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THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK OF THE PROMINENT PLEASURE SERIES Quentin Tyler, Sr. is the top famous lawyer in Prominent, New York. On the eve of his big announcement he invites everyone who is anyone to his home for dinner to let them know his future plan for the law firm Tyler & Associates. Is he going to turn the reigns over to his son Quentin, Jr. or to his lovely daughter that he can’t disappoint Quiche? Quentin, Sr. does have some skeletons in his closet. He has been unfaithful to his wife Elise. He worked hard to cover up his past and now his past has finally caught up with him. Will his skeletons surface and make him change his plans? Tragedy happens and takes the law firm into a different direction. How can Quentin, Sr. regain the respect of his children especially Quiche whom he hates to disappoint? How can she help him reclaim what is theirs and bring honor back to the Tyler’s name?

Erotica / Romance
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It was 11:30 a.m., Friday, May 31, 2013. Quentin Tyler, Sr., the best lawyer in all of Prominent, New York was inside the court room waiting for the jury to come back with the verdict. Quentin, Sr. is 5feet 11 inches, nice build, tan brown skin, brown eyes, nice shaped eyebrows, close cut salt and pepper hair with a clean cut goatee. He is so sexy for his age. He is sitting in his nice royal blue suit with his white shirt, royal blue neck tie and medium brown leather shoes. Quentin, Sr. is representing Mrs. Phylicia Carter-Kennedy. Defense Attorney Ramona Westin is representing Virgil Kennedy. Judge Karl Filmore is the presiding judge. Phylicia Carter-Kennedy was born Phillip Carter. She had a sex reassignment operation. Apparently Phylicia didn’t tell her husband Virgil that she had the operation and he killed her. Virgil didn’t know because they waited until they got married to have sex. Virgil did not have sexual relations with Phylicia because he still considered her to be a man. Virgil cut their honeymoon short. When they got home he strangled Phylicia with a black leather belt. He tried to blame it on a burglar, but he didn’t cover his tracks well. They found his fingerprints on the belt and around Phylicia’s neck. She scratched him and his DNA was under her fingernails. There were defensive wounds that matched Virgil’s hands. The black eye that Virgil sustained matched Phylicia’s fist print. There were no other fingerprints in the house. He also had motive. Defense Attorney Westin tried to plead insanity, but Virgil did not want to say that he was crazy. He was a proud man and he didn’t want that stipulation on him. The jury returns and sits down. There were seven female and five male jurors. The foreperson was a female. The judge comes in. “All rise,” said the bailiff. Everyone rises until they are instructed to be seated. Judge Filmore instructed the foreperson to rise. “Have you the jury reached a verdict?” asked Judge Filmore. “We have Your Honor,” said the foreperson. “Will the defendant please rise? On the account of first degree murder how do you find the defendant?” asked Judge Filmore. “We, the jury, find the defendant Virgil Kennedy guilty” said the foreperson. “Bailiff, please take Mr. Kennedy into custody until his sentencing. We will break for lunch and convene at 1:00 p.m. with the next case on the docket,” said Judge Filmore. Quentin, Sr. has done it again. He was so happy that he won his case. He was able to prove without a reasonable doubt that Virgil had every intension of killing his wife. Attorney Westin didn’t pull the jury. She went over to Quentin, Sr. and congratulated him. Everyone left out of the court room. In the hallway Quentin, Sr. saw his eldest daughter and protégé, Quiche. She is a young, gorgeous African American woman, 5feet 8 in., light skinned completion, almond eyes, long hair, small waist, intelligent, and often compared to LisaRaye. “Hey Sweetie, are you ready to win this case?” asked Quentin, Sr. “Yeah, but I haven’t heard from Natalia all morning. I hope she is alright and haven’t changed her mind about testifying. When a woman is raped it takes a toll on her mentally,” said Quiche. “I know dear, let’s hope for the best and go have lunch,” said Quentin, Sr. “That is fine by me,” said Quiche. They leave out the court house and go across the street to the restaurant. The waiter sits them down at a table and gives them menus. Quentin, Sr. orders filet mignon, green beans and baked potato. Quiche orders a Caesar salad. “Daddy, that is going to be heavy on you. It’s not dinner time yet. You are going to fall asleep,” said Quiche. “I will be fine dear, don’t worry,” said Quentin, Sr. The waiter brought over some bread, butter, water and iced tea. After a little while he brought over their food. They ate their food and were happy that they were together having some father-daughter time. Her father taught her everything she knows about law.

In Los Angeles, Gerald Caplan and his wife Bonnie were lying on the living room floor. They have been shot. Bonnie was dead and Gerald was gasping for air. A man comes to the door and sees them. He heard the gunshots and saw a young man leaving the house. He had called the police. He goes over to Gerald. “Find Quentin Tyler, Sr.,” said Gerald. “Who?” asked the man. “Quentin Tyler, Sr. he is head of Tyler & Associates in Prominent, New York. He is in danger. You must find him,” said Gerald. “Who is trying to hurt him?” asked the man. Gerald died. In Gerald’s hand was the birth certificate of Brazil Caplan. The man took the birth certificate and left. The police arrived. The man went back to his house and got on his computer. He looked up Quentin Tyler, Sr. He saw that he lived in Prominent, New York and he was the head of Tyler & Associates. He looked up Brazil Caplan and noticed that Brazil had been adopted by the Caplans. Also he knew that Brazil was the man he saw leaving the house. “Why would he kill the Caplans and why is Quentin Tyler, Sr. in danger?” he asked himself. “There is only one way to find out. It’s time to go to New York,” he said to himself.

In Prominent, New York, Quentin, Sr. and Quiche finished their meal. He paid the bill and left a tip. “Let’s get back to the courthouse,” said Quentin, Sr. “Yeah, now you want to fall asleep,” said Quiche laughing. Quentin, Sr. rubs his stomach. ’Yeah, that was good. The chef put a hurting on that food,” said Quentin, Sr. They leave the restaurant and go back across the street. They enter the court room. Quiche sits in front of Quentin, Sr. It is her time to shine. Attorney Westin enters and goes over to her side to take a seat. Her client Lance Darkins comes in and sits beside her. Quiche is wondering where her client is. She leaves out the court room and calls her. She gets her voicemail. Quiche leaves a message. “Natalia, this is Quiche. I am here at the courthouse waiting for you. You need to get here right away. I will be with you every step of the way,” said Quiche. She calls Wade. Wade is a private investigator. “Wade, I called Natalia and she didn’t answer her phone. She is due in court now,” said Quiche. “Don’t worry, I will go to her house and see what’s going on,” said Wade. “Thank you, call me and let me know what’s going on,” said Quiche. “I will,” said Wade and they hang up. Quiche goes back into the court room. “Daddy, I got Natalia’s voicemail. I sent Wade over to her house,” said Quiche. “Ask for a postponement,” said Quentin, Sr. “Ok,” said Quiche. The judge enters the court room. “All rise,” said the bailiff. Everyone rise. After the judge sits everyone sits. “Court docket 05262012 People vs. Lance Darkins in the rape of one Ms. Natalia Scott,” said the clerk. “Ms. Tyler, you may proceed,” said Judge Filmore. Quiche rises up. “Your Honor, we request a postponement. I am trying to reach my client,” said Quiche. “Have you spoken to your client today?” asked Judge Filmore. “No sir, I have sent a detective to her home to check on her,” asked Quiche. “We will take a short recess, Ms. Tyler if your client doesn’t appear in fifteen minutes I will submit a warrant for her arrest,” said Judge Filmore. “Yes sir,” said Quiche. “This court is in recess,” said Judge Filmore. Everyone stands then they leave out. Wade calls Quiche. “Hey Wade, what did you find out?” asked Quiche. “We have bad news Quiche. Natalia took an overdose of pills. She is dead Quiche. I am sorry,” said Wade. “Thanks Wade and thanks for going over there,” said Quiche. They hung up. “Daddy, Lance is going to walk,” said Quiche. “What do you mean? Why?” asked Quentin, Sr. “Natalia killed herself by taking an overdose of pills,” said Quiche. They went back inside the court room. Court convened. Quiche stood up. “Your Honor, I just got word that my client overdosed on some pills and she is dead,” said Quiche. “I am so sorry to hear that,” said Judge Filmore. “Your Honor, I motion that the rape charges against my client be dismissed. The state does not have a case or a witness,” said Attorney Westin. “Under the circumstances I am going to have to rule for a motion to dismiss. Mr. Lance Darkins you are free to go,” said Judge Filmore. Quiche and Quentin, Sr. were so upset that they could not get justice for Natalia. They packed their things and left the court house. Quentin Sr. was so in need of a drink. He went home to be with his wife Elise. He wanted to get some rest this weekend before his big press conference on Monday. Quiche went home and packed her things for the weekend. She was going to spend the weekend at the Kingston Hotel.

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