The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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The phone is snatched from Malia’s hand before the lady on the other side of the line can finish her sentence, she turns to look up at Kai. He glares down at her before leaving her alone in the kitchen, feeling like an outsider. She turns back to the sizzling concoction at the stove, with her mind in a jumble of thoughts.

Kai’s words are hushed and angry, barking another whispered threat at the woman he ends the call before throwing it onto his bed. Cautiously he walks back out to the living area, pausing at the doorframe he analyses Malia as she moves around his kitchen; just how much did she hear? Not much, probably, no chance she’d still be as calm as she currently is. He enters the room and slips onto one of the barstools, cupping his chin and leaning forward on the benchtop.

She can feel his gaze bore into her back, but Malia refuses to turn around; she feels like a scolded child and that does not sit well with her. She makes quick work of dishing up his food, before finally gaining enough confidence and pride to turn back around and facing him, the bowl in her shaky hands. Hesitating slightly, she approaches him and places the dish in front of his arms. Swiftly moving back to the other side and slowly stacking the dirty dishes into the sink.

Kai grinds his molars together as he watches her movements, did she really believe he’d be satisfied with just this much… He can’t explain it; he doesn’t understand why he feels the need to keep her there. “Malia.” He commands her attention.

Like a pet she spins to heed his command. “Yes?”

“Eat.” He nods to the seat next to his.

She shakes her head and begins to wash the dishes, “I should be heading back home, you seem fine here.” It is more than her lost pride. The phone call confirms; Kai is bad news. Mary’s warning stings like a hot rod, she finishes up with the dishes, mindful of the brute’s slowly rising anger.

“I won’t ask again.” He grumbles, a deep gravely tone pinched with annoyance.

She purses her lips before rinsing out the cloth she’d used to wipe down the benchtop, “good.” She grabs her items off the counter and finishes, “you’ll be fine, there extra in the fridge.” She turns and begins a stride to the door.

He gives her a moment, allows her to believe he’s going to let her go, before moving onto his feet and heading after her. She pulls open the front door, only to have him slam it shut with a palm above her head. His free arm grabs her just beneath her breasts and jerks her back. “You’re thinking too much.” He mumbles, shifting her to face him.

She is seconds from losing her mind, the urge to beat her own head builds. Something’s wrong, she feels it instantly. Pent up frustration has her pushing away from him. Confused with her actions, Kai tightens his hold; she can see him, why’s she so tense? Unsure of who she’s more annoyed with, Malia rolls her bottom lip into her mouth to stop herself from hurling a hysterical shout his way. She wants to ask him questions, to sit down and speak with him like a normal couple; but that’s just it… they’re not a normal couple, in fact in that moment she realises she has no right to answer his phone, or ask him questions or cook for him and tend to his injuries. She’s not his woman.

“I’m done.” She whispers out, the dark hallway does little in cooling Kai’s emotions.

Those words cut deep, he freezes, his fingers still biting into her soft skin. “No, you’re not.” Thoughts of revenge and vengeance become lost somewhere in the back of his mind. The possibility of never seeing her again sets a possessive kind of fear in his system.

In that moment, it’s just them. Malia frowns, “you’re hurting me.” She lies. The strong grip is like a drug, she’s addicted. The sick revelation shocks her.

Too many people have left Kai incarcerated in a cage of isolation, he refuses to allow her to leave. Maybe he is too possessive, and most probably infatuated with her; but he’ll never leave her be. Even if that means becoming a shadow, stalking her. Unknown to the dark man, Malia’s thoughts run the same track. No one or thing will ever be enough for her, she doesn’t own him but he’ll always be hers. Their unhealthy feelings remain locked beneath their little facades.

From being stone still, Kai moves into action; locking her hands tightly behind her back, he has Malia pressed flush against his body. “What did the woman say to you?” He questions. He’d kill the vile bitch.

“Nothing,” Malia shakes her head. Kai scoffs with a humourless laugh. Releasing her wrists, he bends down and grabs her thighs, lifting her effortlessly over his should. “Put me down! You’re hurt, idiot.” She stops herself from pounding his back.

He drops her on the counter after pushing the bowl aside, following by taking a seat in front of her; conveniently positioning himself between her legs. He wraps his arms around her lower back, slowly lowering his head against her stomach; just tonight. He only wants one night to be someone else, someone who can have her. Without thought Malia wraps her arms around his head, keeping Kai captive against her.

They stay in that position, bathed by light from the setting sun. Kai places a small kiss against her stomach, she clenches tightly and he releases a small breath. She closes her eyes and allows the dusky sky to fall, “your food is cold…” She sighs quietly.

“I’m hungry,” The childish words stun Malia.

The words aren’t lies; Kai is hungry, he’s always been… no amount of food seems to fill him. She runs her hand over his smooth head and slowly pushes him back. “Move. I’ll heat it up for you.” She goes to slide away from him, but his arms restrict the movement.

“It’s warm enough.”

She grabs the bowl and sure enough the sides are still warm, holding it out to him she waits. He simply goes to rest against her thigh. “Open your mouth Kai, you’ve had nothing to eat all day!” She scolds.

Unknown emotions run through the man’s form as he listens to the smaller woman and opens his mouth. Gently, she feeds him, all the while he keeps steady eyes on her. Halfway through he shakes his head, “you eat.”

“Are you still hungry?”

He shakes his head, “no.” It isn’t a lie, he’s beyond full. He’s never had any reason to question his plans to destroy the Silvetti’s, but now… he isn’t too sure.

She finishes his bowl of food, knowing full and well that it’d be an ordeal and a half to move away from the possessive man. Setting the bowl down next to them she leans back and over to grab a glass. Her arched body does crazy things to Kai, he stands up and flawlessly wraps her legs around his waist before supporting her off the benchtop.

Instinctively she moves up and grabs onto his shoulders, “put me down!” She immediately pushes against him. Ignoring her resistance, he heads to the fridge and grabs a bottle of water before dropping it in her lap and carrying her to the lounge room. He takes a seat, with her cradling his lap; he’d be fucked if he gave her the chance to get away from him. She shakes her head at his behaviour and holds the bottle out to him, “I was getting it for you.”

He shrugs, “you drink it.”

She unscrews the cap and takes a swig, for the pure purpose of keeping her mouth shut. Before she can close the lid, he takes it off her and drowns half of the bottle. She drops the bottle beside them when he’s done.

He leans forward and kisses her shoulder, tugging the material of her shirt down to expose the area. She looks beautiful, the moonlight illuminating half of her profile, something about her drives Kai insane. Malia rests her palms against his wide chest, she leans down and presses a soft kiss over his heart; he’ll never know just how important he’s becoming to her.

Kai drags her into the warmth of his arms, “what would you do if I was the bad guy…” His hold on her waist is pleasurably painful. In that moment she realises; even if she wants to run away, he’ll catch her. He’ll always catch her.

Keeping her eyes locked with his, “I’d pleasurably regret my decision, Kai.” She replies.

Approval flashes through his eyes and her own body hums in response, she likes pleasing him… that same sick addictive poison drags her down. “You’ll always be mine, Malia.” If only she believed him. His words are quiet, almost as if he doesn’t want her to hear them. Ignoring the feverish beat of her heart, she grabs his collar and tugs his lips up to hers, forcefully. His palms flatten against the middle of her back, plastering their bodies together, her hands travel up to clutch the top of his neck and lower jaw. His hold is strong enough to make her very aware of him. “I may just destroy you...” Once again his threat is silent, he kisses down her jaw and pauses.

“You already have…” She hisses out, through her teeth as the sensation of his erection presses against her stomach.

His hands fist against her back, “good.”

Malia leans back and looks down at his scarred face, cupping his face more fully she laughs without humour. Her hands lower to the bottom of his shirt, she tugs it up and reveals his ridiculously defined torso. Continuing to pull, he helps her lift it over his head. Returning the favour, his strong fingers tear the back of her shirt open. He runs the calloused tips down her spine, sending thrills right down to her toes.

He flips them all of a sudden, with her back to the sofa and his large figure leaning over her significantly smaller one. Kai strokes her temple before moving down her curvaceous and sensual body, halting at her hips. He fingers the tops of her tights, before removing them leisurely, along with her panties.

He gives her a predatory look before moving down between her legs, his mouth latches onto her inner thigh, he reaches up to take one of her fisted hands in his, soothing it with the pad of his thumb… Reminding her that he’s still there. She keeps her eyes focused on his hand holding her, receiving comfort from its strong hold.

The vulnerable position has Malia leaking right into Kai’s waiting mouth, his free hand is used to spread her folds, giving his skilful tongue full advantage over her dripping wet pussy. His eyes feast on the treat, pulling back he hums his satisfaction, “so wet, so sweet, so fucking ready.” The breathless words clench in Malia’s abdomen.

The animalistic need to strip him bar and jump his bones is like an electric shot through her, the primitive needs remain pulsing in her veins. The flick of Kai’s tongue conquers her resisting lips, forcing them to part and allow a sultry moan to escape. His own groan of pleasure sends vibrations across her burning cunt.

At first he’s gentle, stroking every inch of her slit… tasting her, savouring her. Then, without warning he spreads her legs further, dipping is tongue into her rapidly, only stopping to flick her clit. Be brutally forces her body to submit to his strokes of pleasure, it’s obvious who the prey is and who the predator is. He feasts on the junction between her thighs, finding it much more appealing than the meal she’d placed before him prior. His reaction towards her leaving, confused her. A selfish part of her thrived on his possessiveness, it soaks up all his intense emotions.

Even now, the controlled manner in which he keeps her captive, as if he’s scared to let her go. She almost believed he’d take her over his knee and show her exactly what leaving results in. Her core drips juice at the delectable threat of his spanking, Malia hides her embarrassment behind a deep moan.

He pushes her legs up, moving with them and successfully keeping her open to his hungry mouth. She reaches down and wraps her free hand around his neck, feeling his warmth seep into her skin. Kai’s muscles ripple against Malia’s legs as she wraps them around his form. Her nails dig into his skin as she draws him closer to her pleading heat.

Need and want grow deep in her belly, it takes everything in her to not demand her take her then and there, hard and fast! New to the intoxicating sensations, her back lifts and the muscles in her lower regions contract. The tension continues to grow and her legs tremble. Then, Kai does the most selfish thing he can; he moves away from her tight little cunt and trails his lips up her stomach, she finds herself tempted to initiate penetration like some kind of wild animal in heat.

He releases his fist on her hand and grabs her soft wide hips, he does this to keep her in place all the while gaining access to her collarbone and earlobe. It’s then she notices; he’s marking her. Sucking areas of her heated skin and displaying his possession over her. His behaviour sinfully powerful, she grinds her hips up against him. She finds herself craving his blistering branding, curving her neck she gives him more access.

Releasing the skin just above her collarbone, Kai pulls her long sleeved shirt off her body before throwing it over his shoulder and lowering his lips over her pebbled nipple. One hand moves to play with her cunt, until she’s a soaking mess once again, just begging for his taking. Her hips move in sync with his fingers and she screams out her climax as it hits her without caution.

Kai lowers his sweats and boxers, watching her shiver beneath him, he presses the tip of his cock against her sensitive folds. “My little Malia…” The grunt of possession follows through with his member slamming up into her.

She bites her lip and breathes through the pain of being stretched so suddenly. Kai captures the next cry with his lips against hers. Her fingers bite into his back, he slowly thrusts the tip of his shaft back and forth in hopes of relaxing her tight pussy. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to get it all up in her, she is just so small and tight.

Malia wraps her arms around his neck and cautiously closes her eyes, he notices this and releases her mouth. Her eyes squeeze together tightly and the same horror filled images flash across her mind. “I’m here…” The deep gravely tone breaks through the dark fog, Kai whispers the words again and places a soft kiss against the corner of her mouth, “look at me… I’m here.”

But she doesn’t open her eyes, a sense of security settles over her and she finally opens herself up to Kai. A small tear slips from her eye, and she opens her eyes when it becomes too much. Kai strokes her body delicately; he forces another inch inside her and prays he can hold out until she releases one more time.

Kai closes his eyes and his jaw clenches, Malia strokes her anchor and with several more thrusts, together they drown in heated bliss. He claims all her pleasure with his possessive mouth. His large form gives way and presses down on her, his member remains clamped in her as her pussy milks him dry.

Their breathing is jerky; she keeps his shuddering body against hers until he’s come down from the high. Kai ensures her legs are wrapped around his waist tightly, he lifts her and she rests against him. “You shouldn’t be carrying me…” She mumbles against his shoulder; he only tightens his hold on her. With each step to his room, the two of them groan. Malia’s sensitive heat contracts harder against Kai’s shaft, causing his movements to falter.

He enters the bedroom and slowly lowers them onto the bed, “relax.” He instructs.

“I am.” She replies softly. Groaning, Kai begins to pull out of her. She grabs his shoulder tightly as the burning increases. The large man continues freeing himself from her, grinding his molars each time she whimpers in pain.

She releases a sigh of relief when he’s out of her. Kai moves her up the bed and lays down next to her on his back, she rests against his side, using his arm as a pillow. She tugs the blanket up to his hips and her waist, she falls asleep within minutes, leaving Kai is to stroke her naked body. Reaching over for his phone, he texts a close acquaintance with orders to hurt the little woman in his arms. Swallowing hard, Kai presses a kiss against the top of her head before closing his eyes and clamping his arms around her.

His one night to be free is slowly coming to an end.


Malia wakes with a shock and sore throat, the room is still dark and little light comes in from the large window. She looks up at Kai’s sleeping self and forcefully pry’s his arms off her. His breathing seems a little too controlled and she becomes suspicious; did he see her flip out? Sitting up the sheets fall into her lap, she reaches over to grab a shirt resting on the bedside table. Slipping into it she goes to slip out of bed, only to find her wrist being clamped.

Twisting, Malia turns around to find Kai sitting up, braced by one arm. Something close to betrayal shines in his eyes, his other hand fists around her small wrist, punishingly. “Where are you going?” He questions quietly, his voice scarily calm.

“Home, Kai.” She tugs her hand.

He glares down at her, “why do you keep trying to leave?” He accuses.

“What do you think this is!?” She motions between them.

He doesn’t answer her, instead he retorts with his own question, “am I not fucking you right? Are you not satisfied!” The words are cruel. Before she can stop herself, Malia’s hand sails through the air. Kai’s face remains rooted, not moved by the impact of her palm. He reaches forward and grabs her shoulders, jerking her towards him, “don’t make me do something I’ll regret.” He threatens.

“Did you see!” She shouts. He doesn’t reply but his hands loosen and she uses this moment to pull free from him, stepping of the bed she gives him one final glare and leaves his room.

Kai pulls on some sweats and follows her out, he grabs her arm as she rises from pulling on her tights. “I didn’t see shit, Malia!”

She doesn’t force the issue because she can’t be too sure, regardless, she promised herself one night; the night is over. She doesn’t meet his gaze and twitches free of his caging embrace, swiping her things off the counter she continues out of his apartment, ignoring his angered words following behind her.

Kai slams his fist through the wall, fuck! She’ll come running back, especially when one of his brother’s gang members rough her up. As soon as the sick thought enters his mind, he banishes it and curses while grabbing his car keys and heading down to his car in a rush. In the haste, he forgets to call off the men.

Malia’s drive home is silent. Arriving at the tattoo parlour she exits her vehicle and locks up. All the lights are off and she wonders if her mother’s already asleep. Upon entry a loud smashing upstairs has her freezing in fear…

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