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Louise thought no man will have her, she was mistaken he loved her when she was younger and now the time has come to to show her that she is meant to be his.. I have to run; if I stay he will hurt me more than he has in the past and the kids have seen the worse of their father. I sneak down into the downstairs bathroom and get dress I cannot believe Edward listen to his so called friend Jack who told him I needed to know my place and encouraged him to slam me against the fridge and chock me, the boy my friends and I knew in high school was gone, the drugs and booze had changed him into a monster he is today. His family isn’t much better they are all crazy in one way or another; they know he beats me, verbal puts me down.

Erotica / Romance
sharon figura
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Chapter 1 Louise the past

Prologue Chapter 1


The past

My name is Louise and when I was younger we moved around a lot, we finally ended up in Canberra. I was shy and quiet and didn’t make friend easily till high school, I attended Lyneham High and that’s where I met Kara, Krista, Regan and Michelle and the guys in our group are Aaron, Curtis, Raymond, Craig and Carlos. We weren’t in the popular group but we were happy in our little group.

My parents worked a lot and I was the youngest of 3 and my brother and sister were older and had already left home so I started hanging out at my best friends house Kara and that is where I met her big brother Benjamin.

Benjamin attends a different school and was 3 years older, his best friend Travis also hung around the house and they were like night and day one blonde and one black hair but both had a wicked sense of humor .

Travis started going out with Kara and I with Benjamin, we laughed and had fun and then Benjamin broke up with me and started seeing someone else.

A couple of months later

I and Regan have the same birthday and on our 14th Birthday told our parents we were staying at friends places and then went up to Mount Anslie and camped out.

We went for a walk into Civic and on the way we came across other people they were celebration a 21st and they invited us but we decided not to go.

When we got back to Mount Anslie we couldn’t sleep cause we thought we heard wild pigs but we found out it was the other party trying to scare us.

We end up tasting alcohol for the first time and smoking some pot,we were naughty girls and threw eggs at cars and when the police went door to door asking people about us, Aaron told them he thought we were guys.

.A year later…

A lot had happened in the past year Curtis moved to Sydney, so he and Michelle broke up. Michelle had a on and off relationship with Sam, a guy who was a year ahead of us and I dated Aaron for a few months again and then Craig.

One day after class Michelle came running up to us, talking a mile a minute, “A new guy started today his hot!” ” I’m going to see if he will go out with me, he is most of my classes.”

Edward was his name and he was popular but he hangs out with us too, especially when Michelle bugged him enough so they started going out as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Edward and Michelle dated on and off for the next year and you didn’t know when they are on or off it was crazy,then they broke up for good.

Months later

Then at a school social a year later Michelle and Carlos played matchmakers in between dances.

Michelle ran up to me and asked if i wanted to go out with Edward and Carlos went up to Edward and asked the same thing , they both encouraged Edward and I to get together.

One day the fire alarm went off and we had just finished gym and the girls had finished shower and dressing but most of the boys hadn’t, they came out in just towels.

Regan being a bit of joker tried to pull Aaron’s towel, she got caught by a teacher and got detention.

What the teachers didn’t know was the guys were flashing us and making jokes.

We had a few guys that were in a year ahead of us join our group of friends, Regan started dating one of them name Shawn.

Shawn was being fostered by Edward’s mum, one day in year 9 I was staying at my friend Regan’s house and she rang the boys and told them to come out and visit us.

We get a phone call and they tell us they have been arrested and can”t come out to see us.We thought they were joking but they weren’t.

Edward had got mad at a lady who had pushed a trolley into the back of his legs.

He picked up the trolley, full of grocery’s and threw it over the second story car park of Belconnen Mall, It landed on top of a police car.

Edward was always getting into trouble and was labeled a troublemaker. As charming as he was in the end he didn’t finish high school and at the end of year 9 he was kicked out.

I the middle of Year 10 Edward took my brother’s car for a joyride down a back road, he had my brother’s current girlfriend and our friend Kara in the car, he hit an embankment a flipped it in the air and it landed in a field.

We never did find out what actually happened that night but the three left the car were it buried itself and went to the service station bought cigarettes covered in blood and took off home.The police then they found the car, they were looking for dead bodies, it was that bad but my brother wouldn’t lay charges so they were let off with a warning.

I ended up finishing school then I got pregnant, Edward and I moved to Sydney.I thought he would grow up that it was a phase or that i could change him for the better. I was naive and so wrong, I didn’t know it then but I would regret being with Edward in Sydney.

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