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The Ballad of Vivacious Love

By Ash Holmes All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance

Chapter 13 – Peter

The day after Celeste’s visit was Thursday, and Peter was looking forward to karaoke at Flannery’s that night. Kara Sparks had messaged him on Facebook, saying she would like to come out and sit with him. He wondered what was on her mind, other than finding work.

The last time he had seen her, she was with her former boyfriend and they were apparently trying to rekindle their flame. Good luck with that, he thought to himself. Still, he wouldn’t mind some company. Peter was a fairly solitary man these days, but still liked conversation and a few drinks.

He had blocked out his entire day for writing, and after his morning walk with Amanda and a light breakfast, he settled down in his office with a cup of coffee to work on his story about Emma Sidbury while Amanda laid on a dog bed in the office.

It had all come about after Peter had left college in the mid 1980’s and gone to work for the U.S. Government in the Washington, D.C. area. For over three years, he learned the craft of writing intelligence reports during the day while working to finish his college degree by taking classes part-time at night. He didn’t have a lot of time for dating, but he met a few nice young ladies through work and school, and he would go out with them from time to time. There wasn’t any real spark with any of them though.

Women in that part of the country were quite different from the girls he’d known in the Midwest. Most of the girls back home smoked and drank beer in those days. The East Coast women, on the other hand, tended to abhor both smoking and beer, and seemed to like expensive mixed drinks. Peter had also found the D.C. women a lot more prudish and more interested in locking men into a relationship than just having some casual fun. He wasn’t sure he’d ever find someone he could settle down with if he stayed in the area.

But Peter had lucked into an opportunity to go to the UK for a few years as the 1980’s were coming to a close, and he jumped at the chance. He sold all his furniture and his compact car and took nothing but his clothes and some books when he moved to a small city in England.

He recalled staying at first in an old, rustic English inn in town, within walking distance of the office he worked in, until he could find permanent accommodation. Peter had never seen a room setup quite like the one at the old inn. The long bathroom had a sink and toilet at one end and a shower with no curtain or door at the other end. The floor on both sides of the room sloped down to a drain in the center of the room. But most remarkable of all, every room at the inn came equipped with a bathtub in the living area/bedroom. Peter found the entire arrangement very odd.

Within a couple of weeks, he had found a room for rent in a two-bedroom flat, so he contacted the young woman who was advertising it. Strangely, she wanted to meet him at one of the local pubs to get acquainted before she would agree to show him the room. That woman turned out to be Emma.

Peter was surprised by how beautiful and young she was when they met at a pub in town. The locals all joked that these were the only type of establishment open after 7:00 P.M. That wasn’t quite true, but it wasn’t far off the mark. That night, Emma’s long golden blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She wore designer jeans and a sweater—what the Brits called a jumper—with her purse slung over one shoulder when she entered the pub. The first things Peter noticed when she introduced herself were her sparkling green eyes. He would never forget them.

Over pints of ale, Peter and Emma got to know each other and they talked late into the night. First off, Emma explained that she liked to be called “Sid”—a shortened form of her last name.

“Sounds a bit masculine, I know, but it’s from my school days and I’ve grown to like it.” Peter said that he liked it too, although he thought Emma was a much prettier name.

As they chatted, Peter explained that he would be working with a British government agency for a few years and was looking for an affordable place to live. He also filled her in on his time at the University of Iowa and how his mother had passed away shortly before he was to start his senior year. His brother Jason had already graduated and moved to Chicago to work for the man who would become his father-in-law in the restaurant chain he owned. That had been the end for the band they were in together, called “Aries” after Jason’s zodiac sign. And with their mother gone, Peter had decided to leave school and try a career in government service after attending a job fair.

As Peter spoke, Emma—or rather, Sid—hung on his every word, taking it all in and smiling at him all the while. Her own story, naturally, was quite different. She had gone to an all-girl boarding school in the suburbs of London with her best friend, Lily Everton. They were still very close, even though Lily worked in television production in London, over two hours away by train. Sid went to visit her and spend the weekend every few months. Sometimes she would visit her family in the area too, but Lily was always her priority, she said, on those trips.

A few years after they had finished school, Sid said she had met a “bloke” that she fell in love with, and she had followed him here, away from London, where they had rented the two-bedroom flat for a few years. She had gotten a job in banking while they were together and they lived very nicely on two salaries. But recently, she told Peter, things had ended badly between them and she was now looking for someone to share half the rent.

Peter told her that he might be the man, but wondered aloud why she was looking for a man rather than another young woman. He also asked why they were meeting in a pub.

“Ah, good questions,” she said, smiling. “The only woman I trust implicitly is Lily, and she’s over two hours away by express train right now. And frankly, I enjoy male company.” She paused a moment before saying, “I know this is going to sound very forward, Peter, but I’m looking for a handsome young chap, such as you, that wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with me from time to time…when I’m feeling lonely.”

“Wow! That’s honesty if I’ve ever heard it. You’re very attractive, Sid. But how would I know if I want to take the room, having just met you? Or if this is even a relationship I want to get into?”

“Well, that’s why I wanted to get to know you first over drinks,” she said, sipping her ale. “You’re very attractive. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.” She laughed. “I’m not talking about any sort of conventional relationship at all. If you find a girlfriend, that’s fine and dandy. Same thing if I find another gent I fancy. But during the in-between times, I want someone around who can help me with my loneliness. A companion, if you will. I think you might fit the bill. I’m willing to show you the flat, but not until after we’ve slept together. I want to make certain there’s sexual chemistry there before either of us commits to anything. There, that’s my best attempt at seduction.” She laughed again. “So where are you staying now?”

He told her the name of the old inn.

“Oh, lovely! I’ve heard about it. Do you have one of those old-fashioned bathtubs in the bedroom?”

“Yes, very strange if you ask me.”

“Shall we go have a bath then?” she asked in her best coquette voice. She giggled at her naughtiness before he had a chance to answer her.

Peter was shocked at how bizarre the entire encounter had been, but after a pause, he agreed. What could possibly go wrong? After all, she’s throwing herself at you, just like the college girls used to. Her laughter is a bit unnerving, but it’s probably just nervousness on her part.

He told her that the two of them getting together was no guarantee he would take the room, but she didn’t seem to mind, saying she would worry about renting the room out later.

Peter had yet to purchase a car, but was looking to. He was content to walk, or take buses and cabs for the time being. Sid had a compact car, so she drove them the short distance to the inn, and Peter led her up to his room on the second floor.

“Remarkable!” she exclaimed when she saw the bathtub and the living area layout. “Why don’t you draw us a bath while I use the loo.”

Peter was happy to oblige and started to run a warm bath. He still wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into, but at least he had some female companionship for the night. And Sid seemed very willing to have sex, no questions asked.

Sid emerged from the bathroom carrying her purse, her clothes, two towels, and the bar of soap that Peter kept in the shower. She was clad only in her cream-colored bra and panties—or knickers, as she so cutely called them. As she laid the towels and soap down on a chair beside the tub, Peter got his first good look at her shapely bottom and remarked how he was enjoying the view as he turned off the water.

“Thanks, dear. You are quite the flatterer. Everything is still young, firm and in place, and for that I’m grateful.” She laid her clothes in a neat stack atop a nearby table before removing her remaining underclothes. “I hope you like the front view as well. Now time for you to remove your clothes so I can have a look at you.”

After Peter had stripped naked, he stood before the bathtub so Sid could have a look.

“Oh yes, I definitely like what I’m seeing here,” she said coyly as she approached Peter. “Now turn around so I can have a look at your backside.” He did as she asked, then turned back around to face her. “Do all Yanks have such gorgeous butts? You have the nicest bum I’ve ever seen on a man. You’re like Michelangelo’s David, but with a much bigger cock.” She giggled at her joke. “I just want to wrap my arms around you and squeeze those beautiful cheeks.”

He told her to go right ahead, and as she did, Peter drew her close, took her in an embrace and gave her a long, deep kiss. Sid had apparently used some mouthwash while in the bathroom, but there was still a hint of ale on her breath. The combination was strange, but not bad on Peter’s tongue, and he began to stiffen a little.

When Sid broke off the kiss, she said, “Save it for a bit, dear. How about we soak in this lovely bath for now.”

After Sid stepped into the bath, Peter got in behind her and stretched his legs on either side of her body. She soaped up her belly and breasts and invited Peter to wrap his arms around her and rub the soap around. Of course, he did as he was asked, caressing her breasts and bringing the nipples to an erect state.

“That’s marvelous, dear,” she cooed, “but you’ll have to stop for a bit so I can rinse off.” He withdrew his arms so she could rinse the soap off, then she asked him to hold her tight for a while longer as she enjoyed the warmth of the water. After a minute or two, Peter lifted her ponytail and began to kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders. She melted into his arms and sighed as he continued.

“That’s terrific, Peter. Shall we dry off and continue this in bed? I’m certain we’ll both enjoy it.”

He let go of her and she rose to step out of the bath and onto a mat to dry off. Peter watched her as he soaped himself quickly and rinsed off. After she had dried off and dropped the towel beside the mat, Sid walked seductively across the room, took out the band holding her ponytail, shook out her hair, and got beneath the bed covers.

“I want to watch you towel off that sexy body now,” she said.

Peter was half hard when he emerged from the tub and began to dry himself. He saw one of Sid’s arms moving beneath the covers as she began to finger herself, causing him to grow even harder.

“I’m touching myself to get ready for you,” she said breathily. “It really turns me on to see you naked.”

Peter took his time drying off so Sid could enjoy the view and get nice and wet. He was still partly erect when he finished and walked over to the bedside. Instead of inviting him in, she threw the covers off so he could watch her stroke herself.

“I want to suck your cock while you watch me play with myself,” she said, propping herself up on one elbow so she was eye level with his growing erection. While fingering herself, she licked the underside of his shaft and tongued at his scrotum. Peter enjoyed the sights and sensations as he reached down with one hand to cup and caress her breasts.

When Peter was fully hard, Sid stopped what she was doing. “Oh, you’re good and hard now. Come to bed and show me what you can do with it. And don’t worry about birth control. I’m still on the pill.”

Peter laid down facing her and leaned in to give her a deep, passionate kiss. The tips of their tongues darted together as Sid guided one of Peter’s hands down between her legs. He found her sex warm and wet, and he played his fingers around the small tuft of hair on her mound and her lips for a few moments before inserting a finger inside her opening and sliding down to take a pert nipple into his mouth.

Sid groaned with pleasure as he worked her pussy and her nipples for a few minutes. Then she begged him to mount her. She sighed as he entered her and began to pump. His strokes got ever quicker, and he leaned down to give her a hard kiss as he sensed her excitement growing. Soon her slick walls tightened around his erection and she came hard and cried out as Peter concentrated on not reaching his own climax.

Peter slid down beside her on the bed as the waves of Sid’s orgasm subsided.

“You didn’t come, did you, dear?” she asked.

“No, not yet. I want you to come again and when you do, I’ll get off too.”

“All right then, let’s cuddle for a few minutes, then I can get on top. I want to watch your face when we both come together.”

They both climaxed simultaneously that second time. Afterward, Peter agreed to have a look at Sid’s flat the next day. She soon got up from the bed, cleaned up, got dressed and departed for the night.

When Peter visited her the next day, he found the room for rent furnished only with a dresser and a small writing table and chair. Sid told Peter he would have to purchase his own bed, and he said that wouldn’t be a problem. He would move in as soon as the bed was delivered, and agreed to rent the room on a six-month trial lease.

In the meantime though, he would continue staying at the inn on the government’s dime. Sid liked the idea and told him they would definitely have to have another luxurious bath, this time with wine and candles to make things more romantic.

Thus began the strange relationship of Peter and Sid—Brandon and Max in his story. By May, he was well into writing the story of that relationship and how it evolved over the course of the next several years. The two had become pub buddies and part-time lovers, sharing a bed once or twice a month. She had introduced him to her friends and coworkers, and they went out together several times a month. Each of them had occasionally dated other people, but neither had ever really gotten into a serious relationship during Peter’s time in the UK.

Now Peter was beginning to explore Sid’s relationship with her best friend Lily in his writing. Every couple of months, Sid would leave Peter behind and take the train into London to spend a long weekend with her redheaded friend. It was a very private thing for her, and she never really told Peter much about those weekends away, besides mentioning shopping and taking in a show on the West End. However, toward the end of Peter’s time in England, Sid had invited him to come along to London one time because Lily was curious to learn more about him and was eager to meet.

Peter wrote for several hours before having lunch, playing around on the Internet, and taking a nap. Later that evening, after taking Amanda for a walk around the neighborhood, he showered and dressed for a night of karaoke at Flannery’s.

As he drove, Peter reminisced about the past couple of times he’d seen Kara Sparks. Before Easter, she had come in wearing a sweatshirt from a university in Florida talking about how she was almost finished with cosmetology school and getting out of the Navy. She had also mentioned camping over Easter weekend with some guy she had met in Austin. Where were they going? Matagorda Bay? Sounded kind of miserable to Peter.

And Don must have been talking Peter up to her or something, because she was red as a beet when he had come back from the men’s room at one point. But Peter had played it cool with her, being his usual friendly self. He had even given her a song to learn that they could sing together, never really expecting her to learn it at all.

The next time Peter had seen Kara she was with a boyfriend—not the guy from Austin—so he wasn’t sure what had happened there. None of his business, but maybe Kara would open up to him tonight about her love life. Young women always seemed to want to talk about that sort of thing, especially if things were unsettled.

Callie had also been there that night, with her new boyfriend Orlando—much to Cowboy Don’s chagrin. She had invited Peter to sit with them, and he had been happy to do a duet with her. Don had even kept his cool enough to sing with her as well.

And to Peter’s surprise, Kara had learned Need You Now. He recalled that she had said she had her cosmetology license now and was looking for work. Peter’s own hair stylist, Jessica, was very pregnant. Maybe the shop where she worked would take on someone new to fill in for her in the near future. Peter thought he might suggest it to Kara as a possibility.

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