Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 15: The Light Fades

In this chapter, there is more damage being done to the Brotherhood, literally, the ‘light fading’ though I don’t know how it is happening as yet, other than what Vlad did with his ‘big boom’ spell. But there are other things to be described that Joanna hasn’t told me about as yet. And I know this chapter is supposed to cover more than ten pages, even if Joanna hasn’t really told me about it.

This chapter also has to do with Joanna and Amelia helping with setting up Jayne and Richard’s wedding, though that doesn’t take place until after this story has ended, not even until after the next book, I suspect, though it can’t be too much later than that.

There might even be something about one of their contacts within the Brotherhood itself in this chapter, but I don’t know for sure as yet.

Some of the damage will have to be from what Vlad does with the spell, but it won’t take out all of the members of the Brotherhood in the world, though I thought it would; the Guardian will have to bring in members from outside the Brotherhood population of Agorica to bedevil Joanna and her family further, though it won’t be right away that they are able to do so.

But at the same time, I still don’t know what will happen with the advent of the Deformed in regards to what is going on with the Brotherhood.

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