Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 10: Orgy!

Wally knew—as Joanna wrapped her mouth around the head of his member and began to slide up and down it-- that what he was in the middle of was delightful, but at the same time, he couldn’t help remembering the first time he had had a fantasy about Joanna and Amelia on campus, and as he waited for Joanna to crest her own orgasm as he ate her out, the images of his memories formed again in his mind.

In the images, Wally saw himself at the center of an orgy that encompassed the entire population of the cafeteria, using both hands and mouth as he was in turn used. For a moment, as his release in the fantasy left him shaking, he flipped over onto his back and closed his eyes to rest, trying to catch his breath from the ecstasy that had already been his that morning.

The only thing that would make this day better than it has been so far, Wally thought as he rested, would be to be boning Joanna or Amelia, or both. Then, after a few seconds, he opened his eyes once more when something touched his hip, only to find Joanna straddling his hips, guiding him into her open cleft with practiced ease. That’s better, Wally thought, allowing the images to play out. But he knew too that what he was seeing was only the images of his fantasy, not the reality that they had found between them. And if that were to happen today, then he would knew that this was the best day he had had in many years.

Her hip-length hair was loose, and cascaded around them like a shifting ruby and beesweets-quodoa curtain, closing out the world for an instant, as she whispered, “Yes, oh yes, Wallace,” as she rode his shaft eagerly. Soon, though, another joined in; Amelia straddled his face, and kissed Joanna’s nipples, pinching and sucking them possessively. “You are all mine, now, my beautiful lover.” Amelia said, gasping as Wallace began slowly probing her slit with his fingers and tongue without breaking his rhythm within Joanna’s cleft. And Wally knew that if it came true today, then it would make his day.

A few seconds later, and two others had joined them; one sliding into Joanna from behind, and one slipping into Amelia beside Wallace’s fingers to the accompaniment of whimpers of delight from both girls as they shared a kiss of almost volcanic passion above him as they rode him.

Of their group, Joanna was the first to reach orgasm; impaled on two shafts simultaneously, and Amelia’s face practically glued to hers by lip action so intense Wally briefly wondered if there’d been ‘superglue’ involved. Then in the next heartbeat, with a high pitched, screaming squeal as their lips finally parted, Joanna first went rigid for several seconds, then relaxed into near unconsciousness, sprawling on top of Wally where they lay entwined. And Amelia soon followed, with an orgasm that was nearly as explosive.

But somehow, neither girl’s position disrupted their other lovers continued penetration of them, so they continued until first one, then the other quickly reached explosive orgasms in both girls’ receptive orifices, and with each thrust Joanna orgasmed again, softly moaning Wally’s name with each breath.

However, as the action between the three—or five, depending on how one looked at it-- of them heated up again after a brief rest, he thought he’d heard someone calling his name. He didn’t want to respond right now; it would mean giving up this… glory that he’d worked so hard for, forever it seemed like, but the feeling that someone had called his name wouldn’t go away.

Then abruptly, the distant voice began to draw nearer, and he could hear her more clearly now, “Come to me, Wallace… I need you, so much.” And after a seconds’ pause, she added, “I’m all alone…” He could hear the seductive, yet plaintively subtle pout in her voice and knew it was only a matter of time until he could resist no longer and he’d go to her.

Her soft words, spoken in such seductive tones almost made him want to get up and go to her immediately, but he didn’t. And eventually, someone he didn’t recognize walked into view in the images; a petite, almost doll-like woman, shorter and more delicate even than Joanna. Then it occurred to him that she looked like Joanna too, in a way, and he wondered if they were related.

Then Wally saw her again as the action began to heat up between various groups in the room, and he knew that the whole thing could become an orgy with only a little time. And he knew that the woman he had seen in the memory was Joanna’s Great-great- great Grandaunt, Jerrica. But even though she had been trying to convince him to join her in eternity all those years ago, he had accepted a Bond with Devon instead.

But, to show that there were no hard feelings between them, Jerrica had spent a lot of time becoming Wally’s friend, showing him many things that made his life easier after he had made the change; things that Devon had never had to try, because he had been born the way Wally was now.

And now, of course, it was safe enough for him to go to Jerrica and share the delights of her body, just the way she had wanted him to be for years and years, and that was what he did tonight, after he shared several orgasms with Joanna and Amelia.

Meanwhile, Joanna was lost in memories of the first time she had shared her body with Devon as the orgy continued to gain strength around her. The spot she had chosen was a small grove of pine trees, open to the sky, and the moonlight filled the grove as though with a soft spotlight, though none of the light leaked out into the woods around them, as she led him further into the grove, knowing that she was almost hornier than she had ever been in Raven’s and Amelia’s embrace.

And Joanna knew that even though she was enjoying what Vlad and Devon were doing with her, she couldn’t help remembering their first times together individually, and the first time they had shared passion as a group.


The pine needles silenced their footsteps totally in the memories swirling through her mind, and she knew that this was indeed the place where she would give herself to him completely as she slipped the blanket she had been carrying off her shoulder and shook it out, laying it out on the ground a few seconds later. But she briefly lost track of what had happened in her memories, as Devon slid his fangs free of her throat, closing the tiny holes there, though his penis continued to plunge deeply into her ass, as she felt the first stirrings of a monster orgasm, even for the strength of orgasms she usually experienced.

And she hoped that both her partners would feel even a portionof what she did as her memories overwhelmed her again. Then she had an idea, show them what she was remembering. And she swallowed against the blood that was held to her mouth by her husband, as Devon returned his mouth to her throat, his fangs sliding through her skin once more to pierce the artery again.

It crossed her mind that this would also be the best place to finish the Mating Bond that Vlad had been telling her about a few days ago too, but that was for later. Devon was for tonight, and tonight was all about their pleasure.

She had been dreaming about this night for months, and now she was determined to get laid by him, especially after Vlad had given her permission to share her body with him.

Vlad had known about her sharing with Raven and Amelia for years; he had only recently begun to encourage her to share herself with the other young men of her acquaintance.

And Joanna knew that it was something she had wanted to do for years too, so she had eagerly taken him up on the suggestion. Though, at the same time, she had wondered if she was ever going to get to share herself with Vlad fully.

At that, Joanna smiled, grateful for her Bond with Vlad, as he shared the memories she had been remembering, and she could feel his enjoyment of them resonating through their Bond as he too drew on the blood flowing through her veins, closing the circle between the three of them once more as he slid into her vagina once again, and the three of them erupted into orgasm as the memories swept them away again.

And she knew that if she did, it would likely be a long time in coming yet, even though he had caressed her breasts as he had kissed her the last time they had spent any time together, and she had been the one who had wanted more. But he had counseled patience, knowing that the time for them to be together would come soon, even though it hadn’t been right then.

But that day was weeks ago; this night was right now, and she knew that this was the right time to be with Devon; here and now as she laid out the blanket on the pine needle bed at their feet.

Then she removed her top again, quickly shucked out of her bra and shed her belt, and whispered in his thoughts, as she walked into his arms again, ◊Now, where were we when we were so rudely interrupted... ohhhh, yessss... oh, gods, yes, Devon...◊ as his mouth found her nipples again as they continued their explorations of each other, discovering the differences and similarities as Nature was taking its course between them and he opened the top of her shorts again without being aware of having done it.

He licked her skin slowly, tasting the differences in texture from one spot to the next as he filled his senses with her presence, inhaling the scent of her, and allowing his hands to roam the exposed expanse of her skin, exploring the shapes of her breasts, her buttocks through the fabric of her shorts, the hollows of her shoulder blades, and pressed nibbling little kisses into the skin of her throat, and she knew he wanted... ached to taste her blood as much as he yearned to make love to her. But that was something she knew would have to wait until he was fully inside her, and that was not where he was as yet.

Her hands slid slowly down his chest again, as they had earlier, and he knew that she wouldn’t be put off by a simple noise from the forest this time. He allowed her to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans as he slid her shorts off her hips to reveal her lacy panties as he kissed her breathless again.

When their lips parted this time, she slid his pants down his hips to discover that he wore no underwear, and he was very well endowed as she dropped to her knees and kissed his member, licking the length and teasing the head with the tip of her tongue before she took it into her mouth.

He groaned as the moist warmth of her mouth enveloped him, and he knew he was going to enjoy this night as much as he had enjoyed his first time with Xaphael, and it crossed his mind to wonder about sharing her with his Elven lover sometime, then all coherent thought left him as she began sliding up and down the shaft with her mouth, until he erupted into her mouth. Then, she pulled back, and smiled at him with a thick trickle of semen running down her chin and between her breasts.

Watching the trickle as it slid lower, he realized that she had slipped out of her panties as she had been blowing him, and now the trickle of semen had reached almost to the top of her ruby pubic curls. As it slid past the thick curls and between her labia, she swallowed, and he wanted to give her the same level of pleasure that she had given him.

Reaching out to help her up, he cupped her breasts, and she sighed as he allowed his fingers to follow the track of his semen, slipping down her stomach and through her pubic fur, slowly slipping between her labia to caress her clit, as she sighed softly at his touch.

His fingertips slid gently back and forth across her clit for several seconds, then they followed the semen still further, exploring the entrance of her vagina, slipping inside slowly and sliding in and out to her growing enjoyment as he stroked her gently. Her eyes had rolled shut as he had filled her with his first two fingers, and now he did something that she hadn’t been expecting him to do; the first two fingers of his other hand also were being slipped into her vagina as she whimpered high in her throat in delight.

Joanna...” he whispered as he continued to caress her intimately, though he couldn’t keep the urgency from showing in his voice as he did.

Ohhh... yes, that’s so nice, Devon...” she moaned softly as he continued to fill her and she could feel her orgasm building. Then she opened her eyes, and saw his fangs were fully extended, and she understood what he wanted.

Yes... yes, Devon, but not until you’re deep inside me, okay?” she panted as the thought of him feeding from her made her orgasm break over her hard, and she knew her knees were about to buckle under her. “Oh... yes... oh Devon, put your cock in me...” she whimpered as she lay down on the blanket on the pine needle covered ground and spread her legs for him.

At first, he was confused for a few seconds, then he realized she had meant what she had said, and he knelt between her legs and slowly, he slipped his member slow and deep into the beckoning passage in front of him for the first time. Then he rocked back, and slipped out part way, then slid back into her again to her soft cries of delight.

A few strokes in, he felt something within her stretch, then break, and he knew he had been the first for her. Then he realized he could go deeper, so he did, though he wasn’t sure how he knew he could.

And Joanna felt Vlad smiling against the skin of her throat, knowing that he had known that she had been active with Raven before she shared herself with Devon the first time, but he knew that Devon hadn’t known it until years later as the memories flowed through his mind as well as his wife’s, and the lover who shared her body at the same time, as though they were three bodies with one mind.

As they rocked with the depth of his strokes, she climaxed many times, and he began to wonder if she would enjoy anal as much as he enjoyed it. Then, he realized she was about to come again, and he leaned forward as she climaxed under him. He slowly allowed his fangs to slide through her skin to the artery beneath; the flavor of her blood fueling the orgasm that rocketed through both of them as he did. He swallowed twice, then twice more and he knew he was going to have to pull his fangs out before he could slip free of her body long enough to be able to talk to her and find out if she was willing to try something that might be new for her as she cried out softly and went still, though she was still impaled by his member and on his fangs.

Taking care to seal the wounds he had made with his fangs, he slipped his fangs free, and realized that she was so still because she was unconscious beneath him. Devon was confused for a few seconds, then he noticed that her hearts were still beating as he stroked a couple more times within her vagina to see if that would rouse her. She moaned softly as he thrust slowly into her again, and he was relieved to know she was coming to again.

Joanna...” he whispered beside her ear as he thrust again, even more slowly, and she sighed again, but this time there were words in it, “yess... mmm, Devon... that was so nice... please... don’t stop...” as she bared the other side of her throat to him.

I’ve already had as much of your blood as is good for you right now, sweetheart.” he replied in the memory, knowing that she was still mortal, and she slowly forced her eyes open again as she turned to face him again. But he could see that she was still groggy, at the same time. “But there is something that might be just as much fun for you that we haven’t tried as yet.” he added, hoping that she wouldn’t deny him this close to being able to feel his cock in her ass.

What is it?” she asked between strokes as her next orgasm built and built.

And Devon smiled as he saw again the memory that she held of the night they had first shared this special bliss; knowing what was coming, and knowing too that they were almost to another orgasm again as he sank into the memories, and into her body again as the pleasure built and built between them once more.

Anal penetration.” he said quickly, knowing that he was almost there again himself, and so he fell silent again, knowing that he wanted to focus on giving her delight as he was pleasuring both of them. Her eyes widened, and he took the surprise on her face for ignorance of the act itself; he didn’t know the surprise had been an involuntary response to being offered one of her dearest fantasy gratifications so soon.

She asked, “What’s that?” her tone all innocence as his orgasm exploded from him. And Devon smiled again, enjoying this reminder of her innocence during that first encounter, though he knew that she had had plenty of experience since that wonderful night.

As they came down from the heights that orgasm had sent them to, he showed her mental images of what he had been talking about, and she said, “You’ll have to be slow and gentle then. I’ve never done this before...” Then, she allowed him to slowly spread her cheeks and penetrate as deeply as he could into her rectum with two of his fingers at first, then he slowly slid deeper yet with his member, using his semen as the lube.

It was all that they had with them that would slip into her well enough. Then, Joanna thought smugly as they both slipped in and out of her as she concentrated on keeping her feet through the orgasm that thundered through her veins as the memories continued to flow between the three of them as they continued to enjoy each other deeply.

And Devon remembered something else as he reached into Joanna’s hair and began to gently pull it as she moaned softly while they shared the memories and pleasure at the same time.

He had felt like he was about to shoot his load within the first couple strokes in her ass; she was that tight, but he fought for the control needed to be able to bring her to orgasm too before he let himself go, erupting into her backdoor like a fountain to their shared cries of delight, sliding his hand into her hair and pulling gently as she squealed louder and louder the deeper he went and the harder he pulled.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ · ∙ · ∙

Joanna knew that it had been all she could do not to tell him how long she had wanted him to do this with her as he had slid his fingers as deep as they would go into her ass for several lingering strokes, and how much she wished he would slide his fist up her ass like Amelia did at home, but that would have given away her knowledge, she realized.

She was glad when he finally slid his cock deep into her, driving firmly into her ass like he had into her vagina, and she knew that the trip out here had been so worth the effort as he stroked and stroked against her sphincter like a piston until they had both gotten off at least twice more, his semen filling the space she hoped he would be sliding his fist into soon as he filled her again.

And Joanna knew too that fisting her was something that she wanted him to do again tonight. She wasn’t sure if he knew it, but she suspected that he might know, and if he did, he might be willing to do whatever she was hoping for, or maybe both he and Vlad would be willing to fist her at the same time.

But as he did, she hoped he would be willing to feed from her while he was buried in her ass too. Eventually. Though she wasn’t sure he would this time, he might another time, and that thought gave her reasons to continue to fantasize about him, other than repeating the intensity they had already achieved, she realized as he continued to thrust into her ass.

Oh, God!... I wish... we could do this ...at home...” he panted as he thrust deeply again in the memory. And Joanna could feel him building toward another eruption abruptly, deep in her ass, though he continued to stroke quickly, as he was in the memory. “You are... so tight... so good against my cock, Joanna...” he said in the memory and in her hearing, as he pulled out some and thrust deeper as she pushed her ass against his hips, firmly impaling herself on his cock again as she cried out in passion too, as Vlad drove into her vagina at the same time.

Yeah... we should do this at home... Dev, oh my Goddess, yes, YES! Oh, fuck me in the ass, Devon!” she panted as he drove into her again, in the memory and in reality as they continued to share memories between them and she knew that all three of them would be coming again soon.

When he was done, they rested for a while, then she convinced him to eat her out, since she had blown him earlier. She came explosively as he slipped his fingers into her ass again while he was tonguing her as deeply as he could without causing pain to both of them. And a few minutes later, he was able to get a fist into her vagina, and another into her ass, and she writhed on his arms in deep sexual ecstasy for several minutes as he drove her to ever increasing orgasms as he sucked her nipples and nibbled on her throat as he continued to penetrate her as deeply as he dared. And Joanna sighed in deep contentment as they switched places in her orifices as the memories rolled through her mind again.

Then, as they lay panting on the blanket over the pine needles in the memories, side by side, he said, “Next time, I’m gonna have to bring a couple Orgasmics for you to try.”

Then, she paused, shocked as she felt something cold, wide and hard sliding deep into her rectum, and Joanna realized that one of them had switched to one of the gemstone dildos, and was sliding it deep, then sliding it almost all the way out again. But when it returned, she felt herself gasping as the icy feeling of the stone had been augmented by the icy lube they preferred to use in the playroom as she temporarily lost the thread of what had happened in Devon’s memories as she deeply enjoyed what the three of them were doing together, though Vlad hadn’t left her vagina with his penis.

What are those?” she asked curiously in the memory when she was able to regain track of where she had left off, and this time her innocence wasn’t feigned. He explained that they were a kind of mushroom that grew in the area, but they were special, and she shouldn’t try them until he was with her. But that didn’t stop her from wanting to know more about them and the other kinds of mushrooms that grew in the area where she had grown up.

And Joanna knew that that encounter had been what had sparked her interest in mushrooms all those years ago. But that wasn’t as important to her as what was going on between her and her two lovers right now.

Then, he rolled toward her again, gently pressing her legs open once again so he could lightly lick her clit until she was more ready for him to slide inside her than she had been the first time, and he made slow love to her for what felt like hours, both vaginally and anally as she brought him to climax after climax himself, riding his cock like she would never get enough. And Joanna knew that was true; each time she got laid by any of her lovers, she always felt like she would never be able to get enough of them and the pleasure their penetrations brought her.

But at the same time, she wondered what she was gonna do when they were at home; she couldn’t very well ambush him into boning her in the ass there, like she could with Amelia. Though she knew that he might still want to. And she was sure she was going to want him to do this with her there too, as often as they could.

And Joanna still wished she had been able to spend more time being intimate with Devon as she had been going through the year when she had been in Central, doing that research project on the homeless there for her Father. But the kicker was that while she was there, she would spend the year apart from all but one of her lovers here-- except for the people in the shelter and Amelia. But the only reason Amelia had been there too was that she was the only one who could keep Joanna’s seizures under control.

At the time, though, Joanna hadn’t been too sure that Amelia would be allowed to go with her; Jayne had been against the idea from the start...

Joanna had lived in a homeless shelter in Ferenc Coreale for almost a year to better understand how hard life was for the homeless-- existing hand-to-mouth and living from paycheck to paycheck, because he had suspended her expense accounts for the year-- and even though she had mostly been by herself for that time, she knew that she had learned to more completely appreciate what she had here at home as her memories continued to roll through her mind, and the minds of the lovers she was sharing her body with at that moment.

And she knew too that she had been truly happy there for several reasons, not the least of which had been that fact that she had gotten to spend more time with Brecia, and Amelia had finally been introduced to Joanna’s mermaid lover. Eventually, Joanna had also persuaded Amelia to swim with her and Brecia out beyond the breakers in the Bay of Saint Ferenc the Divine, where the three of them made love for the first time.

But that was years ago; right now, Joanna was focused on the pleasure Vlad and Devon were giving her, and she was giving them in return as her memories with Devon continued to flow.

Then, in the memory, it had crossed her mind that she could ambush Raven into going anal with her at home; they had been doing that for months now, and she knew that he enjoyed sex with her and her sister as much as Joanna did. However, he simply wasn’t Devon, and she had been fantasizing about sharing her body with Devon for almost as long as she had been sharing kisses and touching with Amelia. And Devon knew she had been untouched until she gave herself to him.

Joanna hoped in that instant that Vlad would hold his peace about what he suspected had happened to her when she was six; the night her Mother had been murdered, but a few seconds later, Joanna knew that she needn’t have worried. Vlad was enjoying what he was doing too much to correct Devon’s interpretation of the night they had shared their virginity.

It crossed her mind to get him to follow her into the disused rooms and passages of the UnderManse, and have him do this there, but she wasn’t sure that would work; he usually wasn’t at the house when he was supposedly babysitting them.

Usually, they were at Amelia’s house, where there were fewer opportunities for privacy, unless it was in the studio out back of the house. And she knew she was going to have to find some way to get him to share this with her at home. Then it occurred to her to bring him to the treehouse for a few sessions, and that way, he would still be on the property, but they would have enough privacy to be able to share pleasures like this.

But at the same time, she had a feeling they weren’t going to be able to get together very often for this sort of activity until at least she was older. And she knew she was going to have to ambush Amelia and Raven as soon as she got back to the cabin they were sharing by the lake; she was still so horny that she almost couldn’t stand it. And she was glad her sister had brought a couple toys to the cabin for the three of them to play with.

At the same time, Joanna knew that she was glad that she had shared this memory with Raven and Amelia within a few minutes of her return to the cabin they shared; they had included twists of their own when they had re-enacted the memory later that weekend in the same grove where she and Devon had shared each other the first time.

She didn’t realize that what she felt every time she got laid was a side effect of the spell the vampire who had raped her when she was six had left going in her system; that she would remain willing for hours after the initial penetration by the first male to touch her intimately—willing and able to achieve orgasm, but not conceive as yet. That had been for later.◊ Vlad thought as an aside to Devon, knowing that the younger vampyre had been wondering how Joanna had been able to remain so horny for as long as they had known her.

Oh, so that’s what it was, Devon thought as he continued to enjoy the delights of her body in the playroom.

But how... oh. Amelia helped her grow her hymen back, I guess. I wonder if she knew then that she had been... Come to that, does Vlad know who did it? I’m sure he does; he has likely been trying to find the one responsible for most of her life.

Oh, waitaminute! I remember now, that vampire that Amelia and Raven had me help them kill... that was the one who was responsible for what happened to Joanna? But Amelia said that he... he was the counselor at the school... wait, wasn’t he also a shapeshifter? Could he have been the Giant Spider who raped her about forty years ago too? Devon thought as he continued to project his memories of the rest of their first encounter for Joanna and Vlad.

But at the same time, Devon knew that he didn’t really want Joanna to know what he had realized quite yet, in case he was wrong. But Devon knew too that he had to confirm or deny the theory with Vlad as soon as they could find the time to talk about what he had learned, somewhere away from his wife. However, that could wait until they were done enjoying each other, Devon knew.

But another thing that vampire hadn’t taken into account had been the normal horniness of a teenage girl; it had made the spell far stronger than he had intended it should be, and she would be horny like this for the rest of the week.

Any sex she got would only make her hornier for several days after each time; as though she had gotten hold of some potent aphrodisiac, even though her system was completely clean of anything like that or any of the known ‘date rape drugs’.

And, of course, she got laid more often this week than she ever had before.◊ Vlad added, in Devon’s thoughts. And now Joanna felt the memories shifting from being hers to coming from Devon’s thoughts.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ · ∙ · ∙

But he knew something had happened; she was hornier after they had made love the first time than when they had begun. There was only one cure for that level of horniness, Devon knew, and that was getting her laid by as many people as he could, as many times as possible that night. But that just wasn’t possible right this minute and he knew she would need careful attention when he was finally able to get that arranged for her.

And both Devon and Joanna could remember when he had finally been able to provide that to her as his memories wove through their thoughts and they continued to bring each other joy. And Vlad simply smiled as he continued to bring Joanna deep joy; he had known when she had finally been able to take part in an orgy, and how much she had enjoyed the experience. And Devon wanted to be able to give her that; to able to be the one who showed her what orgies were all about... if he could get her to accompany him to his camp at any time this week, maybe they could arrange something, he thought. Xaph was waiting there, and he too was interested in being with her, Devon knew. That would ease some of her need, he thought as they rested between rounds. Yes, Devon thought, Xaph had been able to help her, at least as much as the rest of us could help her that night... as he continued to fill her vagina with his penis.

Joanna?” he remembered that he had whispered a few seconds later, leaning over her where he was propped up on one elbow on the blanket, driving the corner of it into the thick layer of smoketree needles they were laying on, though he almost didn’t realize it.

Hmmm?” she replied, her eyes shut as she relaxed, though he knew she was still enjoying the last of their most recent shared orgasms.

You up for tryin’ somethin’ ...different?” Devon asked as he leaned over and sucked her right nipple into his mouth to her gasp of pleasure, then he backed off again.

Different how?” she asked in reply, a slight frown of curiosity crossing her forehead as he watched, then leaned toward her again and did the same thing to her left nipple.

I was thinking about a different kind of human. I know you know about the other races; what do you know about Elves? Or even some of the others?” he asked when he had released her nipple once again, though his fingers were gently teasing her clit still.

Not a whole lot.” she said as the sensations built and built again, though she had heard the same rumors that everyone else had, she thought, about them being either bigger or smaller than other men, and she knew they were designed the same way most other men were, so the size of their tools should vary too, she thought. But as she considered the idea, she thought it might be fun to get laid by an elf and a vampyre at the same time, or at least on the same night.

The reason I asked is...” he began as he slowly slid two fingers into her again.

Shush.” she said, slipping her hand over his mouth. “I know you are friends with Xaph. Remember, I’ve known him for years too. But, I’ve heard that he is gay. Are you sure he’d be interested in someone of my... gender?” she asked, studying him seriously now, though she knew that her next orgasm wasn’t far off as he continued to slowly stroke between her thighs. And Devon knew that these were definitely his memories, though they were being shared with Joanna and Vlad as they made love to her as the three of them were standing up.

He laughed quietly, and said, “I am sure he is, because he and I have been talking about being intimate with you together for almost as long as we’ve been babysitting you and your sisters, lover. He is sincerely interested in being intimate with you, and I can prove it, if you would care to accompany me to our camp. If not tonight, then sometime this week?” he said, his tone challenging her now as she crested the orgasm that had been building and fell into the well of passion on the other side.

But, if you’re not interested...” he added as she seemed to hesitate just a fraction of a second too long, his voice trailing off as she again slid a part of her anatomy over his mouth to silence him; in this instance one of her breasts as she rolled toward her feet, clearly planning to get up and get dressed immediately.

But she gasped as he opened his mouth and her nipple literally fell between his lips as he began to suck on it again as she reached over his head to grab for her panties first, and then her shorts as his fingers slipped between her legs again, diving deep once more.

And she knew they weren’t going anywhere just yet as his fist slid into her again and again, driving her into another mind blowing orgasm as he slid his other fist deeply into her rectum again.

When the last waves were fading away as they had both exploded in orgasm again, and he had slid his member out of her body once more, she scoffed quietly and said softly, “Of course, I’m interested in sharing you with Xaph, Dev, if he’ll be interested in sharing me as well.”

And the three of them slipped apart at last, staggering over to the bed, and falling into the spaces left between bodies in the pile of sleeping bodies on the giant bed, as they grabbed what scraps of rest they could find for the moment/

Devon had helped get her into an orgy before that night, but, instead of it doing what Devon had hoped it would; calming her libido to a bearable level, it had inflamed it to inferno proportions instead. And she was still intensely horny at the end of the orgy with all of Xaph’s cousins, she confided to Devon as he stroked strongly in her ass again the night of the orgy. Though she had enjoyed the penetrations immensely, she added, and expressed hope that she could do it all again very soon.

Especially the young Giant with the two cocks, and that cousin of Xaph’s that had all those flexible vines in place of a single member, she had said as their orgasm washed over them like a tidal wave.

It crossed her mind again to consider asking Devon about animals, but she decided against it for now, planning to save that for a later time when they were being more private than intimate.

Devon and Xaphael had been to many of these Fae and Elven orgies in times past, and had taken the mushrooms themselves—she simply ‘rode their wave’ this time-- and Xaphael assured her that the orgy was being held on the boundary between the realms, so she wouldn’t have to worry about the flow of time being something she was unused to as she was filled over and over again, by humanoid Fae, demi-humanoid Fae, and several dozen Elves and one young Vampyre.

This time, there hadn’t been any young insects who could be brought in at almost the last minute, so Joanna simply made do with being done longer and deeper by those who were there.

But regardless of how long the sex continued—and it continued for a very long time-- she was never filled by the same person-- or toy—more than twice in the same location, except by Xaphael and Devon. And it continued-- and continued-- for what felt like days, though she knew it had only been one night. And her pleasure increased when the other elves discovered how deep she was and took turns deeply fisting her for hours.

That was also the night that she had given Devon permission to feed lightly from her during loveplay again, more than four and a half months after it had been revoked.

The first orgy was fun for her, as well as for them, but though Devon had hoped it would calm her libido, it didn’t. She came out the other side of the encounter almost as horny as when they had first gently spread her legs that night, though Devon had brought someone special to the party for her; a young Giant Millipede, as well as a young Passionbug with ovipositors that were almost as long as an adult’s, even though it was only about a third of the usual age of sexual maturity for Passionbugs.

Both of them were too young to reproduce by the normal method of their people, but the penetrations were incredible for Joanna, and amazing to Devon to watch her taking something that long into her body and enjoying the experience to the hilt, both vaginally and anally.

Then a few days later, Joanna and Devon both recalled their first sexual encounter when they were in college; Joanna and Devon climbed the stairs, walked down another long corridor, and then climbed still another set of stairs, and Joanna knew they were nearly to where he was taking them. He unlocked the door, and led her inside, closing and locking the door behind them before turning on a soft light on his desk.

Sitting down on his bed, he had beckoned her over to him, and as she sat down beside him, he kissed her deeply, gently pushing her back onto the bed fully. When she was lying down, he stood up, and kissed her knees where they hung over the edge of his bed. Kneeling in front of her, he reached up and flipped back her short skirt, as his other hand reached to pull her panties first down, then off as he gently spread her knees wide.

She sighed softly as his hands slid up her exposed thighs, toward the thick patch of her ruby curls she’d left when she’d shaved this morning, and he slowly slid two fingers into her again, parting her labia so he could lick her clit gently as he fingered her deeper to another climax. Soon, she was panting and tossing her head back and forth against his bedding, whimpering his name, and in that instant, he was stepping out of his trousers, then he filled her slowly with his member.

They’d both reached a peak when he realized Xaphael was also with them, slowly penetrating him as he had penetrated her, and Devon rocketed to another, deeper orgasm, filling her with his semen.

A few seconds later, Xaph had also climaxed, inside Devon, and he was slowly disengaging from him to await his turn with the young woman Devon had brought back to their bed after so long away.

Joanna had swooned as Devon’s second orgasm had filled her passage, and she was slowly regaining consciousness to discover they weren’t alone in Devon’s locked room. “Joanna, do you mind if Xaph and I share you, like we did at camp?” Devon asked, rather hoping she wouldn’t object.

He knew she was adventurous sexually, and still seeking to know her own boundaries in that regard; he thought this would be rather more in keeping with what she hoped would happen tonight.

After a few seconds, as Xaph knelt between her thighs where Devon had been, she whispered, “You won’t hurt me, will you?” looking at him with a hint of fear in her huge amethyst eyes. Her pupils had dilated in the low lighting in Devon’s room, making her eyes look bigger than they already were as she glanced at Devon, her eyes questioning, and Devon smiled as Xaph smiled gently at her reassuringly.

They both knew that this was what would decide it all; if he was planning to do something she didn’t like, she would call a halt to the fun right then, and they would have to respect her wishes and stop. That was the agreement they had come to the night they had shared her on the shores of Twittering Lake, and it was what he knew she would remember.

Never, unless that is your wish.” Xaph replied seriously, and Devon knew from experience that he meant it when he used that tone of voice. “I’m not like Devon; no fangs, remember?” he added with a playful grin that showed even, very white teeth in the half-light conditions he knew Devon preferred. “Even though I know you like to be bitten... I will only bite if you say I may, lover.” Xaph added.

But, some of the things I like you may not, so if I accidentally hurt you, you must tell me, and I will either stop, or help you to enjoy it. It will be your choice the whole time, the way it has always been between us, my darling.” he added as he dipped his head to her clit, licking slowly into her open passage once, to her gasp of delight.

Then, ohhh yes, Xaph... I want this again too, all of it.” she moaned as he drove his tongue deeper than he had before with a devilish grin.

As he did, one of the tendrils of the Passionvine that grew beside the bed slid slowly over her nipple before one of the buds gently wrapped the edges of its petals around her upraised nipple and began to suckle it through the thin cloth of her dress in time with Xaphael’s tongue strokes.

Within a few seconds, another bud had claimed the other nipple, and another was gently vibrating against her clit as he tongued her as deeply as he could.

Then, as he withdrew his tongue from her, the bud that’d been vibrating against her clit, slipped fully into her slit, diving deep, and she gasped, “Oh, yes, yes...” as she bucked against the invading motions of the plant sliding deeply into her body, then slipping out and diving back in again.

He and the vine brought her slowly to climax again and again before he filled her with his much larger erection with the vine pressing the bud firmly against her G-spot. And, after they had both reached another peak, he and the vine withdrew, as he whispered, “I want to do something with you that you may not have had very often... have you ever been deeply anally penetrated before? I mean, other than when we were at the lake?” Xaphael asked, and she wasn’t sure which way he wanted the answer to be, that she had, or that she was still essentially an anal virgin, as she thought about what he was asking to be allowed to do to her.

Devon had mentioned it again when they’d been together the last time, as he’d slowly worked his penis into her anus for the first time that night, so she said, “Yes, but only once, so if you want that, you’ll have to be very gentle, like you were at the lake. It’s been a very long time for me.

There hasn’t been anything like that since that night.” She didn’t tell them that, though Devon had been her first time with a man of his age, she had been invaded there by the Passionvine at home many, many times, and by Amelia’s fists, and since then, many, many times by Raven, and once or twice by Wally.

And the vine liked to go far deeper on her than Amelia—or either of her other two lovers-- could reach inside. Joanna shivered as she remembered the vine going deeper than even Devon and Xaph had that first night at the party.

And she knew that this was so much more than she had hoped for; it was more like the dream she had described for Amelia about the cemetery, and she knew too that she was going to enjoy everything that happened tonight and for as long as Devon would favor her with such delights.

And, of course, she wasn’t going to mention that she and Amelia frequently found their deepest pleasures with fingers and fists inside each other’s assholes. Slow and gentle was sometimes the best way if they were planning to go deep, Joanna thought, hoping they planned to try to find the back of either of her passages tonight. But if not, there would be other times, she remembered suddenly.

Perhaps, I’d best let Devon go first again, then, my sweet.” Xaphael said, adding before he had gently caressed her clit again with his tongue, “then maybe you’ll be ready for me to fill you again, Joanna, my love.”

Devon had been rubbing something soft and slippery on himself and on—and deeply inside of--her asshole as Xaphael had said this, and she rolled to her knees, knowing that they would go slowly with her this time as she turned her back to them and went down on her knees and elbows on the bed, raising her ass invitingly. And as she did, the Passionvine bud slid back into her vagina, slowly stroking into and out of her repeatedly as they prepared her to be deeply anally penetrated again by far more than just their flesh that night.

And Joanna knew that she would be experiencing something similar again tonight, but on a much grander scale, if Amelia had her way about it as the memories continued to roll through her thoughts. Then she wondered how she had known that this orgy had been something that Amelia had had a hand in bringing into being.

She could feel Devon wiping more of the lube in the space between her cheeks, and sliding a finger slowly into her back passage as he’d done with her the last time he’d filled her this way, his finger working its way deep into her rectum as two of Xaphael’s very long fingers filled her vagina again, though the Passionvine never withdrew. She gasped at the double penetration, then moaned again as she realized Devon had slid a second finger into her ass as Xaphael slid a third, and then a fourth finger into her vagina.

As Devon stroked with his fingers, Xaphael was sliding his hand slowly into her and then back out as she climaxed hard against his hand and the vine. She wondered if the seeds from this vine and the ones from the vine at home would cross pollinate or something while she carried them, then the thought walked away again as Xaph’s hand stroked hard into her G-spot again.

Then Devon’s fingers were gone and he was filling her ass as Xaphael’s hand was sliding deeper into her vagina as Devon stroked into her and she cried out his name with the force of the orgasm that was ripping through her, growing more fierce with each stroke of the young Vampyre deep in her ass.

Devon shot his load into her again, stroked a couple more times, then spasmed—driving his cock deeper into her than they had gone before this, to her gasp of pure delight-- as he felt himself coming hard again, only to realize that Xaph had slid his other hand back behind him and was slowly stroking his prostate gland, making him spurt repeatedly into her.

You’ll need plenty of lube for me to get into that tight little pocket, Dev, if I remember right...” Xaphael said as Joanna fainted again with Devon still buried in her ass and the Passionvine still slowly stroking in her snatch.

When she regained consciousness, Devon had dismounted, and it was Xaphael that was slowly burying himself in her anus, stroking slowly as he pushed his member deeper than Devon had gone into her. He pulled back slowly, and slid another handful of the lube over his erection where it had emerged from her ass, sliding two fingers deep with a wave of the lube going before them.

And she sighed, “Ohhh, yes... take me deep, lover...” as he slid another lubed finger, then another into her again. Then he pulled his member fully out, and worked all four of his fingers into her ass, sliding as deep as he dared with his fist and stroking for a few seconds.

Then he slid them out and slid quickly back into the space he’d lubed as Devon did the same thing with his fingers and hand that Xaphael had been doing to her a few seconds before, and she screamed Devon’s name as her mind came apart when Xaphael shot his load into her in hot streams that she felt hitting the sides of her anal passage, continuing to stroke quickly as he did.

He stroked until he reached a second orgasm while she was unconscious, knowing that if they were going to teach her to actually enjoy deep anal penetrations as much as they did, there would have to be much more treatment to her still nearly virgin asshole than simply being anally sexually active with two guys into unconsciousness at a party.

She would have to be gently stretched and taught how to dilate without hurting herself when she was active with them. And Joanna knew that she had truly been taught the lessons she had needed to know to enjoy everything her lovers had shared with her that night and over the decades since that first magickal night between them.

They didn’t know that a spell set in motion years before was still active; expanding the depth and internal width of her anal passage and her vagina too, so she could accept and enjoy being done by increasingly longer and wider objects. She was deep enough to take both of them at the same time now and wouldn’t be hurt even if they decided to both fist her anally at the same time. But, it would give her phenomenal orgasms to have that happen, even though she didn’t know that now.

But Devon knew that she was still horny from the first time they had fisted her, and he hoped they would both have the opportunity to fist her anally at the same time eventually.

And as she saw again this section of the memory, Joanna wondered if what they had had in mind would have eased how horny she had been. It occurred to her that she was still horny, but the orgy she was sharing in would possibly help with that, she thought as she felt the hands of her lovers caressing her intimately as the memory filled her thoughts.

And she dimly realized that someone was inserting something that felt very much like one of the balloons into her ass again as she bent deeper to accommodate the insertion with a soft moan of enjoyment.

They didn’t know that, however, and they knew if she was willing, they would be able to move on to the next section of their games. And they had to be ready when she woke up this time for what she would say to their next suggestion as the memory unreeled in her thoughts.

Joanna smiled at this memory, knowing that it was this experience that had helped her be able to accept larger and larger objects in her ass, and eventually led to her being able to take the dragon who was responsible for her current happiness as the memories continued to fill her thoughts.

While she was out this time, Devon had retrieved a strange looking device with what looked like a limp balloon over the narrow end from a dark corner of his room, and lubed the balloon covered narrow end thoroughly, then gently inserted it as deeply as he could into Joanna’s anus before it could completely shrink back down, sliding the balloon almost as deep into her as he had been with the tip of his member. But he wanted to be able to go deeper, much deeper, and this was one of the best ways he knew of to stretch someone without using serious sexually aggressive magick. And Devon was glad that he didn’t know any of those spells.

Then, he began squeezing a bulb attached to the body of the object in her anus, watching carefully as the balloon and the valve it was around gradually inflated, slowly stretching the size of her sphincter as she moaned, regaining consciousness once again with it deep inside her, stretching to fill the expanding space the contact was causing through the active spell.

Oh, gods... Devon, what are you doing to me... it feels so... amazing... ohhh yes, yes, oh, yes...” she cried out as the valve expanded and Devon slid a small tube into her anus through the valve, then attached it to a pump that would shoot warmed glycerin and saline into the balloon in her anus as she was filled vaginally with their hands while the Passionvine slowly stroked against her clit, and she erupted again in orgasm.

And Joanna knew that this memory was going to be a very important part of what shaped her appreciation of the orgy that was taking place all around her if it was indeed another of Devon’s wonderful balloons that was being slid into her ass this time.

Eventually, the balloon would harden in the shape of the inside of her anus at that stage, and they would use it later as another tool in stretching her gently, but for now, the warmth was pleasant, and the fullness pressing against the sides of her rectum was more so for her.

This pleasant form of assault went on for what seemed like hours, with the pair of them taking turns using her, and slowly sliding a fist into her vagina as deeply as it would go; each time a little deeper, until they were both able to reach the back of her vagina and they were dragging their fingertips over her G-spot repeatedly as she screamed their names.

They didn’t know it, but their activity that day had made the spell on her cells ramp up to the next level, though she wouldn’t know it for several months when she and her lovers became much more active. But what she did know was that the longer they filled her, the more she wanted them inside her.

From time to time, one of them would lie beneath her and slowly lick her clit as his fist flexed inside her again, and she would whimper their names again, flickering between awareness and unconsciousness with Passionvine buds sucking both nipples nearly constantly.

Then, they slowly deflated the valve in her anus and removed the pump, but not the balloon. They tied the first one shut, and insisted it remain as long as she could stand it being there. Then they replaced the first balloon on the pump with a second lubed balloon deep in her vagina along with the valve and inflating it as they did the same thing to her anally around the glycerin filled balloon they’d left in place for what seemed like hours longer, until she could only feel them and not the balloon filling her ass with pleasure.

Soon though, they’d removed the devices-- and the balloons that she was being stretched by-- and were simply fisting her slowly to climax after mind blowing climax in both orifices at the same time.

Then, the vine took over, filling her with its thickest tendrils in both openings, slowly stretching her still further as she sucked them down her throat for a while as the vine brought her to still more, and longer climaxes.

Then, they both filled her again for several minutes, sliding the balloons all the way back into her as she dressed again before the three of them returned to the party, with no one the wiser for them having been gone as they joined the group of dancers who were enjoying the music on the main floor.

After the party wound down, Devon kissed her deeply again and said, “Joanna, we simply must do this again. Perhaps in the garden tomorrow evening?” he asked as he caressed her labia again; she had left off her panties when she got dressed again, and she gasped softly when he brushed the tied-off end of the balloon between her labia.

And maybe there will be a few of the others here then too, Would you like that?” he asked as his fingers slipped between her labia and the end of the balloon for a few seconds before slipping away again. “We could make it a small orgy, if you are interested, my love.” Devon added, his tone enticing.

She giggled, then agreed, saying, “Devon, if your Mom gets back before you are expecting her to, then you will have to change your plans. But yes. I want all of this, especially if we’re going to be outside to have fun this time. Will Xaphael be with us?”

Of course, lover. If that is your wish, of course he will.” Devon said as he leaned to her ear and whispered softly, “And we’ll both enjoy deeper contact than we did tonight...”

The carriage he had sent for arrived just then, drawn by four cream colored stallions. And it crossed her mind in that instant to wonder again what it would be like to be fucked by a horse as Devon fed from her as she watched it approaching up the long driveway, but she dismissed the idea as too deviant for now as she climbed into the carriage with Devon’s assistance, and he climbed in beside her to escort her home again, as much as to have the time to remain in her presence.

They took their time driving back to her house, and Devon slid the balloons out again to fist her again as the driver paced the horses slowly five times around the rim of the valley at Devon’s request. And as his fists were at their deepest point, she considered asking him if he thought she was deep enough to take a horse cock, then she decided against it for now, knowing that if she was, it would surprise him later.

And she knew too that now that Vlad had seen this, he likely would be willing to give her that gratification too, the next time they were intimate in the stables.

Devon was surprised to find that she was deep enough now for him to be able to bury his fists to the elbow in her body, though there was no evidence that she had anything within her from the outside as he slowly slid his arms in and out of her, to her ecstasy as she crested a huge orgasm as they finally crossed the invisible line that marked the border of Lathom Manor lands.

When she was able to breathe again, Devon whispered, “maybe tomorrow we will try Orgasmics. I know where we can get some of the freshest ones, and you have to try them, lover.”

I’ve wanted to try them since the first time you mentioned them, Devon... but you’ll have to do something for me, lover.” she said seriously as she got her breathing back under control again from the orgasm he had just gifted her.

Anything.” he replied as seriously, then he grinned, as he slipped his fingers out of her again.

Joanna smiled and said, “Actually, two things. I want you to do what you just did to me, again and again tomorrow, and I think you should make up with Raven. I have the strangest feeling that we will need each other before too long, and I care too much about both of you for you two to be fighting. Promise me that you will at least try to make up with him.”

I promise. My solemn Word that I have already tried to make up with him. I don’t know if he has accepted my sincere apologies, but I have already tried, my love. And your wish is my command as far as the means of bringing you deeper and deeper pleasure. It is my pleasure to please you as deeply as I may, m‘lady.”

Joanna had giggled at that, and smoothed her skirt back down over her lap after Devon had carefully reinserted the balloons, though he knew the one in her vagina didn’t reach the back anymore, and the anal balloon was being squeezed into a longer form to reach the back of her rectum. But he was satisfied that she would be very deep still when he was next able to fill her passages, and give her increasing pleasure.

A random thought of seeing her being penetrated by creatures with longer and wider cocks crossed his mind then, and he knew he would have to see what he could do about finding something like that for the orgy, but for now, there was still plenty of things he and Xaph could do to bring her deep pleasure, and he intended to do exactly that for her.

Then the carriage came to a halt in front of her house, and he handed her down to the footman who had come to greet the carriage, and she went into the house as he drove down the driveway once more, thinking that it would be a long time indeed before tomorrow night came.

They were both thinking the same thing, though neither realized it.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ · ∙ · ·

Joanna had slept with the balloons in place, and they were still there when she was finally able to get back to where Devon had suggested they meet in the gardens of the estate and once the balloons had been removed, they did more to her and with her than she’d ever imagined.

They had spent much of their time together that night showing her toys to use to dilate her sphincter, and how to take a lover deeper than she had before, and she learned quickly and well, because she wanted to use this information with Amelia and Raven. And when they were done, they quickly lubed the balloons again and used them on her again and again, to her great pleasure.

Still More Notes to be used in this chapter

Brecia slipped her fingers over Joanna’s forehead in an amazingly intimate shushing gesture, and whispered, “Let me make love to you, my beautiful Air Princess, as I too have longed to do for years.” as she carried Joanna to the small strip of beach within the cave and began kissing and sucking on Joanna’s nipples through the bathing suit top.

Let me get that out of your way, lover,” Joanna said, arching her back and reaching for the strap that held the top of her bikini in place over her breasts, freeing them to Brecia’s touch with a moan of longing. And soon they were swirling in passion, driven higher and higher by Joanna’s climaxes.

And, as Brecia slid first a finger, then another into her lover, Joanna slowly spread her legs wide for the mermaid, who bent to pleasuring her with a will, knowing they had years apart to make up for in one short night.

Then she felt something she hadn’t expected to feel; something very like a thick, wide penis sliding slowly into her vagina as her lover guided her onto it, driving into her firmly as Brecia groaned, ◊I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you, my love,when you were trapped in that cave on the coast, my singer. And now I am, truly, your lover.◊ Brecia said in Joanna’s thoughts as she thrust slowly into the willing body over her.

◊I didn’t know you had a penis too...Oh, Gods, lover, yes... YES! oh, YES ◊ Joanna cried out in passion as they continued to bring each other joy, repeating the exclamation with each thrust of her lover’s powerful tail. And she wondered if she would conceive from this unexpected development with her underwater lover.

And as soon as she brushed the mushroom with her bare skin, it responded, touching her thoughts with images of herself in the same state of orgasmic ecstasy that the anal birth of the Fluttermoons caused for her, without birthing insects from her rectum, and she came hard in that instant, though she knew it had only touched her thoughts. And then it occurred to her that it was the same as the state of orgasmic ecstasy that she was in, in her encounter with the dragon.

It made her wonder how much more it could do if it was between her legs, or up her ass—or both-- and she squirmed with delighted anticipation at the thought of being deeply penetrated by the intelligent and trainable-- as well as eager—young fungus while she was being penetrated by the thickest tendrils of the mature passionvine downstairs.

And instantly, Joanna thanked the generous insect who had brought her such thought provoking and thoughtful birthday gifts, and promised that she would keep them in a safe location and use them regularly. She also knew that Amelia would enjoy using her presents, though she hoped that Raven would be interested too, along with any of the others of their passion group who wanted to try something new.

Later the next night, when she was being filled with bug eggs again, she felt the fungus filling her thoughts with the joys of endless orgasms, and deep anal and vaginal penetrations continually filling her even though the Locust who was deeply embedded in her ass was only about half done implanting her with his eggs, and the worm that was stroking in her vagina at the same time was filling one side of her uterus with its eggs as it writhed inside her and she knew that there was going to be more sex for her in the next few days than she had ever had in her life if the fungus and the bugs had their way about it, and she hadn’t even had a chance to try the tree or the Scarab as yet. And she wondered in that instant if there were sex magicks that Vlad hadn’t taught her as yet, but too, she knew that she would have to find out.

The Scarab was patiently waiting its turn to mount her, knowing that she was amenable to vaginal breeding, but she had requested that they leave enough room for her to be able to carry one child each of two of her other lovers in one side of her uterus, and in the other, they leave room for the anal scorpion to leave her their young to be incubated. The anal scorpion’s young would be born in only a couple weeks, and she would be perfectly willing to carry more eggs for her other insect lovers after the young anal scorpions had been delivered.)

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