The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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The fist barely misses her face, Malia flinches slightly. From behind her she can hear the gym owner plead for her to get down. Ignoring the man’s warning’s Malia takes a step back, before circling around Kai slowly, finding his weakness. A task that is usually easy, seems quite coAmplex currently. She scans his body, he stands strong, turning with her and also analysing her movements.

Kai can admit he’s surprised she didn’t leave the ring, let alone move back, in fact he finds himself more curious about the woman. Never before has be played defence, but for her he would. “Your hands are shaking, Malia.” He nods in their direction.

Malia doesn’t look down; in fact, she doesn’t break their eye contact. She couldn’t care less if her hands, feet or entire body is shaking. All she is focused on his Kai. “Calm down, Kai.” She whispers raising her arms to protect her torso and face if need be.

“I’m not angry, babe.” His voice lacks concern.

Lunging forward, Malia’s leg swings out to catch Kai behind the knee, only to miss by a couple of seconds. She finds herself confused, all her martial arts and kickboxing classes should have had her prepared for this, after the incident she ensured she’d be prepared to take on any fucker who tried to touch her; but he isn’t just any fucker, that’s for sure!

Moving forward again, she goes for an upper cut. Catching her arm, he spins her and presses his back against her front, “you’re too weak.”

Those words cut like razors down her back, she’d heard them far too many times, from the same bastard who gave her nightmares, who destroyed her. “You’re a coward.” Malia didn’t know why she jeers those particular words out, but they seem to have an effect on Kai as his hold on her loosens.

Around the couple the gym members close in, they find the scene quite interesting and undoubtedly they’re a bit afraid of the harm Kai can do to the small woman. Shin watches the scene unfold with angst, he knew that getting in that ring with the two of them would end up with all three of them injured. He’d seen how Kai reacted to him grabbing onto the young woman.

He pushes through two men and comes to a stop facing Malia, he gains her attention, “get down, sweetheart.”

Bitting the side of her cheek she ignores the man for the second time. Kai’s next words are low and they see to causing unknown anger to spear through Malia. “Does it hurt… Is it slowly killing you?” The brute is referring to his actions, but all Malia can see is those dead blue eyes and that cruel grin.

“Yes, he is.” She replies honestly, this catches Kai off guard. Spinning fast, Malia roundhouse kick leave the entire gym in silence.

Shin can only watch as the two destroy each other, the taunting is unheard but it’s clear words were said that cannot be taken back. The owner’s eyes enlarge as blood leaks from the corner of Kai’s mouth.

Kai’s shock with her reply, has him frozen. He finally had his answer, as clear as day; someone had hurt her. Malia uses his motionless state to advance on him further, she moves behind him in a blur and clips the back of his shins. The large man falls to his knees, with a sharp thud that quakes through the hall.

Malia’s not finished just yet, not even close. Her hand catches the back of his ear accompanied by a fist to the nose, followed by her knee crashing against Kai’s solar plexus, rendering him to a breathless figure hunched over. She cocks her head and circles him again, finishing with another brutal assault against the side of the large man’s face. She leans down low, to ensure only he can hear her words… “Satisfied, babe?” Moving back, she leans against the ropes.

Least to say the gym is shocked by the scene in front of them. It isn’t even the fact that Malia is a woman or so small; but the fact that Kai’s an animal, one that kills its prey without a second thought.

Kai’s eyes travel up to meet Malia’s, the metallic taste in his mouth has him swallowing hard. “Overwhelmingly so, kitten.” He grunts through his bloodied teeth.

Shin makes quick work of moving the gym members away from the scene. He sends them all glares that have them heading back to their previous stations. “Well then, love, seems I underestimated you.” The owner nods at Malia, still in shock.

This cracks the furious fog around Malia, she quickly moves forward to tend to Kai, beyond outraged at her actions. She hadn’t planned to take it this far! Cupping the bleeding man’s face she lifts it to inspect the damage, Kai continues to watch her. He can’t help but want to know who the asshat is, who hurt her!

“Come on, get up.” She mumbles.

Kai groans slightly, moving to this knees. She got him good, that’s for damn sure. Surprisingly, his anger with his brother has disappeared; he’d received another call from the prison, this time it was to inform him of his brother’s violent behaviour. The shit must really love it in that damn cage, he continues to add more time onto his already exiting period.

Malia helps Kai move to his feet, keeping a strong hold of him. She helps him out of the ring, with Shin. As the large man’s feet touch the concrete floor, he pushes away from the aiding hands. He grabs a set of keys and his phone of the ground next to the ring. It’s almost as if he hadn’t just been hit in a series of pressure points. Malia hides her disbelief at his moving body, he seems beyond fine.

She gives the owner one last look before following behind Kai, needing a quick pace to keep up with his long strides. They exit the gym, and Malia catches onto his wrist. “I’ll bandage you up…” She mumbles, feeling like a complete bitch.

Kai swipes the pad of his thumb across his bleeding lower lip, but doesn’t reply. He allows her to lead him to her vehicle and doesn’t complain when she opens the door for him. All he can think about is finding out who hurt her, the pain drilling through his body isn’t registered, nor is Malia’s actions.

The young Silvetti, moves into her car and heads towards town, she eyes Kai after parking in front of the pharmacy. He seems completely out of it, she hadn’t knocked his frontal lobe or temple, so she knows he’s simply lost in thought. She exits the car and rushes inside, grabbing disinfectant and bandages, she pays up before returning to the vehicle.

Kai is still in the same position she’d left him in. Buckling back up, Malia drops the bag of medical supplies on her back seat, she reverses out of the parking space and starts off in the direction of his apartment. A few minutes later they arrive, Malia grabs the plastic bag before moving around to Kai’s side.

He doesn’t use her support, moving out of the car he heads up to his home ignoring Malia’s lingering presence. He unlocks his front door and walks through it, leaving it open for the trailing woman to lock. Only when he’s within the comfort of his own room does the large man hiss out his pain, he slowly peels his shirt off his body and takes a seat on the side of his bed.

Malia drops her keys and phone on the kitchen counter, taking note of the empty space… does the man not eat? She grabs a stainless steel bowel and fills it with ice and cold water, grabbing a cloth and she continues into the bedroom. Kai remains motionless, with his hands clasping his knees. His brothers had taught him to accept pain, to become stronger from it. But the second a concerned Malia enters his room, his resolution dissolves into the air.

Walking further into the room, Malia places the bowl on the ground next to him and drops the plastic beside his stone form. She drops to her knees and looks up, grabbing his eyes in her intoxicating hold. She reaches forward and takes on of his legs, pulling his shoes and socks free, her slender fingers roll the bottom of his sweats up. She lightly strokes his sural, before doing the same with his other leg.

Grabbing two of the pain reducing patches from the bag, she applies them to the backs of his fibular. Moving back to her feet she conducts his movements into a supine position. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, she grabs the bowl and uses the cloth to lightly stroke the base of Kai’s ribs.

Kai watches as the small woman tends to him, he’s never been cared for like this, not once has anyone come to fix his wound. The pain is no longer a concern, in fact he couldn’t feel anything; but a part of him didn’t want to inform Malia of this, scared that she’d stop.

Leaving the cloth on his solar plexus region she grabs the disinfectant and come cotton wool; reaching up for his face she begins to systematically clean the side of his mouth and corner of his right eyebrow. Without warning, Kai’s arms wrap around Malia’s waist. He tugs her down and she manages to catch herself inches from his skin. She frowns down at him, “stop, you’re hurt.”

One hand moves up the curve of her body and clamps around the back of her neck and lower head, pulling down his mouth reaches for hers. She shakes her head and gives him a small peck, “I’m not a fragile little boy, Malia.”

She raises an eyebrow and lightly slaps the side of his cheek, his features scrunch feeling a small sting run through his facial nerves. “Idiot.” She mutters. “Why didn’t you fight back?”

“I’m not about to take up necrophilia…” Is that a joke. Malia hides her surprise and continues disinfecting the corner of his mouth.

She pulls back and grabs some ointment, Kai’s arms remain around her body; restricting her movements. “Are you really that obsessed-”

“Yes.” He doesn’t let her finish. Honestly speaking, Malia hadn’t expected him to reply. She rolls her eyes to hid her bewilderment at his behaviour.

After a few minutes she removes the cloth and applies patches on the pressure points, before leaving him. Heading to the kitchen she cleans up, before resting her palms against the basin and taking a moment to herself. The whole situation feels surreal. Lost in her own world, she misses Kai’s approaching form.

The large man moves across the room and to her, wrapping his muscular arms around her small curvy form. She tenses, “relax…” He whispers.

Kai decides to take a gentle approach; only then will she open up to him. His eyes flicker to his phone on the bench, he plans on finding someone to bruise her up. He’ll remain hidden behind this façade of kindness and slowly he’ll wipe out the Silvetti’s… after killing the bastard who hurt his little pet of course.

“Go lay down.” She orders.

He presses a kiss to her shoulder, unable to stop himself. Will she fall for his act? Malia turns in his arms and wraps her own arms around his neck. She already has. He holds back the thrill of satisfaction that builds in his dark mind. He shakes his head. “I’m fine.” The words are sharp and cold. She’s already fallen into his game, there’s no need to put so much effort in sweet talking her.

Worried about the change in Kai’s personality, Malia puts a note in her head; she needs to be careful. Careful around him.

“Go take a seat at least and I’ll make you dinner,” She pushes at him.

He keeps hold of her for a moment, before releasing her and moving to the living area where he relaxes on one of the sofas. Malia quickly scans his fridge and cupboard, realising the man has next to nothing in them. She decides to head to the supermarket, taking her keys and phone she heads for the door, only to have Kai grab her forearm tightly, “you’re leaving?”

“You have no food, Kai, I am going to go buy some.” She gazes up at his troubled face.

He nods while grabbing a white shirt that’s hanging on the back of one of the barstools. Snagging his key and wallet he grabs my wrist and leads me out of the apartment. He should really be resting! “Don’t say it,” Kai grumbles sensing Malia’s concern.

She keeps her mouth shut as he helps her into his car, he then walks around to the driver’s side, despite her saying it’d be better if she drove. Malia has never met anyone so damn stubborn, and that’s saying something considering her brothers are practically mules!

A comfortable silence sets in as they begin driving to the town centre, Malia quickly sends a couple of text messages to her mother, Kol and Rhett while they drive. Soon enough they arrive and luckily the parking lot is not as busy as it’d normally be, almost as if the town had sensed tonight would be the night the beast came out. Malia leaves her keys in one the cup holders, her wallet is snatched from her and also left in that compartment, by Kai.

She shakes her head and exits the vehicle, making her way around to Kai. Their bodies don’t touch but it’s clear they’re a couple, annoyed with the slight crowd, Malia moves in front of Kai. She quickly realises that all eyes are on them, regardless she continues. The towns people love gossiping and by now she’s used to them speaking about her family.

Kai finds himself surprised, she seems to be indifferent to all the glares coming their way. He’s expected her to be at least, uncomfortable. But once again she shocks him. Clearing those thoughts, he watches ahead and instantly finds himself aroused, the bloody vixen’s hips swing so sensually. Like a siren, she calls to him, unconsciously he comes closer to her and wraps his large arms around her waist.

With wide eyes Malia halts, something hard pokes her back. “Take responsibility.” Kai’s hot breath sends shivers down her spine, the good kind.

“I didn’t do anything…” She replies.

He nips her shoulder, “liar.” He nudges her forward and she continues walking, with his profile against her back. Least to say, this definitely gained more hawklike stares. Ignoring her surroundings, Malia places her hand over his against her stomach. Kai grabs a trolley and situates her between his arms and it, capturing her. She leans against the handle slightly, sufficiently pressing her rear against his already stimulated body. “Malia…” He warns huskily.

She laughs softly and begins to lead them through each aisle. They almost seem like a normal couple. Pausing in the toiletries section, Malia eyes a small box. “Kai?”

“Don’t worry, Malia. I can’t get you pregnant.” He mutters, a bit of acid leaking into his tone. An imagine of her pregnant with his child, flashes through his mind, it leaves just as quickly as it came.

Curious she turns marginally and looks up at him, “you can’t have children?”

He nods, “yeah.”

“Ever?” She questions.

He sighs before pushing her along, “there’s a small chance-”, but it’s highly unlikely. He doesn’t finish. She stops them again, turning in his arms she reaches up and presses a small kiss against his jaw. Comforting him. The dark man can’t help but imagine having a family with her, if he was any other man and she any other woman… There’s no point thinking such foolish thoughts, sooner she’ll simply be a painful message to the Silvetti’s, nothing more and nothing less. Still a possessive part of him wishes for her to be that small chance, so she’ll always remember him; so other bastards would know she is his.

Both lost in their own minds, they systematically finish shopping. Kai pays before they leave the grocery store and head back to his car.

The drive home is just as silent as the previous one, but for some reason there seems to be something in the air, something uncomfortable. Parking outside the unit, they remain seated. An awkward feeling has Malia exiting the car, Kai mimics her actions. He grabs the bags while she leads them to the apartment.

Kai disappears inside his bedroom the second he’s disposed of the groceries on the table. Malia runs a frustrated hand through her hair. Everything was going so well, if only she didn’t open her big bloody mouth. Shaking the negative vibes away, she starts slicing up ingredients for a lamb stir fry. Faintly she can hear the shower running, she makes another mental note to re-apply the pain patches.

The hot water burns like a reminder down his back, Kai slams his palms against the tiles; she’d messed with his emotions. He prides himself on control and yet look at him now! He allows the jets of water to punish him a moment longer, before he rinses off and steps out of the shower, groaning slightly as he bumps the bruise on her torso. Heading back into his room, he releases a sigh of relief after hearing the sound of frying in the kitchen… yes, he admits; he was a little worried she’d leave.

Halfway through preparing the meal, a dull buzzing has her turning several times, until her eyes land on Kai’s phone. Her eyes flicker up in the direction of his room. Should she answer it? What if it’s important? Sighing, she picks up the vibrating device and slides her thumb across the screen.

“Calling from the state prison, is this Kai C…”

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