Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 13: The Second Orgy

And at the other orgy that Amelia sets up, there is also a Satyr who is perfectly willing to repeatedly do everyone in their love group, and be done by as many of them as are willing to share him, along with several friends of Raven’s who are members of the Changing Folk of the kin of Lupus, as well as some friends of Michael’s who are from one of the several Bastela clans who have stood guard over the Manse all these years. But there are a couple of the clan of Osos who have been at the party too, and they get to take part in this orgy too.

The best part about it is that the orgies last several months with the help of Orgasmics and Orgy Drivers being liberally used by many of the participants. Joanna has never had—or been had by-- cats before, so some of the large cats should be involved in one of the orgies that involves the larger races gang-banging her for days on end, to her continuing delight.

The dragon encounters were both before and after the bug orgy, and the regular orgy Amelia had cooked up for Joanna’s birthday gift, and they are also during the orgy mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The big cats are interested in attending the other orgy, and fucking Lady Joanna for days on end. I don’t know if Joanna will have kittens from this union with them or from another, later contact, but eventually she will have kittens with most members of the various tribes of the Bastela prides in the area, simply as a matter of keeping good relations with the local Bastela clans as well as cubs with the Welupos and with the Osos.

But it will be several generations down the road from this story, when Joanna is much older and once most of their enemies have been eliminated.

Also attending one of the orgies will be Miracle’s newest boyfriend, a Centaur by the name of Nightshade, who is of Elven extraction and very attracted to Joanna at first sight. They spend some time getting to know each other, and he allows her to taste of his blood the first night they met—about a week after her birthday orgy, and after her first encounters with Zeke-- and she opens her legs for him two nights later, with Miracle’s full approval. But she doesn’t bear him a child until several years down the road, after Miracle has had several foals with him. Oh, yeah, that’s right. It should be recorded here that Joanna also has been with Bainil, though she hasn’t borne him a child yet either. He is one of Raven’s other lovers, and is most obviously a centaur by race, though there is some elven blood in his make-up too, the way he tells it. Of course, the pointed ears do kinda give that away, but only if he is wearing his hair back out of his face at the time.

All of Miracle’s centaur siblings are from the stallion in Joanna’s stables, or from Raven in Centaur form. But that doesn’t mean that other centaurs aren’t interested in Joanna over that same time. It simply means that many of the others will have the continuing opportunity to enjoy her sexually, without worrying about getting her pregnant.)

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