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Getting Carter

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"No sex the first month, month two I get to fuck your mouth, month three I get to fuck you in whatever hole I want. That's my final terms or I'm pulling out my phone and making the call." Carter Jackson was a rough, ruthless drug lord who didn't do love. He f*cked, doing as he pleased to the women who were willing to enter his bedroom. Emma Sullivan was the girl who grew up around the wrong people, the wrong family striking a deal with Carter but not without putting up a fight to save her drug addicted brother. Will Carter be able to resist falling in love with the only woman who won't submit to his handsome good looks and burning hot touch and will Emma be able to keep up the devious charade she's been playing all along with the one man she was taught to despise. The cover model on the book cover is actually my friend, follow him at @Luke_Roksiewicz

Erotica / Romance
Mariah Sinclair
4.4 274 reviews
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Chapter 1

Cover model can be found @Luke_Roksiewicz

Carter POV

“Fuck, take it down all the way,” I pushed her head lower, as far as I could get it, shoving my dick down her throat. The skank sat on her knees, her lips swelling around my shaft, me standing in front. “Swallow that shit bitch.” I demanded, still holding onto her head trying to bring her further over my cock so she could get all of me in that slutty mouth of hers. I knew she had room in there to take me deeper and I was right. She continually choked me down, gagging on my dick, fighting for air, digging her nails into my thighs until finally I released her for a second so she could catch her breath.

“John, get in here,” I called out to my right-hand man who was standing on the other side of my bedroom door.

“Yea Carter, what’s up?” he asked while I had the girl’s mouth wrapped back around my hard shaft.

“Get behind her and fuck her. I want to watch,” I grunted, feeling her suck harder. If she had done that in the first God damn place, I might not have had to call John in.

John stripped down, placing on a condom, then slipped inside her wet entrance. “Now pound into that shit,” I commanded him, not that he really needed me to twist his arm.

I gripped her hair tightly in my fingers, so they were scraping into her scalp, thrusting my cock forcefully down her mouth in and out, fucking her warm throat. I felt my muscles clenching, enjoying watching John slam back and forth while she mewled and cried, taking us both in at the same time.

“Harder!” I yelled to John.

“Urr, yea” he grunted, obeying my orders, hammering vigorously.

“MMmm fuck,” I moaned, getting ready to come soon. “You love being filled by the two of us don’t you slut? You like how my boys tearing up that pussy of yours.” She whimpered and cried some more, moaning a yes like she was in pain but was also loving what we were doing to her.

“Yea that’s it,” I thrusted some more, this time even harsher, slowing down just about to bust. There was something erotic about watching a woman getting fucked in front of me. Her falling weak to our mercy, being dominated, following our every command as we took full advantage of everything she had to offer and taking whatever else we knew she was capable of giving, even if she didn’t know she could.

“Urrgh,” I pushed one more time, spilling out into this bitch’s mouth as John finished right behind removing the rubber with an eruption. I shot down her throat while he spurted all over her ivory white ass.

“You can get dressed and go now John.” I turned, looking at the girl whose name I couldn’t even remember, “You can go too.”

“You’ll call me, right?” She asked, still on her knees covered in me and John’s hot mess.

I took her chin in between my thumb and index finger, lifting her head, making sure she could see directly into my eyes. “Sweetheart, you’re a slut. If you think you’re somehow more special than all the other women who throw themselves at me, then you’re strongly mistaken.” I laughed. She was one of millions that easily begged to get into my bed and have my cock up in them. Sometimes I questioned if these women were more twisted than me. They loved the idea of being abused by me because I was good looking, wealthy, and held power in the drug world.

“But...but..,” she pleaded, finally starting to get dressed.

“But nothing. If you don’t shut up and get the fuck out of here, I’ll make sure you strongly regret it,” I furrowed my brows aggressively, deepening my voice so she understood I meant business and I was done with this conversation.

Apparently, she had some sense because she didn’t speak another word and left once she was fully clothed.

When she was gone with John escorting her out of the house, John and I grabbed a beer, sitting in the living room to discuss business among other things.

“Blondes, they really are that stupid sometimes,” John joked in reference to the chick we just double teamed.

“You ain’t kiddin’ man,” I smirked as we both took in a little laugh.

“Thanks for letting me get in on that, by the way.”

“What are friends for?” I was always pulling John in, it made things more fun that way. Who the hell needs to watch porn when you can make and watch your own right in front of you? Maybe it would bother me if I cared for these women, but I didn’t.

“So, what’s going on with that junkie Sullivan? You fuck him up yet? We might as well kill the piece of shit. You know he’s never going to pay up.”

“Yea, I know. I went to see him yesterday and roughed him up a little. Loser begged for his life and said his sister wanted to come see you. Said she had some deal for you. Supposedly she’s really hot but that’s coming from his drug-addict mouth.” John leaned back, spreading his arms out on the top of the cushions, looking cool and calm like always.

“Hmm, I’m curious. Set something up for later today so I can meet her. Have her come here sometime after 5:00. I’ve got some shit to do down at the warehouse, but I’ll be back by then.” Let’s see what kind of deal this chick is trying to offer. She probably thinks she can get her brother off by giving me a blowjob or some shit. She is the sister of a crackhead; she can’t be much different than that piece of work. If she’s not half bad looking and still has all her teeth, I’ll let her suck my dick and let her brother live an extra day or two.

“I’ll take care of it,” John complied.

I got to the warehouse, taking all the backstreets switching out cars halfway there. I had an extra car hidden in one of the downtown parking lots. I always made sure I took extreme measures whenever I needed to make a visit. Everyone (except for the police), especially Frank Esposito, my rival and former partner, wanted to know the location of my warehouse. He decided one day that he was getting the short end of the deal, branching off on his own trying to steal everything I worked so hard for. He was desperate to find my biggest asset where I produced my main products and kept all my important documents hidden with all my contacts and the shit that could incriminate me. Luckily, I had almost every cop on the force on the payroll and the ones I didn’t were scared shitless of me, so I didn’t have to worry about them.

“Did the 20, keys of coke get in today?” I asked Roberto, my warehouse manager, and the only other man besides John I trusted.

“Sure did, boss man. I already sent Victor out to distribute it to our clients and all the money has been wired to the secure account.” Roberto handed me the tablet he was holding in his hands showing me that all the necessary transactions had been made.

Looking it over and confirming everything ran smoothly I handed him back the device. “Good job but I know I can always count on you.”

“We did have a small problem that’s down in the basement. I have it under control, but I wanted to know what you want me to do with the guy. Caught one of these stupid assholes trying to steal from you.” Roberto leafed a hand through his brown hair.

“Let’s go and say hi,” I smirked. Roberto and I headed downstairs to the basement or really the dungeon since that’s mainly where we took care of anyone who tried to cross me. Roberto fucked up the dumbass pretty good. He was covered in blood with his right eye swollen shut and his lip busted still bleeding. From the way he was sitting and moaning it looked like his ribs might have been broken too.

“So, you thought you could steal from me? Me, Carter Jackson. You must be a fucking moron.” I laughed walking around the chair he was tied in hunched over.

“I’m so sorry, please, please. I have a family,” he begged as my back was turned to him already walking away.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to try to rob me.” I redirected my attention to Roberto. “Let him live but cut out his tongue and take his eyes. He can set an example for everybody.”

“No please, please,” he continued to scream. I paid no mind and left with my business at the warehouse finished for the time being.

I called John on my way back home to see if he had set up a meeting between Sullivan’s sister and me, “Did you get in touch with the sister like I asked?”

“Yup, she’ll be here at 5:30. She actually sounded kind of sexy over the phone. Maybe we can have a little fun with her later,” John cackled on the other end.

“You know me, I never have a problem sharing with my best bud,” Hhmm, so she might end up looking half decent after all. Maybe I will have to fuck her now.

“I don’t know why I even bother asking. I know you always got me....Look, I’m fucking starved. I’m gonna run out and get some grub. You want me to pick you up something?”

“Yea. What are you getting?”

“I was going to hit up that Mexican place down by the mall.”

“I’m not in the mood for Mexican. That Indian restaurant’s right next door. Can you grab me some of that tikka masala chicken and with a couple of samosas?” I was hungry myself not grabbing lunch since I got caught up fucking and then taking care of work. Some Indian food would definitely hit the spot right now.

“Sure. I’ll see you at the house in about an hour.”

“See ya.” I hung up ending the call.

When I got home, I still had 45 minutes until this girl showed up so I plopped down on the sofa in front of my 65′ flat screen throwing on “Call of Duty.” I’d keep myself busy playing some Playstation 4 while I waited since I was done working for the day.

“After a quick round or two the doorbell rang interrupting my concentration causing me to die in the game. Yea, this bitch was sucking my dick for that one. She was 10 minutes early, at least she was punctual.

When I opened up the door my jaw almost dropped, she wasn’t just hot, she was gorgeous and exotic looking which was exactly my type. Her charcoal black hair was smooth and straight running halfway down her back, her brown eyes held a small catlike slant, and her plump pink lips looked like they’d feel amazing enveloped around my cock.

“Well, hello there beautiful. Come in why don’t you?” I smiled taking a step back so she could walk through the doorway.

“You must be Carter,” she strode in sounding disappointed and irritated. What the fuck? As soon as a woman caught sight of me, they were dripping wet in between their legs. I didn’t seem to have any effect on this girl, something I wasn’t used to. A challenge, this could be interesting.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I could be a gentleman every once in a while.

“Beer,” she replied dryly.

“A woman after my own heart. Why don’t you get comfortable there on the sofa and I’ll be right back beautiful.”

“Don’t flatter yourself Romeo. I’m here for my brother. I’m not one of your slutty groupies and my name’s Emma, not beautiful,” she snapped giving me a dirty look before she settled on the sofa.

“Mmm feisty, how did I get so lucky?" I teased her.

“Asshole,” she muttered with a sour face taking her seat.

I just laughed and went into the kitchen grabbing two beers.

I came back out handing her the drink while I sat down across from her in my leather chair. “So, Emma,” I emphasized her name to get under her skin, "I hear you want to make a deal for your deadbeat brother’s life.” I had the unfortunate feeling from how attractive she was and from her attitude she wasn’t here to offer me a blowjob.

“I’m willing to work for you to pay off his debt.” She offered taking a sip of her beer. I watched as her succulent lips wrapped around the head of the bottle suddenly getting jealous of that glass container.

“There’s only one job I’m willing to offer you. You stay with me for three months and you have to do whatever I want. That means if I want to bend you over that dining room table over there and shove my cock in you then you do it.” I was already getting hard at the idea; she was like sex in a long black pencil skirt waiting to be violated.

“What are you fucking nuts! I’m outta here!” She screamed taking offense. Then she got up from the sofa ready to storm out of my house.

“You walk out that door your brother’s dead honey,” I warned her.

“Ugh,” She fisted her hands throwing them down to her sides aggravated, stopping dead in her tracks.

“No sex. You can do whatever you want to me but only you can touch me and I’m not fucking you.” Emma huffed.

“No sex the first month, month two I get to fuck your mouth, month three I get to fuck you in whatever hole I want. That’s my final terms or I’m pulling out my phone and making the call.”

She took a seat again breathing heavily, angrily contemplating my proposition, after a minute or two of silence she finally answered.

“Fine,” she hissed.

I walked over to her running my finger down the outline of her cheek down to her jaw, “Sweetheart I’ll have you begging to have this cock in you way before 2 months.” She may be stubborn right now, but I’ll break her, I have no doubts. When I get done with her, she won’t want to leave. She will leave though, no one ever really gets to stay.

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