Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 12: First of the Dragonbloods

Regarding the encounter with the dragon, Raven and Amelia had been planning this encounter for years, ever since they had met up with him by accident while they were on a shopping foray in the spring of 2107, in the town of Dragonledge, and discovered that he could shift his shape to be any other form besides his more normal draconic form.

And this chapter details that encounter. It won’t be sexual in nature, save for the erotic imagery of the dreams at this point, but it will spawn several fantasies for Zeke before the night he actually gets to meet and do Joanna deeply at her birthday party.

He won’t be able to get to the party until her actual birthday, so that makes him one of her birthday gifts from Amelia and Raven that year, though Joanna doesn’t realize it until much later; like after she has had the first round of his eggs, more than a decade after their first sexual encounter. But she will certainly enjoy everything they share sexually, and she will enjoy the encounters with her other lovers even more after the dragon begins with her, because she will have had one of her deepest held fantasies come true for her, and that, after all, was what the Divine Dreams were all about for them.

They showed him their memories of the first dream—the one that started the whole thing-- and he had had a few more dreams of his own about doing them, and about doing her, so he had agreed to come to the party and try to get into Joanna’s pants while he was there. That he also wanted to get into Amelia’s and Raven’s pants goes completely without saying, I’m sure, considering that it was a side effect of the initial wildly sexual encounter with Joanna. Amelia and Raven knew that Joanna and the dragon would be getting intimate within the first few hours of getting acquainted, and that was the whole point, in their opinions.

Joanna and Zeke’s baby will be born humanoid, but the baby will swiftly show hints of their heritage, though I don’t know if it will be as wings yet, or what. The boy’s name is Hayden.

After a pause, at their requests, he also does Amelia and Amanda in between rounds of doing Joanna long, slow, and deep. Later in the party, Corri surprises everyone by being willing to be done deeply and repeatedly by the dragon as well, with Byron’s approval and active assistance. The rest of the group will eventually be involved to one extent or another, considering the fact that James’ involvement is limited to watching the dragon do Joanna, but eventually, even he will be willing to share an encounter with one of the smaller forms before James passes on.

Raven in particular enjoys sharing with Zeke in almost any form, and manages to surprise Zeke one day by showing up in the form of a female Ice dragon who was just coming into season. But it was Raven who got the surprise when he was stuck in that form for four months, until after the eggs they had conceived could be delivered.

And Raven eventually convinces Devon and Xaphael to join him in being partnered with the dragon in loveplay, in various forms. Later, we find that Raven in particular is fond of being mounted by the dragon while he is in his largest werewolf form, or the dire wolf form and buried deep in Joanna’s cunt, but there is no real way for them to make that work until after Ezekeiel is asked to join their circle of lovers.

Joanna won’t be pregnant with the dragon’s eggs until more than another decade of loving with him has passed, but then she will be able to carry ten or more of his eggs to hatching each time she bears for him—and there will be many, many times-- giving birth about four months before the eggs hatch. The eggs won’t be huge when she delivers them, not much longer than a Fluttermoon caterpillar is when it comes back to pupate, but like the Giant Insect young from previous stories, the eggs will expand to their full size before they hatch but after they are laid and out of the bodies of their various mothers, finishing at about the size of a half grown Clydesdale foal when they hatch, Then the hatchlings will get bigger, of course, and they will be able to change their shape to accommodate their own preferences as to friends and lovers.

Eventually, one of the Scorpyeres gets involved with one of the dragons that she birthed, and the resultant young come back to fuck her again, producing a long bodied type of winged scorpion that needs blood to survive, but also can survive on sex alone for months at a time while it is deeply anally inserted in its host, though it doesn’t interfere in normal bodily functions while it is, and it increases the anal secretions that lead to orgasm in males, while it increases the same secretions in females that lead to oviposition, as well as regular ovulation, due to having many of its legs inserted vaginally at the same time, though that is for another story, and will be dealt with then.

And it happens that Joanna is in the middle of sharing another round of slow, deep anal sex with him in his full draconic form when she begins giving birth to his eggs, but he doesn’t let her stop enjoying sex with him to birth them. When she starts to protest, he simply says, “I know that labor pains are the way your people have birthed for your entire existence as a species, but you should know, you don’t need to hurt to deliver our children, my darling. Trust in the fact that I have never hurt you before this, and that I wouldn’t willingly hurt you now, at this most important point in our relationship.

All you need to do is lay back onto me, Qeitova, and I will show you a new way, a way that will make their birth both easier and faster for you, and I will stay deep within your delightful passage to ease the fullness of the eggs passing from your womb. It will also ease the contractions of your womb if we are sharing passion during the birth process, my itovilt; after all, that is what causes the pain that most humanoid women feel during birth.”

To her intense surprise, giving birth this way doesn’t hurt at all, and she even orgasms hard as each egg slips out of her vagina, as her dragon lover thrusts more of his immense cock into her ass, then withdraws some of it slowly, then slides it back in deeper to accommodate the movement of the eggs he knows are sliding down her birth canal. And she realizes that since she had experienced insect births, she should have expected that the dragons would have developed a pain free way to bring their children into the world.

In the end, she gives birth to twenty-five of his eggs in that pregnancy, and he says after the last one has come out, “You are so beautiful, my love, especially so when you are pregnant. Would you consider bearing for me again?”

She doesn’t even have to think about it, she instantly agrees, and he slides his cock out of her ass and strokes her to another immense orgasm as he fills her with his seed again; he knew that she would be most fertile just after she had finished giving birth to the eggs, and he wanted to be the first to have a chance to impregnate her this time. The others all join in, gang-banging her until she is overflowing with their semen, and she knows she has conceived from at least five of them this time.

The first one being the dragon who mounted her first, of course, but Vlad, Devon, Raven and Wallace were also among the first to fill her with their cocks, and she wondered what all that vampyric semen would do to the eggs, though Raven was only a fledgling, not fully a vampyre as yet at this point. But she won’t find out ’til later, perhaps even in another story.

This time Byron was there too, and he got to become a father by her this time. Corri had given him a mortal daughter and a vampyric son by then, but Joanna had never allowed a mating with him, out of consideration for her sister’s prior claim on Byron’s time. But Corri and Joanna both had given permission this time, and they were both surprised to find out that Joanna was carrying for him as well this time. The child is mortal, but retains the draconic ability to shift shapes, and is going to be longer lived than most of Joanna’s other mortal children.

She would also find out, in about four months, when the eggs she had just become pregnant with were ready to be born, and once again, she was being deeply anally filled by the dragon’s shaft when the birth began. If anything, this time the birth went even faster, and the orgasms were deeper still, though there were only ten eggs this time, because the other side of her uterus was filled with the growing embryos of the children of her other lovers.

This was the pattern for several cycles of egg laying for her, after the birth of her next round of children by her other lovers, and the anal births of the next rounds of bugs she had bred with, and she wondered how much of her genetics would make it through the shells of the eggs to the hatchlings within when she was carrying Ezekeiel’s eggs each time; the human and vampyre mix that she was now, and the dragon that their Father was should prove very interesting to see what the young were like. But she would be able to find out, and that was all she needed to be certain of.

Ezekeiel later offered to fill her anally for the birth of her newest children, when the time came, and she took him up on it, knowing that if it worked for the eggs to keep her focused on the pleasure, then it should work on the births of her children, to keep her focused on the depth of the penetration and the endless pleasure that had always brought her.

And Joanna discovered that it helped so much that she thought she would probably do this for the rest of the times she had to give birth. And if she was in a situation where she was apart from him when she began giving birth, she knew that she would have to have Raven shift to his dragon form, or have one of their lovers use one of the gemstone dildos to help her focus so she could give birth without pain.

But at the same time, she also yearned to be allowed to taste his blood, but he hadn’t said that he was willing yet, and she was willing to wait until he was. After all, they were going to be lovers for centuries, they both knew, so even that would come with time. But when it does, it changes her Bond with Vlad slightly, in that they are more closely Bonded than before, but she remembers more of the lifetimes she had shared with Vlad than she had before she was allowed to taste the dragon’s blood for the first time. By the way, it only happens a couple times, mostly in loveplay.

Also, Ezekeiel makes it plain that he doesn’t want to become a Vampyre as well as being a dragon, saying he can manage the shift for himself if he needs to wear that shape for a while. But Joanna is okay with that; she prefers having him as a lover, and the knowledge that he will never taste her blood is somehow... comforting to her, though she isn’t fully certain as to why that should be, either.)

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