The Enemy [#4 Illicit Desires]

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The studio is dark and to Malia it almost feels as if there is a cold draft shifting through the space. She quietly makes her way through the space, grabbing a pair of scissors on her way to the stairs. She is afraid; if her mother’s hurt… the young Silvetti can’t bear the thought. Her booted feet are light against the metal stairs, approaching the opening she positions her makeshift weapon. Entering the upper level, her eyes instantly adjust to the sufficiently darker room. She mentally curses herself for not installing those flashy automatic lights.

Keeping her eyes wide and her ears ready she continues into the loft, scanning her surroundings her eyes zero in on a bulky shadowed figure. She notices metal glimmer on the island about a metre away from the huddled figure. Holding her breathe she approaches it, the figure remains unaware, it’s hunched form seems tense. Malia remains hidden in the dark, her fingers crawl across the counter silently and latch onto the shiny knife.

Feeling more confident, now fully equipped with two weapons, Malia makes her way around the island and comes to a stop behind the large figure. Raising her arms high, she goes to strike, only to be stop by a soft whisper. “Go away,” Sofia’s firm and yet gentle voice has her daughter’s arms frozen.

“Sofia…” The deep voice of her father has her rapidly lowering the items in her hands and flipping a light switch on.

The room is bathed in light. Malia’s parents break apart and turn to find their wide eyed daughter gawking at them. “Are you crazy!” She scolds, “I could have hurt you… I almost did.” Malia’s shaky hands drop the scissors and knife, she slumps against the counter and lowers her heart rate via relaxing breathes.

Royce turns to his daughter and pulls her into a tight hug, “it’s been too long, Malia.” The past couple of weeks had been hell for the man, he felt as if he’d lost everything. Never has he felt so alone. He thought his wife would be pleased with him, he planned to take her on a second honeymoon. In return she accused him of cheating and ran away! Clearly surprises aren’t their thing.

“Get your bags.” Royce grumbles, beyond annoyed.

Sofia does as she’s asked with little enthusiasm, “I still have stuff at the boy’s house.” She continues.

Malia cocks her head, she’d made sure to grab all her mother’s things before they’d left Sinn and Nickolas’, but she gave her mother the benefit of the doubt. Besides she feels caged, she needs to get out of the town, as surprising as the thought is. She watches as her father takes her mother’s bags to his car, she follows them down and leans against her own vehicle. “I’ll follow you down.” Malia nods at her father. In the back of her mind since speaking with Mary, Malia has had a lot of questions. The answers she knows can be found in her brothers.

Royce curbs the urge to throttle Sofia as she makes her way over to Malia, his wife slips into the passenger’s side and he’s left standing on the side of the curb with his hand clutching the metal door frame. Slamming it shut, he makes his way around to the driver’s side and slips in.

Shaking her head, Malia pulls out of the parking space, her father on her heels. They begin the journey to her brother’s town. Occasionally her eyes flicker to Sofia, who remains ridged in her seat. The drive is uncomfortably silent and Malia releases a breath of relief as they approach the boys home. Taking the darkened track, they park outside, she takes note of a Ute stationed out front. Confused, they exit the cars. Sofia tracks over to Royce, she moves past him and begins to pull her bags out of the car.

Royce grabs her wrist tightly, “the hell do you think you’re doing, woman!” He grunts out.

She glares up at him and tugs her hand free, marching past him and into the house. “You’d best get your damn ass in the car, this very instant!” Royce shouts out after her, finally catching onto his wife’s devious plans.

Malia makes her way up and through the large doors, with her father directly behind her. She comes to a standstill abruptly.

“Hey, mum… Sis,” Sinn swallows hard.

Malia holds back the smirk as she takes in the scene before her. Her brothers make quick work of heading up stairs, while Sofia, Royce and Lydia take an uncomfortable seat at the dining table. Malia makes her way over to the glass panel against the furthest wall and she leans against it, crossing her booted feet. She zones out of their conversation, her mind distracting itself with a certain dark skinned brute.

Kai remains stationed across the street from Malia’s store. He’d seen the stranger take her bags into his car, a part of him craved to make his way across to the bastard and pummel the fucker. His fingers tighten on the steering wheel, they always leave. He is foolish to think Malia is any different, she’ll leave him, she has left him.

Minutes pass and he eventually reverses out of his parking space, he speeds home with his mind coated in horror-filled reminders. You foolish idiot! Parking outside his unit, he steps out just as rain begins to kiss his skin. He makes his way inside and up to his apartment. Entering the cold living area, he grabs a bottle of scotch before dropping down on the couch and throwing his head back.

Sore. Every part of him is sore, physically he could take on a football team, mentally he’d be slaughtered by senior lawn bowlers. Groaning he takes a swig, allowing his demons to taunt each fibre of his being. What possessed him to believe she’d never leave, he knew from the start it was inevitable. The changing sky accompanies his decent from sober to intoxication… flashes of her soft body are tainted by vivid images of his dead family.

The semi-empty bottle is tossed from the large man’s hard, across the room to its smashed state next to the dingy television. “Fuck it,” He curses, running his hand over his head. He slugs to the bedroom where he drops on the sheets that remain coated in her scent. Fisting his hand, he allows sleep to take over.

The next couple of days remain a rainy disappointment, Malia had check into a motel along her way back home, she couldn’t bring herself to see Kai again. Speaking with Lydia made her realise just how much of a horror show her life is becoming; she’s willingly gone and tempted the devil. Turning on her side she rests on the bed, stroking the side Kai normally sleeps on. You love him…

Tossing and turning she shuffles through one of her mother forgotten bags, grabbing a dress she slips it on and packs up, grabbing her keys she exits the room. Heading for her car, she slips in and begins the journey back home. Surely three days and two nights isn’t enough to make her miss him, her subconscious mocks her as anticipation creeps up her spine. Truthfully, she couldn’t wait to see the scarred man.

She hadn’t come back. Kai couldn’t give two fucks if her staff members saw him as a stalker, his little prey remains absent. He’d spent many hours waiting across the street, watching to see her come back. He hated it, hated wanting her so badly. Despised needing to see her face, disgusted in the need to ensure she is safe. The third afternoon comes, and the boys close her store. They’re curious and warning filled glares turn to his shaded vehicle.

He waits for them to leave before exiting his car and making his way to the front door, he looks for a way in, coming short of breaking the damn glass. Grinding his molars, he slides down the door and takes a seat on the steps. The sky darkens as does his mood.

Malia parks a couple spaces down from her store, she approaches the entrance and comes to a standstill as she takes in a hooded figure slouched on her steps. Nearing the large form, her body comes alive. “Kai…” She whispers out, standing in front of him.

Instantly his head snaps up to her, “where’ve you been?” The look of anger unmissable.

“I went to see my family,” she replies confused with his behaviour. He reaches out and grabs the backs of her thighs, tugging her to his form and nuzzling her chest.

God she smells good. He keeps a tight hold of her as the rain picks up. Malia shudders as the cold bites into her back, her mother’s dress doing little in warmth department. Sensing her discomfort Kai raises to his full height, forcing her to strain her neck to keep eye contact. The anger in his gaze remains and she decides that dealing with it inside rather than in the rain, seems ideal.

Kai allows her to open up, he follows her inside her store and watches her heatedly as she locks up. Leaning against the panel, Malia gages his reactions. She could feel a storm brewing; another shiver reminds her of her drenched attire. Moving away from the door and him she nervously makes her way across the pallor and upstairs, Kai’s boots trailing closely behind her.

He admired the way the knee length dress moulded itself to her, like a second skin. They enter the upper level and he’s unable to hold himself back any longer, he reaches out and grabs her hip in his and tightly, he needs to touch her. Her muscles tense, but she continuous moving across her home and into her bedroom. “I’m going to take a shower,” her voice is quiet, almost as if she’s afraid of what’s to come. She should be, his temper pulses beneath the aroused fog.

He releases her and takes a seat on her bed. She gives him one last look before grabbing a towel and a fresh set of clothes. Slipping into the bathroom her body slumps, looking across into the mirror she blushes noticing her pebbled nipples. Shaking her head, she takes her hair out of its bun and turns on the shower before removing her clothes.

Kai trails his fingers over items in her room, he familiarises himself with her surroundings. The man pauses in her living room, he picks up a frame. His breath catches, she looks radiant. The frame contained Malia and her brother’s years back, back before her life dived south of a cliff. A selfish part of him is jealous of her happiness.

He returns the frame before returning to his previous position in her room, on her bed. A few minutes pass and she steps out of the bathroom, her wet hair falls around her in a tangled mess. “Come here,” he commands. Her body heeds to his words, as if he owns her. A dark thought of her depending on him sends a rush of need through his body, yeah he could get used to her needing him for every little thing. Being reliant on him in order to survive, the disturbed thought turns him on beyond belief.

Despite this arousal, his anger at her wordless disappearance has him thirsting to punish the curvaceous woman. He pulls her to the space between his thighs and drowns in her intoxicating scent, he tugs the tight long sleeve up her body until it rests just below her heavy breasts. His thick fingers run across her flat stomach and around her small narrow waist, they lower down her back. He grabs her soft, wide hips harshly and takes a moment to calm himself.

Then his long fingers take hold of the waistband of her sweats, he lowers them until the lining of her panties peak out. Out of nowhere he flips them, positioning her on her back, he looms over her heated form. “You seem angry…” She mumbles biting her lower lips.

His eyes narrow and without replying her lowers his mouth over her lips, tugging her bottom lip free from her and biting it himself. “You infuriate me.” He releases her, his mouth trailing down her jaw and neck. He discards of her shirt, and lowers his mouth to take one of her nipples in his mouth, his free hand toys with her other breast, over her bra.

Malia’s body arches up to him, her mind reels as he lights up her body, Kai bites down hard, causing a yelp to escape her panting lips, she feels the sensation shoot straight down to her clit. Grabbing his shoulders her legs subconsciously draw up into a ‘v’. Kai releases her and pulls her bra down until her breast spring free from their hold.

Kai takes a moment to look down at his masterpiece, he holds back a grin. Spread eagle beneath him, huh… A wicked thought has his cock straining; he is going to punish her. His fingers make quick work of her sweats and panties. His dark eyes move to hers before he grabs one of her hands and lowers down between her thighs.

She tightens her grip on Kai’s hand, a sultry moan comes in response to the large mans talented tongue, he runs it along her slit. He makes sure to taste all of her before plunging inside her sweet little pussy. Kai uses his free hand to spread her swollen lips and rub her throbbing bud simultaneously with his thrusting tongue.

Malia grabs the bedsheets as an orgasm builds, she clenches her legs around the large man, her breathing is chaotic and her body coats in a fine layer of sweat. So fucking close… And then it stops. Her body simmers down as he sucks and nibbles on the insides of her thigh, keeping her tight line walking on the brink of ecstasy.

She comes down from the high grudgingly, “Kai!” The groan is painfully sinful.

He smirks against her dripping heat. A thought occurs to him, home is between her legs, as crude as that may. He takes a swipe of her opening and teases her along a climax, using the same hand that was spreading her to now dip into her lubricated cunt. Two fingers scissor into her rapidly, as he takes her clit between his teeth, she thrashes against the sheets under him. Punishment in the most sensually painful manner.

Once again he brings her up, before leaving her to become a restless mess. Frustration eats at Malia’s sides; after several failed orgasms she finds herself tired. She attempts to close her legs, but the strong man between them sees to only opening them further. “Stop…” She mumbles, it all becomes too much.

But Kai simply continues, wanting her to feel as helpless as he did when she had disappeared. His own cock pulsated painfully, but the pleasure of eating her out satisfied the beast in him. He curls his fingers, enjoying the sensation of her muscles clamping around his thick blunt fingers. Her body shudders and twitches, the sick part of him relishes in her desperate state.

Malia weakly moves onto her elbows, releasing Kais hand from her hold. She pushes at him and he finally stops his steady torture. “What are you doing?” The question is whispered breathlessly.

“What you did to me.” The reply is full of restrained fury.

Her confused mine is unable to process his words, she ignores him and drops back onto the mattress, only then does she realise she’s crying.

He thought seeing her in the same state as he’d been in, would bring him ample amounts of pleasure. But as her tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, all he can do is stare at her. Lowering her legs, he moves up her body, removing her constricting bra and pulling her into the warmth of his arms. Her limp, naked body rests atop his chest.

He strokes her shoulder as she drifts of into a weak slumber. Unaware that the young woman is simply gaining her strength and enjoying her last moment with him.

He hurt her, Malia felt embarrassed and sexually frustrated. She keeps her eyes closed and allows the minutes to tick into hours. Eventually she looks up to find Kai asleep, moving out of his arms she heads back into the bathroom where she releases her anguish in the shower, allowing the hot water to clean her of the grim she felt lined her body.

Gaining back her sanity, Malia dries her body and pulls on warm clothes. She then makes her way into the darkened room, taking a seat on the edge of the bed she waits for Kai to wake. As she waits, she can’t help but admire his strong defined body.

Almost as if he could sense someone watching him, Kai rouses. His eyes crack open only to clash with dark green ones. He takes note of her tense posture and her folded arms. “I think it’s best you leave.” She states, moving to her feet and facing away from him.

“Malia, come back here.” Kai is instantly alert.

She spins so fast, “no. Get the fuck out of my house, Kai. And, stay the hell away!” She snaps. Her words are emphasised with her arm point towards the door.

He stands up and rounds the bed, grabbing her upper arms he cages her, “what the fuck has gotten into you?” She fights against his hold. Her burning gaze cuts him like a knife straight down his spine. Malia pushes against his chest, pummelling the rock hard muscle there with her fists. But the brute keeps strong hold of her.

“I’ll scream bloody murder!” She threatens.

He pursues his lips, “shout your loudest, sweetheart, I’m not letting you go!” His own threat hangs in the air. Despite his words, his hands release her and he takes a step back. He’ll give her space, but that’s it, in fact he’d chain her to his bed if it came down to it. Kai turns on his hells and exits her room, praying for her sake that she takes wise worth in his parting words.

Did they just break up? She takes his retreat as that. Isn’t this what you wanted, the woman in her head rolls her eyes. She’d be lying if she said her heart didn’t flutter at his threat. So why did he let go? She drops onto the bed and curls up into a tight ball. Wanting to forget the dark man, she sits up and makes her way to her closet. Pulling on some more provocative clothes, she makes her way down stairs and out into the chilly night, heading for her vehicle.

Kai watches as his little pet slips into her vehicle, he hadn’t missed her attire either. His fingers curl around the wheel tightly and he mentally dares her to act up. He keys his ignition and follows after her. Only when they stop outside the pub does Kai allow his dark possessive thoughts to take over. Chaining her to his bed seems ideal, with that he enters after her, planning to throw her over his shoulder and show her exactly who’s in charge.

With all the tension in the air, the broken couple are unaware of the real danger lurking against the side of the pub. It seems Malia’s nightmarish past linger in the alleyway, watching her every step…

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