The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings

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Chapter 2


Entering Skye’s room’s I find her and Rylan locked in an embrace. So engrossed in each other, they don’t notice me. “Is this what you want?” He asks her. “I want you.” My heart breaks at those three words, and insane with rage, I pull him from her arms. We attack each other, ignoring her screams to stop. Finally, she separates us, forcing us apart she demands that we leave.

Of course, I’m not going anywhere. If Rylan wants to involve the colony leader, it would be to his embarrassment. Fortunately, he takes the high road. Skye leaves me to retire to the bedroom, while I straighten up the mess that Rylan and I made. As she showers, I prepare a light meal, of chickpea, and arugula sandwiches. It’s set up on the nightstand with a glass of wine.

Entering the bedroom, she ignores me and dives into the food. I want to know what she’s thinking, but she’s blocked me. She’s been angry with me before, but not like this. She’s completely shut me out. Lucky for me, the wine is starting to dull her senses. I get from her that she knows about our breeding habits and that another woman requests her assistance with leaving this place. Then nothing, she’s blocked me again.

Watching her, she’s watching me. I’m waiting for the wine to take effect, her red-stained lips drawing my attention. I’ve used other means to pleasure her, but now it’s time that she gave me an heir. Taking the glass from her, I don’t give her time to object. Filling her mouth with my tongue, she puts up a small fight, but a trail of kisses down her neck stifles that. He’s bit her. I can smell his venom in the small puncture wounds on her neck.

Biting into the wounds, I inject my venom. Her intake of breath, has me apologizing to her via telepathy, and she strokes the back of my neck, to say all is forgiven. My temperature rising, I can no longer keep my need for her at bay, I have to be buried deep within her. Literally ripping her clothes to pieces, as I trail kisses down her stomach, and spreading her legs, I dip my tongue as far as I can into her center. Sharp intake of breath, as I trail my tongue slowly up and down her femininity. Moaning my name, she thrashes about in ecstasy. “Balen... Balen...” Lapping at her nectar, my member swells to bursting.

Losing my self-control, I quickly enter her crevice. Filled to the hilt, she slowly grinds up and down my shaft. Lightly brushing her neck with my lips, I let her take charge, squeezing, and pulling my staff, with her core. The warmth and wetness of her canal pulls me close to the edge. Our bodies in tune, she stops, allowing me to regain my composure, before resuming her squeezing, and pulling. Peaking, I’m quickly at the edge again. Running her hands through my hair, she pulls my face down to hers, in a tender kiss. With a low growl, pulling away from her embrace, I pump in and out of her, mercilessly. Holding her hips, as her body bounces off of mines, her center griping my length, as her juices run down my scrotum. Meeting my every stroke, together we quickly, and rhythmically build to a climax.

Gasping out her orgasm into my shoulder, I moan out my release as my seed spills forth into her canal. “I love you.” I hear her whisper. Lying beneath me, gazing at me through half-lidded eyes, she couldn’t be any more beautiful. Gently touching her chin, my lips make a connection with hers. I love the intimacy of her touching my cheek as we breathe each other in. The essence of her still on my tongue, she samples it. Sucking on my tongue, before allowing mines to explore hers. Our tongues vying for control, her need for me is awakened again. The slickness of her sheath and her squirming causes my rod to go hard inside of her. One thing that I’m sure of is this, she belongs to me. Rylan will have to find another. “I love you.” I whisper back. This time we don’t rush, we take our time savoring each other’s bodies.


The women are relegated to the apartment complex, and the park, I’m the only one who’s been to the base where the Centaurian men reside. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen Balen or Rylan, and I’m beyond pissed. Making my way through the woods, that separates the women’s housing from the base, A few colorful words spewing from my mouth, I trip over a log, scraping my leg. The blood trickling, I ignore it and continue on. So consumed with what I’ll say or do when I do lay eyes on either one of them, I don’t notice the man stalking me until i.’m upon him.

He’s been watching me ever since I left the park, and was on the path leading to the base. Handsome and athletic, as all Centaurian men are, I can feel him pushing, trying to break through my barrier. I push back, and he appears insulted. “Do you really want to test me?” he says. I use that opening to get from him, who he is.

“I wouldn’t want to offend the colony leader, Akon.” I respond.

“Nor I Balen’s mate. I would like to meet with you. A few anomalies have been found in your blood.”

“When?” I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf.

“I’ll send Rylan to collect you.”

He’s gone before I can respond.

Good. I promised Gema, a few days, I’d taken more than a week. If there was any information worth getting, it would be best coming from him. She’d agreed to wait a few more days, but warned that I didn’t have long. Then there was that whole fiasco with Rylan, Balen, and I. Balen catching me in the act, of almost giving the goodies away. Terrible, the whole situation. He has yet to say anything about it or that night. Leaving the next morning with a promise that he’d be back, it’s been ten days already.

Rylan, now that’s another issue. Either he’s been avoiding me, or he’s no longer stationed here. I’ve called to him many times, but he has yet to acknowledge me. I love Balen, but I care for Rylan also. Enamored, attracted, mesmerized, or whatever, I have feelings for him.

Technically we were together before I met Rylan, but still...

I haven’t gotten within five feet, before Rylan’s standing before me. He still has the same effect on me, butterflies in my stomach, when will this end? I do what comes natural now, my coping mechanism.

“Can you not do that, it’s annoying.”

“I’m not here to argue with you. I’m here to collect you.”

“That was fast. I thought he meant…like later.”

His face is void of expression, waiting. I’m not looking for a fight, but this man ruffles my feathers, in a good way! His unwavering nonchalant gaze actually turns me on, my body responds to him, skin warming. Traitor. His refusal to respond, has me walking past him in exasperation. Curiosity gets the best of me, and I have to ask.

“Where have you’ve been, I’ve been calling to you, and you didn’t respond.”

“I’m touched that you’re concerned.”

“Sarcasm is so unbecoming of you.”

“I’ve been reassigned.”

His words upsets me more than I expect, and just like him to pick that up. “No need to worry, It was my doing that has me playing indentured slave, to the colony leader.” Without trying, I pick up on his transgression, and it stops me mid-stride. I can feel him probing my mind, and I let him in. “I was angry.” He says unapologetically. “Who am I to judge?” Anger, violence, and death is what I get. He killed those people. One he fed on, and the others... well wrong time and place. For some reason, I don’t care. I guess I’m a terrible person. “You’re not.”

“Can I at least have something to myself?”

“You’re going to have to stop, trying to hide your thoughts. It’s offensive, and should be tiring.”

“Well its human nature, to want some form of privacy. Our thoughts should be our own until we make them known.”

Meeting my stride, I follow his lead, letting him take my hand, and loving it. His hand’s rough, and the thought of them freely roaming my body, gives way to an instant heat forming between my legs. I catch a small smile, before being pulled close, and kissed. Literally melting in his embrace, I know that I should push him away, but I can’t. It feels right. Giving in, I kiss him back. His lips are soft, demanding…forceful. My fingers automatically make their way up towards his neck, and he pulls away abruptly. I get the message that he’s received. Akon, he’s growing impatient.

In an instant, we’re in front of a building. The shock from being inhumanely transported from one place to another has me temporarily disturbed. My adrenaline has skyrocketed. All I felt was the wind, and all that I saw was a blur. My equilibrium off, I lose my footing on a rock, and falling backward he’s quick to rescue me, pulling me upwards. “You’ve got to do that again.” I say, with a bright smile.


Looking up at me, with a smile to rival the sun, my heart does a quick flutter. I refuse to fight the urge any longer. I’m going to stake my claim. Balen will just have to take this loss, just because he’s a Prince, he can’t just take what he wants. She registers my thoughts in real-time, and if her skin were of a lighter tone, I believe that I would have seen rosy cheeks. Becoming aware that the others watching may have read me, she self-consciously toys with her hair. What an enigma, one minute she’s the sexy seductress, and the next minute the unsure school girl.

The door opens to Akon, and two others. “Please, come in.” He says, beckoning us inside. Entering his office, I immediately take in the addition to the furnishings, an exam chair. The two men watching my every move has me attentive. “If you would lie down on the chair, please.” He instructs Skye. Picking up on my discomfort, she looks to me for approval, and after quickly reading Akon, I nod my acquiescence.

He’s jotting down notes as she makes herself comfortable. He’s been doing a lot of that lately. At 2381 years old, he’s the oldest of our kind here on this planet. Put here as punishment, he may never see our home planet again. “They’re all gorgeous.” - We pick up from Skye, for the men are watching her, and Akon has stopped writing. Her arousal perfumes the room, and her self-control is weakening, as she appraises us. We give off pheromones that are irresistible to humans. In the company of a group of us, they become willing sex pets.

We react like dogs to females exhibiting a heat phase, when we pick up on the opposite sex’s arousal scent. The more seasoned of our kind can quell the urge to oblige the needy female. Young and new to their posts, their thoughts border on taking advantage. “Tell your men to leave.” I demand. “They’re here at my request.” Going to Skye, he feels her pulse. “I’m not a threat to you.” I ground out, my agitation escalating.

“No, but she has to be subdued, and in this state, they’re more compliant.”

“Drugs can achieve the same effect.”

“I wouldn’t dare, she’s pregnant.”

Pregnant? There’s a dull ache in my chest, and my stomach convulses. Out of breath, my vision blurring, his words send me into a blind rage. My only thoughts are to hurt her, as she’s hurt me. Before I even attempt to go for her, Akon has a hold of me, and I’m being tossed out of the door.

I’m up in a flash, with the two men blocking my reentry. I can easily dispatch them, but I’d rather spare the innocent. “Move.” I command. “She’s your mate.” One says quietly. “The father of the child is a royal, do you want to risk your bloodline for such... an indiscretion?” He speaks of my mother and father, to end a royal would mean the death of your entire bloodline. “Most consider it an honor.” He says respectfully. Tempering my rage, as always I bow out gracefully. “When you find your mate, let me know if you still share those sentiments.” As I leave, I’m sure that I leave a dust cloud in my wake.

I’m restricted to the compound, so I can’t leave. I’ve had enough, I love her, but this is too much. First I’m having to share her with him, and now he’s maliciously taken her before me. Have I not done as I’ve been commanded, been loyal to my people. I’ve risked my life in battles and wars, and this is the thanks that I get. I’ve made my decision. I’m returning home, my term on this planet has ended.

I’m in my rooms when I hear her, via telepathy she’s screaming my name in a panic. My natural instinct to protect my mate takes over, and I’m outside before I realize it.

“What am I doing?” I take no further steps. She doesn’t belong to me, and she’s no longer my concern, it’s easier this way. One last scream and she’s silent, linking to her I pick up that Akon’s bit her, to get the information that he wants. The link to Skye is severed, and tuning into Akon, he picks up on my intrusion.

Your mate’s Centaurian, but also bears the mark of the reptilians.” Our enemy. “Somewhere there was a merger with a reptilian, an ancestor. Peculiar though, reptilians only reproduce with other reptilians.” His disdain comes through loud and clear. Our offspring are immediately taken to our planet so that they can adapt to our atmosphere. The ones that are left behind will never be allowed entry to Centauria. They’d deteriorate quickly as the humans do. By her having reptilian blood, she can sustain our atmosphere. I can take her with me. “Her having reptilian blood denies her entry to our world.” States Akon, venomously. Humans can only live in our atmosphere for about a few weeks before they start to age quickly. That’s why the mothers are left behind. My mate’s carrying another’s child, and she carries the reptilian DNA. Only I would be burdened with this mess.


Their movements are fast, but I can follow them. I’m aware of Rylan, being removed from the building. The men never returning, but I can still sense them. Akon apologizing for Rylan’s behavior, and then I’m back from my sexual stupor. What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve turned into a sex crazed maniac. Akon’s quiet, as I internally berate myself. I don’t like the way that he’s analyzing me.

“The sexual Stupor was intentional. You’re attracted to the pheromones that we give off. A couple of us in the same room and all sexual inhibitions are gone.” He explains. “But why would you do that? You want to have an orgy with me?” I ask, clearly baffled. His look of bewilderment amuses me, and I have a chuckle at his expense. There it goes again, that weird analysis look. “You’re easier to handle in that state.” Trying to read him, I get nothing, and then I recall, why Rylan was kicked out.

“I’m not pregnant.” I say, wanting to believe my words. “It’s faint, but the life force is there the beginning stages.” His hands go to my neck, feeling my pulse again.

“I have my theory about what you are.”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

“You exhibit some traits similar to the dragons…our enemy.” He spits out. “There’s one way to know for sure.” Now I’m really concerned. “Where’s Balen?” I ask trying to get up, but his hand on my throat tightens. Forcing my face away from his, my small struggles are easily quelled, as he has me pinned to the chair. “I’m only going to take a little.” He whispers, covering my mouth as he bites into me. I silently cry out the only name that comes to mind. Rylan! When I awake, I’m in bed. A glance around the room, and I know that this isn’t my bedroom. Lifting the covers, I see that I’m naked underneath them, and I panic. My last memory was of Akon biting me, and then darkness. I hope that he didn’t put me to bed. A noise in another room has me venturing out of the bedroom, with the sheet tied around me like a toga. Rylan’s in the kitchen, preparing a meal. Thank the gods that it’s not Akon.

“Why would it be him?” He asks his back to me. “He was the last person that I remember being with. I called to you, and you didn’t answer.” I accuse hotly. Turning to me, with an even hotter glare, I don’t back down.

“Do you belong to me?


“Are you mine?”

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“So why should I answer when you call?”

He places a glass of something green in color on the counter and goes back to making me a vegetarian lunch. “Drink this, you’ve lost a good amount of blood.” How much did he take? I throw the glass at his head, but he moves out of the way, and it shatters on the cupboard. Placing the plate in front of me, I contemplate tossing that also, and reading me he moves it out of the way. Even in my anger, I want him, and in his eyes, I see him battling his anger and his need for me. Watching me with a heated gaze, I back away from the counter, to allow him a better view, and my actions have the desired effect.

Rylan has me pressed up against the counter, and I raise my face to his, begging him to kiss me. He disappoints by inhaling my scent instead. “Do you belong to me?” I want him so badly that I’m shaking. “Yes.” I say, and I’m rewarded with slow kisses down my neck. Untying the sheet it drops to the floor, and before I realize it, I’m on the bed with Rylan on top of me. His kisses slowly make their way down to my breasts, licking and savoring each nipple. Eliciting a moan from me, the inferno between my legs begs to be put out. Holding my hips, to stop me from writhing away from him, he spreads my legs and does a deep dive. “Rylan!” His tongue’s warm, and does a slow wet run, up and down my bud. Working magic on my clit, legs shaking, I can’t help grabbing his head in my ecstasy. His tongue moving in and out of my center, I feel my release building. I cry out my frustration when his tongue ceases it’s pleasuring. “Not yet.” He says, pulling me downwards on the bed towards him. Nibbling on my bud, I gently push his face further into my mound. Nibbles turn into a pressure suction as he pulls on my bud, cradling his head as he pleasures me. “Rylan…” Alternating between slow wet laps, and pleasurable pressure sucking on my flower, my body involuntarily jerking with spasms, sudden and unexpectedly, my orgasm hits. Waves of pleasure flowing through my body, until sensitivity forces me to push him away.

Reaching for his erection, he stops me. “No.” Grabbing my wrists, he pins me to the bed. “I can’t touch you in that way, because of the child.” He says. That doesn’t stop me from getting on my knees before him. “There are other ways to please.” I say, going for his pants. My feelings are hurt when he moves away from me.

“So what, you can touch me, but I can’t touch you?”

“You’re carrying a life, your body’s sacred, it’s to be worshiped.”

Slipping on my robe, I stomp past him to the bathroom. “It wasn’t that sacred when Akon delivered the news.” I state heatedly.

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