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“I’ll answer what questions you need to know but later. Now sign the god damn papers so I can fuck you on this desk.” I growl angrily, sliding the contract with a pen across the surface towards Sutton Sutton Danvers made one mistake that has haunted her for the rest of her life. With a criminal record she is left working in small corner deli barely making minimum wage. Unable to pay her bills on the brink of eviction, she is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for Caleb McIntyre, a wealthy businessman. He's rich, handsome, and single but he's also impossible, empty, and cruel. Quickly Sutton questions if the money is really worth tolerating Caleb's short temper and verbal abuse until she finds out the only meal he's truly craving sit's between her legs. Behind the darkness Sutton begins to realize that maybe there's more to this bitter, cold man than the eye can see but will she be enough to break his tough exterior? Will he ever let her into his heart and let her know what fuels his rage or will he push her away and destroy any chances he had left of being the man he once was before his secrets robbed him of the happy life he use to lead?

Erotica / Romance
Mariah Sinclair
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Chapter 1

A/N You can find all my stories on Wattpad also under Mariah Sinclair. I update there first.


“My brother’s looking for some extra help. Someone who can cook and clean, help out around the house and he’s rich so he’ll pay well. I know you need money.” Something in the tone of Miranda’s voice tells me she’s being vague, she’s leaving something out but I’m at the end of my rope and she knows that. We’ve discussed my predicament numerous times, she’s apparent of the debt that I’m in and my need to desperately swim free.

Placing a hot pan in the steamer, I pull off my oven mitts and look into her eyes across the the glass casing that separates the food from me and the customers. I’ve gotten to know Miranda somewhat, having discussions when she comes in to pick up or eat her lunch. We’re friends but no matter what we’re not real friends. Shes rich and works for a prestigious law firm, I work in a hot/cold deli, limited education and no future ahead. To her I’m worthless, disposable, just another forgettable face in the crowd.

One day she wouldn’t let up on why I was stuck working at a shitty little deli when I was such a talented cook so I bluntly told her about my past so she would let it go. I fucked up, dated the wrong guy who decided to steal a car, bringing me along with him for the ride. Since I was legally an adult at the time I was convicted, ending up serving community service and awarded myself a permanent record that has ruined my life and blackballed me from ever having a real career.

“I doubt your brother is willing to hire a felon,” I laugh at the notion looking away from her, refocusing my attention back to my hands that are spooning out the remainder of the mashed potatoes into a fresh tray.

“I’ve already told him all about you and he’s fine with your history. As part of you’re working agreement you would be living in his home rent free on top of a more than suitable salary.” Miranda reaches down into her purse pulling out a business card and hands it to me over top of the glass,“If you’re interested here’s his card.”

She doesn’t look for a response pushing her tray down towards the register to pay for her salad. Miranda doesn’t need a response, she already knows my answer before I do.

I read the card in my hand:

Caleb McIntyre

Ceo of McIntyre Property Management

112 West Street

Baltimore, MD 21239

Along with the information is a website and phone number. I place it in my pocket and return back to working.

When I get a chance, I google the website and Caleb McIntyre. It turns out he owns numerous rental properties all along the state and is filthy rich. He also is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever set my eyes on, having me strongly considering looking more into the job.

All day throughout work I keep pulling the card out of my pocket sporadically, staring down at the phone number, contemplating on what I should do. This offer is to good to be true, there’s got to be a catch.

After my shift I go home and lay the card with my phone on the coffee table hopping into the shower. I get dressed in a pair of sweats after washing and take a seat in the living room staring down at the number debating whether to call. I look to the left of my phone and there sits a pile of bills all covered with Past Due stamps on the front along with my eviction notice telling me I have thirty days to vacate.

It doesn’t take me long to pick up my cell and dial the number.

“Caleb McIntyre.” A husky stale voice answers.

“Hi, this is Sutton Danvers. I was referred to you by Miranda about a position. I was wondering.....” He cuts me off.

“I’m aware of who you are. Be here in an hour, I’ll text you the address.” Caleb says stiffly and then hangs up before letting me speak another word.

That must be the catch, the man is a dick. I see now why he’s single, at least that’s what the internet says and I believe it.

The address he gives me is only ten minutes away. I throw on something more presentable, a business casual dress, dab on a little bit of make up and rush out the door to my car. I’m hesitant to go but I don’t really have a choice. I’m not making enough to live off of and I’m going to be homeless in less than a month if I don’t take this job, that’s if he even offers it to me.

I pull up to the address a few minutes later and the house is magnificent, or should I say mansion. It has to be worth at least a million dollars if not more. The home is private, way back off of the main road not near any other houses.

I was nervous before I got here, now I’m petrified. From just the brief conversation I’ve had with Caleb I’m discouraged by his desolate tone, it’s not like he would give me a job just out of pity. He can afford to hire the best chefs around, why would he want me? Walking up to the door I ring the bell and in less than a minute Caleb is standing before me.

“Come in.” His deep monotone voice says with straight lips and an icy stare. He walks around so he’s standing behind me after I shut the front door. I’m trembling, the man is intimidating by just once glance.

He’s better looking in person, the pictures online doing him no justice. Even with his cold eyes he’s undeniably attractive. His body is built, his hair is an umber brown that is finely groomed, his face flawless the features striking. He looks like a model not a middle aged millionaire businessman.

He says nothing and neither do I. He takes hold of my hair, weaving it in his fingers and tugs my head back. A surge of arousal shoots through my scalp down to my sex, instantly my panties are drenched. His other hand reaches around from behind me. His fingers begin etching up my thigh under the hem of my dress finding way to my center, his fingers pushing the middle of my panties aside. As soon as they situate between my swollen lips I’m ready to fall to my knees, his touch is so electrifying. I don’t care that he’s rich, I don’t care that he’s mean, in fact his dominating coldness turns me on, I want to fuck this man desperate for his cock so I let him continue without objection.

Caleb begins to rub back and forth in the crease letting out a growl of approval and satisfaction from my moistness. He likes how wet I am for him easily diving two fingers inside my depths and starts thrusting.

I’m panting and moaning, breathing heavily searching for air. Holy shit this man is addictive. I need to rock into his hand, the intense motions making my pulse race, the veins in my wrists moving frantically at an unhealthy rate.

He pumps his digits in and out, the long thickness curling up in my walls causing friction against my spot. I’m delirious with greed, I long for my orgasm that is tearing away inside of me looking for escape.

Moaning and mewling I’m about to combust but then he removes his hand forcing me to let out a whimpering cry of disapproval.

Caleb reaches into his pocket removing a condom, unhinges his belt and takes down his pants, no boxers underneath leading me to believe fucking me was his intention from the beginning but I don’t care too preoccupied with admiring his beautiful cock. It’s big and thick, standing up hard and tall, and it’s about to be in me. That’s all that matters.

He removes his shirt exposing his solid contoured chest, his body shaped like a god. I want to run my fingers all over it, the sight of him naked is so tempting.

“Ride my cock.” He instructs tearing open the foil, rolling on the latex cover. He takes my hand and pulls me down on the floor with him.

I remove my panties then straddle myself over him while he positions his shaft, guiding it into me as I settle on top. I shudder in anticipation desperate to feel the pleasures I know are coming.

Caleb grabs the back of my neck pulling my lips to his feasting on my mouth. Hungrily our tongues tangle in a glorious frenzy. His kisses are the best kisses I’ve ever tasted.

I start grinding down on his cock, my fingers digging into his chest while he madly thrusts upwards, my walls clenching him tightly.

I’m whimpering and crying into his mouth as we devour each other, the feel of his cock moving in me with such power its causing enrapturing sensations to travel through my body. He fucks like a wild animal and it feels ridiculously amazing.

Savagely he pounds into me while my pussy welcomes the assault. I’m falling over the edge, my entirety locking up in a tense clutch. My spasming muscles are fighting for redemption as they cling to his cock swelling around the thick girth.

Gratification rips from out of me, my climax meeting its resolve in convulsions. I scream out in completion, I’m emerged in elation.

Caleb’s hands come behind me, flipping me over never removing himself so I’m on the bottom with my back on the floor and he starts slamming his cock up inside me with raw primal thrusts.

He places one hand on the front of my neck slightly choking me, the other on a breast firmly clutching, increasing my arousal while he fucks me brutally and I love it. I love the way he rams his dick with urgency, slamming against my pelvis, the sounds of his balls smacking back and forth onto my fold.

Whatever makes this man so icy cold he uses it to fuel each hammering thrust. He works himself between my legs like a madman tearing away at whatever gets in his path. It’s cosmic, it’s orgasmic, it’s insanely pleasing the more he hammers and withdraws.

His hands are pressed down on the floor, my arms are curled underneath his with my hands securely pressing into his shoulders. I lock my legs around him pushing his ass into me with the heels of my feet greedily taking whatever he’s unable to give, swaying my hips back into him with every thrust.

I come two more times before his muscles clench and he’s initiating his final thrusts. Caleb grunts into my neck, the heat of his radiating breath burning into my skin as he shudders in relief.

He lifts off of me, removes the latex tossing it in the waste bin next to the front door. Walking off naked he never looks back, his hollow tone still the same. “You start tomorrow at noon. Good day Ms. Danvers.”

What the fuck just happened and what have I gotten myself into?

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