The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings

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Chapter 4


Tuning in to her, I know that she’s with him. I pick up on her feeling’s, lust, love, and sexual satisfaction. Severing the bond abruptly, I punch a hole in the wall. The loud thud has the guard entering the room. I love her, but I won’t accept Balen. The thought that he’s touching her has me tossing a chair against the wall. “I want to see my mate.” One look at the wall, overturned chair, and a quick read. “I dare not disturb the prince, but I will make your request known as soon as possible. He exists quickly, closing the door behind him.

Watching the comings and goings of the people below, my thoughts stray to the night, that she allowed me to pleasure her. Her body reacting to me, quivering and spasming, I long to taste the sweetness of her essence again. The door to the room opens, and I smell them both. Balen’s escorted her over. Picking up on his emotions, jealously, controlled anger, and then resolution perplexes me. Wasn’t he just campaigning for sharing her? Kissing her, he tells her that he’ll be back to retrieve her. “Rylan?” Her steps are slow and light, as she follows my scent into the bedroom.

Watching her make her way over to me, I understand why he can’t keep his hands off of her. She’s exquisite, in a simple toga. Hair swept up in a gold olive leaf band; she’s beautiful a regal queen. Reaching for her, she comes to me, and I pull her into my embrace. Lifting her chin, I want to see those beautiful piercing eyes. Leaning down to taste her full, supple lips, she stops me with a finger on my mines. “I can’t; I’m on my way to see the king.” She says, knowing what I have in mind for her. “The king can wait.” A naughty gleam in her eyes, she smiles deviously. “He can.” She responds, rubbing her hands over my chest and arms. Leaning in to drink from her, I know that he’s already taken his share among other things. Pausing, I don’t know if I should. “It’s okay, go ahead.” Inhaling her scent, my ––thirst is in full flare. And biting her, she winces from the pain. Kissing her neck in an apology, before drinking again, I force myself to stop. It’s always an internal fight, to not drain her.

Her body’s relaxed, and she appears to be in a drugged state. “Skye?” Kissing me softly, she reassures me that she’s okay. Our venom together may be too much. We’ll have to give her time in between feedings. What am I saying, she’s mine, and I’m not sharing her. “I’m sorry, you shouldn’t be the one confined in here, I should.” The scent of her arousal has me distracted. “I’ll take your judgment, I’m supposed to protect you.” I want to drink from her again, and my fangs burst through, causing pain. I can’t take anymore from her, and I can’t spear her womb. Four months is a long time, and I have to have some form of release. “Let me give you that release.” She says, stroking me through my pants. My rod at full attention, her lips meet mines, her tongue sliding slowly across my lips. Releasing my sex from confinement, I let her take in my full image before she goes to her knees before me. “Let me, please…” She begs. I’m tempted to take her up on her offer, but know that I cannot.

Loosening her hair, I run my fingers through it, as she strokes my staff. Kissing my inner thigh, my manhood becomes even harder in her grasp. “Skye...” I warn. ” Rylan...” She mocks, and pulling her to her feet, our tongues entwine. I tease her, giving her a taste of what my tongue could be doing to her nub and the entrance of her center. I can smell the moisture, building between her thighs. Unable to control myself, I go for her breasts, ripping the clothing. A sharp rap on the door and Balen enters interrupting us. Damn him.

Clothing destroyed, hair in disarray, I take some time to recollect myself, as she attempts to cover herself. Leading her into the sitting room, Balen’s demeanor is that of an attack dog, as Skye’s scent permeates the air. “Guard!” on command her enters, and catching Skye’s scent, his attention is drawn to her. “Take my mate to her rooms to redress, and then escort her to the main hall.” Nodding his understanding of the job, Skye hesitates before following him out of the room.

“You should know that she’s my mate also.” He states.

“She’s your chosen mate, I do understand that, but all that will change in a day or two.”

“No, she’s my mate, I’ve imprinted on her.”


“Not impossible, hard to do to force the imprint, but not impossible.”

The air is thick with tension; my silence is perturbing, as he shifts uncomfortably. “It doesn’t matter. He won’t let you have her.” His anger is electricity in the air. “My transgression against you is unforgivable, and I understand that. I will do anything for her, and the thought that someone else is touching her, pleasuring her, I want to end you. But for her sake, and for the love that I have for her, I’m willing to compromise. I don’t want to share her, but aren’t we already doing that?” As much as I hate to admit it, he’s somewhat right, but no, I can’t. “It’s temporary, and what you ask has never been accomplished. We’re incapable of it.”

“We’re sharing her love now!”

I’ve grown tired of this discussion.

“Our tolerance of each other is not without massive constraint.” I say.

“But it can be done.”

“No, I’m betting on the king’s bigotry. He wants to keep his bloodline as pure as possible.”


Redressed in Grecian attire, long flowing cream-colored gown, no shoulder straps. Hair down, I stand before the main hall’s doors. Balen must want me to go it alone, as I expected him to be waiting for me. Well, screw him and the king. Turning to leave, Balen’s at my side, turning me back around. “Did you think that I would desert you?” I want to kiss him, so relieved am I that he didn’t leave me. “Kissing you leads to other things, the king’s been kept waiting long enough.” I kiss him anyways and receive a low growl in response. He complies, meeting my kiss with an urgency, a need that has me wet. The doors open by two guards, and a collaborative silence ensues. Breaking apart, we’re greeted by a large, immaculate ballroom filled with a crowd watching us. So much for first impressions. Taking my hand, Balen leads me through the parting crowd. Their open stares make me uncomfortable, and then angry as I pick up their thoughts. “Easy...these are what humans call aristocrats, haughty, pompous, contemptuous...” He makes no attempt to whisper. They would have heard him anyway.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks. I love you.” His words warm my heart, as well as my lower regions. My thoughts are of me kneeling before him, fully taking his length. A collective murmur goes up around us. Yikes. A quick squeeze of my hand, and I return the favor. The king and another man as dark as Rylan, are seated upon thrones. As the crowd has parted completely, I can see that the king like every other Centaurian man is easy on the eyes, this is Balen’s father?

He must get his fair skin from his mother.

Acknowledging his father with a slight bow of his head, he introduces me. “Father May I introduce my mate, Skye.” His appraisal’s thorough as he looks me over. “And this is my brother Nelan.”

“A pleasure to meet you both.” Nelan’s gorgeous I can’t deny that, but I don’t like the way that he’s watching me. Jet black eyes, him and the king both, no sclera, like animals. “Let us celebrate! Prince Balen has returned home, and soon he’ll be mated with his true mate!” The king announces loudly.

A loud cheer goes up, and music plays. Balen tightens his grip on my hand, and I have to squeeze his to let him know, that he’s holding too tightly. The king’s words sting, but instead of hurting me, my wall goes up. “Do join us, brother.” Says Nelan, still watching me. There’s only one seat, and Balen escorts me over to it, choosing to stand beside me. His father wastes no time lighting into him. “I sent you to earth to attain knowledge, and experience, not to find a mate.” His eyes fall to me, and I’m officially freaked out and turned on at the same time. Oh no, I definitely don’t want his father or his brother. Nelan turns those freakish eyes to me also, and I pick up on his interest. I have enough to contend with, with Balen and Rylan. Trying to keep the oncoming need at bay, I cross my legs. “They are beneath us.” I want to set him straight, to ask who “they” are, but once again, my body is betraying me. I can’t think of anything else, besides the need to ease the fire between my legs.

Balen beckons to a young man. Whispering something to him, he hurries off. “The brother has yet to remove those creepy eyes away from me. “Come with me; I want to discuss this with you in private.” His hesitation causes his father to lash out. “Nelan will keep a watch of her, to make sure that she doesn’t spread her legs to every man in here.” Balen’s anger is palpable. “You may be king, but you’ll respect her as my mate. I chose her, and I didn’t bring her here to be disrespected.” I don’t want any problems, especially for Balen. “It’s fine. I’ll be fine.” I manage. The young man returns, handing me a small glass.” It will normalize your sexual desire around us.” Balen explains. Good, because I’m grossed out, the brother and the father? No...

The brother appears amused for a brief moment, and then it’s gone. Downing the drink in one swig, the after taste’s bitter. “Balen!” His father calls, already out the door. I’m left with the brother eyeing me. The concoction’s fast-acting, as the fire in my groin, has become a dull ache. Aware of Nelan’s unwavering vigilance, he makes me uneasy and then agitated. “You know it’s rude to stare at people.” He’s unfazed and keeps up his creepy vigil. Fine, if he wants to be an asshole, I can be an even bigger one. Returning his stare with hostility, he appears to be taken aback for a split second, and then he regains his calm demeanor. This goes on for a few more moments than I’m comfortable with, and I look away.

This bastard has an alpha complex. “Well, we are alpha Centaurians, the alphas of the Centaurians.” I hope that he wasn’t reading me the whole time. Taking my hand, he forces me to stand with him. Tall, gorgeous, regal, why do these men have to be so perfect? I let him lead me onto the floor with the others. Pulling me into him, too close for my comfort, I put some space between us. Letting him lead me into a slow dance, I realize that they’re not much different than us. “We are very much different, to liken us to humans is an insult.” I don’t care how attractive they are; they most definitely need to be knocked down a peg or two.

Holding my hand and continuing to analyze me with those black eyes, I start to feel uneasy again. “Do I scare you?” Hell yes. “It’s your eyes. I’ve never seen eyes like that on a person.” To my discontent, he pulls me closer. “Only the purest blooded Centaurians have them. Long ago, our planet was populated with people of dark skin, with eyes like mine, before we were forced to unite with the humans.” Now that’s a scary image, people with skin as dark as the night, and eyes like animals.

“Balen has eyes like humans, and his skin is lighter, you’re half brothers?”

“We both stem from the same mother and father. She was a half-breed, dark brown skin like yours.”

“But Balen has the skin color of...”

“It’s apparent that you know nothing of genetics and mutations. We’re twins.”

For once, I have nothing to say, and I always have something to say. In my silence, I start to notice the others dancing around us. “They’re staring at us.” Saying nothing he does what Rylan does, he inhales my scent. “They’re attracted to you, something in your blood calls to them. I feel it too, a nagging sensation in the back of my throat. It’s ushering me to feed on you, to consume all of you.” Okay, now it’s time to scream for Balen. “I will have already had my fill, by the time that responds.” His calm countenance only heightens my mounting fear.

“May I?” Pulling away from him in disgust, the music stops, and all eyes are on us, or is it me? “You may not.” I can actually see him warring with his decision internally. Finally deciding on applying a kiss to my hand, I see his fangs protract. “Take me to Balen now.” I state, reclaiming my hand.


I can smell her outside of the doors, of the main hall. It’s all I can do to not go to the doors, and open them myself. I can hear my brother as he joins her, and the scent from her essence grabs the attention of the men closest to the doors. Telepathically, I order the guards to open the doors. She’s there in his arms but pulls away when the crowd goes silent. Beautiful. As the crowd parts, they silently give their appraisal of her. Inferior, deficient, underling, menial. I expect her to cower, but no she’s indignant, and I find her defiance appealing.

As twins, I can feel what he feels, get his thoughts in real-time. This ability transcended the universe. I met her when he met her. Felt his love for her, and knew his thoughts when he lay with her. Needless to say, I’m infatuated with her and jealous of him. As children, we fought over everything, as men, I guess we’ll have to fight over a woman.

Seated next to me, I can’t keep my eyes off of her. Father may deny it, but he feels it also, something in the blood. It’s not right. I don’t think leaving her with me is the smart thing to do, but it’s done anyway. Needing an excuse to touch her, I take her to the dance floor and pull her close. Per her, my eyes frighten her, so much so, that I can feel it coming off of her in waves. To distract, or maybe to impress her, I tell her that the dominant, purest blooded Centaurians are the dark-skinned, dark-eyed ones. Somehow I manage to silence her, by revealing that Balen and I are twins.

Inhaling her scent, I almost lose control and drink from her. I decide to give her the courtesy by asking if I can, and she denies me. I really don’t need her permission. Upon her demand, I take her to where Balen and our father are having a heated discussion. I pick it up as soon as it’s uttered, what she is. Reptilian, and have her pushed up against the door to the room, hand around her throat. I’ve never had the pleasure of consuming the reptilians; that practice was banished long ago. “What are you doing?”

Just like her to attempt to fight, using her power, she pushes me off of her, but I’m back on her in a flash. This time I have her arm pinned to the wall, as well as my hand around her throat. Using my body, I pin her’s to the wall. Unbeknownst to her, she’s doing more harm than good, by struggling. I want her in more ways than one, and I can’t help but to take another deep breath of her scent. “So that’s why we’re attracted to you, your kind used to be our food source. You’re now a delicacy.” The fear in her eyes brings me back to my senses, forcing me to release her. Balen is on us, tossing me away from her, and hitting the wall with a loud thud, I fall to one knee. Trying to recheck my anger, I stay that way for a moment. He’s gotten stronger, by feeding on her. He’s gaining the powers of the reptiles. I have to have her. She’ll bear me powerful offspring.

Standing, our father comes between us. “You’ll do no such thing! I will not have it, my kingdom destroyed by brothers, feuding over a human!” Watching her she’s slightly shaking, she must truly think me a monster. “She’s part reptilian, an important fact that you failed to mention.” “Progress is moving forward, not backward.” Balen states.

“I know what she can do. Imagine if we all had her power.” Father’s face becomes a mask of regret and sorrow. I’ve only seen him look like this once in his life “We had their power once, we inherited it by feeding on the reptiles. We don’t need them anymore.”

“We’ve never needed them.”

Balen intervenes, moving closer to father.

“Since the beginning of our race, we’ve needed them to sustain us, and our numbers. Father thought it best to keep this from you because he knew the greed in your heart for power and dominance.” I’ve never had a hard time understanding, so this cannot be true, or I must have a hard time understanding.

“We can’t reproduce with Centaurian women, without reptilian blood. We’re fast, we’re strong, but their blood enhanced that, and without it, we lost the ability to reproduce. Our numbers were dwindling until we found earth.”

“The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. They sustain us now.” Our father adds. I want to be angry, and from their looks, they’re expecting it. But I’m not, and this new information does nothing to deter me from my original plan, to annihilate them, after I give life to the future king of the reptile half-breeds. “You can’t destroy an entire species.” Balen states. Father’s horrified at this revelation.

“I will not stand with you on this!” States Balen.

“I’m not asking you to.”

“You will abandon this fool’s errand.” He demands.

“Father’s stuck in the past, and we have to evolve if we are to survive.”

“That can be accomplished in other ways, that doesn’t involve my mate being used as a breeder.”

If that’s what he thinks that I have in mind for her, he’s wrong. “I don’t care what you have in mind for her, and it’s not happening.” I pick up from father, a glimmer of interest. “You covet your brother’s mate so that you can create a race of reptilian half-breeds?” I’m trying to not lose my temper, for Balen making my plans known. “She’ll bear my children.” At this, she moves from behind Balen. “I doubt that she can bear a whole race of them herself.”

Looking from her to me, Balen’s jaw clenches. “Enough, leave us, I need to have a word with Nelan.” Sky takes one last look at me, as I watch Balen escort her out. She may not be as opposed to me bedding her, as I’d thought. I can feel father’s intrusion, reading me. “You will not be moved from this course?” I hate to disappoint him, but I stand by my decision. “No, it will make the Centaurian race, the most formidable in the galaxy.” Bracing for his admonishment, it never comes. “Tell me more.”


Taking Skye back to my rooms, she’s a bit troubled. “I’m sorry that you had to go through that.” She’s seated, legs tucked, biting her fingernail. “I want to leave.” Her statement throws me. “No.” A small ornament comes flying past my head. “No, I want to leave now!” I’m over to her before she picks up something else to throw. “I won’t let him touch you.” Arms around my neck, she buries her face in my chest. “My mother warned me about your people, and Gema, she tried to warn me also, and I didn’t listen, and now I’m in trouble.”

Tuning in to her, I feel what she feels, and she’s genuinely frightened. Taking her face in my hand, I lift her chin, so that he lips meet mines gently. “I told you, you’re safe with me.” Kissing her softly, I can feel her tension easing.

“I still want to leave.”

“You don’t think that I can protect you?” Her hesitation says it all. “That’s not what I’m saying. I just want to leave.” I love her too much to let her go, so where she goes, I go also. “We’ll leave soon enough.” Showing her gratitude by a quick kiss on the lips, she leaves me, retiring to the bedroom.

Preparations took a couple of hours, but the main hall’s decorated in an array of black and gold. It’s packed to the limit with what human’s refer to as, the “who’s who” of locals and guests. The commoners have taken to the streets to celebrate. Father’s taken this too far. He wants to celebrate right up until the ceremony. I’ll make the announcement then, Skye doesn’t want to be here, and so we’ll leave.

She’s been despondent, ever since she was forced to witness Rylan’s disciplining, he took her punishment of lashings. She’s refused to see me as if it’s my fault that she’s been denied access to him. She’s brought this upon herself, for interfering with Rylan’s punishment, I’ll go to her after the celebration. A few acknowledgments from passing guests, I can smell him before he enters the room. Rylan. Upon entering he’s greeted by a man and woman. His mother and father, both pure of blood, dark as he is, but with black eyes. “I thought my rival would have needed more time to heal.” Nelan, as always the one for vanity, states. Another joins Rylan’s party, and the parents part ways after greeting the newcomer.

His chosen mate. She’s a pureblood also, the one he’s chosen to be the mother of his earthly mates child. Rylan’s visibly angered, and seconds later, I know why. In walks Skye, long red flowing off the shoulder gown lined in gold. She never informed me of her intentions to join the celebration tonight. “Well... if this just doesn’t keep getting better, and better.” States, Nelan. She hones in on him, and the woman at his side, as his attention is drawn to her. He immediately goes to her, but keeps his distance, wanting to touch her, he holds back. Small smile from Skye, before kissing him deeply, only pulling away to apologize. Still holding her close. “Sorry for what, doing what I’m supposed to do? Protect you, I’d do it again if need be.” His chosen mates seething with envy, but outwardly you wouldn’t know. Not waiting to see anymore, she leaves. “I love you.” She says, stroking the back of his neck. Low guttural growl, before biting into her. He doesn’t take much, by his quick release of her. “Stay with me tonight.” No hesitation from her. “Of course.”

Wanting to rip him to pieces in front of her, my resentment is placed on hold, when picking up on Nelan’s jealousy. “Careful brother, she’s already spoken for twice over.” Turning his angry eyes to me - “Father and I have a gift for you.” My heartbeat skips a beat, upon picking up on her scent. “We thought it best for you to meet her sooner than later. With the agreement that we have with her father King Brindon, we want to make sure that it’s honored.”

Making her entrance, I see that she’s the complete opposite of Skye. Nordic features, skin like ivory, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and slender build. Not what I would have chosen, but still she’s beautiful. As attractive as she is, I prefer Skye’s darker complexion and curvaceous body. “Don’t we all...” My brother can be impudent and downright disrespectful at times. No time for a verbal fight, I’m trying to overcome my attraction to this woman. I want her, but I don’t want to want her.

“Did you really think that forcing an imprint on another, would cancel out the genetic modification?” My patience is wearing thin with him, but I’m too focused on her, making her way over to us, to engage in a verbal fight. “My mate, I assume?” I’m unable to speak, as her voice imprints on me. “Princess Sereya, may I introduce my brother, Prince Balen.” Kissing her hand, I move to push him away but catch myself. Bowing, I dare not touch her. “Princess…” I pause picking up on her traits. This one’s a deviant, and cunning,.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” Taking his leave of us, she picks up on my confusion and disdain.

“Do you find me lacking?”

“Of course not, it’s just that I’m mated to another.”

“Yes, so I’ve been told. Where is my competition?”

Looking around the vast room, she reads me and quickly makes contact with Skye. “Ah, there she is, pretty for a human.” She has her arm’s, around Rylan’s neck, looking lovingly into his eyes. I have to look away, to not cause a scene. “Let me take your mind off of her.” As much as I want to fully male her mine, I love Skye, and I stand by my allegiance to her.

“Some other time, perhaps.” A brief heated facial expression, at my rejection, and then she’s all smiles. “Sure, after the mating ceremony.” She states. Slight nod, and she makes her rounds of the room.

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