Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 11: Extending the Invitation

After a pause to rest after Joanna had taken him so deeply into her body, to his great joy, at their requests, Zeke also does Amelia and Amanda in between rounds of doing Joanna long, slow, and deep. Later in the party, Corri surprises everyone by being willing to be done deeply and repeatedly by the dragon as well, with Byron’s full approval and active assistance.

And even Raven eventually convinces Devon and Xaphael to join him in being partnered with the dragon in loveplay, in various forms. In later stories, we find that Raven in particular is fond of being mounted by the dragon while he is in his largest welupo form, or the dire lupo form and buried deep in Joanna’s cunt, but there is no real way for them to make that work until after Ezekeiel is asked to join their circle of lovers.

But the dragon isn’t the only one who is enjoying himself with the girls-- there are many encounters that are just between the members of the circle of passion, as well as many, many others-- and when he comes back to spend more time doing Joanna, near the end of the six months of nearly continuous orgies, he is surprised to be asked to join their love group. Joanna suggests that-- since he was dreaming about sex with her so often before he attended her party that first night-- that means he was meant to be at least a part time member of their group, if he wants to be.

He thinks about it for a few seconds, and then agrees, especially after it becomes known that Amelia and Amanda are both carrying eggs of his from when he first enjoyed them, nearly a month before. They too discover the joys of riding the dragon anally to give birth to his eggs, and he asked them to bear another cycle as well. But it was only the one other cycle of his eggs, though he continued to enjoy them both vaginally and anally, to their continuing delight. There should be a dreamseed ‘mud wrestling’ pit sequence somewhere in this chapter too, though I’m not sure where it will be, or who will be wrestling with whom or what, or if it will lead to another sexual encounter, though it likely will for whomever is involved.

But at the same time, Joanna is currently pregnant with Zeke’s child.)

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