The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings

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Chapter 3


I’m entertaining Gema at the park, the spot where we first met. She’s a bit on edge about the length of time that it took to get back to her. “Three weeks, I said a few days!” Her raised voice and theatrical hand movements, draw a few looks in our direction.

“You want to calm down?′

“You want to tell me that you’re going to help me?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to get…”

“Galaxy, ninety-eight, trinity, ether”. She says, quickly. A memory that I don’t recall ever having comes to mind. Rylan in bed with me, telling me of a hidden place with an emergency vehicle with a bag of cash. “In case something happens, and you need to make a quick escape.” He says.

“What did you do to me?” I ask, pushing her away from me. “Rylan told me to say those words to you, and you would know what to do.

I knew that they had powers, but nothing like this. ”Why would he want me to help you? Are you carrying his child?”

“I told you no, I won’t go through that again, they’re monsters, you’ll see.” She’s telling the truth. “Give me a few...” Her raised hand stops me from continuing. “I don’t have any more time to give, and I’m not going to be used as a recycle bin.” For the first time, I realize that this is bigger than just us. “What about the other women?” Her desperation causes her to lash out. “If they’re too blind to see what’s going on, screw them!” Her outburst captures the attention of a guard, and he makes his way over to us. “Shit.” She notices him also, and we try to take our leave of each other, but he’s fast.

“Is everything okay?” His alert gaze on me, I hope that she’s good enough to block him. “We’re fine.” I state. “And you Gema? I heard you yelling, we don’t need any disturbances.” Well hell, I hope that he already knew her and didn’t pick that up. Concentrating on her mind, I assist with making the image of the waterfall stronger.

“Do you mind letting me in?” He says, knowing that I’ve interfered. Gema closes her eyes as his probing causes her pain. He could scramble her mind or cause her brain

to hemorrhage if he isn’t careful. Crying out in pain, as her nose starts to bleed, I’m in a panic, that he’s going to seriously hurt her. “Stop it!” I shout, and ignoring me he has a self-satisfied smirk plastered on his face. I do the only thing that I can do.

Using my power of telekinesis, I send him flying yards away from us. Not wanting any parts of the altercation, the women outside quickly make their way back inside the building.

Going to Gema’s aide, she backs away from me afraid.

“What the hell?” She says wiping the blood from her nose.

“Are you alright?” I ask, reaching out to her.

Jumpy, she moves from my reach and then turns to flee.

“Wait!” I yell, going after her.

The guard is up and on his feet, and I know that we can’t outrun him, so I stop Gema with my mind. Trying to move, she gives up, and the guard is over to us in an instant. He’s reaching out for her, but I’ve stopped him, he can’t move. Releasing her, she quickly moves to my side. “What did you do?” She’s looking at the guard frozen in place, his eyes following us. “I can’t hold him for long…”

“We have to go!” She shouts, as an alarm sounds. I take off towards the woods behind the women’s housing. “Where are we going?” She’s asks from behind me.

“Away from here!”

“We’re not going to get that far on foot!”

Using my mind, I send her flying, two hundred feet, through the air. “Ah...!” She lands on her feet, and I follow suit. Crumpling to the ground, she refuses to move. “How are you doing this?” I’ve had it with her. “Get up off of your ass and let’s go! You wanted out of here, and this is the way!” Swatting my hand away, she grabs the grass and holds on.

“I’m not going anywhere until you explain this.”

She’s crazy calm, that calm where you have completely lost it and have made peace with it. “Fine.” I send her psycho ass soaring through the air again. This time she doesn’t scream, and landing on her feet, she waits for me. “See that wasn’t so bad.” Laughing diabolically, she rears back and slaps the fire out of me. “I wasn’t ready.” Well, at least she seems to be coming back from where ever she went. Trying my hardest, not to return the favor, I lead the way to a cave. “Don’t tell me that we’re hiding out in here.” She says, not following me in. The roar of an engine sends her scurrying away from the entrance, as I emerge in a jeep. “Get in!”


My plans to go back home have been halted. I made my decision out of anger. I love her, but the news of her carrying another’s child was too much. In my anger, I wanted to choke the life out of her, and probably would have if Akon wouldn’t have interfered. I spend my days with him, assisting with various projects and my nights with Skye. Something’s bothering her, but she refuses to speak of it, and when trying to extract the information, she blocks me. If she’s concerned about Balen, he’s fine, but I could care less about him. He took what did not belong to him, as if it was his right. He had no right, and in the end, I’ve won. His child will be reared as my own, and I have my mate. I may not return home, but I have everything here with her. I would love to be there when Akon delivers the news.

An alarm sounds and my mind immediately goes to Skye, and then I get the demand from Akon to join him. Reaching out to Skye, I get no response, I try again, and she answers.

“I’m fine. Well, I left the compound.”

“What…Skye?” No response after a minute and Akon sends another demand. He’s going to use me to track her. “I’m on my way.” I respond back, heading to my vehicle.

The guard at the gate, steps in front of the car, blocking my exit.

“No one is to leave, orders from Akon.”

“He’s sent me on an errand.”

Trying to read me, he fails. “Let me verify.” He makes to contact Akon, via telepathy and I rev the engine, the only warning that he gets before I almost run him down. Moving out of the way of the vehicle, he does not give chase as I speed away from the colony.

I’ll be labeled a traitor, funding discontinued and the car I’ve already ditched. I don’t need their funds, I’m fully capable of surviving on this planet. I’m worried about Skye though, she’s not a child, but she’s my responsibility. I’ve tried multiple times to contact her to no avail. Gema must have activated the memory. I knew that I couldn’t trust her. She approached me with a plan to help her escape, before Skye arrived, and learned the hard way, that I was only breeding her, I held no love for her.

Tracking her, she’s been through this way, but she’s blocking me. “Come on. You have to sleep at some point.” I pace the motel room trying to reach her. We’re linked to our mates and can track them anywhere. They can block us, but once they’re asleep, their minds are open. I’m two states over from the colony, it’s two am, and I’m about worried sick about her. She’s here in this city, but I can’t lock onto her. Something must be wrong because she hasn’t moved for three days. Why is she still here? I’m about to turn in for the night when I hear it. It’s faint, but it’s there. “Gema.” I try to send a message to her, and after a while I a get a faint response. - “It’s Skye.”

“Where are you?” I send back quickly. After what seems like forever, I get the name of a motel. I’m out the door, and in the car, before I realize that I’m not on the colony, I can’t be moving that fast. Locating the motel, I follow her scent to the room. The television plays lowly, and I can hear movement inside. Rapping lightly on the door, there’s a long pause before she answers.

“Who is it?”


A few quick movements and the door opens with Gema ushering me into the room. Skye’s on the bed asleep and going to her side, I check her pulse. “How long has she been asleep?” I inquire. “Three days.” Her answer alarms me, as she hands me a vial. “She’s been taking this, its adrenaline. She collapsed a few days ago.” A makeshift IV is connected to her.

“I’ve been keeping her hydrated.” She says, sitting on the other bed.

“Do you mind?” Handing her the other end of the IV needle, she lifts her sleeve and inserts it into her arm. Watching the blood flow, I check her pulse again, it’s stronger. “How much does she need? She asks as we watch her start to stir. “Not much.” Her eyes come open slowly, and she focuses on me. “Rylan.” Trying to sit up, she slumps back onto the pillow. “You have to take it easy.” I say as Gema grabs the bag with the currency in it and heads to the door. “I’m going to get another room, to give y’all some privacy.”

I have a million and one questions, but decide they’re better left for later. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to tell you.” She manages.

“Don’t worry about that now, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just a little lightheaded.” She says, sitting up.

“Is there anything that you want in here? I ask, looking around the room.

“Just the bag, why?”

Lifting her, I carry her out to the car. “What are you doing?” Putting her in the backseat, I get

into the driver’s side and drive off. “Wait, you’re not leaving Gema.” She says pleadingly. “No, Gema left you.” My words silence her, and she tries making contact with her. “Well, I did what she asked. I wish her the best.” She states, lying down.

Yawning, and snuggling into the backseat, I’m just glad that I found her.

“Where are we going?”

“I don’t know.” I state.

“As long as I’m with you, I don’t care where we go.” She says, drifting off to sleep. She’s my world, and I hope that she knows how much she means to me. Balen’s reached out to me about bringing Skye to Centauria. He knows about her reptilian side and that she can withstand our atmosphere. I can choose to run, but that’s not the life that I want for us or our children. Might as well deal with it now. The punishment doled out by the king will be swift. Akon has a reputation for torturing traitors. That’s not the only reason why I chose this option, Balen’s tour has ended, and he has to return home for “the meeting of the royal mates.” A celebration witnessed by the masses, he’ll meet his mate for the first time, and Skye will be there to witness it. I expect her to be hurt, but she’ll get over it.

Hearing the helicopter in the distance, I pull off to the side of the road. “What are you...” I

have her out of the car, and to the clearing in the woods, before she can finish her sentence. This time she clings to me, heartbeat racing.

“As awesome as that is, you have got to warn me before doing that.”

“I was expecting a reward.”

“If you wanted a kiss, all you had to do is ask.” She says playfully, arms around my neck, I brace for her magic fingers, which never comes. Hearing the helicopter, she pulls away from me as it comes into view. Once it lands, Balen exits, and to her credit, she stays by my side. Wearing a scowl, his fists clenched at his side. He keeps his distance. He has the nerve to be angr “Oh you don’t like it when I touch her, is that it? Or you hate that, she wants me to touch her.” I state. “Rylan… don’t…”

“You’ve already taken one right that didn’t belong to you, this one you’re going to let me have.” His posture becomes rigid, and I accept the challenge, stepping in front of Skye, and then I pick up on it also, we’re not alone. They’re fast, and I suspect that’s why they were chosen. Swiftly moving Skye out of the assailant’s reach, he growls in agitation swiping at her. Balen intercepts the other, knocking him to the ground. Running into me at full force, his body connects with mine’s, and we both tumble to the ground. Rolling out of it, I manage to kick him off of me, and he goes for Skye again. Balen has his arm around the other’s neck, and a resounding crack follows before his body is dropped lifeless to the ground. Unable to reach her in time, he has her hostage, his hand around her throat. Keeping her pressed firmly to him, as she struggles against his hold. “Who sent you?” Asks Balen, as we both move closer to them. His hold tightens, and she gasps for air, which halts our advancement. His sneering smile’s the last thing I see before he takes flight into the surrounding woods with her.

We’re fast, but he’s faster, and keeping up with him is becoming a task. Her frightened screams

have quieted, and I would have feared the worst if I didn’t still hear her heartbeat. He’s heading towards the base, which houses the shuttle, but then abruptly makes a beeline away from it. Even with her added weight, he’s able to keep a great distance between us. We can no longer see them, but we can faintly hear them. Refusing to give up, he takes us on another run, hoping to tire us out.

Balen’s hand on my arm, forcing me to give up the chase agitates me. And angrily

removing his hand from my arm, he shoves me backward. I’m done with bowing out because he’s a royal. His finger going to the side of his head stops me from attacking. Listening intently I hear them, they’ve stopped, and she’s fighting him. We both resume the chase, quickly honing in on them.

It takes some time, but when we get there, his leg’s being twisted backward, breaking, which causes him to roar in pain, before being flung against a tree. He’s up quickly, the leg looking horribly out of place. Balen goes to her, and I head straight for him, aiming for his throat, delivering a hit, that sends him flying a few feet away. Standing over him, daring him to get up, he’s holding his throat, trying to breathe, his wind pipe’s broken. Balen’s next to me watching him expire, and together we dismember him. Her mouth’s bloodied, and so’s her neck. She bit him, and he retaliated in kind. Using her power, she was able to get him off of her, and the rest we saw for ourselves.


Rushing me through the compound, in flashes, I glimpse one or two people, as we pass through. The scuffle has left me drained, and being swiftly moved through the building at top speed, is the final straw. “Stop!” Balen’s immediate response has my head spinning. “We have to leave now. Once we’re on Centauria, you’ll be better protected.” Trying to keep from having a meltdown, I take a few deep breaths. The attack has unnerved me, to the point that I’m shaking. Pulling me into him, his affection almost has me in tears. His embrace comforts me, but something’s not right, it’s not Rylan’s touch. Feeling the shift in his body language, my mouth opens to apologize, and then I think of Rylan.

In the chaos I’d forgotten about him, my last image was of him being led away by two men. “Where’s Rylan?” Releasing me, he leads me through the building. Now that we’re not moving fast, I can see we’re in a building without windows, just huge archways. “He’ll follow us.” Pulling away, concern has me looking around for him. “He’s fine, we’ll go through first, and he’ll follow.” Shaking my head no, I have no time to react. Balen has me through an arch’s hallway. The room pivots and swirls, leaving me breathless and dizzy.

Coming out on the other side, we’re in the mirror image of the other building. “What just happened?” I ask, looking around. “We’re on my home planet.” taking a minute to absorb, exactly what just happened, three men in Indian kurta sets greet us. “Welcome home, Prince Balen.” Oh. my. god, if I were a whore, I’d be in heaven. Two are of the fair-skinned persuasion, all dark hair, emerald eyes, and curls galore. Twins. The other is my complexion, dark brown skin, slender build, light brown eyes. They regard me with curiosity. The dark-skinned one that greeted us has the most piercing gaze.

I feel their probing and block them. The green eyes fidget, and brown eyes appears offended. “This is my mate Skye.” Balen’s attempt to pacify brown eyes fails. “Your prisoner.” His what? “Akon has sent word of Rylan’s traitorous, and your mate’s treasonous acts.” Brown eyes is turning out to be an ass. One of the green eyes makes a noise akin to laughter. A look from brown eyes silences that and turning those beautiful eyes back to me, I feel a warmth starting to build in my core. What is wrong with me, I don’t want this man. I’ve decided that I

don’t like him. His narrowed eyes, lets me know that the message was received.

Something behind me draws his attention and turning I see Rylan coming through the archway with two men. Balen grabs my arm to stop me from going to him. And I don’t want to disrespect him, but he of all people should know that he shares my heart. I care for them both.

Fighting down the urge to pull away, I settle for just watching Rylan, being escorted over to us. A hormonal spike forces me to take several deep breaths. “Rylan, you’re being detained, due to allegations of traitorous acts, and will be held until you’re judged.

I want to say something in his defense, but the ache between my legs has my full attention. Becoming antsy, I latch onto Balen’s arm. All eyes are on me, as I squirm and squeeze my legs together. The pressure is amazing, and locking eyes with one of the twins, his steadfast, unwavering gaze, turns me on. ’Excuse us.” brown eyes addresses the twins. One last look, slight nod, and they leave. “Take the prisoner away.” Squeezing Balen’s arm tighter, as an orgasmic jolt shoots through me, I manage a word. “Wait....” Clinging to him, as if my life depended on it, Balen lifts me into his arms. “It’s protocol.” Rylan states, his meaningful look at Balen isn’t lost on me. The guards and Rylan are gone in a flash.

“King Zuran has requested you and your mate’s presence, in the main hall. Pausing as if receiving a message, two women appear beside him. “She’ll be taken care of, and you can retrieve her when you’re ready to meet the king.” The throbbing in my nether regions is subsiding, but I still cling to Balen, arms around his neck. With a slight bow of his head, brown eyes is gone. Carrying me to another archway, a scanner registers his DNA to allow us access. Walking through, we come out on the other side to a hallway. “Where are we?”

“My home.”


Skye’s arousal has the groups attention. I can’t explain our attraction to humans, but we’re enamored of them. The scent of the female’s arousal, has us reacting to them like male dogs to females in heat. The twins thoughts, has me pulling her closer to me. A glance in Rylan’s direction, and I know that he’s picked up on their thoughts also. They’re all willing to oblige her, even the one that she’s dubbed brown eyes.

After the twins are sent away, and Rylan’s swift departure, his parting words have me unsettled. I have returned home, but not for the reason that everyone thinks. I’ve brought my mate with me, and I intend to make it known that my predetermined mate will have to find another. I don’t want anyone but her.

Leaving Skye with the women in her room, I go in search of Rylan. It’s time that we talked. The guard outside of his room acknowledges me with a slight nod, before opening the door. He’s pacing the room but stops when I enter. I pick up that he was conversing with his family. “What do you want?” His whole frame becomes rigid, and I heed the warning by not going any closer. “It’s time that we discussed the situation and our positions.” His mirthless chuckle echoes loudly in the room. “My position is by her side, and yours will be by your mate’s soon.” Motioning for him to take a seat, he remains standing, and it’s best that I do so also. “I love her, and I’m not letting her go. I can’t.” He does nothing to hide his amusement. “We’ll see if you won’t have a change of heart, at the meeting of the mates ceremony.” It’s really hard to keep my composure when he’s testing my patience. “I’m trying to be civil.” I can see the hatred seeping through his pupils. “You lay with my mate, with a total disregard for my right to her, and I’m to regard you as my brother, my friend?”

His anger is warranted, but to me, he’s the intruder. I fell in love with her first. She’s my mate. “We can go on forever disputing our rights to her, but I’m trying to come to a resolution.” Taking a seat with a smug look, I know that I’m going to dread what’s coming next. “You want to come to a compromise because you know that the king will not accept her or the child. He’ll readily agree to let me take her back to earth, with the child.” He’s right, but apparently he doesn’t know me or the length of my resolve.

“Then why bring her here, why go through all this?”

“It’s simple, I want you to break her heart, and then we can move on with our lives.” I want to do him bodily harm, to break him into pieces, as he’s expecting me to do with her heart.

Resuming his standing position, ready for an attack, I contemplate meeting his expectation.

“Leave me, Prince, before you do something that will more than likely get you killed.”

“Is that a threat?”

“I dare not threaten the “Prince of Alpha Centauri.”

The guard enters the room, his eyes on Rylan. “Is everything well Price Balen?” Ignoring him, I make my final offer of reconciliation to Rylan. “Is this your final response?” I want to punch that cynical smile right off his face. “Aren’t you supposed to be introducing my mate to the king? Be a good Prince, and make sure that she’s well represented.” His goading, and smug satisfaction that he’s won, only strengthens my resolve. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” The resounding bang of something large hitting the door upon my exit, lets me know that the message was received.

Retiring to the room next to Skye’s, I decide on a soak in a bath as large as a swimming pool. Letting the warm water engulf my body, I lie back on the edge lavishing in the comfort, that the therapeutic additives gives me. My thoughts stray to Skye and the trouble that she’s gotten us into. Rylan may be innocent, but she most certainly isn’t. The usually punishment is a lashing via whip, which I’m not going to let her endure.

I console myself with thoughts of the child, Skye should start to show any day now. The sound of the door opening has me on the alert, but picking up on her scent, I visibly relax. Eyes closed, I hear her making her way to the washroom. Upon opening my eyes, she stands before me a goddess in Grecian attire. Beautiful, dark shoulder-length hair, brown eyes that seem to see right through me. As my eyes travel downwards, she lowers the one-shoulder garment. Her breasts spilling out, I drink my fill.

Stepping out of the garment, and entering the water, her seductive eyes never leave mines. Slowly and tantalizingly, she makes her way over to me. Standing over me, she parts her legs as I move forward to drink from her fountain. Stopping me with her hands on my shoulder, she pushes me back and away. Sinking to her knees, she straddles me, hovering above my extended member. Taking hold of her waist, I want to impale her, push her slowly downwards, let her slide down my length.

Taking the sea sponge, she drops the water over my chest. Letting her wash me with constraint, she reaches into the water to wet the sponge again, and her entrance brushes the tip of my staff. Inhaling sharply, I guide her over the tip, gently rocking her back and forth over the top. I can’t enter her, but I can bend the rules. Eliciting a soft gasp from her, she wraps an arm around my neck. Instinctively taking control, she holds on to me while rubbing her sex over the tip of my rod. The warmth of her mound inviting me in. Squatting lower, I almost give in, “I want you inside of me.” Her words have my self-control slipping. Some rules I have no problem breaking, but this one is a sacred rule. I cannot.

In one swift movement, I have her settled next to me. Moving to get to her feet, I’m quicker, pulling her back down. “Let me go!” She tries twisting out of my grasp, but I’m holding too tightly. “I want to, but I can’t.” The smoldering heat in her eyes come from more than just anger. Waiting until she simmers to a low heat, I reach out to touch her stomach. “What?” She inquires. With everything that’s been going on, we’ve yet to discuss the child. “You should start to show soon.” Her small smile lightens my heart. “I’m no expert, but I’m sure that I won’t start showing until three or four months.” Running my hands over her stomach again, I explain. “You’ll be full term at four months.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

“When I had some time.”

“Okay... what’s going to happen after that?”

“I want you to stay here with me.”

A few seconds of silence ensues. “But... how’s that going to work out, you, me, Rylan, and your mate?” She’s going to find out anyway, but Rylan telling her first has my blood boiling. “I’m not stupid, Balen.” She says, reading me. “I didn’t experience with you, what I experienced with Rylan.” I feel her words building up to rejection, so I brace mentally for it. “Your mate’s out there, and soon... you’re going to have to produce an heir.

“I already have an heir.”

“Something’s wrong with me, that’s why I was left behind, right? I’m not good enough to be one of you. Why would your father accept my child?”

“Our child.” I can literally feel the heat coming off of her in waves. “But it’s true, right?” She doesn’t know how alluring she is when she’s angry. Kissing her, I try to kiss all of her doubts and troubles away. I kiss her until she’s breathless with need for me. Trembling in my arms, my member swells. “It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks; to me, you’re perfect.” Capturing her lips again, compliant she lets me have my way, before gently biting me. “I’m serious.” Returning the favor, I go for her neck trailing kisses, before drinking. Careful not to take too much, I release her quickly. “I love you, and I’ll love no other.” Her expression shows doubt.

“My mate’s a royal half breed.” My heart flutters, as her heartbeat spikes. “So...she can give you children.” Making an attempt to calm her, I slowly, tenderly kiss her fingers.

“There’s a celebration in a few days, the meeting of the royal mates. We’ll imprint on each other.” Anticipating her anger, I hold tightly to her hands, preventing her from extracting them from me.

“And you brought me here for this?”

“I brought you here because I love you, and I don’t see a life without you.”

“I hope that you don’t expect me to accept her, because I can’t.”

“I tolerate Rylan...”

“Well, you can go to hell because I’m not sharing you!”

Her jealousies endearing, and somewhat juvenile as she tries unsuccessfully to twist out of my grasp. “I’m not asking you to.” Her small, struggles stop, and her anger gradually dwindles. “I told you, you’re the only one for me.” A smile lighting her features, she straddles me, and I try to keep my control when she begins to stroke my neck. Taking a nipple in my mouth, gently sucking while reaching down to rub her bud between my fingers, her lips meet minds, and a soft gasp bubbles forth. “You can’t...stop the imprinting...” She says in between gasps of breaths. Eyes closed, I watch her as she quivers at my attentions. “Let me worry about that.” I haven’t tasted her in a while and lifting her, I have her astride my face.

My tongue making contact with her nub, has her saying my name. Slowly exploring her folds, I lick and tug on her sex until she’s on the verge of release. Her body shaking, chanting my name, one hand on her rear, the other holding her hip, I assist her in riding my tongue. One hand on the floor to support herself, the other cradling my head, she rides my face with her head thrown back. Bucking hard, she rhythmically says my name. In tune with her, I feel her release building with each stroke. “Balen…!” She cries out her release. Taking pleasure in each shiver, as she releases her orgasm into my mouth, I hungrily lap at her juices. Pulling her back down atop me, I drink from her once again. Only sampling her, I have to be careful.

Her body’s relaxed, arms around my neck, I breathe in her scent and cum from the sensation of the imprinting. “I love you.” Her voice imprinting on me has me out of breath. “What’s wrong?” I want to consume her, to drain her, take all of her into me. Alarmed by this need, I kiss her. Knowing that something is amiss, she pulls away from me. “I’m fine.” I state

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