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Dangerous Desires

By Jennifer All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Thriller


Pierce Antonio Perez watched her from across the smoked filled bar. Hannah McMillian had been his obsession for far too long. Finally he was going to have the chance to come face to face with her. He was restless and emotionally drained his wife’s funeral was today and he knew he should be seeking the company of his family and closest friends but he felt trapped there and needed an escape. He knew it was wrong to seek Hannah out when his emotions were so raw and he was supposed to be mourning Krista’s death, but all he could think about was how he was finally free to be with the one woman who would ease his pain and make him feel something again.


Hannah McMillian cursed as she made her way into the law offices of LaCrew and associates. As she made her way into the conference room Chris LaCrew sat behind his desk and frowned at her, “You tell Xander if he keeps trying to ruin your career he will have to go through me! I am tired of his bullshit.”

Hannah shook her head, “I’m sorry.”

Her best friend Trish eyed her wearily, and patted her hand reassuringly.

“This case is going to make you both household names. Just because it is closed to the public and Xander was called in for a deposition hearing doesn’t mean he can trample all over you for information involving the bureau case against Perez, Sanchez, and DeAngle.

“His superior Agent Steely has fully briefed him; he doesn’t need to be nosing around things in this office. It is bad enough the feds are crawling all over our case. It doesn’t help that one of my lead councils is dating the lead investigator of this case!” Chris shook his head with distaste.

Trish frowned at Chris, “Are you finished giving Hannah a hard time? I swear sometimes I think you are jealous that Kenneth got to her before you.”

Chris smiled that seductive smile that made many women swoon, “I am after all the better man…”

Chris LaCrew was in his early thirties and had a face that invited sin and a body to match. Hannah had met Chris right after she graduated law school. Trish had been working for him and recommended her to him. He had tried more than once to charm the intriguingly beautiful McMillian into his arms but she had made it clear that she was more interesting in working for him. His firm only took high profile criminal law cases.

This had to be the biggest of his career. Three of South America’s greatest mob bosses were splitting apart their family legacies. Each one had invested in each other for over a decade. Antonio Perez was the first to make the decision. Chris had been impressed with how easy Hannah had been able to charm all three of the criminal under lords. She had been nothing but professional throughout this long drawn out trial. Antonio Perez had in fact been so impressed with her work and her personality that he and she had grown close in the last two years. He treated her like a part of his family…Chris had been worried that this might interfere with the case, but so far it had only made things easier for him. Perez trusted Hannah with very personal information on and off the record.

He had grown so overprotective of Hannah that he had his son Pierce be her personal bodyguard. Antonio was very private about his personal life. He had gone to great pains to keep his son’s identity a secret. Chris and Trish had been the only two allowed to know his identity which had been hidden from the public these last two years. Antonio refused to allow his son to come face to face with Hannah. That struck Chris as odd, but he kept his opinions to himself. He smiled at the two ladies comparing notes and pulling files. They were the best. There were some days he wondered how he had ever gotten by without them, “Don’t forget ladies, Miguel is coming in for his deposition hearing at noon be prepared. You know how paranoid the man is…”

Hannah and Trish both nodded. “Well ladies I will be back before he gets here. I have requested a follow up meeting with Agent Steely, and while I am there I am going to make sure to give your boyfriend a piece of my mind.”

Hannah shook her head and dug into the boxes of files containing Miguel’s full OC history. Both Trish and Hannah knew everything inside out but they always brushed up one wrong bit of information and Miguel would write them off. LaCrew was right the man really was a suspicious SOB.

Antonio glared at his son, “I want to you to watch the LaCrew’s office. I worry about Hannah. I don’t trust Miguel he has done everything in his power to make this split unbearable he is a greedy bastard! I wouldn’t put it past him to do something ruthless…Before I die I want to make sure I pass along a clean and legit business. I have looked at your antique’s proposal and agree it with it. After all this business with Miguel and DeAngel is over with I will make sure your plans are put in motion. I don’t want my grandchild to be privy to the life I once led. I want to clean up our OC unit and I know you will lead the way I have all these years. My men will respect your decisions and give their life for you.”

Pierce shook his head, “I don’t like when you talk like this…the doctors said you still have a good three years left.”

Antonio shook his head, “Life is not promised us. I want a better life for you and Krista.”

Pierce shook his head with disgust, “It’s too late for her. The drugs have already done their damage to our marriage. She could barely make it through her pregnancy without them! She is lucky Annalease wasn’t born with some kind of birth defect.”

Antonio put his hand on Pierce’s shoulder, “I know it has been hard for you. If your mother and I would have known she would have fallen victim we never would have pushed you two to get married.”

“I know you only thought you were doing what was best…” Pierce said trying his hardest to keep the bitterness out of his voice.

Antonio hung his head; he had made many grave mistakes in his life especially with his son. He had enforced too much duty upon him and it had hardened him in a way that disturbed Antonio sometimes. “I don’t know how long Miguel will keep Hannah and Trish I want you to be prepared if anything happens to that girl I won’t be able to forgive myself.”

Pierce took an uneasy breath. He had been dreading the argument he was sure to follow after Pierce denied his father’s request. He was tired of watching Hannah McMillian. She was too beautiful and to kind hearted. He was also tired of watching her boyfriend try to railroad her career. Kenneth Xander was a lowlife scumbag. Pierce couldn’t put his finger on it but he knew the man was tainted. He did not like the fact that Hannah gave herself freely to such a despicable man while Hannah was everything he ached for. She was the kind of woman he could tell his deepest darkest secrets too. The more he watched her the more he wanted her for himself. Many nights he dreamed of laying her down in his bed and claiming her. His father refused to allow him anywhere near her on a personal level and it was driving him insane.

“Can’t you get somebody else to do it?” Pierce asked his father bracing himself for Antonio’s response.

Antonio shook his head and frowned, “You know I trust nobody the way I trust you.”

“I can’t do it anymore…” Pierce said pleading with his father. Antonio just looked at him in utter shock, “You disobey me?”

“You know how I feel about her…” Pierce said softly.

Antonio shook his head in frustration, “We had this discussion before, and Hannah is not for you. You should be spending your time focusing on your daughter Annalease is going to need you more than ever now that Krista is on a downward spiral. You know how I feel about Hannah. She is an amazing young woman she is untainted. I won’t let you draw her into our lifestyle she is too close as it is. Trish has a husband who is more than capable of taking care of her. Hannah has no one…and Xander is too ambitious to watch out for her properly.”

Pierce let out a string of curses and glared at his father, “What about me? I’m good enough to watch her from afar! You put her life in my hands yet you don’t trust me enough to keep her heart safe?”

Antonio snorted under his breath and returned his son’s glare with one of his own, “Please? You think I don’t know that you haven’t been faithful to Krista? Your reputation with woman precedes you! You want her because you can’t have her. Once the thrill of the chase is over you won’t want her anymore she deserves more!”

“It would be different with her…she makes me feel things I have never felt before.”

Antonio raised his hand to silence his son, “This discussion is over. Hannah is off limits to you. Now I would advise you to head over to LaCrew law firm and do as you’re told.”

Pierce stormed out of his father’s office in a fit of rage. Hannah was everything he needed to cure his restless soul. He would not give up. One day he would make Hannah McMillian his.

Ten hours later Hannah walked out of LaCrew’s offices exhausted beyond belief. Miguel had proved to be difficult as usual. He was moody and unpredictable. He made sure he kept Hannah and Trish on their toes. All Hannah could think about was going back to her apartment and enjoying a glass of wine, in a tub filled with bubbles. Xander usually worked late so when Hannah was off she had the apartment to herself. It was getting dark Trish had offered her a ride home but Hannah only lived a couple blocks away from the law firm and it was a beautiful night. She took the short cut through the park enjoying the fresh air. She was lost in her own thoughts when suddenly she was grabbed from behind and pushed down on the ground, She went to scream but the man who held her had a gun to her head, “If you scream Miss McMillian I won’t hesitate to kill you after all pretty things like you should really learn to keep their mouths shut.”

Cold dread and fear filled her as the man began to pull down her skirt. The man pressed himself against her, his hot breath on her skin made her nauseous. It disgusted her to know the man knew her name. The man cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples till she cried out in pain. Hannah closed her eyes and braced herself for what was going to be the most heinous thing she would ever experience in her life.

Pierce cursed she had a good ten minute head start on him. His heart was racing as he made his way through the park. Her independent nature irked him. He had thought she would have been smart and taken the ride Trish had offered her. But instead she had decided to walk through the park alone. She usually took the main streets when she got out late so he headed toward her apart via the city. Trish had found him halfway to her apartment. When Trish had explained that she had declined her offer for a ride Pierce growled low in his throat with frustration. He had to double back to get to the park. That was the only other route she would take after a long day of being stuck in her office. When he saw Hannah on the ground being attacked murderous rage filled him. Pierce immediately ripped the man off of Hannah and began beating him to bloody pulp. The man who attacked Hannah managed to escape Pierce’s fists and stumbled up. He pulled his gun fired one shot Hannah cried out when her savior crumbled to the ground. All Pierce could feel was the darkness closing in on him.

Hannah immediately called 911 and waited squeezing his hand and thanking him for saving her life. Pierce could feel her warmth surround him he closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet scent of her skin before the blackness took over…

Hannah spent the next week at the hospital with the mysterious stranger who had saved her life. She had no clue who he was. The doctors and nurses refused to allow her any useful information on his identity. Even all bandaged up he was very handsome and rugged. She couldn’t help but admire his good looks, he had dark olive skin and soft raven black hair that she had ran her fingers through it at least half a dozen times. She had held his warm strong hand in hers whispering words of encouragement trying to get him to wake up so she could thank him for saving her, sleep refused to come to her since the attack. Even Xander couldn’t make her feel safe. Something about this stranger’s presence made her feel protected She longed to curl up next to him and bury her head in his neck kiss his sensual mouth and try to wake him up. These were thoughts that left Hannah confused. No man had affected her the way this man did…she told herself it was because she owed him her life but something else pulled her to him. Sunday morning Hannah was surprised to find him gone. The nurse at the front desk had told her he had checked himself out after waking up the night before and demanding to see the doctor. Hannah walked out of the hospital feeling empty inside now she would never get the chance to thank him for risking his life to help save hers.

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