Knead a Little Loving

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A sweet and Dominant baker that stuffs his girl with more than just tiny cakes. Lips locked in one more frosting tainted kiss, their skin coated with a thin layer of sweat, her face and even his had traces of frosting. For a moment Jess could have sworn this was her own slice of heaven, and that maybe she had just been dreaming. But then her impossibly perfect boyfriend pulled her up gently and brushed a towel along her thighs to clean the mess he had made. "Come on, we should get you in a bath while I finish up in here." Another sweet kiss as his fingers laced with hers and Nick led her towards the bedroom to do just that.

Erotica / Romance
Dante Deluca
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Chapter 1

The sun hadn’t even had time to slip over the horizon when the alarm sounded, waking Nick from his sleep. Rubbing his eyes, he slipped out of bed as quietly as possible, trying not to wake the sleeping form still lost in dreams. He found sweatpants just to be decent, then snuck out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, where he would start prep for the cupcakes he needed to make. Catering a birthday party was no small chore for around twenty-five children and their parents, but he was up for it.

While he was busy with whipping up the second batch that needed to go into the oven, he almost didn’t hear the sound of shuffling feet across the tile floor of the kitchen. When he looked up, all that he could do was smirk and stare at the wonder before him, leaving his work paused as he took in the sight of his freshly awoken girlfriend sauntering over to see what he was doing.

Standing there on the other side of the island where her boyfriend was cooking, was Jess, looking like a complete mess, but in the most adorable way. She had stolen one of his shirts, which seemed to fit her rather snug like it was almost too tight. It showcased her curves and highlighted her supple yet small breasts. As if to top it all off, peeking out from the bottom of the shirt was her belly, the cute roll he loved to knead and play with almost teasing him with how it jiggled as she walked.

“Morning, sleepyhead. Sorry if I woke you up.” The grin he had been wearing pulled into a wider smile as she came closer, and he leaned over the corner of the counter to give her a kiss. It was just a quick peck, or it was meant to be anyway, but she seemed to want more. As her teeth caught his lower lip, Nick had to let out a soft grunt. “Always such an evil tease.” His words were only partly strained, but that was due to the fact he was trying to ignore the reaction he was having from getting a greeting like that.

With a little giggle, Jess settled near the edge of the counter, admiring the cooling cupcakes, eyes set on the rack with the freshly frosted ones. It was a perk living with someone who loved to bake that she got to taste test all the treats, but it was hard to stop at just an itty-bitty sample when she craved to dive right in and stuff herself.

Once he had turned his back turned to her so that he could fill the cupcake pan, she managed to snag one of the ones that were too tempting to pass up. Unwrapping it in a rush, she took a giant bite out of it, getting chocolate frosting all over her mouth and even her nose. The taste was divine, which caused a soft moan to escape her, muffled by the second bite she was stuffing into her face.

As he heard the sound of her enjoyment, Nick furrowed his brows and finished putting the batter into one of the cups in the pan, turning on his heel to find out what had been the reason for the moan. That’s when he caught her, face covered in chocolate frosting, and his shirt that she borrowed littered with crumbs from the vanilla cake. The look on her face was priceless, a mix of surprise and guilt, stirring a little playful mischief in there for good measure.

“Hey, those are for my job, little piggy. Not for you.” While the tone might have been a bit stern, the lopsided smile on his face made it clear he couldn’t be all that mad at her. Not with how cute she looked with that chocolate mess she wore, those cute little panties that got lost in her curves, and his shirt that was a little too tight. Jess was a dream come true, someone for him to feed and adore through thick and thin.

She was only stunned for a moment, and then she was snagging another cupcake to devour it, all the while giggling when he made a silly face. “You can make more!” Unwrapping it quickly, she already had most of it in her mouth before he managed to close the distance between them, arms wrapping around her as Nick tried to prevent her from stealing another.

“You’re such a little brat, I can’t believe it.” There was no hint of seriousness in his voice, he was too amused at Jess to really be angry. He was going to make more than enough cupcakes, missing a few wasn’t going to make or break him, and so there was no reason not to play around. This was why he was so playful, which just seemed to fuel her troublesome ways. “Fine, you want to eat them all, I can help with that...” His own grin spread wide along his lips.

Forcing what was left of the cupcake she had just stolen into her mouth, he used gentle fingers to clean the chocolate off her face, sucking on the tip of them to clean them off after he was done. Then he was reaching over and pulling another one off the rack, unwrapping it slowly as he leaned in close. “Open up, you wanted a treat, so we’re going to see how many we can stuff your belly with.”

Just the notion of what Nick was threatening her with made Jess start to get excited, she loved it when he took the time to feed her, and even more so when he forced her to eat the things she loved. She also knew that he loved it, something their relationship was built on. Which had been odd at first, but he made her feel wanted, and sexy. As he fed her the cupcake she could feel the press of him, the hint of his building desire just made it all the better for her.

There was no protest, no fight over what was happening. She wanted this so badly, and now she was getting what she wanted. As his long fingers helped to force the food into her mouth, getting more chocolate and crumbs on her, she let her own hands wander, slipping up along his bare torso, enjoying the contrast of his firm body to her own. There was a little softness to him, after all, he had started to work more and work out less. Still, he was a typical size that most people would assume a guy his age would be, but she was a thick, voluptuous girl. Being with him these last few years had allowed her to realize that being fat wasn’t a shameful thing, even if people still pretended like it was.

After a few more cupcakes, his lips were pressed against hers, mouth exploring the taste of frosting lingering behind, and she could swear it felt like he was trying to devour her. The kiss they shared made her weak in the knees, and the tightness in her belly was such a turn on. Right when Jess figured this couldn’t get any better, he was moving her backward, pressing her against the counter while he opened the fridge and pulled out the milk.

“We’ve got to wash that all down, don’t we?” Nick knew the answer to that, but he was just making sure she was aware that he was doing everything for her, even pouring the milk. As he lifted the glass to her lips she accepted everything he offered, a thin line dribbling down from the corner of her mouth. Once the cup was drained his mouth was back on hers, hands playing with her exposed belly, and then he started to pull the panties she wore slowly down out of the way.

Her excitement grew as he forced Jess to turn around, pressing her chest and belly against the cool countertop. She pushed hands against it as well, fingers splayed out to help steady herself, while his fingers grew busy with spreading her legs open. The next thing she felt wasn’t his hands, but the stiffness of his cock slipping between her touching thighs and pressing against her growing wetness.

It was easy for him to move against her opening, the folds surrounding her eager cunt starting to grow slick, allowing him to make the most of it, easing the friction that made her impatient and needful. A soft whimper left her lips, and Nick smirked to himself, glad to know he had the same reaction as the food he had made her finish off. That alone had the length of his cock eager to be deep inside of her soft welcoming body.

His voice was low and gruff as he whispered against her shoulder, letting his teeth graze her flesh for just a moment. “If you’re so eager to get stuffed, little piggy, how about I fill you up the right way.” As if to punctuate that sentence, Nick forced the head of his cock right against her, leaving little to no time for her to ready herself before she was biting her bottom lip, fighting against the sudden pain of being expanded by him.

A satisfied groan rippled up through his chest, and for a time he was lost in the moment, enjoying the feeling of his hips pressed against her supple ass. When he pulled back his eyes were cast down so he could watch the length of his cock pull out, only to be thrust back in with the same force, making the round cheeks jiggle and bounce. It was a thing of beauty, only made all the better by the sounds that escaped Jess.

In the midst of one of those drawn out thrusts, Nick realized just where she had been positioned, which brought a wide smile to his face. Just a foot in front of her was the frosting. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back so that her eyes should be level with the bowl. The words he spoke were soft but that didn’t undermine the order given. “I want you to lick every last bit of that clean, little piggy.”

Her body shuddered, and Jess couldn’t help it when the tight walls of her cunt gripped onto his cock. She struggled not to cum right then and there, wanting to build it up all the more, so that her release would be that much better.

Doing as she was told, her hands reached out to pull the container closer, the hold he had on her hair limiting the movement of her head. As soon as Jess had it in place, he was gentle in urging her face towards the frosting, and she was eager to start lapping up the sugary treat. The next sound she made was a mixture of pleasure from the feeling of Nick pushing into her, and from the heavenly taste of the chocolate on her tongue.

As he watched her it grew harder for him to keep control of his body. Watching her lap at the bowl, her plump body jiggling with each rough thrust, it was enough to make him ache for release. First, he wanted to see that pretty face of hers, so after a few moments, he pulled her back by her hair, leaning in to lick some of the frosting off her cheek. Jess’ eyes lit up as he claimed her lips in a kiss, his own tongue dipping past them to taste the chocolate hint in her mouth.

Their bodies collided with force until one last rock forward pinned her in place, and she could feel her legs want to give out as her orgasm hit. Then she felt Nick pulsing and twitching inside her, filling her up the rest of the way. As his body tensed and released, his lips brushed her ear while whispering. “Good girl, now that’s the kind of breakfast you deserve.” The statement caused her to shudder again in pleasure.

Lips locked in one more frosting tainted kiss, their skin coated with a thin layer of sweat, her face and even his had traces of frosting. For a moment Jess could have sworn this was her own slice of heaven, and that maybe she had just been dreaming. But then her impossibly perfect boyfriend pulled her up gently and brushed a towel along her thighs to clean the mess he had made.

“Come on, we should get you in a bath while I finish up in here.” Another sweet kiss as his fingers laced with hers and Nick led her towards the bedroom to do just that.

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