Dark Fantasies

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Chapter 16: Blood Orgy

(Notes to self: This chapter is very important: see below for details, but it too takes place later in the year of their party, say around Advent, so that it is cold enough to steam their breaths outside, but not truly be so cold that the participants wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to involve the Stonechild who is supposed to be the “altarstone”.

This chapter is about Vlad’s answer to one of Joanna’s dreams about their wedding night; the blood orgy that he promised her years before, with as many of her vampyric lovers as he can arrange to get there in time. However, the dragons both are there for this one. One of them is Zeke, of course, and the other is Raven in his dragon form. But this time, he also uses the Griffon and eagle forms with her. They don’t produce young this time, but they will eventually. Are the big cats at this one? And if they are, does she conceive yet? I don’t think so, this time, but Joanna will eventually, as I said in previous notes.

The insects appear at a different blood orgy, and they will produce young. But she will have a vision about the ice dragons again, just ahead of this first one taking place; start the chapter—after the dreams-- with memories of her exploring the castle near where they encountered the ice dragons. But don’t involve the ice dragons themselves. Vlad is still in negotiations with them to modify their perceived territory to exclude the castle that he had given to his mate nine lifetimes ago or more. In fact, set one of this type of orgy there, but that will have to be later in the story, or maybe in another book. )

She had slipped into sleep again, knowing that she had been well and truly loved deeply. But her erotic journey wasn’t quite over for the night, as she discovered when she realized that she was dreaming again. But this dream was a familiar one, and she wondered if it meant that Vlad was planning to make this one come true at this party. And Joanna knew that she hoped he would, though it wasn’t likely.

He had been gone so long again that she was beginning to wonder if he was coming home in time for the last few days of the party they were supposed to be sharing; after all, the year was almost over, and he had promised that he had an Advent surprise for her.

She wanted to know what it was, but she had a surprise for him as well; his latest son had spoken in her thoughts while Vlad had been away that day. But she knew too that he hadn’t really been gone very long; not compared to how long he had been gone before they had closed the Bonds between them, but even an hour was an eternity to her now...

Her eyes slowly opened to find herself staring at the partly cloudy, partly star covered sky, wondering how she had gotten... wherever she was. She only knew that when she woke up, she was naked, stretched spread eagled, and chained down on what felt like an icy stone altar of some kind in a shaft of shifting ruby, greenish and silver moonlight in an ancient, secluded cemetery, surrounded by at least fifteen shadowy shapes that slowly resolved into the cloaked figures of vampyres, and one welupo as she forced her eyes to focus.

But she wasn’t cold, at the same time, and that struck her as very strange; she could see their collective breaths steaming on the air, and she knew it was cold out. But at the same time, she felt as though she had been draped in gossamer fabric that kept her from being too cold to enjoy all that was to come. At the same time, she wondered if she had been here before; something about this place was familiar...

But she wasn’t sure if they would be able to find the cemetery from this dream in time for it to be something that they could do for her century celebration, though she hoped it could.

She knew she was all alone, except for the silent figures all around her—she somehow knew that she hadn’t told anyone where she was going—she was completely helpless now, and at their collective mercies. It crossed her mind to wonder in that instant, if they were able to be merciful, then the thought walked away.

For that same instant, she thought about begging them to set her free. But then she realized abruptly, she wanted this to happen. She had come here hoping this would happen to her. She didn’t really remember how she had gotten there, but she thought she may have been out walking alone on a deserted road, watching the moons and their nearest celestial neighbors rising in the night sky. And she had been absently fantasizing about what it would be like the night she would lose her virginity, she realized as she waited to find out what would become of her. And now she was sure that what she was seeing was a memory of a dream, not what he was planning to give her.

Now that time had come, and she found that while her hearts were pounding in her chest, she wasn’t frightened, like she had expected to be; she was excited, and anticipating enjoying anything they chose to do to her while she was in their power and held helpless.

One by one-- and in utter silence-- the vampyres shed their robes and took their places like parts of a naked, well-oiled machine; one just above either ankle, one at either outstretched wrist, one at either side of her throat, one on each side about level with her breasts, and one positioned over her belly so that he could easily reach her clit with his tongue—she could feel every inch of his exposed skin touching hers as he stretched luxuriously over her. And there was another reaching to slide something long and flexible—she couldn’t see what—slowly, deep into her asshole beside the stone phallus that had already been used to open her anally to their advances.

She squirmed on the stone phallus, feeling it icy cold deep inside her, and knowing that it wasn’t the only thing that would be used to invade her that night, as she felt the cold of the stone slowly penetrating her muscles as the second object in her ass was pushed deeper, then slowly drawn out in long, slow strokes.

But in that instant, as the unseen one slid the well lubed object deeply in and out slowly, she realized that she thought that she might know some of them; one looked something like Devon, though she wasn’t sure in the shifting light of the three moons overhead, and another looked rather like Byron, though-- again-- she wasn’t certain.

Still another one—the one that was positioned to tease her clit-- looked like he might be related to Raven, if Raven had an older brother that was a vampyre, though she knew he didn’t.

And Joanna wondered if it didn’t take place until after she and Raven had closed their Bonds, seeing the vampyre that looked like Raven. If that was the case, then Joanna knew that it wouldn’t be something that would take place this year unless she decided that she was ready to close the Bonds between the three of them, which she knew that she wasn’t ready to do as yet.

And, as she was making the connection that she might know them, one of them paused and slipped a gag into her mouth, knowing that she would be screaming long before they were finished with what they planned to do to her that night, and for as many others as it took to bring her across to their lives. But the gag wouldn’t remain in place forever; they had plans for that lovely mouth of hers too, she knew somehow.

The welupo was in lupo form, at first; she could feel his nose pressed up between her thighs, and as his tongue slipped deeply into her vagina, the vampyres all struck at the same time. They fed deeply, but slowly, and it seemed to go on for eternity, as far as she could tell in that shattered instant... and the pleasure swirled around her thoughts like a thundercloud, invading her mind as the fangs of the vampyres had invaded her veins and the welupo’s tongue had invaded her vagina.

As their fangs pierced her in so many places, her mind felt as though it had come apart with the first of many explosive orgasms her body experienced, though she barely felt the inarticulate scream of passion and pleasure that ripped free of her throat as the final penetration happened; the last vampyre slid his tongue and the fingers of both hands into her ass as the welupo rose up on his hind legs and mounted her firmly; driving into her vagina with a howl of triumph as she screamed into the gag.

But it was a scream of pleasure, she knew, not pain, and she writhed on his shaft as he withdrew, then drove into her again and again for what seemed like eternity, the chains binding her legs open scraping against the stone of the altar in wild music of their own as she writhed in passion.

As she writhed too, the stone phallus drove deeper into her, and she could feel the stone sliding deeper and retreating within her ass, just like a regular cock as she ground down on the shafts filling her deeper than anything had ever done before.

And, as the welupo between her thighs drove deeply into her, his ‘knot’ followed and they were locked together in passion as he stroked strongly against the tightness of her virginity, shredding his way through her hymen easily with the first thrust. They rocked like this for hours, and Joanna knew that she would have to try to find out if doing this with a welupo outside of this dream was anything like as incredible as this was. Especially since she knew that she hadn’t been a virgin in more than three quarters of a century.

Then it occurred to her that Raven’s family were Shape Changers; she and Amelia had been playing with Raven for years now, maybe he would be willing to be a welupo for her once in a while, if she asked really nice...then the dream swept away all thought again.

They didn’t stop until all of them had filled her with their seed many times over, and each had penetrated her in every opening, at least twice. At some point, she felt one of them switch to toys and she knew the torment was to continue for hours longer, though she remained impaled on the stone phallus in her anus as they continued to plunder her body.

Even when none of them were penetrating her, except the stone phallus, one of them was toying with her clit, while another was sucking on her nipples, and another was buried to the gumline in her veins. And they traded off places frequently.

Many times, she felt the objects in her ass being moved and what felt like ovipositors being inserted as she writhed in her bonds as the eggs filled her deeply. But she knew that it was only a dream, so she knew that she didn’t have to worry about what could come of the unions she was experiencing.

She couldn’t describe—even to herself in that second-- how it made her feel to know they would take their time with their pleasure—and hers, at the same time-- and she wondered if they had other plans for her-- other than her slow death on their multiple fangs. Then she wondered if she would indeed die from their attentions... she doubted they would allow her to die while they were pleasuring her so thoroughly...

And she could feel her eyelids fluttering with the pleasure of their touch, but she manage to hang on to consciousness through the whole thing, somehow, though she couldn’t have told which one was where upon her person at any given time. She fought to remain conscious in their embrace, but she knew it was a fight she might not win; she felt her eyelids growing heavy, and wanting to slide closed...

In the meantime, the vampyre that had been slowly teasing her clit with his tongue, had shifted forms slightly, so that he could slide a much longer tongue into her vagina as the welupo penetrated her again, though the vampyre kept toying with her clit with his claws as the welupo had plunged deep.

Then, they allowed her a brief respite; only a few of them continuing to stimulate her, while the others withdrew to a distance away to watch what would be done in their absence, she suspected as the one that had been draped across her belly moved into the space between her thighs now.

He had been alternating between licking her clit and deeply tonguing her the entire time, and now he slid into the place the others had momentarily relinquished, sliding his fists into her portals as he tongued her deeper than he had yet been able to.

Then, he removed the fist from her vagina and slipped his enormous member into her in its place, plundering her deeper than she had yet been filled that night, and she began whimpering in his thoughts, ◊Oh... oh, oh yes... oh yes... oh take me deep...◊ though her mouth was filled with a very large cock at that moment and the vampyre who had originally slipped the long, wide toy into her ass pushed it in deeper, then slid it out again, though she wasn’t empty there long, and they didn’t remove her from the stone phallus, which seemed to shift sizes as the stroke required in what she was suddenly sure was a dream as another vampyre invaded her ass with his fist as well.

The first one with a fist in her ass had since started sliding his extra-long, fat tongue in and out of her vagina beside the vampyre’s cock who was filling her with his seed now, while his fist was still pumping strongly inside her ass, then he slid that wonder tongue back into her ass to torture her deeply some more around the stone, though he and his companion never removed their fists from her ass completely either.

This went on for hours, or maybe days—Joanna wasn’t sure in the dream, though at the same time, she knew it was a dream.

But it was also the most pleasant sexual dream she had had in a very long time, so when they shifted positions once in a while until she was covered in bite marks, sweat, semen and blood-- nearly unconscious again from the intensive feeding and the even more intensive orgiastic first sexual encounter that had gone on for days between them-- and the moons had set once more as she found herself being encouraged to swallow the welupo’s engorged cock deeply again, she eagerly did as she was bidden as well as she could. It was then that she realized that the gag had been removed at last.

Or maybe the moons had set more than once, she had no idea, nor did she care much. After all, she was getting laid, and in a way that would hurt no one, though she did wish she could be sure that at least Devon was one of the vampyres who had fed from her veins as the welupo and the vampyres had repeatedly sated their lusts upon her-- and within her-- to her continuing delight.

They allowed her another brief break as the moons set the fourth night, and she realized that she had come so many times already that night that she had lost count, and there wasn’t much that hadn’t been done to her by her many lovers now. But it crossed her mind that she was so weak now with satisfaction and blood loss that she knew that she was soon likely to die, though she didn’t want to miss anything that they might want to do next and she wondered, will they do more to me? I hope so...

Then she realized they weren’t the only creatures waiting to mount her; there was a Giant Centipede who looked very much like her Father’s friend Uncle George, who ran the breeding program she had carried eggs for years ago—but his head was red, like the ones she had given birth to decades ago-- and a Giant Butterfly like the Fluttermoon she had also carried eggs for when she was nineteen—except for the fact that this one looked more like the ones she had christened Bloodmoons-- and she wondered if they were planning to do what she hoped they were as the centipede and the butterfly positioned themselves to penetrate her as well during a lull in the action.

Also waiting patiently for the other insects to finish was a young Giant Worm that looked like it would be able to slide fully into her and come out the other end while the first end was still being filled, as well as something that looked like a very large fungus with extremely thick tendrils.

And Joanna knew this wasn’t the same dream she had had when she and Amelia were eight; this was the very grown up version of that first erotic dream, and all she could do was hope she would be able to enjoy everything they planned to share with her as the fungus gently reached for her portals with its tendrils, sliding them slowly into and out of her.

And she could feel it in her mind as well as within her body, sharing images that touched off explosive orgasms simply from the contact with her thoughts.

The next thing she knew, the fungus’ tendrils were gone again-- though she could still feel it in her thoughts-- and something hovering high above her had drawn her gaze and she realized it was a dragon, and she wondered if it had been drawn by the scent of all the sex in the air as had so many of the insects crowding around her, eagerly waiting their turns had been.

As it drew nearer, she realized it was a dragon she knew, and there wasn’t one, but three of them; Zeke, a buddy of his named Xebulon—who was a copper colored dragon with wide wings who had taken her on a flight during the previous summer-- and Raven in his dragon form and she knew that they at least, planned to be mounting her soon.

But even she didn’t realize they would be sharing her at the same time until they had as her mind came apart in orgasm as two thick shafts filled her vagina and the other slid deeply into her ass beside the stone shaft that had remained within her, though it had stayed icy cold the entire time it had been inside her.

Later, she had beencrying out in ever increasing pleasure the entire timethe centipede and the Fluttermoon had been up her ass again, and now, as they moved back, the lupo returned to take up the place they had surrendered between her thighs again, mounting her with what felt like two penises, though she hadn’t been allowed to slide off the stone phallus that had been holding her anus open the entire time...

But at the same time, she cried out in continuous pleasure as the Fluttermoon slid his ovipositor deep again while the lupo and the stone phallus slid deep as well in her ass, and the lupo slid his other shaft into her vagina, allowing his ‘knot’ to slid in as well... And she began to lose track of time again as her orgasm washed all thought away.

After the Haemapede and the Bloodmoon had both deposited their eggs within her again, she realized abruptly that a fourth dragon had landed, and was taking a position between her spread thighs, and she knew her mind was going to come apart when she was finally allowed to cum as it began to slide in, and in, and in...

And she was drifting on the pleasure of that encounter when she realized something had changed with what was happening to her body.

The worm had begun to slide into her ass, segment by segment, taking it’s time about the deep anal invasion, and she had been slipped off the phallus to accommodate the passage of the invertebrate into the deep places of her body, but as the worm crawled slowly through her digestive tract—still thrusting strongly into her rectum as she was being mounted by a Giant Slug that oozed into her vagina, then slowly oozed back out, then it turned and oozed more rapidly back in, turning and turning as she came in a gush and she cried out, “Oh my Goddess, I didn’t... didn’t know they would spin like that!

And with the worm at the same time... oh Gods, I’m gonna come again!” as the slug finished laying its eggs at the entrance of her womb in a burst of seminal fluid, and then it slipped out of her once more as the lupo reclaimed his place between her thighs.

Then she abruptly went stiff, and whispered, “It’s about to come out... as she opened her mouth and they could all see the tip of the worm’s body as it slowly drew its length through her body; she could feel it depositing it’s eggs all along the lower end of her digestive tract.

That’s so weird, I can feel it in my throat, and still entering my ass at the same time...” she whispered as one of the vampyres slipped his lips along the side of her throat and bit down into the vein as she gasped, going limp in the chains that held her to the altar as one end of the worm began to crawl slowly out of her mouth while the other was still sliding slowly into her wide stretched asshole. And the welupo slid deeply into her vagina.

The endless sex—and endless orgasms-- continued until all the insect eggs had hatched, and all the vampyres and the welupo had mounted her many times, then the dragons each returned and enjoyed her again for days and days in one session, each depositing ten eggs into her womb, and murmuring in her thoughts, ◊We will have four months to enjoy each other before they will be ready to be born, my love...◊ as she rode their immense cocks deeper and deeper into her body with each thrust...

But, though she felt herself sliding out of consciousness again, before she fainted, she thought she felt a tender kiss that tasted of her blood, then the scent of blood all around her as she swallowed again and again before everything went dark once more.

Joanna woke up later in the dream in the same position she had fainted in, feeling something sliding up her leg... then something like a long, wide blunt tipped piece of ice slid into her vagina as another—wider and longer still-- slowly penetrated deeper into her ass than even the worm had gone in its first thrust; while a vampyre dug his four inch fangs into her chest, and his thoughts filled her mind as she began to buck and struggle at the touch of another mind against her own.

At that response, the vampyres and the welupo all gently, but firmly pushed her flat against the stone of the altar once more, holding her steadily for the final stage of what was to come...

But, though she had initially been startled by the contact, she relaxed into their combined touch once more, realizing that she knew this mind voice; he would never hurt her, as he whispered in her mind, ◊This is the Blood Bond, my most precious little one, my Queen. You will be mine for eternity now, body and blood, mind, hearts and soul, together forever, if you will have me, carissimi. You will be safe from all who would steal you from me, my cherished one... I am yours, if you will have me...◊ he whisperedin her thoughts in the dream.

◊Semper ego dilexi te, et in aeternum amabo te angelus meus. Propter quod et in nobis est quam dolor, ego te amo ... quod enim illic, unum meum.◊ he said, switching to Ladten in her thoughts as his hands caressed her everywhere while he fed from her heartblood. And she knew that he had said what was in his hearts; ◊I have always loved you, and I will love you for eternity, my angel. No matter what happens, or how much pain there is in our lives, I will be there for you... I love you, my treasured one. I will wait for you as long as you wish me to, though it be for eternity.◊ though he hadn’t stopped taking her blood.

This feeding between them was also intensive; several vamps, the welupo and the Centipede filling the positions they’d taken before, but only the vampyre who held her fed from her hearts, though they all filled her vagina and anus many more times before he had finished with her.

And this one went on until she was finally unconscious in his arms as they lay sprawled together on the back of the Stonechild she had taken to be an altarstone; when she regained consciousness this time, the being she had thought a simple welupo turned out to be both were and vampyre, and he fed her again as he filled her slowly now, telling her that what had happened between them that night was truly the death of her old life; it was their wedding night, and after tonight, this was how it shall always be... she belonged to them all now, but particularly to him.

And she was relieved. Vlad had finally returned and claimed her, and they would face eternity together as a mated couple.

Then the scene she saw changed, becoming a tunnel that was covered in ice... and she realized she didn’t want to see that. The scene shifted obediently to the inside of a huge stone room that looked like an enormous kitchen in what looked like a castle with a gigantic wooden table where she was lying on her back as their lips had only parted for a few seconds as he had shucked out of his innermost shirt, and she had shed the top half of her long underwear just as quickly.

Removing the lower half of her garments was the work of only a few more seconds, and she saw his clothes falling just as quickly from him as hers had fallen from her as she climbed up onto the table.

At first, she didn’t know which shape he was going to start with, but a few seconds later, what appeared to be a large gray Greater Horned Lupo was eagerly sniffing her crotch, then slipping his very large tongue between her legs as she quickly slid back onto the edge of the table, and spread her bared legs for him invitingly. And as it penetrated, she cried out in delight, “Oh, yes! YES!!” as the lupo slid it’s double tongue in and out of her for what felt like hours and she experienced deep climax after climax in waves.

Then, the lupo rose up on his hind legs, and carefully placed his giant paws on the tops of her shoulders, pinning her to the table as he slid his member into her well-lubed passage, allowing his “knot” to slide in as well, after the first long, slow stroke as she lay beneath him, tossing her head on the hard surface of the table, her back arched up to meet his thrusts with pressure of her own, moaning in ecstasy as he licked her breasts while thrusting slowly deeper into her.

Her orgasm had been building for several minutes, and just as he erupted within her, she felt herself cresting the edge of her own release, as she cried out his name, “Oh, yes, YES Daniel!!” as he began shifting back down to his normal size within her.

And, as she was coming down from the place her orgasm had sent her mind, she could feel him thrusting gently within her still, rocking like he couldn’t make up his mind whether or not he wanted to continue.

Daniel?” she asked, mildly confused. Usually, when he began a session of loveplay, he wasn’t diffident like this. She opened her eyes to find him shifting again, but this time, she didn’t recognize the form he was taking at first.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ · ∙ · ∙

It was only when he had it finished that it was recognizable to her; the dragon from her dream at Winter Coronation, and he only had the barest beginnings of the head of his member within her. Her eyes flew open wide in surprise, and he smiled toothily at her. He had gotten the exact reaction he had hoped for from her with this shift; now it was time for the rest of it, he thought.

Then he began to slide into the first stroke, and he watched the expression filling her face as her mind came apart again with the same deep and wild delight she had felt in the dream when the dragon had invaded her as his shaft slid slowly in and in and in as deeply as it had in the dream.

And one of the last coherent thoughts she had as he was pleasuring her this time was that she hoped he would be willing to go anal with her this time, but this was something that would do in the meantime. And they would find out later that this shape would serve him well in days to come.

The pleasure continued as he thrust into her as slowly and deeply as he could, and she knew he was glad he had been practicing this shape; this was one shape where time was no impediment to both of them reaching orgasm. Then she decided she didn’t want to think anymore, just enjoy what he was doing to her.

And then she realized that she had been dreaming again as her eyes slid open once more, and this time, she knew that at least a part of it was coming true; she was married to Vlad, and she was his forever, though he wouldn’t make her give up her lovers. Then she closed her eyes once more, and allowed sleep to wash over her mind once more.

(When Joanna wakes up this time, make sure she finds out what Vlad had planned for her Advent present, given the ruby dildo he had given her for her birthday...!)

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