Serenity Rising Book One: The Rise of Serenity

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Death is a cold place, but then again so is the world. Serenity would learn this and more after she died. Senior Prom. A nightmare for young Jean. Soon Jean would become Serenity and her whole world would change. She thought she had it all and then she died. The problem was she didn't stay dead. That was just the beginning of her problems. Soon a plethora of magical beings would enter her life. Each one would change her life even more. Yet all her brain and body cared about was sex. She wanted every guy she met. They wanted her too. Without her soul, well mindless indulgence was going to be very easy. The problem was she still could feel. And she really, really wanted her soul back!

Erotica / Fantasy
Scorpy Astarael
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Chapter One

Death is a cold place, but then again so is the world. She was no stranger to death. He had visited her door step more than once. Yes, she means to imply that she has died multiple times. She’s just in the habit of not staying dead. She knows, what’s dead should stay dead. She didn’t choose this life. She was chosen for it.

Jean grew up as an average child just like the rest of the world. Her dad raised her; he also sexually abused her, starting at age six till she turned thirteen and her cousin joined in when she hit eight. So, guess the average part is a little off. The point is she got through it. You may wonder how, easy she read a lot of King, Koontz, and Rice. Jean figured if these characters could survive then she could survive her life. Day by day she grew smarter. As a child her daddy had her convinced what he did to her was ok. What he did was just another form of his love. The more she read, the more she realized just how fucked up her daddy was. She managed not to get angry. Sometimes she wondered how she managed to stay sane back then. Her dad was a modern day Jekyll and Hyde, a true werewolf, a vampire. He was two-sided. By day he was wonderful, the nicest guy you ever met; at night, well let’s not go into detail, it’s disturbing. He slipped up eventually. He tried to do stuff to her best friend. That was his undoing. Her best friend told her mother. He confessed and was thrown in jail. Now the cousin was a different story. When asked if it was snowing out by his attorney Jean choked. It had been snowing out multiple times but it had also been sunny and rainy. The jury found him not guilty. Now Jean found anger. Her sister took her away from her home to Maine. It was here her next chapter in life began. Her childhood was in the past, not forgotten just put away. She started working at a local dairy farm. Her days became a blur of high school and work. The work was long and hard. Jean loved it. Her body began to take shape. Her muscles grew whilst the fat shrunk. She was no longer the short fat shy girl. On top of school and work she began to exercise and take self-defense classes. She was a busy young high school girl. When she turned sixteen she bought her first truck. At seventeen she moved out of her sisters’. Jean never dated any one. She didn’t have time. Her co-workers joked around with her all the time telling her she was going to become the old cat lady albeit a very hot and strong old cat lady. She told them to shove it. They all laughed. Her friends told her she was crazy. A lot of boys watched her. She moved with a lithe gracefulness. Her head was always held high. She was very smart. Her grades were all A’s and B’s. The teachers loved her. She kept busy and stayed out of trouble. Jean was good with all her money. She had grown up fast. Her friends helped her break her rule of no boys once. They told Jean she could not possibly go stag to senior prom. At this point she had reached her full height of 6′ and weighed a stunning 170. Now mind you she was wearing a size six in pants. Yeah she was a skinny thing with a lot of muscles. Jean now owned her own place and a car and truck. She was proud of the things she had accomplished so far.

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