The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings

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Chapter 5


I’ve been summoned to the judging. A large, blue room, filled with chairs, and rightfully named, for the cause. The blue room. No chair is without a bottom, some stand against the walls. In attendance with the King, I’m in between Nelan, and Balen. I’m focused on reading Nelan to distract me from the whippings, the men and women crying out in pain. Attractive, despite the scary eyes, which doesn’t seem to frighten me as much. I can feel him reading me, and a glance in his direction shows him watching me.

This man’s relentless in his hawk-eyed gazes, always watching me. His scrutiny makes me uncomfortable, and according to him, he can take me whenever he wants, but he prefers that I submit to him. My hand in Balen’s, I tense when Rylan’s name is called, and he’s escorted out. Standing before the King, his eyes never leaving mines, my heartbeat speeds up at the King’s words. “Rylan, do you accept your mate’s judgment of thirty lashes, for her treasonous act?” If I were the fainting type, now would have been the time. Thirty lashes, the King’s a sadistic bastard.

He’s bound between two posts, and my breathing becomes erratic. The crack of the whip resonates even louder as I close my eyes, I can’t watch this. My heart’s heavy with regret and pain, and that he’s having to endure such a barbaric act. He’s not verbally crying out, but I can hear his inward agony. By the tenth lashing, I can’t take it anymore. “Stop this!” The King’s blatant dismissal of me, by giving me an annoyed look, before continuing to watch the whipping, sends me into a rage.

Using my power of telekinesis, I have the whip in my hand, and the assailant knocked backward into one of the posts. The rooms in an uproar at my audacity, or is it my power? “Skye!” Balen’s at my side. “He’s had enough.” I say calmly, the royal guards surrounding us. “Perhaps you would like to take his place?” Nelan says. Cracking the whip at his head, he dodges it, with a swift move to the side. “Perhaps you would like to take his place.” I state, through gritted teeth. His face void of expression, I’m ready for him to make a move. I may not can best him, but I’ll damn sure try. “Outraged, the King is halfway out of his seat, spewing an insult. “You insolent wretch!” With a lifted hand, Nelan stops the guards from attacking. I’m so angry that I’m shaking, and Balen has to wrench the whip from my grasp. “Take her away!” The King yells. “No, she’s right, he’s had enough.” Nelan says quietly.

“She attacked a royal...”

“All is forgiven, you may go.” He says calmly.

The man’s a mystery, but I have no time to concern myself as to the reasoning behind his generosity, and Balen wastes no time leading me from the room.

Distraught, I’ve refused Balen’s attempts to see me. Nelan should have known better, I slammed the door in his face, with a few choice words, after he had the audacity to enter my rooms, without my permission. My requests to see Rylan denied, I’m at my wits end, when I receive his request via telepathy to attend the celebration with him tonight.

Soaking in the bath for an hour, I swear it’s the most relaxing concoction, that I’ve ever had the privilege of using. I have to take some back home with me. Entering the ballroom, my attention is drawn to Rylan, and the woman beside him, his mate. The drink to stifle my sexual urges isn’t working too well and seeing Rylan, I think of his promise made a few days ago, when I was in his rooms. The way his tongue teased mine, I’ve got to have another one of those drinks. Watching her, watch me through those animal eyes like Nelan’s, I’m comforted by the fact that she can’t give him children. I’m sure Nelan’s lips never moved, but I can hear his cynical chuckle inside my head. I would block him, but he’s not the only one tinkering around in my mind. I feel the others, the people in here, accessing, and appraising. Tired of our little stare down, I turn my attention to Rylan.

He’s in front of me, in an instant, hesitating. My heartbeat quickens at the lust that I see in his eyes, the promise of so much more than what he can offer me now. Unbelievable, these men... Lucky for him, I’m a “no holds barred” type when it comes to PDA. I can at least show him how I feel. Arms around his neck, my body pressed up against his. “What are you doing?”

His arms around my waist, I feel the beginning stirrings of an erection. “Showing off.”

My lips inches from his, I playfully bite him. Devious smirk, before leaning in to gently kiss his lips. Ending the kiss abruptly, he releases a frustrated huff. “Play nice.” I whisper, smiling slightly. Kissing him, I tease his lips with my tongue. Returning my kiss, with an inhibition, that slightly annoys me, I want more from him. Stroking the back of his neck, I get what I’m campaigning for. Abruptly breaking away, he goes for my neck. Relaxing, into him as he drinks from me, it’s over as quickly as it started. Requesting for me to stay the night with him, it’s ridiculous for him to even ask. I’ll gladly do as he tells me.

Balen’s become unsettled, I can feel him from across the room. Trying to keep my attention focused on Rylan, I lose the battle. Tuning into Balen, I see her through his eyes. His mate, platinum blonde, and blue eyes. He wants her, as he should. I’m not going to interfere, but I can’t help feeling possessive. “Do you want to leave?” Rylan asks. I feel her before I see her. Turning, she’s standing behind me, a commanding air about her. Her penetrating gaze is meant to unnerve me, but nope, not tonight. He’s mine, and I intend to make it known.

“Skye, this is my chosen mate, Caera.” The word “mate,” coming from him, in reference to her, irritates me to my soul. “The chosen mother of your child.” She says matter-of-factly. She’s one of those. Looking her over, I have to be honest, she’s beautiful. But I can’t let her snide comment slide. “Oh, is that so?”

“Did Rylan not tell you?”

“I’m aware of how things work, but I can care for my own child. You may want to find another Surrogate, and a mate while you’re at it.” This time her gaze does unnerve me because it’s followed by a cynical smirk. “It was nice meeting you.” She says, before leaving us. Taking my hand, Rylan leads me from the room. “That was uncalled for, and not how I expected you to act.” Well, at least he waited until we were outside of the room. “How did you expect me to respond? She was being arrogant, and I reacted in kind.” I do hope that he’s not going to side with her. “Did you expect her to greet you with open arms?” Oh, okay...

“Why would you invite me if she was going to be here?”

“I told her that you would accompany me and that her presence may complicate things, but she’s her own person.”

I’m not apologizing, and I’m not sorry.”

“I’m not asking you to. I’m asking that you understand her position.” Well, I was expecting a fierce verbal fight, it always leads to great sex, but in this case, a mind-blowing orgasm via cunnilingus. Reluctantly my white flag goes up, but I can’t resist taking another dig at her. “She’s beautiful, but how can you stand those creepy insect eyes?” The scalding look that I’m given is hot enough to burn the flag.

“The same way that you tolerate Prince Nelan’s.” Touche. “Don’t think that I’m not aware of his intentions towards you, or your lukewarm disinterest.” If he didn’t just turn the tables. “He took the remainder of your judgment.” What with him not retaliating against me, for attempting to strike him with the whip, and now to hear that he endured the remainder of my punishment, I feel indebted. Involuntarily I feel a small affection for him. By the set of Rylan’s face, I had better censor my thoughts and feelings. Now is definitely not the time, but a familiar warmth below, has me squeezing my legs together. He’s maddeningly sexy when he’s angry. “Do I want him? No, I don’t. Do I find him attractive, of course, as I do every Centaurian man.”

Moving towards me, I take a step backward, bumping into the wall. Alone in the empty, dark hallway, he closes the distance between us. I can’t help touching him, rubbing my hands over his chest slowly. I’m instantly turned on. The image of him standing before me, his swollen erection begging to be swallowed whole.

His body pressed against mine. I feel his sex poking my stomach. Unzipping his pants, he doesn’t stop me. He lets me have my way. Wanting to feel his silky hardness pulsating in my hand, I quickly reach into his trousers, lest he change his mind. Stroking his massive length, I’m rewarded with a sharp intake of breath before his lips touch mine, hard and hot. His tongue probing, requesting entrance, I allow him access.

Teasing, tasting, deeper, feverishly we devour each other. Out of breath with need, he pulls my gown up and lifts me to straddle him. Pressed against the wall, arms around his neck, I’m rubbing my sex against his erection. Kissing and sucking on my neck, the stimulation, has me dripping wet. Using one hand, to lower his pants, so that only part of his length is exposed, I grind my opening on the tip. “Skye...” He whispers into my neck. “Please, don’t make me stop,” I

beg. His breaths coming in ragged gasps, he lets me continue my rhythmic grinding, semi-riding. One hand on the wall for leverage, I glide my entrance across the top and let the tip gently slide in briefly, before gliding back across the top.

“Rylan...” I moan, concentrating on my release, as he trails kisses down my neck. My orgasm peaking, Rylan’s on his knees with me above his face. Tongue fucking my cunt, I cover my mouth to muffle my sounds of pleasure. Caught up in ecstasy, I grab ahold of his head, as my body jerks with wave after wave of pleasure. Slowly coming back from over the edge, Rylan’s on his feet, straightening my gown. Smiling, I pull him to me, as he corrects his clothing.

I’m dismayed that he’s still hard.

“Let me...” Reaching for his rod, he gently stops me, with a hand on my wrist. “I can wait.” He says, kissing me. Gently touching his face, as his lips reawakens my need for him, I’m on the verge of straddling him again. “Let’s get you home so that I can fully enjoy you.”


Leaving the palace with Skye, she’s stunned to see a carriage waiting for us. “Y’all have the ability to teleport. I mean you can run faster than this horse and buggy.” Are human women never satisfied? “It’s the simplest form of transportation, but it works for us. We don’t need to teleport short distances, or run everywhere that we have to go. If we did that, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the simplest thing, which is the most important. That which gives us life, the essence of nature. The sun, trees, grass, air...” Her arousal wafting up from between her legs stops my lecture, and the driver’s watching her intently. How she’s turned on by my nature speech, I haven’t the faintest idea. - It has to be something in the air, I pick up from her.

Seated in the carriage, she crosses her legs in an attempt to smother the scent, which is making me uncomfortable. “I’m sorry.” Opening the window in an attempt to allow the outside air to dilute her scent, it backfires. The wind sends her scent directly to me, and I have her on my lap before she realizes it. Momentarily startled, she latches onto my clothing. Her heart rate speeds up, and my predatory nature kicks in. Biting into her, she yells in pain, and pulling away, she rears back and smacks me.

We’re both astonished. Holding her neck where I’ve bitten her, we eye each other for a moment unable to react. She’s the first to break the silence. “That was too hard, what was that about?” Maintaining a strong appearance, I’m not fooled, she’s afraid. I can smell it on her. “I apologize, it seems that now that I’ve had a taste of you, I can’t get enough of you.

“It’s because you’re sharing me, there isn’t enough for both of you.” Regarding me with caution, she releases her hold of my shirt. She’s right, we’ll have to maintain a feeding schedule if we’re to continue on like this. “Let me give you more.” She knows where my aggression stems from.

“We can figure out a resolution…”

“Don’t skirt around the issue. I offer you more, I want more, but you refuse.”

“You know that I can’t.”



It’s best to change the subject, or this will definitely end in some type of compromise that will get both of us in trouble. Stroking her cheek, in an attempt at pacifying her, she leans into my touch. “My mother and father have invited us to their home.” She swats my hand away. “I don’t do parent’s.” Her stubbornness in this situation is definitely not acceptable. “In this case, you will.” I can see her mentally trying to decide on a course of action.

Small smile, before she quickly kisses me. “It’s important to you, so I’ll do it.” I was expecting a few more rebuttals, with me winning in the end of course. “I can’t always have my way, right? I just have to learn how to follow. I have a mate now, so it’s time to let him lead.“I wanted to wait to give it to her but now seems like a good time.

Producing a gold band, I slip it onto her finger. “What’s this for?” She asks, smiling at me. Traditionally we just acknowledge each other as mates, we don’t have a ceremony, or wear rings. “Humans wear them to show that they’re mated, no longer available.” Smiling that beautiful smile of hers, do I even want her to respond? “Are you trying to make a statement?”

Her playfulness is infectious. “I am.”

“I hope that it’s well-received.” Kissing her, my body responds, and my agitation grows with each kiss. Picking up on it, she’s angry with me for holding back. Does she not know that I need her, want her. Resuming her seat across from me, she keeps a vigilant study of the passing scenery. My eyes travel down to her stomach any day now. I’ll love her child as if he or she were mines, but I can hardly wait for her to give me an heir. She’ll heal in half the time that it takes humans to heal. That’s an added bonus, of having our blood running through her veins. Then she’ll carry my child.


He wakes me each morning the same way, either with gentle kisses on my neck or my favorite, with his face between my legs. Licking and sucking on my nub, then exploring my womb with quick flicks of his tongue. “Oh...” Sucking and thrusting, my juices running down his chin. “Stop.” He doesn’t hesitate to obey my command. “What’s wrong?” I can’t do this anymore. He doesn’t get to enjoy it as I do. Didn’t I condemn Balen for taking, and not giving. “I just don’t feel... I’m not into it.” I say closing my legs and getting out of bed. As I make my way to the bathroom, a plan starts to formulate in my mind.

His parent’s home took a days travel, but hey at least I got to enjoy the scenery. Trees that actually glow at night, and three moons, aligned in succession. I’m still amazed as the first time that I saw them. Everything is alive, and so full of life. Their home is in the “city,” where the palace lies. A cluster of high rise adjoining buildings, complete a circle. In the middle lies a huge forest with a river. Taking the elevator to his parents home, I get a few stares from people. “Why do they stare, I’m a half-breed. They act like that’s something new.” “Well, let’s just say that you made quite the impression at the celebration.” A few playful kisses... wow... and then I get it from a stranger in passing.

They know what happened in the hallway outside of the ballroom. All caught up in getting off, I didn’t feel their nosy asses reading me. Shit, then Balen must know of my indiscretion also. “A tidbit about an earthly half-breed, with reptilian DNA, whose carrying the prince’s child, won’t take long to spread.” It’s like earth all over again.

His parent’s greet us at the door, ushering us in. Oh my god, the genetics of these people are amazing. His father bowing to me, I don’t know whether to kiss him or shake his hand. He and his son share the same features, except that the father has the black eyes. His mother or his chosen mother has the black eyes and dark skin. She’s beautiful, those are the only words that I can use to describe these people, beautiful, gorgeous, and handsome. I’m in love with the Centaurian race, but who wouldn’t be. The father and son have short, tightly coiled hair, but the mother’s, her’s is long and straight. The men are tall, with athletic builds, and the mother slender, and willowy.

She interrupts my awestruck appraisal. The strength of my sense of smell is limited, but I can smell her before she enters the room. “Rylan.” She says acknowledging him. I’m not at all perturbed, by her not addressing me. “We’ve prepared a meal for you.” Says E’len, offering his arm. I let him escort me to the dining area, followed by Rylan, his mother, and “insect eyes” on his arms.

There’s a variety of steamed and raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts. He’s quite the gentleman, pulling out my chair. They take their seats and begin serving themselves. Rylan passes a bowl of fruit to me, and I’m on the verge of literally laughing out loud. “You find this amusing, do you? It’s done out of courtesy, to make the undesirables feel comfortable.” Says, the Insect. The mother and father exchange glances, and I place a hand on Rylan’s, to let him know that “I got this.” His look says that he doesn’t want me to have any parts of this. “Undesirable, as in the child that I’m carrying, and Rylan’s when I give birth to his. How could you love or care for my child if you would consider him or her inferior? Coming to her feet with a quickness that disrupts the dishes, Rylan and E’len follow suit.

“You were gone for three moon cycles, and then you come back with this.” She says, in reference to me. “This...” I state, offended.

“This isn’t something that was planned and a discussion that’s best left for a later time.” Rylan says, heatedly. Hold on now. I’m not going to be too many more of those. “Forgive me.” She says, giving in much too quickly, and retaking her seat. Just like that, she bows to his commands. It’s evident that we’re total opposites. The men retake their seats, and the bowls make their rounds again. Everyone’s quiet, and I’m upset, not at her outburst but at myself. The plan is to make nice with the woman, but I’ve succeeded in further enraging her. But at least I know that beneath that icy exterior is a heart, and a weakness for Rylan. The conversation’s light and Rylan regales us with stories about his time on earth. I catch her trying to read me, so I let her in. Maybe she’ll find me distasteful, lewd, or downright earthy. I like that last one. If she spills the beans to Rylan, I can always deny it. To my amazement her interest is piqued, lil miss ice queen has a wicked side.

“Make the offer.” - I get from Rylan. I’d forgotten that it’s “common courtesy,” for the half-breed to offer themselves to the host, and hostess at small, private social gatherings. I don’t know what to say, how do I even do that? “Would you like a sample?” I ask, offering my wrist as the room becomes quiet. Well, I tried.

Rylan’s raised eyebrow and small smirk irks me. “Sure.” His father takes my wrist, gently biting into the flesh. His bite’s strong, even when he’s trying to be gentle. My soft intake of breath, at his fang’s connection with my flesh, doesn’t stop him from his task. He holds on a bit longer, then releases me.

“Thank you.” He says, tightly. He wants more, and I’m almost afraid to offer the mother. The smell of my blood from the fresh wounds, has her breathing deeply, almost panting. Reluctantly I offer my wrist to her, and she takes it with a quickness, biting down with as much reservedness as she can muster. Pumping my fist to quickly get the blood to her, so that I can be done with it, she doesn’t seem to want to let go.

“Mother!” Rylan says, with a slight alarm in his voice. At that she releases me, savoring the last drop.

“Thank you.”

“Are you okay? He asks, concerned. “I’m fine.” I say, taking a deep breath.” Perhaps you would like to take in some fresh air with me.” Caera states. I wasn’t born yesterday, and a quick read lets me know what she wants to discuss. “Why don’t we all.” E’len suggests.

Outside of the high rises, we take a stroll in the woods. Rylan’s paired with me, Caera’s with E’len, and Arrelle. It’s noon, and the weather’s perfect. “Thank you for doing this.” Hand in mines, his thumb strokes my hand. “It was... interesting.” I state. As much as I enjoy his company, I want to part ways so that I can talk to Caera. “I’ve yet to see the market, maybe we could go there?” He knows that I’m up to something, his inquisitive eyes searching mines. “As much as I want you two to get along, it seems too soon, considering the situation.”

Yikes, what did she let slip? If I’m the inferior of the lot, one would think that she would have been better at controlling her thoughts than I. “Look, at least we’re trying right?” He’s silent as he makes a go at it again, trying to read us both. I help her out, giving him images of us together. Her low warning growl, lets me know that I’ve overstepped my boundaries. I was trying to help her out.

“If you two wanted to meet in secret, then all you had to do was just say so.”

“That would defeat the purpose of the secret part.”

“The point is that I have no intentions of letting you out of my sight. So, you should have just told me that you wanted to speak with Caera in private.”

“But being that you have enhanced hearing, a private meeting with you in the vicinity wouldn’t be private.”

“Then, we have a dilemma.”

We sure do, I’m not a child that needs to be constantly watched. “You do know that I’m capable of going places without a chaperone, right?” His jaw flexing, I’m ready for this verbal showdown. It doesn’t matter what he says, I’m grown, and I can do what I want to do. “I don’t trust Balen or his brother.” He says, quietly. “What is he going to do kidnap me?” I ask sarcastically. “I wouldn’t put it past him, he’s desperate, and Balen’s imprinted on you.”

“He can’t, he’s been modified...”

“He forced the imprint.”

Why would he do such an idiotic thing? He’s creating unnecessary complications. I’ll have to deal with that at a later time. “Look either you give us some space to talk, or I sneak away and meet her. And as you well know, I’m pretty good at sneaking past you.”

His thoughts stray to my escapades at the colony, using my gift of stealth to get past him and the other guards. “Fine, five minutes and then I’ll be back down to get you.” He says, touching my face lovingly before he’s over to his parent’s. A few words, and then all three are gone.

Turning my attention to Caera, she’s beside me in an instant. “You want to share him?” She inquires. Yeah right. “No, I want to satisfy him, but I can’t.” That came out wrong, and her self-satisfied look says it all. “No wonder, you’re more human than Centaurian. You’ll never be able to please him.” Rylan was right. Maybe it is too soon. “You know what? I was wrong... I shouldn’t have...”

“I’ll do it for him...” She says, quickly.



“We’re staying at his home over on...”

“I know where it is. It was to be our home before you came.”

I feel kind of sorry for her. Some heads would have rolled if I was in her position. “Human’s are an emotional lot; both of us in the same home would cause problems.” Humans? Says the Centaurian woman who lost it earlier. “You may be able to play tricks of the mind, but you’ll need to hide my scent, how can you accomplish that?”

“I just need to fully get your scent, and then I can shield it.” I say, inching closer to her. She allows me to take in her scent, which reminds me of lilacs. My mother used to grow them year-round in her indoor garden. And then it hits me, another scent, masculine, and something metallic. “That’s enough.” She says, stepping back from me. “We have an elixir that dulls the senses, you’ll drink it, and he’ll drink from you.” She adds. Like I’m going to drink something that she’s had access to.” If I was going to do something to you, I could have did you in with the food tonight. A heated glare, and then she’s gone.

“I take it that the meeting didn’t go too well?” Rylan’s in front of me, acknowledging Caera’s absence. “It went as well as I’d expected.” He pulls me close, kissing me softly. When he takes in my scent, I already know what’s next. I want to, but he has to be starved if we’re to pull this off. Stopping him with a finger on his lips, he’s confused. “Later, your parents took more than, I thought they did.”

“Are you unwell?” His tenderness has me wanting to indulge him, but my plans to important. “I’m fine.” I say, kissing him.


She’s not as good as she thinks she is, with hiding her thoughts. I was able to discern, her wanting to seek council with Caera. Though I must admit that Caera’s slip up at my father’s home, was of some assistance. She could barely contain herself, I don’t know what Syke’s silent message to her over the meal was, but I could feel the heat coming from her two seats away. And I know that I wasn’t the only one scenting her arousal.

I understand her need for me, as I have the same need for Skye. I can’t imagine having to wait three years for my mate, and then to not be able to be with them. To see them with another, doting on them. Things didn’t go as planned, if only I’d heeded my father’s words, to not choose my mate until I returned to our home planet. No, I had to be self-willed, and now look what has happened.

“Oh, this is beautiful.” Skye’s admiring a gown at the market. “It’s yours if you want it.” No matter the cost, it’s worth it to see her eyes light up. “Can I?” Giving my silent affirmation to the merchant she scans my wrist, showing me the cost on the scanner, before wrapping the gown. As always, Skye’s overexuberant, hugging and kissing me. Not like I don’t enjoy it, I do. My vivacious, brazen mate. Taking the gown from the merchant, she takes my hand, as she visits each merchant’s wares.

Hours later, I’m wondering when she’ll tire of the market, and if she indeed intends to visit each vendor today. There are hundreds of merchants, and I highly doubt that she’ll be able to visit each one. She’s carries a few things, and my arms are full. I’m tired of this tedious shopping spree, and it’s getting late. “We’re going home after this.” I say, trying to juggle the items and angle my wrist for the merchant to scan. “I’m not tired.” I’m definitely not going to fight with her. “Well, I am.” Mock surprise, before she kisses me on the cheek. “Let’s go home then.”

Joining me in the bath, after putting away all of her trinkets and clothing, we don’t speak. We’re each lost in our own thoughts. Mine are of her, the reason why she denied me this morning and then refused to let me drink from her later on. The excuse of my mother and father taking too much was a lie. She sure had enough energy to shop.

A soft moan from the other side of the bath captures my attention. Opening my eyes, the sight of her with one hand between her legs, and the other fondling her breasts, has my member standing at attention. Slowly opening her eyes, she gives me a show. Stroking her sex slowly, lips slightly parted, eyes heavily lidded. That’s all that’s needed for me, from the opening act. I’m quickly over to her, capturing her lips in a demanding kiss. Replacing her hand with mines, I gently rub the bud in between her folds. Clinging to me, she opens her legs even wider. “Oh...” Abruptly pushing me away, she removes my hand from her. “Am I doing something wrong?” Her lips gently touch mines, but I’m too far gone for child’s play. Forcefully I claim her lips again, pulling her up against my erection. “You’re perfect, and I love you.” She says, offering me her neck. Biting into her, I notice it the instant her blood fills my mouth. “Spirits?” Uncertain, she pauses. I can hear her heart rate increase. “I was told that it wouldn’t hurt the baby.” “I don’t indulge in spirits, but if it’s what you want.” I take my fill, the potion quickly moving through my bloodstream. How much did she take? “Come on.” I let her lead me to the bedroom, and slowly dry me. My limbs heavy, her thoughts are on taking advantage and filling her mouth with my length. I wouldn’t stop her. Under the influence, her scent’s more intoxicating. Pushing me back onto the bed, and climbing atop me, she lets me sample her again, before pulling away. - “A little bit more.” I pick up. What was that? I might have taken too much, and I’m hearing things. My vision blurring, I shake it off. “Relax, and enjoy it.” She says seductively, offering me another taste. “I shouldn’t ...” I make out. “Indulge.” Hesitantly I only take a little, letting the potion further desensitize my senses.

A kiss, tantalizingly sweet, moving downwards. Trailing kisses down my chest, stomach, my breathing becomes labored. Anticipation building, as she moves lower. Then she stops, moving away from me, as an agitated growl comes forth. “Relax... we have all night.” She says, leaving me. I can barely hear her moving about in the other room.

She’s on the bed, atop me again, before I even notice her return. Temporarily startled, I notice her scent’s a little off, different... blaming it on the spirits, her soft body brings me back to the task at hand. Lowering her mouth to mines, the heady scent of her arousal, has me reacting hungrily. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, she counters with just as much forcefulness. Tasting, biting, sucking, I’m inside of her, before I realize what she’s done. “Skye!” I say, panicked.


Taking my place atop him, she rides him slowly, reassuring him that’s it’s okay. It’s my voice that he’s hearing, my face and body that he sees. I’m standing at the door, one hand on the wall, as I maintain the illusion. He sees me, smells me, but it’s her who’s pleasuring him. Silly of me to expect her to fuck him quickly, savagely. It’s been three years, and she should be pent up. I guess the jokes on me, and now I’m forced to watch her make love to him. My anger cresting, the illusion wavers. “Skye?” He inquires, confused momentarily. Immediately putting my feelings on the back burner, I regain my composure.

“We shouldn’t...” Head thrown back in ecstasy, as she slowly rocks back and forth, grinding, and circling on her backstroke, eliciting a moan from him. Now she’s showing off. “This is what I want, are you going to deny me?” I say, receiving a warning hiss from her. - “Don’t be an asshole to me, because then I have to be an asshole to you, and I’m better at being an asshole.” That rant’s reserved, just for her. Changing up her stroke, she slides up and down his pole, and grinds on the shaft, he raises up off of the bed on that one, saying my name. Pausing

for a few seconds, she looks over her shoulder at me. Fuming, I turn my back to them and keep quiet for the duration.

It feels like forever; finally, she moans her climax, with him saying my name on his release. I stay until they’re both asleep, her leg splayed haphazardly over his body, he cradles her in his arms.

The guard meets me at the gate, reading who I am, he takes me straight to Balen’s rooms. I want to rush into his arms, to kiss him, but he’s hesitant, and so I hesitate. “You should have informed me of your intentions to leave.” I’ve been gone for a few weeks, and this is what I get upon returning? Attitude.

“You came to town, and you didn’t come to see me. What am I to make of this, have you chosen him?” Standing by the fireplace, eyes ablaze, looking handsome as always. My body involuntarily responds, my sex throbbing.“It wasn’t something that was planned, he asked, and I went with him.” I say quietly. I’ve missed him, and what I don’t want to do upon our reunion is argue. I need him. “Do you?” He asks the fire leaving his eyes. “I do.” With an outstretched hand, he beckons me to him, and I hurriedly make my way into his arms. Hugging him, I’m comforted and at peace. “Next time just tell me that you’re leaving, so I won’t be left feeling empty, and deserted.”

“That’s not how I meant...” Shushing me with a finger on my lips, he kisses me. “I’ve missed you also.” He says, kissing me again, lifting me he carries me into his bedroom. I’d ridden the horse hard, and all night long, to reach the palace by daybreak. It’s usually a days ride, and I’m sure that I’ve broken a record. Lying in Balen’s arms, I reflect on the night before. Rylan’s sure to be upset, but I did it for him. I know that it has to be torture to not be able to take pleasure from his mate. Not only that but the reason why is the most shameful, to say the least.

Joining me in the cafeteria styled room, where the half-breeds gather to eat and socialize.

There’s a couple of non-half breeds in attendance, but the patrons consist of mainly half-breeds. Sitting next to me, he moves my hair aside and bites into me. Thrilled and shocked at his dominance, I tolerate it in silent acquiescence. “What, no angry retort or fight?” He asks, eyebrow raised. “I’m working on being submissive to my mates. I’m not unprotected anymore, and I don’t have to fight all of the time.”

Small smile, before nuzzling my neck, I lean into him loving his closeness. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t give up the fight altogether. I love your rebellious nature.” I’m about to counter with a lewd quip when his body becomes rigid. Picking up on his scent, I’m reluctant to turn his way. I’m not ready to face him right now, but I’m no coward. Watching him make his way over to us, his face a mask of controlled anger, Balen stands, and I follow suit.

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