. “You need to crack down on that idiot,” Kol purses his lips as the South African saunters into the shop.

Rhetts eyes zero in on the juice tray, “how was Satoka?” The words are anything but innocent.

“Just fine,” Kol is indifferent.

The three of them set up and Malia heads to the glassed off back room, where she finishes off one of her designs. Disturbingly, her mind continues to reach for Kai. What has happened to her? Then out of nowhere, something clicks; he’s it. Feeling slightly nervous she exits the glasses office while grabbing her wallet and car keys, “you think you can cover today?”

Kol nods and Rhett groans teasingly, “sure thing boss.”

“Cheers!” She smiles at them softly and exits through the sliding doors, making her way to her vehicle she slips inside and starts the engine. With anxiety running through her veins, Malia makes her way onto the highway and travels to the last placed she’d ever expected to go. An hour later, Malia parks in front of a relatively small clinic, hitched steps lead her through the doors and past the receptionist.

Stopping at a closed door, she reaches out and knocks lightly. The door is opened after a soft pause, “Malia!” Mary pulls her cousin into a hug, surprised by the spontaneous visit. It isn’t a shock that Malia hates coming to family gatherings or visiting, much less leaving her home town. Mary moves back, “what brings you here?” She questions, excitedly. “Did something happen?” A bit of worry edges into her words.

“I need some advice… and for some absurd reason I ended up here.” Malia replies.

Almost sensing what’s got Malia bothered, Mary nudges the young woman inside and nods at the receptionist who makes her way down the hallway. Closing the door, she leads Malia to one of the sofas and pushes her down softly, before sitting next to her, “I don’t know if I’ll be much help…”

“What if I find myself infatuated with someone who’s bad?” Malia struggles with phrasing her words.

Mary bites the inside of her cheek, “Malia… have you found him?” She questions.

Quickly, the tattooist shakes her head, “no!” I’m just wondering. How did you deal with the family, after all you fell for the enemy?” Malia instantly slaps herself internally, no one ever brings up the Carson’s, especially not in front of Mary.

The doctor swallows hard, she rolls her bottom lip into her mouth and looks away from Malia and to her desk where she keeps one photo hidden. “Don’t fall for him, Malia. You’ll only find yourself in pain.” She whispers. “I should say that… but, those moments with him were worth all the pain; I loved him, I part of me always will.” She continues. “I wish I could go back in time, change things, keep him.”

“Mary… I’m-”

Mary shakes her head, “it’s okay. Leaving him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, the most painful experience. Without Robert, I don’t know if I’d be here, If I’d have it in me to continue.” A single tear travels down her cheek. “Don’t tell the family, Malia… they’ll destroy him.”

“There is no him…” Malia whispers, feeling unsure about whether she should confide in Mary, completely. Never before has she felt the need to hide anything from her family.

Mary nods, her body here but her mind far away, “good. Don’t ever fall for the bad guy, baby… it’ll kill you.”

The two spend the rest of the morning catching up, they mutually keep the conversation away from Mary’s past and Malia’s future. Eventually, Malia finds herself itching to go back home and not soon after lunch does she find herself moving back into her car and waving at a distracted Mary. Had she done the right thing by speaking with the Doctor? One line seems to stick; those moments were worth all the pain.

The line plays as motivation and Malia realises she can’t leave Kai, she needs him. The strength of her feelings shock her, she never understood why her family seemed to become lost puppies after falling in love… but now, she understands. Maybe love is too strong of a word just yet, but she knows without a doubt that there’s no coming back from this.

Throwing caution to the wind, she drives back home, but decides to detour. Stopping in front of Kai’s apartment, she exits her vehicle and makes her way up to him, pausing at his front door she takes a deep breath and knocks. No one answers. She knocks again, still nothing. Raising her knuckles for the third time, she goes to knock, only to jump startled by a door opening next to her.

“Fucking hell! He’s not in, sweetheart.” A grimy looking old man snaps, poking his head out.

She keeps her cool and wraps her arms around her body, “do you know where he is?” She tries her luck.

“The fucker’s always at Shin’s.” He replies in an irritated voice.

She continues to push was little luck she has, “Shin’s?”

“The gym two blocks down.” He releases an exasperated sigh before slamming his door shut in Malia’s face. Well then. Only then does the young woman notice she’d moved from Kai’s front door to the peeved older mans.

She passes the other apartments and travels back down to her car, unlocking it she moves inside and revs out of the surprisingly empty parking lot. A small thrill leaks through her blood, slowly rising to a large constant thump. She locates the small gym and parks close to the entrance. Her eyes scan the lot but are unable to find Kai’s ride, she tests her optimism and continues forward through the large metal doors.

Entering the large old building, she instantly feels outnumbered by the amount of males in the joint. Giving herself a small mental pep-talk she shrugs off her nerves and ignores all the curious eyes, while she looks for a certain ruthless looking man. It doesn’t take long to find Kai, she makes her way to the enraged and sweaty man.

Shin’s attention instantly moves to the new entrance, he drops the paperwork in his hands and beelines for the wondering woman, she must be lost. Surly she is!

Her walk is forced into a standstill when those familiar grey eyes turn to cut into her. Kai stumbles slightly, for a moment thinking he’s imagining her… it wouldn’t surprise him if he is. He goes to take a step forward, towards her but instantly stops as she flinches and steps back. The fear in her eyes taunt him. This is what he wanted; he wants her scared of him, so why isn’t he satisfied? Why is he angry with her?

There is no reason, no answer to her actions. Malia watches Kai cautiously, she isn’t scared of him… but she does fear his anger, his strength and his secrets. Is that enough to keep her away, fuck no! She licks her lips and waits for him to say something.

Kai remains a statue, vaguely aware of the horny dicks currently feasting on his little Malia. “What are you doing here?” He grunts out. She doesn’t reply, “seeking danger?” He taunts. “Come on, are you scared, baby.” The cruel smirk of his lips have her confused.

“No. I’m not Kai.” She replies, glad that her voice stands strong.

Immediately, the rest of the men in the gym force their arousal to cease, she is clearly Kai’s; and they are not about to give the beast a reason to dismember them. Shin approaches the couple.

Kai scoffs, “you mean to tell me those cold feet aren’t terror stricken.”

“Kai, enough.” There’s warning coating her words.

He laughs humorously, “Come up here, my scared little kitten.”

Malia bites her lower lip, holding back her shit storm of anger. “Maybe you should leave him be, love.” She turns to find a tall Asian man looking down at her. “Whoever called him really fucked him up.” She looks back up at Kai, who continues his little display.

He’s hurting. “Come up here, sweetheart… Prove you’re not afraid of me.” Only then does Malia realise that he need’s her to go up there, needs her to prove that he’s not a monster.

She takes a step forward, Shin grabs her forearm and jerks her back. Kai jolts forward, ready to break the owners arm for grabbing her. “Don’t” Shin shakes his head; he knows she’s going to get hurt. Kai is not someone you just walk into a ring with!

Spiders crawl up her back and she quickly twists out of the man’s grip, “don’t touch me.” Releasing a breath, she makes her way up onto the ring. Kai cocks his head to the side, before pulling his arm back and throwing a punch in her direction…

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