Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 9: Explaining the Dreams

Having delivered his next drink, she lightly ran her fingertips down the muscles of one arm as she passed him, and sank down once more on the padded cushions of the Triumphian style sofa in the tiny, unoccupied parlor they had found to continue their discussion about dreams in. And Ezekeiel shivered at the contact as he said softly, “Until today, I wasn’t sure that it was anything more than just a crazy dream that somehow kept repeating itself. But meeting you, your Highness, I’m not so sure that it was just a dream.”

She studied him from where she sat, and he knew from her expression that some explanations were due. Her curiosity had given her away again. So, he spent the next several minutes telling her in detail—first, about the dreams and how they had made him feel, and then about his discovery that the woman he had seen in his dreams was a real person.

Ezekeiel had described his search for the woman he had seen, and somewhere along the way, she had said with a soft sigh, “Please, Ezekeiel, call me Joanna. Everybody else does, and this isn’t a Council function, so my title really doesn’t matter here, does it?”

He smiled and said, “Only if you call me Zeke, beautiful lady. Most of my other friends do, and all of my lovers.” She smiled at the implication that she would be one of his lovers, but let it go for now; there were more important things to consider first.

“Okay, Zeke. But now I have a story to tell you.” she said as he disposed himself to sit and do her the courtesy of listening in return.

To his delight, she went into detail about the first time she had dreamed about him—and after several seconds, he was certain that she had indeed dreamed about him—describing in detail where she had been and what she had been doing at the time. And at the same time, she projected an image of the event into his thoughts for him so that the description made a little more sense.

And as she did, he realized that what he was seeing was more like a movie that completed the way she explained the dream, and he knew that it was going to make all the difference for him.

And in that instant, he knew he had found the right one, and at the same time, he had to find a way to get into her pants, as soon as he could. If that was today, then great. If not, then he hoped it would be within the next few days, or at latest, a few more weeks. But what Zeke knew in that instant was that he wanted her more and more with every passing second, and he knew too that Vlad had been right; she was the most desirable woman either of them had ever met.

He hadn’t really seen much beyond the detail of the color of her hair and the wonders of her body when he was dreaming about her, and having the background now made a lot of difference for him, adding deeply to his enjoyment of the story she was telling.

And at the same time, she hoped that she would be able to do something similar with the stories she wrote for the public, but she was sure that she didn’t have the knack down yet. It was something that would take a lot more work, she thought as she continued with what she had been saying about the dream that had so completely changed her life.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

Even more shocking for Joanna was the idea that she was actually enjoying what the stoyrai was doing to her in the dream as she moaned, “James... oh, my blessed goddess, what... did you lead him over here?” as she spread her legs and bent further over again to allow the stoyrai greater access, hoping it meant what she thought it might; that she would finally find out what it felt like to be deeply penetrated by a stoyrai’s cock.

And Ezekeiel knew that even though he had truly enjoyed the dreams, this was going to be very different indeed, because he would not only feel what he had felt, he would feel what she had felt now too.

Yes, yes, I did.” James said with a smirk, then he added in her thoughts, ◊You said something about a little fantasy gratification earlier, didn’t you, lover?◊ James said as she leaned back into the thrusting of the stoyrai’s tongue into her vagina, rocking in time to the strokes.

◊How did you... know about... this one, James?◊ she moaned in his thoughts as his lips slid down the side of her throat, and he nipped at the skin. And Zeke wondered how she had known that he was able to hear telepathic messages; then he decided to just enjoy it for now, and ask questions later.

Though, he hoped at the same time that she tasted as sweet in reality as she had in the dream, he thought as the dream tale continued. It crossed his mind then that she was a vampyre, and to wonder what he would do if she asked to taste his blood, before he decided that that too could wait until it happened to worry about it.

◊My love, you still talk in your sleep. And besides, don’t you remember? We talked about this about a month ago, when we decided that we could still be intimate. By the way, the stoyrai is one of yours, trained to respond to your scent in this way, my love. Can you imagine being done in the stables at home? Or riding out into the deepest part of the woods—you recall that isolated spot near the edge of the glacier, don’t you?-- and just... letting the stoyrai take you for a ride again?◊ James said in the depths of the dream, knowing that her very fertile imagination could conjure scenes of her doing exactly that, as he bit her gently on the side of her throat again.

Zeke smiled; he had seen the young man she pictured only a few minutes ago, upstairs. At the time, Zeke had wondered how someone with his condition could even walk, much less dance as vigorously as he had been. But he had been out on the dancefloor with one of the other ladies who was at the party. And then Zeke recalled that the young seeming lady he had been dancing with looked a bit like the young woman he was listening to now, and he wondered if they were kin somehow.

Joanna gasped in ecstasy as the tongue filled her fully as James bit down on her skin firmly again in the instant before she reached orgasm. She moaned, “Ohhhhh yesss!” as she crested the edge of the orgasm and fell over the other side of it into the soft, warm shadows.

And in the dream, she wondered if being involved with a vampire, or a vampyre, or even a member of the Changing Folk would be anything like this as she spiraled deeper into the darkest, yet most sensual dream she’d had yet that didn’t involve Uncle Vlad or Amelia. And Zeke realized something important in that instant; this dream had been from before her change to her current status. And then he realized that she wasn’t a full mortal if she was a vampyre.

And as that thought had passed through Zeke’s mind he wondered, Amelia is her sister... wonder if she has thought about being with a dragon, that same way Joanna obviously has since the dream first began... then he returned his attention to the story she was weaving in his mind.

Joanna came explosively in the dream, feeling like her mind was coming apart as the tongue was removed slowly from her body. In the next few seconds, the experience turned even stranger than it currently was, and she knew that—in a way-- she might find out more than she’d wanted to know, if it was as big as it looked when she glanced over her shoulder at the beast whose tongue she had been riding, and caught sight of his erection.

As he saw what she had seen in the dream, Zeke knew that this had been one of the turning points in the dream; if she hadn’t been willing, the dream would have gone a whole different direction, and they likely wouldn’t even be here now. And he knew in that instant that he was grateful that she had been, and he hoped she would continue to be. But how to broach the subject with her, Zeke wondered as the tale continued in his thoughts.

She also knew that this was the sort of orgasm she’d been hoping to get again. It was at least close in power to the ones Amelia gave her, so there was a chance. Zeke thought, Hmmm, the sisters are lovers too. How very interesting. And he knew that was something he would like to see, if either sister was willing to allow him to watch sometime.

In the next second, locked in the spirals of the dream, Joanna looked back over her shoulder at the stoyrai again, and noticed again his huge erection, hoping it would try to penetrate her with it as its tongue had a few seconds before. Then she realized that there were patches of glittering scales on the stoyrai’s flanks.

As he watched, Zeke saw the realization wash over her face, and he wondered if it was only in the dream, or if she actually knew what he was under the centaur shape he was wearing today. And he knew that if she did-- then it would make it better for him-- as well as possibly for her.

At the same time, Joanna knew that both of them were enjoying the story she was telling; her idea about weaving the images of the dream into the tale had improved it beyond all reckoning, she realized. But it still surprised her that she was cresting an orgasm for real as the dragon in the memory of the dream she was sharing with Zeke began to slide his immense erection into the image of herself from the dream.

In that instant, she saw the expression on his face—reminiscence—and she wondered if he might be more than he had told her. It crossed her mind to wonder if he might not actually be the dragon from the dream, simply wearing a shape that was small enough to be inside the house. And she knew she would have to find out soon as she was done telling about the dream she had had all those years ago.

Her mind seemed to be stuck in the way the light moved through the scales in the dream as it approached, and she knew everything she hoped for was likely to come true and much more. In the split second beforehand, she hoped that she would survive what was coming as her dreamself spread her legs wider and grabbed her ankles in anticipation of the penetration.

In that instant, the creature mounted her strongly and she realized it wasn’t a stoyrai at all, but a dragon! She screamed in the dream as it slid in, and in, and in, burying itself far deeper than any man’s penis had ever gone within her before the creature began stroking against the clutch of her vaginal muscles in long, slow strokes at first, then gaining speed as the friction built between them. And even then, she wondered how she could survive being penetrated so deeply, unless it was by magick.

And as her dreamself screamed in her pleasure, Joanna knew she had whimpered in her sleep in mingled pain and delight at the deeply invading penetration as the thing began stroking firmly but deeply within her. Though it stroked her ever deeper, it never seemed to find the back of her passage, and she knew this part of the dream could take days to finish. And in a way, she hoped it did.

Zeke thought then that she didn’t realize how right she had been, most dragon-mortal matings did take many days to complete. But the dream hadn’t, and he wondered why that should have been.

She didn’t realize she was bucking against the dildo that was within her as she watched her dreamself being ‘raped’ by the dragon; all she knew was she was getting off on what was happening, even if it wasn’t something she thought she would be exactly willing to experience, Joanna thought, recalling again the pleasure of the dream that had filled her thoughts again last night.

And in that instant, she wondered if there was any kind of chance that she would be allowed to experience this pleasure for real, and as her hearts began to race, she knew that it was something she wanted almost more than she wanted to be allowed to bring Amelia and Raven into her life.

And at the same time, Zeke realized that he knew more about her than she thought he did; for example that she slept with a long, wide dildo in her snatch, and another in her rectum, she talked in her sleep-- and she was most definitely a vampyre-- not truly a mortal after all as she rocked with the motions of the dream even while she told him about it.

He could smell her scent as she got off again, and he realized that it smelled exactly like the way he had described her taste in the dream; sugared heartberries in sweet cream as she continued breathlessly describing the dream for both of them. And he realized that she was enjoying the description almost as much as he was.

The thing was fucking her deeper than even Devon or Xaphael’s best hung cousin had, she thought as the monstrously huge cock plowed deeper and deeper into her dreamself, and she wondered after a time how much deeper it could go; surely she wasn’t that deep! Then her perceptions were once more swept into the dream that filled her mind as thoroughly as the dragon’s member filled her passage.

And Joanna knew that she would have to finish the story before she would be able to find out for sure if he actually was the dragon she had been seeing in her dreams for all these years. But she suspected that he might be, and if she was right, then she knew she would be doing everything she could to get laid by him before he left the party that night!

Then she realized she had him to thank for her current happiness, and she knew that she was going to have to find some way to properly express her gratitude to him. Impishly, she wondered if offering him her body would be thanks enough, but she knew she would have done that anyway, so there had to be something equally as good that she could offer as well.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

In the meantime, Ezekeiel was watching, mesmerized as she rode his cock in the dream, and in the story she was telling. Somehow, he was seeing them both at the same time, and he knew that it was something that she was doing, but he couldn’t have asked her to stop if he had wanted to—and he didn’t want to. This was fascinating, Zeke thought as he listened to what she was telling him.

He knew he had never seen her before today—unless it had been in the dream-- but at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling like he should have been able to remember her name before her Father had introduced them at the door of the mansion. But now that he knew it, he knew too that he would never forget it again.

He knew he absolutely did remember that vibrant shade of red-gold, paired with the arrestingly, amazingly deep amethyst of her eyes—and that had been what had struck him when he had arrived at the door of the mansion that late afternoon. And he knew that he would have to get to know her if he could, but he certainly wanted to see if there was some way for him to get into her pants before the end of the party somehow.

But he wasn’t sure yet that she would be available; after all, she was married to the Prince of the Council, and that might make her off-limits.

Anyone that enjoyed sex this thoroughly deserved an opportunity to prove it to him, he thought as he enjoyed what she was doing in the dream and in the tale that she wove into his thoughts like a tapestry. But he wondered if she would be interested in giving head or going anal at the same time, and he knew that eventually, he would be able to find out. And it might even be tonight if she was available.

Then it occurred to him that she likely would be; she and her adopted sister were lovers, after all... and Vlad had even suggested that she might be willing...

Hell, he had thought as he fucked her in the dream, she might not even have been born yet, and this could only be a premonition of a mate that is yet to be. But if she can take me for depth, then she should be able to bear me young as well... we shall see. We shall see what the future holds for her and for me. Though she is far deeper than I expected her to be... he decided as the dream continued to unwind around his mind and he enjoyed her body more and more thoroughly as the dream progressed.

Then she blew his mind again—continuing the story in images in his thoughts as she spoke aloud-- saying, “Zeke... I have wondered for years what anal would be like with the dragon... the dreams don’t show that... they were and continue to be wonderful, but that has been something I have thought about since the first time I had this dream.”

His eyes widened in sudden realization as he figured out where he had seen her before; the only time he had had a waking vision had been when ’Talia had been describing what she had seen when she had read an ancient prophecy regarding the arrival of the woman who had the power to save an entire generation of dragons.

But Zeke knew that he had to be sure of his sudden conclusion before he told Joanna about it. And he knew too that he had research to do when he got home, but that didn’t mean he had to leave right away. There was time for him to enjoy himself and as much of the party as she would permit, as well as enjoying her body, if that was what she was willing to allow.

Then the images she was projecting and her voice returned his awareness to the tale she was weaving in his thoughts and softly spoken aloud.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

All the while in the dream, James bit her throat or gently kneaded her breasts and stroked her clit as the immense member plundered her vagina again and again as she shuddered with the continued penetration, needing this to both go on forever and to stop this instant. Though at the same time, she knew this was what she’d been looking for without knowing it. As she said that, Zeke felt like she had been reading his mind; the only way she would say something like that was if she was the woman he had been looking for. And he knew that if that was the case, then he would be later getting home than he had thought as the story continued through his speechlessness.

Not just the dragon, but also the strength of penetration, and the size of the shaft. And if only an animal or a dragon could produce something that size, then that’s what she needed, she decided, though she knew she would have trouble convincing many of her friends of the truth of it in waking life. But that didn’t matter much to her; she was enjoying what was happening. Zeke knew that she was telling him the absolute truth; he could see it in her eyes and in the way she was breathing as she described the dream and what she felt as the story continued in his thoughts and her own.

The dragon’s shaft was at least three and a half inches thick at its tip, and it widened to more than six inches in diameter as it thrust more and more of its member into her with each thrust, and filled her completely with each stroke, though she thought she could still feel James’s fingers sliding in and out beside the immense cock fucking her so completely in the mind-blowingly vivid dream. She knew that—even though she was telling the story—she still wanted to feel everything she had felt in the dream, and she hoped that he was what she thought he might be as she continued the story after another deep breath.

She wasn’t able to take all of it into herself, at first, though she could feel James gently pushing her backwards further onto the shaft as it surged forward into her further with each stroke.

When she was finally able to take it all, both she and the dragon held that position for several minutes, then he began stroking harder, and James was actively impaling her on the shaft with each stroke. Then the dragon froze again, and she knew the time had come; and so was the dragon that was buried to the root between her legs.

“Ohhh, blessed Lady... that was wonderful...” she sighed as the orgasm burst over her again; felt as though from a distance, but still powerful. And Zeke smiled internally, knowing that he could do so much more in his dragon form than in this form, but he knew he could do more than the orgasm she had just experienced if she was willing. In that instant, he hoped she would be willing when she was done showing him what she had dreampt about the dragon as she continued the story.

She knew she could easily take James’ fist after this, so she leaned back into it as the dragon strove to bury his shaft in her cleft as he erupted like a fountain, more than an hour later, and Joanna fainted as she came more completely than she ever had before, even in her dreams, or with Amelia, she realized.

And she knew—to her amazement-- Vlad didn’t object to this; he was sharing her intense satisfaction with her; he was glad she’d had this experience and shared it with him. His only disappointment was that he hadn’t been there to make love to her for a long and slow time afterward. But he also knew that if she enjoyed it as much as he thought she might, then she would be very happy when she woke up.

She reached toward him as she dropped out of conscious awareness in the dream, thinking muzzily, ◊He gave the stoyrai to me... will you share me with him?◊ in Archaic Ladten. And Zeke knew that his question had been answered; she was still available. Her husband didn’t object to the potential union between the pair of them, and now Zeke felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Meanwhile, that first night in Dragonledge, Ezekeiel knew that he had also been struggling to get his urges under control, at least enough to go out in public once more without a raging hard-on. That dream had been incredible! He had been with many women, but very few of them had been deep enough to take him fully in his draconic form; most of the time he had to shift form to accommodate their... abilities.

But he knew that in the dream they had shared, she had taken him in two forms, taken him and enjoyed the penetrations, and he thought she might just be deeper than he had experienced in the dream, if she was really real, not just some longing fantasy of a woman.

That night it had occurred to him that he hadn’t had a human lover in decades, not since ’Talia, and instantly, his hearts had plummeted into a darkling realm of loss and torment, somewhere south of his toes as the depression he had held at bay with logic for all the time since she had been killed swirled once more through his thoughts like a smothering cloud.

“Oh gods... what have I done? I don’t even know her name...! Oh, ’Talia, forgive me...” he knew that he had whispered, shocked anew as he forced himself to remember every cruel thing she had said about him during their last fight. And then, in a fit of masochism, everything that had happened after that; finding her body crushed almost beyond recognition in the crumpled mass that had been her ’car, until he had decided as he had wept that first night, that having another human lover was not something he needed at that moment.

But things could change, and he hoped the pain he had felt that night would fade enough for him to seek out the woman in this dream. And it had.

Everything had changed in the intervening century; he was ready to accept-- both that vampyres weren’t as frail as humans, and that he needed to seek out another mate. It was time that he began adding to the gene pool again. And he had found her finally, he thought, hoping that he was right in thinking that she would be willing to bear him young as well as simply enjoying sex.

The images that he had seen when he had found ’Talia’s ’car filed past his mind’s eye again; each one carrying it’s fair share of pain for him, and he knew that her death was the legacy of his inattention; nothing he did would be able to bring her back. And maybe he wouldn’t ever be able to trust himself with someone as delicate as a human as a lover ever again, he thought as he had held his final image of ’Talia’s broken body before his eyes for several seconds before he had to push it away again.

But vampyres weren’t as delicate as humans were, he knew, and that was the only thing that was able to banish the pain memories of his ’Talia brought now.

And for weeks, Joanna knew he had fought with himself, wanting the woman in his dream, but still desperately clinging to the memory of his ’Talia.

But the weeks had turned into years—into decades-- and still he couldn’t get the woman from the dream out of his head after that; the dream returned every so often-- as though to taunt him with her impossible nearness-- and he began to wonder if she was even real until he had accepted his friend Richard’s invitation to his daughter’s birthday party.

Especially when Vlad had also extended an invitation to the same party; Zeke had felt something then that could have best been described as hope; hope that there was some chance that his two oldest friends might have found the woman he had dreamed of, though he wasn’t sure exactly how they had managed to find her, when Zeke hadn’t been able to.

However, at the same time, Zeke knew that he hadn’t really been trying to find her as yet; he had been trying to recover from losing ’Talia enough to be able to look for his next mate.

Then he shook off the remembered pain of losing ’Talia, and looked at the woman who sat beside him on the gracefully curved sofa, and he said, “We could find out about the fulfilment of your anal fantasies, Joanna... if you’re still interested, that is.” as he lifted his drink to his lips and took a sip as she sighed in anticipation and nodded eagerly, seeming to almost wriggle in anticipation, though she didn’t seem to be aware of the motion..

“Actually...” she said slowly, sounding both thoughtful and breathlessly anticipating at the same time a few seconds later, “I would really enjoy getting to experience everything that dream suggested would be possible, but I have to know something first.

Are you the dragon who I saw in that wonderful dream?” she asked wistfully, her eyes shining with hope, and he smiled as he gestured to the place on his flank where she originally had seen the scales in the dream. She followed the motion of his hand with her eyes, and gasped in pleased surprise as iridescent scales appeared where he had gestured to.

“Yes, my darling. I am indeed. Here, let me show you.” Zeke said simply as more scales followed the first and he shifted to a slightly smaller version of his draconic form, filling the room with his presence. And she breathed, “oh... wow! I never expected to find my way to where we could get together in reality... I have wanted to meet you for years... I have wanted to be ‘raped’ by a dragon in reality for as long as I can remember; at least since the dream.... Of course, I would do you in this form too...” she added candidly as he shifted back to his centaur form once more.

Then she blushed as she asked, “Did I actually say that out loud?” looking mildly embarrassed at the minor verbal slip.

Zeke chuckled gently, then he said, “Yeah, you did. But it’s okay.” And then he admitted—just as candidly-- that he would definitely do her too, if she would allow it.

And Joanna chuckled too, saying that she would whenever he was interested, so long as it wouldn’t interfere with her responsibilities as hostess.

“I wouldn’t want to do that, my darling. Shall we adjourn to the party upstairs, then? We shall find time for us to enjoy each other, but later in the party, perhaps.” he said, as she leaned in for a kiss to seal their plans. His lips opened almost instantly, and she opened hers in reply as the kiss deepened the longer they stayed connected at the lips. “Zeke?” she said as they rose and their lips parted for an instant.

“Yes, Joanna?” he replied softly, stroking her hair almost reverently, and giving a playful tug to the end of her braid.

“I just wanted to let you know-- if Daddy hasn’t already-- that the party is going to be going on all year. So, we have plenty of time to be together.” Joanna said breathlessly as his hands strayed again to her breasts for an instant, and she gasped in delight as their lips met once again a few seconds later.

As their lips parted this time, he slowly pulled her hair again as he began kissing a trail down the side of her throat to the tops of her breasts where they were exposed by the more open neckline of the elaborately decorated gown that she wore today. And she knew that she was going to want to spread her legs for him much sooner than she had originally planned to if he didn’t stop what he was doing...!

“Oh, gods, Zeke...” she moaned breathlessly as he continued to caress her with his lips, “if you do much more of that, we won’t leave this room until well after you and I have consummated our pact...” she gasped as his mouth closed over her nipple as he had lifted her right breast free of the top of her dress with one hand and continued to pull her hair with the other.

“I know that, lover,” he breathed softly, though it sounded almost like one of Raven’s ‘passion growls’ to her in that instant, affecting her the same way, and she wished very much that she wasn’t wearing any panties. But she knew she was, and that was about the only thing stopping her from doing something that would likely keep her busy for the next few hours at the very least. And she knew that she was going to enjoy every second of what was to come if she allowed the connection between them to progress.

Then, Zeke breathed into her ear, “But, Joanna, I need you...” and the way he said it, pleadingly, almost broke her hearts; more importantly, it broke her resolve not to do him just yet. She lifted her skirt as she leaned back on the dark cushions of the sofa and he slipped his hand under the fabric, reaching eagerly for her panties, intending to pull them off as she spread her legs for him as the panties slid down her legs to land on the floor beside the sofa they shared.

“Perhaps it would be easier, for right now, if I shifted to this form,” Zeke said, as he became a very tall, well-built young man with ebony skin, a bright, infectious smile and an immense erection. She looked him up and down, and nodded slowly as she smiled at him, knowing that he was right.

“Perhaps it would at that.” Joanna said, as she reached to him with an answering grin, and took his hand, guiding it to her mound as he knelt beside the sofa within reach of her as she slipped her hand around his member and stroked it slowly, appreciatively. He gently caressed her ruby curls, and slowly slipped two fingers deep into her as she gasped again in delight. And for several seconds, he was slowly stroking her to orgasm before he slipped between her thighs, sliding his member slowly into her passage.

They both sighed in relief as he reached the end of the first stroke, and he moaned, “Oh, gods, Vlad was so right about you, my love!” as he drew back to slowly slide forward once again. Then as the friction between them increased, he panted, “Remind me to thank him for this, darling!” as Joanna felt her own orgasm building, and she nodded, wanting to feel everything that he was giving her and not have it interrupted by unnecessary speech at that juncture.

Release breaking over them several minutes later, they clung together, chests heaving with the intensity of their passion, and Joanna reached for another deep kiss from him as she thought, ◊You ready for round two, lover?◊ as her breathing began to slow down.

“I thought you had to get back to the party...” Zeke said, as he held her close for several seconds.

“I do, but it is my birthday, after all. I set my pace today, as Amelia reminded me a couple hours ago.” Joanna said softly.

“Well, then. Allow me to be among the first to give you a birthday gift, my love.” Zeke said, disengaging from her, but only long enough to whisper in her thoughts, ◊Roll over for me, darling.◊ as Joanna smiled and eagerly rolled to her knees, lifting her bum for his penetration.

“It won’t be the dragon, quite yet, but I should think that this will do, for now.” Zeke said, as he slid his member between her nether cheeks, and smoothly into the center of her sphincter as she dilated for his entry, clenching her muscles to hold him within her, once he was firmly buried in her ass. And that was when she discovered that he had shifted again as she was rolling over; he was using the centaur form to fill her back door with jizz as she cut loose with a high pitched shout of delight, “OH GODS, OH YES, ZEKE!!!!

Oh gods, oh yes, oh fuck me in the ass, Zeke!” she moaned as he drove deeply into her ass and she released the clench, knowing that he couldn’t hurt her this way, and they would both enjoy every moment of this encounter.

This time, it took both of them much longer to reach orgasm, but they both did, and when she felt him flooding her rectum with semen, she moaned, “Zeke... we have to use this form in my cunt.”

“I agree, my darling.” he whispered, but he knew that he was still locked into her body. A few seconds later, she was able to unclench her muscles from around his cock; her orgasm had left her rigid for several seconds, and she was finally able to relax against his body as he slipped free of her rectum.

They slipped apart and she rolled over to allow them to kiss for several minutes as they both waited for their breathing to return to something more closely approximating normal, and she felt around in the drawer of the end table as they did, thinking, Where is it? I know there is one in here somewhere... I put the box of them in here for when Raven was using that welupo form with Amelia and I, and he wanted to go anal that day... Ah! There’s one, as her fingers closed on a small packet. She produced it in triumph as their most recent kiss broke, and he smiled, knowing it for what it was; a condom sized for a centaur.

She slowly slipped it onto his member, as she whispered, “I know I’ve been lubed by what we’ve been doing, lover, but we’ll see how this goes.” as she dropped once more into the same position she used when she was with Miracle’s Father, or even during her very rare encounters with Bainil; facing the same way she had been before, but exposing her labia in a way that drew the lips open, and instantly attracted his attention.

She suppressed the squeal of passion that wanted to come out as he slipped the head of his jacketed member into her passage this time, knowing that she had heard someone in the hall outside the room where they were playing right now, and she didn’t want to be interrupted. Then she relaxed, remembering that she had locked the door as they had come into the room.

Then, she heard something else, something that made her skin instinctively flush burgundy to match the color of the cloth on the sofa they were using. It had sounded like the distant racking of a rifle, though she knew there were many different things that sounded like that at range. But it only made sense to her to be careful; after all, she knew that there had been threats made against the house, her family and her guests. But Joanna knew that she had no way of knowing if there was anything negative happening at the party, until she thought to listen again for the heartbeats over their heads.

Filtering out her own and Zeke’s hearts took a few seconds concentration as he thrust into her gently, then she realized that the hearts she could hear most clearly spoke only of passion, not pain or panic. And the ones overhead spoke only of enjoyment, not fear or danger, so she knew she was safe enough to relax and enjoy what was happening in her cleft again.

A few seconds later, she relaxed again as he slowly stroked into her again, her skin flushing flesh toned again in her relief as she identified the sound at last. The sound she had heard had only been the rattle of the keys on the main keyring that unlocked all the doors down here as it had settled into her discarded clothing on the other side of the room.

And soon, she was able to get back into the mood that had broken so suddenly for her, backing to meet his thrusts and spreading her legs wide to take more of him into her body, enjoying the feel of the condom around his member against the walls of her vagina.

After several seconds of nearly mind numbing pleasure, Joanna decided that the sensation reminded her of something, something she associated with nearly endless waves of continuous orgasm.

And a few more seconds later, she decided that-- in a way-- it reminded her of the filled balloons Devon had been using to teach her to accept larger objects in her vagina when she had been younger, but not at the same time, and she wondered if she would be able to get one or more of her lovers to do something like that again any time soon.

Then she wondered what it would be like if Zeke were to be fisting her around one of the balloons, and the surge of her orgasm at the thought almost knocked her off her knees, though Zeke had thrust firmly into her as she was orgasming, so she didn’t lose her balance completely, simply leaning back into him as she had in the dream.

The resulting contact brought him to orgasm too, and they held the pose for several seconds as they fought to get their breathing under control again before Zeke pulled back and began thrusting quickly again. He knew that he could find his way to a bigger one for both of them if he tried hard enough, and her breathing soon became moans of wordless encouragement as they both crested the wave once again, seemingly only seconds after the last one.

And they both knew that they would enjoy the time they shared, no matter how often they were able to share passion. And, of course, both of them knew they would be sharing passion many, many more times over the course of this party, and any others.

For Zeke, this had been the merest taste of her enjoyment; he knew he could bring her greater orgasms, and deeper pleasures, and he hungered for the chance to fill her with his seed in his proper shape.

For Joanna, she knew that this was one of the ultimates in fantasy gratification for her; the dragon who had featured so centrally in that wonderful dream all those years ago at Winter Coronation was one of her lovers now. The only thing that might be better in her estimation was the blood orgy Vlad had described to her, or having the Cemetery Dream come true. But that didn’t look to be coming true any time soon, so she knew that she would take what she could get. But in a way, she kinda hoped that Vlad could feel what she was feeling; so that he knew he had chosen well.

And of course, they both knew that they wanted more of each other; far more than the single taste they had gotten today, though they had both enjoyed it—and each other-- immensely.

(Note: Don’t forget the cake and ice cream and the rest of her presents, as well as the scene where she is working on her most recent outfit for the Cloud Float Party that was to be held in three weeks in the story, when she isn’t involved in sex. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the orgy that Amelia has planned for tonight.)

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