The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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His Toy

By the time the door creaked open, I struggled to form coherent thoughts. Jason walked in with no regard to the withering girl on the bed. He carried two cups of coffee from the Starbucks down the street.

“Are you serio-” Another shocking climax knocked the words from my mouth. My body arched up and I clawed at the slippery sheets. Jason watched as I moaned and clung to anything I could get my hands on.

“Alright,” He started untying the restraints with a grin, “Did you have a good time?” His fingers sent electric currents through my veins. I would have glared at him for his rhetoric comment but I was having an off day. Instead, I came with him two inches from my face; I dug my fingers into his back and begged him to stop the toy in between moans.

After the overwhelming sensations subsided, I was more embarrassed than when Tommy Whims pulled my pants down in the middle of our school play for saying I wouldn’t be his girlfriend.

Jason didn’t move at first, his eyes bore into mine and I couldn’t figure out if he was angry or as mortified as I was. His jaw locked into place and when he finally decided to turn off the bane of my existence his hands lingered in between my damp thighs. I stopped myself from praying for something I wasn’t even sure I wanted.

“Nineteen, ” He said before releasing me from the bed and his death stare.


“That’s how many times you came in an hour.”

“You left me here for an hour?” Anger boiled through my common sense and I nearly lunged at him.

“Well, an hour and a half actually,” He handed me a cup of coffee and tapped his to mine. “The line was really long.”

Homicidal thoughts took over my brain as I eyeballed the cocky bastard, “What if something serious happened?”

Jason chuckled and took a sip of his drink, “Death by too many orgasms?”

I stared him down until he sighed, “I was watching the entire time.”

Flames of humiliation and rage burned my cheeks and fueled the growing disgust in the pit of my stomach. He had no right to leave and he had no right to watch me.

“I couldn’t have taken the toy home to try?”

“Not the same effect,” The twinkle in Jason’s eyes was enough to completely unravel me; He really was enjoying pissing me off. I shoved the coffee into his other hand and threw on my robe. I stormed out of the room with Jason on my heels.

I fumbled with the robe tie while mumbling obscenities to my unwanted audience. I was at the door before Jason jumped into motion. His palm collided with the door and prevented me from leaving.


His eyes tried to suck the anger from my body and leave me a withering mess again, “I will,”

I tried to maneuver passed him but he didn’t drop his arm until I stopped fuming, “What’s so important that you won’t just let me go?”

He towered over me and smirked at the steam coming out of my ears, “I heard you,”

I postponed the kick to the crotch I was planning and met his gaze, “What are you talking about?”

“You moaned my name.”

My blood ran cold, “Of course I was. I wanted you to let me off that bed.”

“I think you just wanted me to get you off.” He leaned against the door with a cocky smirk spread across his lips.

“You wish,” The weakness in my voice didn’t help with credibility.

“Then go,” He sidestepped to clear my path to freedom.

I stared between Jason and the door; His dark hair draped over his eyes and made me reconsider what I knew was the obvious choice.

He maintained a blank expression when I chose to keep myself off his leash. The door shut behind me and I walked away as quickly as possible. Jade spotted me as I rushed over the sales floor.

“You’re here early,” She was in her outfit for the show. She pulled her thick black hair into a tight bun and stuck a pencil through it.

“I wanted to practice the dance before rehearsal,”

She pinched her eyebrows together, “Yeah, okay,” Jade took my hand and pulled me to the dressing rooms, “Guess who showed up!”

The other Cherries who knew it was my first dress rehearsal cheered when they saw me enter the room. I waved and tried to hide the dripping between my legs.

Sarah bounded over and attacked me in a bear hug, “You’re just in time.”

“I am?”

Jade nodded, “We need to make sure your outfit fits before the dress rehearsal.”

Panic set in as she reached for the tie on my robe, “Actually,” I pulled away, “I don’t have it on yet.”

“Then why are you wearing the robe?” Sarah asked.

I stumbled for any possible excuse, “I tried to get the shower to work but apparently Jason already fixed it.” They stared at me so I continued, “My clothes got soaked.”

“You were in the shower with your clothes on?” Jade raised her eyebrows.

Sarah chimed in, “I think she was wet because she saw Jason,”

I scoffed, “No, I just didn’t expect the water to come out so fast. You know how it’s been barely trickling.”

“If you say so,” Jade said in a sing-song voice, “Where’s your outfit then? It isn’t with the others.”

“I-” I hesitated, “I have it.”

“Do you?” Sarah laughed.

Jade dug through her sewing bag, “She’s keeping it in her other robe.”

I rolled my eyes, “I’ll go get it.”

“Do we want to know where it is?” Jade laughed.

I flipped my robe like a cape and turned on my heel, “You ask way too many questions,”

Sarah said loud enough that she knew I’d hear they were on to me, “She’s hiding something!” I made sure she could see my middle finger perched high as I walked out.


The confidence I managed to scrounge up when facing Jade and Sarah left me depleted for my return to Jason’s lair. Sex dungeon? I cringed.

No, “He’s just a guy,” I murmured to myself when familiar knots started to form in my stomach. I clenched the cotton fabric of the robe in my fist and knocked on the door to hell with the other.

Jason shuffled on the other side of the door and in spite of myself, I tucked the loose strands of hair out of my face. He answered not soon after and didn’t look surprised to see me standing in front of him, “Can I help you, Ms. Holloway?”

His arrogance almost made me smile, "You’re very funny. I forgot something here.”

“Oh?” His cocky demeanor told me he knew exactly what I was missing, “What would that be?”

My pride, dignity, self-respect, “My outfit for tonight.” I reigned in my tongue so I wouldn’t call him out on his bullshit.

Satisfied with my answer, Jason grabbed my lingerie which was apparently waiting just out of sight, “Is this your underwear?” His tone reminded me of an amateur magician.

“Yes,” My response sounded more like a hiss than I intended. I reached for the golden laced bustier before Jason could change his mind. Our hands brushed against each other in the exchange.

“Thanks,” I didn’t want to imagine what Jade would do if I didn’t have my outfit for the show. I wouldn’t have put it past her to make me spend the whole night stark naked.

Jason nodded and started shutting the door before firing one more quip in my direction, “By the way, you look better without anything on.”

The door shut and I stood in place. My feet wouldn’t budge as I processed the play he threw at me. I blinked and shook off the effect his words had on me. The golden glitter on my top sparkled underneath the tiny rays of light coming from the only window in the hallway.


“She lives!” Jade announced as I wandered back into the dressing rooms. “And she brings her lingerie in her hand.” Sarah slipped her a five-dollar bill.

“Was that necessary?”

“Hey,” Jade wrapped her arm around my shoulder, “It’s not slut-shaming if we’ve all been there.”

The dressing room had nearly all of the Cherries preparing for the biggest night of the month. Lipstick and mascara tubes were littered across the floor with lube sample packets. Cherry Calling Cards.

“Suit up,” Jade’s arm lid down from my shoulders and smacked my butt, “Measurement time.”

I rolled my eyes and slipped the shear bottoms on underneath my robe. When it came time to entrap my breasts in golden lace, Jade and Sarah’s focus couldn’t be pried away.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were both in love with me,” I said while loosening the knot on the robe and dropping it to the floor.

Their whistles were meant to taunt me, “I wish I had some singles to throw,” Jade said and Sarah sent a five-dollar paper airplane flying in my direction.

“Classy,” I mouth as I shifted everything into position. When I finished Jade pulled out a measuring tape. By the time the tape made it to my crotch the events of the morning had caught up to them.

“Honey, I know my hands are magic but maybe calm down?” Jade teased.

Sarah took a break from applying her second coat of mascara to check out the growing wet spot, “Where exactly did you leave that outfit again?”

I scanned the room and all the potential gossipers in earshot, “I’m going to plead the fifth.”

Jade twisted her expression, “The truth will come out eventually.”

I pinched my lips together. Despite doing my best to hide there being anything to tell, the memory of being tied to Jason’s table made it obvious I was hiding something.

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