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The Easy Score

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“I’m going to fuck you with my fingers,” he growled kissing down my back as I crumbled into mush from the hot flashes sparking inside of me,“that’s unless I hear you say no.” Jax Devereaux grew up with everything, looks, money, and a cocky rebellious attitude to go along with it. Instead of following down the same professional paths as his family Jax craves adventure, danger, living on the edge with no cares of tomorrow. In search of a new job to pull an easy score comes along for him and his crew he can't resist. What was suppose to be easy quickly becomes complicated though when Reilly Payton accidentally shows up leaving her a witness to the crime. Captivated by her beauty with little time to think, Jax takes Reilly prisoner with him and his band of thieves. Obvious to Jax's attraction for her, Reilly devices a scheme to seduce her handsome capture in a means to eventually escape. Will Reilly be able to convince Jax long enough to win back her freedom or will her plan backfire leaving her questioning if it really is an act after all?

Erotica / Romance
Mariah Sinclair
4.6 329 reviews
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Chapter 1: The Job


I loved the way her wet pussy cradled around my cock. This bitch was wild, thrusting her ass into my thighs smacking our skins like a frantic beast as I pounded into her from behind.

She was a freak. To bad she had a butter face or I’d keep her around more often and not always make her get on all fours.

Ramming deep into her, I slammed my cock in and out making her scream in glee. Back and forth I moved while her hot cunt swallowed my dick strangling it with my release flooding to my tip. My body was overflowing with beating thumps clattering about in overwhelming pleasures. I loved pussy and what made it better was freaky sluts like Brittany who could buck down on a cock like her life depended on it.

Reducing my speed, I pumped into her harder as my muscles tightened in its final seconds. With one more harsh slam I burst into the condom finding satisfaction with Brittany crying in disappointment. I guess she didn’t get to come. Oh well.

I threw on something to wear and had Brittany let herself out. She was familiar with the routine. With her gone I decided to go downstairs and see what the boys were up to.

“What the hell is that smell?” I opened up my bedroom door and immediately a vulgar odor smacked me in the face sweeping through my nostrils.

“Connor’s shoes and his nasty ass feet,” DC yelled from downstairs as I made my way down the steps of our three bedroom townhome.

“What the fuck Connor?” I looked at the lazy bastard who was only wearing a pair of socks and boxers leaning back in the recliner. His feet were comfortably propped up on the ottoman so the disgusting odor could linger more than it already had throughout the house.

“I can’t help it. I’ve got sweaty feet,” defensively he replied never breaking his gaze from the television while he continued playing his video game.

Making a sour face, I swatted my hand in the air in front of my nose trying to push away the awful scent. I remembered there was a can of air freshener in one of the kitchen cabinets so I headed directly for it spraying down the area.

“Have you ever heard of odor eaters or baby powder you dumbass?” I aimed the can right at his feet.

“Fuck man, chill. I’m trying to play Xbox here.” Connor pulled away his feet planting them on the floor but not before I could spray some air freshener on his socks.

“Go get your damn shoes and throw them outside before you kill us all.” I snatched the controller out of his hands and smacked him upside his head.

“Fine, whatever,” begrudgingly he got up and did as I ordered while DC sat off in the background laughing.

After Connor took out his shoes and I opened a few windows to circulate some air, I grabbed a beer and headed back into the living room taking a seat. It’ll never cease to amaze me how a guy who can crack open any safe with minimal effort doesn’t have enough sense to throw some baby powder in his socks before he puts them on.

Taking a sip I looked over to DC who was messing with his laptop at the dining room table. He was our computer geek, always hacking into different systems keeping us rich and clear from police radar. “Where’s Noah at?” I peculiarly asked not seeing his sorry mug anywhere around.

“He’s checking out a prospective job. He overheard some drunk lawyer at the bar last night bragging to one of his buddies how he has cash hidden from his wife. Supposedly he keeps it at his office because he’s cheating so when he gets busted he’ll have money she won’t claim during the divorce.” DC broke away from his computer to look at me with his hooded brown eyes.

“Nice. Hopefully it’s legit and we can hit it up soon. I’m ready for a break. I’m trying to go up to the cabin after one more job and just relax, maybe do some skiing.” The cabin was our spot. Secluded up in the mountains it was a place to unwind and have some fun. We had a hot tub, air hockey table, and most importantly a ski lodge a few miles out loaded with slutty girls to fill the hot tub with.

“Hell yea,“Connor added in with DC also agreeing with the idea.

Noah got home not much later filling us in on the details. Everything sounded good so we made plans to take care of all the necessary arrangements. In a couple of days we’d do the job and go straight to the cabin afterwards.


All four of us spent the afternoon packing up the rest of our things to take to the cabin. The house where we were currently in was only a rental as we never stayed in one place too long. We didn’t have much there always making sure where ever we did live came furnished. The cabin was the only residence we permanently kept and had furnished ourselves.

With all proper measures taken we were prepared to break into the office, grab the cash, and leave out for the mountains taking two separate vehicles.

I waited for us to leave until at least after midnight when it was dark outside so there wouldn’t be much people around, lowering our chances of being spotted. If we did somehow get noticed it would be harder to identify any of us. I had made more than enough money in the nine years I had been doing this and honestly it was getting old. Throughout the years I had invested wisely in stocks which left me financially secure. I only continued doing jobs with the boys for the natural high it gave me. I hadn’t broke it to them yet but this was probably going to be my last job. I didn’t need to get locked up now after evading the law this far in life right before I was about to retire at the ripe old age of twenty eight or at least take an indefinite break.

We left our actual transportation around the corner ready to get into a stolen minivan I had Noah pick up just for the heist. Noah was our driver, our getaway guy who could easily run circles around Dominic Toretto if the dude really existed.

“Come on fuckers, let’s roll.” Noah pulled up anxious for what we all were, that being getting to the cabin to do some serious hardcore partying.

“You’re not the only one ready to start vacation,” I hopped into the front seat of some soccer mom’s now missing ride.

Not caring for anyone’s responses, Noah speedily took off once he heard all the doors slam shut. The office was just around the corner. Instead of being located in a professional building it was set up in an older home with another business located in the downstairs basement. Sitting on a main street it held a decent size parking lot that we were easily able to park behind so no one could see us from the road.

It was 1:00 am with everything vacant. DC made sure any and all security surveillance had been disarmed while Connor and I double checked the perimeters.

With everything clear, Noah sat in the car as we broke open the locks and entered the house with our flashlights beaming in search of the safe.

It didn’t take long before Connor found it hidden behind a picture frame hanging on the wall. DC shined the light against the safe while Connor skillfully went to work on the combination lock. I stood back in silence just watching until my phone went off with a call from Noah.

“What’s up?” I answered a bit worried. He never called me during a heist unless something wasn’t right.

“There’s some hot chick holding a duffel bag walking straight to the front door of the office. What do you want me to do?”

“Why the fuck would she be coming here at 1:00 am?” I stupidly asked in a whisper, like Noah would actually know.

“How the hell should I know?”

I didn’t get it. No one should be coming to a law office this late at night or as my smart ass brother would say, this early in the morning. Another reason why I don’t mind the fact that I’ve cut off all ties with my entire family. We had scanners and contacts letting us know if the police were on the way on top of Noah keeping watch. We’d never had anyone catch us pulling a job before or show up unexpected that we couldn’t easily evade. Everything was always meticulously planned out.

“Fuck, I’ll deal with her.” Knowledged with the fact I would never take a call during a job unless it was Noah, Connor and DC looked over to me wondering if we needed to bolt. I gave them a low whisper telling them to continue working.

When she entered I was ready waiting for her at the front door. I grabbed hold of the girl immediately getting behind her. With one hand I placed my gun against her back and with my other I covered her mouth taking her by surprise, ” Don’t scream and I won’t shoot you. I don’t want to hurt anybody. We’re just here for the money sweety.” I whispered in hear ear.

Before I had a chance to fully get her in my grips she had already flicked on the light switch leaving a clear visual of Connor and DC. Now that she had seen them it didn’t matter if she saw me. Feeling how nervous she was as she trembled under my hand I knew she wasn’t going to scream so I removed my fingers from her mouth and stepped in front of her.

“Got it, but what the fuck are you going to do with her Jax?” Connor called out liked the moron he was.

“Great. Now she not only knows our faces asshat, she now knows my name. I guess she’s going to have to come with us until I can figure out what to do.” I had no idea what to do.

“Please, I won’t say anything to the police. I swear. Just let me go,” the girl whimpered with tears streaming down from her glossy cerulean eyes that were beyond captivating along with her juicy plump lips. Bags sat under her lids with swelled puffy eyes, from the looks of it she had begun crying way before she got here. Instead of focusing on her sadness and what to do with her I couldn’t help but zone in on the fact that she was hot and smelled fucking amazing. When I was standing behind her a wisp of her thick chestnut brown hair flew across my face forcing me to take in the alluring apple scent of her shampoo.

“Why don’t you just fucking kill her and we can get the hell out of here?” Connor chimed in but unlike him I wasn’t a ruthless cold blooded killer. I had only killed out of self defense where as Connor was a shoot first ask questions later kind of person. He had little to any bit of a conscious when it came to murder. Killing her would also complicate matters worse. The money we were stealing couldn’t be reported due to the fact that the dude’s wife didn’t know about it. Murder on the other hand would most definitely cause up a stir and get the police involved on what was suppose to be an easy score.

“Please, please don’t kill me. I swear you can trust me. I won’t tell a soul a single word about tonight,” she begged again and now I was focusing on her perfectly round tits I wanted to hold in my hands and squeeze. She stood there shaking vigorously in fear while my gun was still aimed her way.

“We’re not fucking killing her asshole. You don’t think. Do you have any idea how my heat and attention that would bring? If anything, a couple days around your rank ass feet and she’ll probably just fall over and die anyways if she doesn’t decide to commit suicide first. Now get the money and let’s go.” I sneered in defiance. Connor was another reason I needed to get out of this game. If I stayed in much longer he was bound to get us caught; he just didn’t think at times. When my last safe guy moved away I took on Connor and he’s made me regret it every single day for the last three years.

“Fuck you Jax.” Connor snickered tossing all the money in a bag and zipping it up. Him and DC gathered all their shit and began to make way to the back door where we originally entered.

I redirected my attention to the gorgeous figure that stood scared shitless in front of me, ” I don’t want to shoot you but if you don’t listen to me I won’t have a choice. You got it?” I gave her my most serious diabolical stare as I spoke to her in an empty stern tone striking more fear into her already terrified body.

“Aha,” her response came out shaky. She looked so innocent in a sexy bend me over and fuck me kind of way. I wasn’t use to being around good girls, easily she was making me hard at the thought of breaking her in.

I took her purse, her keys and her bag out of her soft small hands.Opening it up, leafing through, I removed her cell phone snapping it in half placing it back in her handbag not wanting to leave any evidence that she had been taken. I checked her other bag next and it was only filled with clothing which made me more curious as to what brought her here at this hour and with a bag of clothes.

“Here Connor,” I tossed him her keys, “Take her car to Jimmy’s chop shop and get rid of it. DC, you follow Connor in the Blazer and me and Noah will meet you guys up at the cabin.”

DC being the silent genius of the gang nodded in compliance while the whiny baby Connor sobbed, “Why do you get to ride with the hot piece of ass?”

“For starters you wanted me to shoot her a second ago. Do what I say,” I gave him a strict glare and looked back at the girl. “What kind of car do you drive and where is it?”

“It..it’s..the Prius...it’s right outside in the front.”

“You heard her Connor,” I said back to him before I gave hot chick my next order, “Let’s go. We’re getting into the blue minivan in the parking lot.” Holding her bags in one I hand I shoved my gun back in my pants placing my now free one on the small of her back guiding her out the back doorway where Noah was waiting for us.

She continued to comply with me while I directed her to the back section of the van. I took a seat besides her making sure she didn’t attempt to escape. I always take shotgun but today needed to be an exception as I let DC sit up front with Noah.

“What the hell Jax? Why is she with us and why is Connor taking her car?” Noah turned his head to us freaked out when he saw her get in the van instead of driving off like he was suppose to do.

“If you don’t get your foot on that damn pedal and get us out of here I’m taking my gun out and pointing it at you.” Angrily I warned Noah. Whenever we finished a job and got situated in the car it was Noah’s job to take off asap and not ask questions like he was doing now. If this chick wasn’t going to get us caught he sure would if we sat around like dumbasses.

Thankfully Noah turned around and got us the fuck outta there quickly once I put the fear of god into him.

We got back to our real vehicles a block away ditching the minivan with DC taking the Blazer like I had instructed and Noah took the other SUV. It was what we had originally planned with the exception of Connor having to get rid of scared hot girl’s car.

“Me and her are riding with you Noah. DC’s going to pick up Connor at Jimmy’s while he ditches her car.”

Noah got into the driver’s side of his Highlander with me and the girl taking the backseat again. Once we pulled off Noah started asking questions since we were back on the road and out of immediate danger.

“Alright, now that we’re done the job and moving, what the fuck are you doing Jax? Why the hell are you taking her to the cabin with us?”

“What the hell was I supposed to do, kill her? The cops would have been on our ass hardcore if I did something so stupid, besides I’m sure I can find ways to have her keep me occupied while we’re out there.” I looked over to her smirking a devious grin.

Noah chuckled at my reply.

“Are you..are you..gonna rape me?” She huddled her slim figure in a ball clutching her knees to her chest quivering.

“Honey, I don’t need to rape any woman to get sex. When you’re filled balls deep with my cock buried in your sweet little pussy it’s going to because you were asking me for it.”

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