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A High Country Tale VIII: CSP

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Calumet and Jake have been married for months, now spending a summer in Georgia, re-acquainting with Cal's family. Their more than eight-year relationship has always been an open one. How open is it? Luke Cevennes, M.D. He liked the way it sounded even after a decade and a half of wearing the mantle. Jeremy Kell, Ph.D. That rolled over Luke's tongue with more flavor than any name in his world. The sexy Jamaican immigrant actually swept him off his feet nearly two decades before. The two fit each other. Luke and Jeremy's best friends, Jake and Calumet, likewise professional and accomplished, lag in years by a decade but the bond between the four: as deep as the Mariana Trench. Traversing the 21st century as a new age American family, the two interracial couples complement each other in ways the majority of people could only look upon in wishing. Hi-jinks, ribaldry, a touch of activism plus candor and humor, all souffled with a smattering of profundity, gel into a roving epic, from America to Europe to the Caribbean, on the shores of WWII Normandy, to Blue Mountain in Jamaica, up the wuthering heights of the Rockies, and down the alluvial plains of the American deep south as these self-deprecating, refined yet lusty menfolk wend their way, together, while luring the flotsam, jetsam and A-listers of Humanity along, on the sojourn that is their Tree of Life. Enjoy Chapter Eight.

Erotica / Romance
Zachariah Jack
Age Rating:


Warning: This story has some pretty rough vernacular and very explicit sexual scenarios...

I watched, rigid dick in hand, as the smaller man squatted before the handsome stud who hit the vape cig between his fingers in obvious expectancy of some good head. Both men’s ebony skin aided their blending into the shadows, which added to the mystique of my visual.

The diminutive dicksucker knew his way around dicks in general and this ‘cocksucker palace’ in specific. My nickname for the upscale bath house here in Atlanta was pretty apt as I had found out over the early part of the evening. Much communal and public dicksucking had already been witnessed as the hours unfolded, amongst many other anonymous, gratuitous sexual activities. A total turn-on.

My husband, Cal, had been correct in his depiction of the place as we drove to the big city the day before, taking a room at the Four Seasons off Peachtree Street for establishment of a base to pass an urban weekend bent on debauchery.

‘Variety is the Spice-of-Life’, as was once originally stated…the two of us were keeping the old adage viable.

We had enjoyed our first evening at the hotel restaurant on the loggia overlooking downtown Atlanta in casual but stylish fashion, laughing together over intimate discussions in anticipation of the hedonism to come.

The wait staff had been sized up during dinner in imaginative delight. A couple of convivial hours were spent conjuring lurid scenarios, assigning pretend tendencies, preferences and down-low plots to them while enjoying the full-bodied Cabernet we both preferred.

Ecdemolagnia. Definition: The practice of lascivious pursuits in cities other than one’s origins.

We always laughed at the ridiculously strange word learned during Mardi Gras several years before from a jaded older gentleman. In the heart of the French Quarter close to Preservation Hall over a chance dinner at Petunias on Toulouse Street. The retired English literature professor from Loyola University in New Orleans had dined alone at a table adjacent to ours. During a pause in our conversation, he had gestured and leaned toward me, stating the word into my ear. Having observed Cal and me during dinner, the older gentleman had apparently been daydreaming on our particulars through an elderly mind full of dirty fantasies.

Enthralled by the wiry old gent, we had accompanied him to his last-century, old-world residence overlooking Bourbon Street for an after dinner glass of port and kept contact with him ever since. He had grabbed a place in our hearts at that moment in time. We corresponded back and forth to the present day.

Pulling myself back to reality, I focused once again through the ready-made hole between the dark cubicles expressly cut for voyeuristic purposes. The two men of color carried on with their meeting, well aware of watchful eyes as they enjoyed themselves.

The smaller dude settled contentedly on his knees and proceeded to lovingly deepthroat the tall, lean big-footed man who relaxed, naked, back on the wall as he exhaled the vape hash smoke. The beat of house music set his tempo and the experienced sucker fed himself a hit of amyl nitrate to ‘up’ his game.

I could see through to the next booth over as I watched and saw another pair of eyes taking in the action, as well. My closed but unlocked stall door creakily opened and a hand reach out tentatively, searching for my junk. Never the wallflower, my knees spread to allow the probing and I sat up on the small bench above me to give better access.

Greedy hands gave way to slurping mouth and I, too, reclined back on the wall to enjoy some oral work while continuing to view the ongoing masterful blowjob next door. My own cocksucker was well-suited for the task and I lightly shivered as he swallowed my shaft and pre-cum in a long, slow dive that ended with his nose nuzzling my crotch, rotating on it in pleasure...for us both. His tongue worked inside the deepness of his mouth and throat while he stayed impaled there. I sighed at the ability he demonstrated.

Getting to see the sensual tactics practiced by the couple while I was being serviced was exactly what I had come here for. I reveled in the slow ministrations by this un-named mouth boy. And, boy he was: mid-twenties, at most. The darkness kept me from the details but what I could see of him portrayed a young face with bushy ’fro topping it and slenderness below his neck level bearing out youth. He was enjoying my over-sized white prick as much as the dick sucker I was studying next to us servicing that huge one. It seemed the two were in sync with their rhythmic strokes, which increased my enjoyment by the fact. The boy offered me his popper bottle after a deep intake of his own and I accepted gladly.

Other eyes were watching the action between us and I heard various sex acts playing out close by in other stalls over the beat of the implicitly sexual music egging-on the activities. What a vibe. Begging, dirty instructions, animalistic grunts and pleading groans all perfused the shadows and amplified the testosterone-saturated atmosphere. I could sense the blood-pumping hardness of many boners as I watched the one and felt the other. Hedonistic heaven.

The statuesque man next to us, focus of my attention, began an agitated increase in activity. Locking his hands over the sucker’s head to guide the efforts, he finally unloaded a nice load to the smaller man’s tonsils. Keeping his big piece lodged to the limit, the man pumped cum in multiple squirts, marked by the thrusts I saw.

After enjoying the climax, the tall man extracted the thing and slapped the sucker’s face by wagging it back and forth across cheeks and nose. His little server loved the ‘frosting’ on his face and tried smiling up at him but couldn’t quite do so with the 10-inch piece wiping the smile off with each swipe. Then, he was finished. Turning, he slipped out the spring-braced door to other pursuits. I was satisfied from his show and looked forward to running into him elsewhere. My bigfoot man.

The dick boy between my legs continued on in ignorance of the exhibition next to us, oblivious to just about everything except for my dick and his popper bottle. Good for me. I leaned back and closed my eyes in enjoyment of the pleasure being delivered, slowly rubbing my palm up and down my stomach and chest. I wondered why I hadn’t moved into this place years ago.

The little pro worked my piece up to shooting several times but the swelling alerted him and he disappointed the big dick again and again in extending his control over it and me. Finally, ready to let me jump the juice, the skinny boy backed off. Turning his curved little pre- greased butt to my dick he plunged down on it all in one motion. This maneuver had obviously been practiced before as he squeezed until I couldn’t handle any more and gave homie the prize he had been holding at bay until then. I released in bliss, feeling the baby-laden essence roll around warmly on my mushroom head, making me tingle by the heat.

The cute boy didn’t want to give up the dick and stayed there, planted, while he stroked his own cock, contentedly bouncing up and back on mine for stimulation, then suddenly constricting hard as he erupted, hitting the opposite wall in an arc of milky plasm. Five or six more spurts followed as the kid gritted his teeth and butthole, adding to my after-effect. I was glad to have stuck around...

We lifted together, allowing the extrusion of my 8-1/2 inch piece. Still turgid to the point of bouncing up and slapping my belly, it then settled contentedly on his glutes. Dripping leftovers onto the sexy little small point of his lower back. He jumped like he was burning and turned around laughing, then hugged me and promised to look for me again later on--- I stood out in the dark, he told me. So it was a ‘date’.

Assuming he meant due to my stark paleness in contrast to most of the clientele, I smiled and blew in his cutest little ear, leaving the cubicle in search of a hot shower and my husband...bigfoot.

Temporarily satisfied to voyeur my way through dark hallways lined by locked private rooms, loaded with feet of turgid meat and audible as hidden booty-traps, I wandered my way down two levels to the festive pool area and then on past to the humid, communal tiled shower room.

With the only light filtering in through the glass entry door, I could barely make out the multiple groupings of partakers in luscious iniquity, variously peering low to see couples on the tile floor writhing in joined frenzy to steamy corners where orgies carried on their sexual tirades against the disapproving outside world, skin-to-fucking-skin, heads-to-tails, mouths to groins or other body parts, all while apparently overlooking the cleansing function that the shower had been meant for...not. This pleasure room was a multi-tasking buffet of a sexual Mickey-D’s. With eat-in-only services.

Finally locating an unused showerhead, I feasted on the live, rowdy porn flick around me, luxuriating in the cleansing steam and soap, half-hard throughout by the lewd party.

I definitely over-stayed the recommended three-minute shower as several beautiful examples of suckable dickmeat meandered past my spot. Some lingered for a test-run, which I happily provided. A couple of mouthfuls of cum and a third or fourth shower later, I sashayed past two phosphorescent cock-ringed boys in the midst of mutual explorative efforts-- almost a Cirque show of coordinated body movement in itself-- and vacated to the next erotic ‘bumper car’.

The big darkroom on the level above had a constant streaming nasty video screen meant to trigger activity in that place dominated by the wall-to-wall mattress. Like a trigger was at all necessary.

I found clumps and piles of black-skinned hunks or black-on-white hydrox blends, all intermingled in snake-like, writhing bunches and joined in an amazing array of sexual didoes. The overwhelming odors of maleness on top of sperm pervaded all. The beat of the ever-present explicit lyrics and music blended the environs.

Inviting hands attempted to draw wanderers into various plots and schemes but I was curious to see if that tall ripped man of exceeding masculinity from the third-floor cubicle was anywhere to be found. Hottest man in the place.

A huge dark hand fastened around my ankle and its viselike grip forced my attention. The attached man was a giant of a guy, seemingly endless in his length from the horizontal perspective he presented. No one else was with him and he apparently intended that as he brusquely shook off a hand on his own leg. Pulling me down to him, I just barely resisted, drawn to the man’s size and girth. Jumbo. A towel loosely draped his crotch and his cue ball head ogled me. The big- boned wrist was equal in size to my ankle and his bicep easily out-sized my thigh.

His towel was tenting very invitingly as I hit the mattress. The plus-size dude didn’t give me a chance to say anything, not that I really attempted it. The big body covered me in a split second. The man sure seemed to know what he wanted.

Those hands entwined and dwarfed my own, spreading them away from my body and successfully stifling any imagined resistance. Beautifully full, sensuous lips engulfed my own and his tongue snaked its way between my teeth almost gagging me by its size. God, I thought, what is between the man’s legs if his tongue can do this?

In covering me, his left leg had bent, kneeing my stomach as an anchor. His calf pinned my aroused piece against my smooth flatness. That did nothing but engorge me more so. I worked at getting enough breath into my lungs as his gargantuan chest pinned mine.

He withdrew his tongue and backed off a bare inch to peer down at me, eyeing me as he growled, “Who’s your Daddy tonight, Bitch?” My answer was almost squelched by the quiet vehemence; I gave in to the moment and the fantasy.

“You, Daddy,” I barely squeaked. I felt that muscled calf rhythmically spasming over my hard dick. To the music. Oh, wait...that was not the man’s calf...

“Bitch, you gonna need to be tongue-cleanin’ my ass, now,” he informed me, and I trembled a bit as I contemplated both that and the size of what I had mistaken for his calf. I wanted a look down there but he guessed my thought and let me know, “You don’t-Even-need to be nosin’ around down there, pretty bitch, I don’t want you passin’ out-- at least before I get all up inside’n you, pussyboy.” The sweet-talk gets me every time. I smiled, remembering my best friend, Luke’s, similar weakness.

Apparently deciding against my eating him out, at least for the time-being, he loosed one huge hand and reached for his towel. Unwrapping a knotted corner, Jumbo withdrew a small vial of white powder, rolling it between his fingers in front of my face. “See this bitchboy?” he said, ’I needs a bump before I remind you of the trailer park, pimped-out, ass-lickin, punk-ass bitch that you are.”

With that, he warned me not to try getting up and raised his humongous set of pecs from mine. His knee stayed planted on me and he unscrewed the little bottle one-handed. A long fingernail provided a spoon for a small mound of the powder and he adeptly snuffed it into a flared nostril, inhaling deeply to get it all in, some escaping down on my nose and lips. I could feel the stuff as it lay on my face and noted the tickly prickle that was cocaine powder as it numbed my skin.

Seeing my dismay, he assured my it was ‘only coke—nottin’ better’, as if that should relieve me, but he then took the matter up a notch and rolled the fingernail over, emptying the residual directly on my lips and rubbed his pinky over, around and between my lips to my gums. Not good, I thought, but a little late to refuse.

His smirk assured me of his deed as intended and he raised himself further, allowing a gap between my crotch and his. I got my first glimpse at the wrist-thick log hovering buoyantly an inch above my erect cock and would have been fearful, I think, had I not felt the beginning effects of the coke infusing me with a desire I hadn’t known before.

Even as I eyed the monster, an anonymous ebony hand reached for it, slicking it thoroughly with Vaseline. I was awestruck at the seeming smallness of an otherwise large hand partially encircling it and buzzed with anticipation now as the big bull sprinkled an extra little pile of powder on the foreskin and ballooning head poking from inside it, using that multi-tasking finger to spread it over the whole greasy thang.

The mystery hand disappeared and I felt my ankles being pulled apart by other unseen hands until I was spread-eagled under that prick. One foot had been pulled on by a foot fetish freak who set to driving me crazy sucking my toes. I watched as Jumbo, slow-motion, lined that thing up with my asshole and met the sphincter lightly, looking up at me as he held it there to allow a minute for the powder to absorb.

“Are you ready for a good, deep fuck lesson, Bitch?” His steely breath filled my senses. Not waiting for nor wanting a reply, the giant pressured forward steadily with the object of my new-found need stretching my gut as I couldn’t ever remember. The magic powder blocked any pain, but not the stretching sensation.

He drew my eyes to his and literally drooled on my neck and face. Both of us shared the plugging in of that beautiful dick until finally sensing the tickle of his pubic curls and mega balls against my round butt. I also felt more than one unknown hand massaging and exploring that dick-buttocks juncture and my whole ass was soon fully smeared with lube. This Daddy-tonight re-inserted that huge tongue back into my mouth and proceeded to undulate those huge hips as we melded into the act.

The knowledge of observers to this and the feel of multiple fingers following our progress heightened my first-time experience of several unaccustomed sensations. Jumbo’s tongue searched my mouth from my gums to my teeth to my own tongue to my tonsils and I silently begged for this to never end. My eyes were locked on his as we joined in a fucking of deep-in-my-gut places not plugged into before. Those dark eyes widened each time he dead-ended up inside me, and I faintly noticed outside sounds complementing the fingers feeling our fuck. Close-by but faraway voices play-by-played our action.

“Feel that big bare-ass bumped-up dick hittin’ that slut-ass nasty-ho’ pussy,” one said, “this white bitch be needin’ that dick--he ain’t never gettin’ enough o’that pimpin’ dick, is he? Everyone know what a low-rent, ass-slurpin’ pale-butt slut cunt cocksucking, big balls licking, faggoty, cheatin’ punkass, cum-smellin, raggedy, loose-hole cunt he really be… a’ight?”

My racing mind and heartbeat numbly registered the rant as I took that beast to the hilt and pleaded this big daddy for more. The hands increased in numbers and places visited and I detected familiarity to the nasty-ass ‘conversations’ going on around me. I found it hard to concentrate on anything more than the dick and tongue invading my married self.

Never wanting this to finish, the music registered dirtiness describing me to-a-T and I moaned in ecstasy amidst the wholeness of this coke-fueled fuck on so many planes.

A hand took my wrist and pulled it to a long dick pushing in-and-out a close by asshole, bare and slimy, while voices kept up the chanting gutter talk. I lay engulfed by that demanding muscle tongue and listened to the words between the raspy, whispering topman whose dick I was fingering hit the ho’s hole next to us. The whimpering bottom needing the dick, bad.

“Pumpin’ this bro-ass pussy like it likes, aren’t I, you cheap cunt bee-utch? That phat black ass takin’ this slippery cock you love so much with that deep, pimped-ass hole beggin’ me to cum up in it while you feel that big dick plow that sissy-ass drugged-up badboy cocksuckin’ prissy-prancin’ whiteboy nigga-lovin faggot over there, c-o-r-r-e-c-t. bitch?”

“I bet you thought this big dick faggot-fucking booty-bustin’ throat and face-fucking sweet dick daddy forgot this black bubblebutt slut cunt cocksuckin’, lipstick-wearin’ sissy-ass bro-hole, huh? Well, I gonna tell you how I be fuckin’ you right here with these perv-lovin’ bitch cunts wishin’ they had this dick pumpin’ their nasty slimed-up sissy pussys just like you and this white bitch be gettin right ’chere and right now, huh, babypussybitchboy?”

The sexy perverted harangue made me feel at home in a weird way as I kept my fingers probing the slippery prick pushing on that begging hole. The couple obviously wanted my hand there as an extra hand gripped my own ass, encouraging it to share the fuck-action with them. I was enjoying their fuck almost as much as my own.

Other fingers followed the giant’s and my gyrations, finding spots to rub and probe, wrapping us two in a greasy sheen of whole-body slipperiness. My huge dick daddy took to fucking to the beat of the rap music and my pelvis responded by rolling into it with each punch back up to those tickly pubes and I listened to the rutting pair in my reach as they fulfilled needs obviously unfilled ’til now...

“I’m gone’ put you back on that couch downstairs, bitch, in front of everybody, and grab the back of your nappy-ass head with my large man hands and pump my massive nigger-bro cock in-an-out your bitch ass faggot sissy cunt throat, as my big beautiful cock start to swell in your throat with all these cocksuckers wishin’ they was you. I will facefuck you hard and deep and right before I cum I will pull my massive pretty dick out o’ your beggin’ bitch-ass throat and slap you in the face and head with it and then spray cum all over your sissy ass bitch face and watch while everyone watch you enjoy the warmth of my juice splash all over yo’ punk face.”

“Then I’m a gonna sit back and watch as you take your sissy bro hands and wipe it off your face and lick my sweet cum off your fingers then crawl your bitch ass over and suck the rest of my cum out of my large fat cock. Then I’m gonna command your punk ass to lick and suck my balls and lick my manly ass, all of which will give you as much pleasure as it give this man fuckin you now.”

“Little bro bitch nigga, you gone’ discover why bitches are MY bitches for as long as I want them to be! I’ma turn your faggot punk sissy ass over and put you on your knees and you gone’ lay yo’ head on your folded arms with that sweet bubble ass in the air and your ass pussy fully exposed to everyone, you cheap-ass nigga-ho, the small of your back arched up and your belly touching the couch, nothin’ but ass in the air.”

“Then I slide up to your sissy faggot punk ass and rub my large fat swollen-up dick against the opening of your sissy ass pussy, and again I just put the massive head in that tight ass pussy hole and stroke you a inch at a time until you are begging for the 10′s.”

“I will fuck you slow and deep so everyone sees what a punk-ass begging sissy you really are and then I pick up the pace and thrust my massive man meat into your faggot rear pussy and you will call me daddy like this white bitch next to you do for everyone that wants his cheatin’ ass sissy white hole.”

“You gonna be calling for all the gods you know, bitch, ‘cause I’ma pound your punk sissy faggot ass just the way your punk ass dream of gettin’ your ass fucked by every big dick you can get holt of, and the way I always fuck you. You are as near to heaven as any living being has ever been, and bro-bitch, that is why I am your big dick faggot-fucking throat-choking, sissy making, massive dick giving daddy, and don’t you ever forget it, BITCH.”

My butt-punching jumbo man was feeding off this hot-as-hell bitch-rant as much as I was and suddenly rose up, pulling his whoppin’ big piece right out of me, shooting sperm all over my whiteboy stomach and chest and face, anonymous hands reaching in to catch it. Then those hands guided the motherfucking thang right back where it had been inside me and he lay down on me rubbing his cum between us while the duo with my fingers on them continue to fuck each other.

The big man growled throatily in satisfaction and then reached a fat hand up to my chin and turned my cum-bespeckled face sideways toward the nasty-talking fucker next to us: there be my husband man, grinning at me as he rhythmically dicked his little brother’s ass. Doy-Al’s. His real life younger brother. And my derisive brother-in-law...

Doy had been condescending to me from the day I had darkened the family doorway in Rome, Georgia, and try as I might, he remained the single brother of them all that I could not win over regardless of my tack...here he lay, pincered by my loving man stud of a husband, Cal, my beloved true-me Daddy, and my only love, with his beautiful 10-inch man dick buried deep in the brotherly ass now so obviously being enjoyed.

As my jaw slackened in disbelief, my man and Doy-man both stared over at me in my spread-eagled hard-on state, my big erect cock sticking out from the side of the gap between my jumbo fucker’s belly and my own. In my coke-induced euphoria, I saw the brothers grin in sexual satisfaction as they viewed my pretty dick start spewing cum all over the mattress and the two of them, while my rigid-dicked topman continued pushing his huge dick in and out my asshole.

The pleasure was indescribable so I will suffice it to say my man and my disapproving bro-in-law came at the same time, watching me writhe in ecstasy. Cal’s hand felt my ass with his fingers as I spasmed through my climax and the pretty dick of Doy’s pumped juice, too, while enjoying the breeding by his older brother...satisfied smile written all over his handsome face as he stared me down.

Many unknown hands finger-painted all over the canvas of our four-way joint orgy. We all just lay, sagging in exhaustion after the sensate feast just experienced. Cal’s big strong hand slid sensuously up my slippery side to my lips in replete communion and I licked the juices from them rather than biting them, as Doy had apparently predicted. Doy was grinning ear-to-fucking-ear as he declared victory, ignorant of Cal and my solid bond.

Through a now re-invigorated confidence in he and Cal’s brotherly link, Doy-Al communicated a distinctly new vibe between the two of us as he fingered his full, cum-spattered lips then reached out and touched my mouth and Cal’s fingers with family juices, coating me thoroughly. We had achieved détente… He felt he had won the battle here, but we all had won the peace and I now relaxed in full knowledge that Doy’s disapproval would be forever in the past from here on out.

Good thing I am such a non-jealous, sharing bitch, I thought, as I completed the circle with my own fingers touching my nasty, sharing, brotherly duo.

Jumbo Man never stopped pumping me slowly and deliberately and we three basked in the afterglow while my temp-daddy methodically gave up two more loads to my probably pregnant hole. The feelings perpetuated sublime contentment and I was fulfilled in much more than a single way...Da-y-ummm!!!

Loving me some more of my family... and their friends. With my man.

Atlanta rocks.

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