The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Naughty Nautical Night

I stumbled into my apartment as the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. My body was completely spent from the bar hopping and tequila chugging. After all the flashing lights and alcohol drowning my common sense, I started to forgive Jason for his distasteful experiment.

With every shot that burned it’s way down my throat, his image appeared clearer. I knew what I wanted but also knew he wasn’t someone I could allow myself to go after. A groan echoed through the apartment as I dragged myself to the bedroom.

Jade’s insistence we go out for another intoxicating night, no doubt to convince me to spill my guts, ended with her disappearing halfway through karaoke.

After crawling home the sun began to beam into the window. I debated calling in sick but missing my first night on the floor would only make Kitty hunt me down. The bed welcomed me into its loving embrace and I fell into a deep sleep before I could pull the covers over my bare legs.


The alarm pierced the air and my head throbbed as if it were being slammed against cement; I buried my head underneath a pillow and prayed for the screeching to stop. By the time I gave up on getting any more sleep I barely had enough time left to strip out of my dress and put on something more comfortable.

Walking without stopping to almost throw up every five minutes challenged me. A pair of sunglasses shielded me from the merciless sun but nothing could protect me from the bustling in the dressing rooms at Pink Cherry.

Three cherries rammed into me as they tried to get ready for the biggest night of the month. My main goal entailed getting through the next few minutes without spilling my guts on the carpet. My vanity, on the opposite side of the room, couldn’t be further away to my hungover mind.

Thongs and bras were tossed over me as I attempted to hobble my way to safety. Finally, someone took pity on me and led me the rest of the way.

“Drink this,” She said and handed me a cup filled with liquid that was the same shade of red as her hair.

“What is it?”

“Tomato juice,” She answered. “It’s good for hangovers.”

“Why do you have tomato juice?” Prepared and ready for the poor schmuck who’d drink it.

She laughed, “You think you’re the only one who drinks before the show?” Right, stupid question.

I sniffed the juice in front of me and figured I couldn’t feel any worse; the watery ketchup swirled over my tongue and I forced myself to swallow. Once I finished the girl took the cup. “How long until I feel better?”

She shrugged, “Don’t ask me. I haven’t drank since high school.”

Despite all the energy in my body being drained out I still felt the desire to stare her down until the blood in her veins boiled. I pinched my eyes shut and tried not to vomit; Tasting the tomato juice all over again quickly became my worst nightmare.

I cradled my head and attempted to look on the dimly lit side of things; For the first time in hours, Jason couldn’t have been further from my mind.

“Apparently, Jason is letting one of us take a spin on his newest toy, ” Said one of the ‘perkier’ Cherries who directed the conversation to her friend.

“I wish I could go for a spin on him.” The girl who responded resembled the girl who had the highest orgasm count on my first night.

The taste of vomit came back into my throat.

Her friend giggled, “He is so cute. Did you see him at the last induction?”

Just when I assumed my day couldn’t get worse they took turns giving descriptions of how they wanted him to fuck them. When they agreed on having a threesome if the opportunity arose I decided I heard more than enough. I grabbed my outfit and set out to wriggle myself into a slim fitting brasier while experiencing the worst headache of my life.

I wobbled back to the dressing rooms and slid the curtain shut. The golden lace top sparkled under the fluorescent lights; I pulled up the matching panties and realized the crotch disappeared. A tag hung off the back with Jade’s handwriting, ‘You can’t soak these.’

Despite being the embodiment of a functioning zombie, I found it in me to smile. When I finished hiding the circles under my eyes and adding healthy coloration to my face, I wandered around and attempted to mentally prepare myself to be a strangers doll.

Jade graced me with her presence a few hours before the show. After asking if she was well enough to be standing on two feet, and getting a grim nod in response, I waited until she regained her ability to speak.

“What happened to you last night?” I asked.

Jade hiccupped and flinched at the noise, “I got my pipes cleaned.”

I stared at the shell of a girl sitting in front of me. Her raven black hair sat in a tangled bun on the top of her head and streaks of elaborate makeup covered her face. “You ditched us at the bar to get your pipes cleaned? What, was the homeowners association on your back or something?” She couldn’t have meant it literally.

She groaned and rubbed her head, “I almost forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“That you have the innocence of a child.”

She should have seen me strapped on the bed at Jason’s mercy, “What really happened?”

“I fucked around with a guy for a bit,” She said, “Do you have a mint or something?”

I dug around the drawer in my vanity and offered her a piece of gum; She handed it back because chewing hurt too much.


She whimpered as she pulled down her hair, “A friend.”

I watched her try to act like a functioning adult who didn’t drink vodka out of a strangers’ navels and imagined if I looked as miserable as her when I wandered in.

I took the thermos and cup off of the red-headed Cherry’s vanity to fix Jade the same remedy I suffered through. I handed her the tomato juice, “It’ll make you feel better.” Jade started chugging the tomato juice right before Sarah and Kitty walked in.

The first thing they heard from our side of the room was Jade calling me a liar and threatening to have me killed in Spanish. I only understood the basics of what she yelled; I spent most of high school Spanish imagining being pinned against the wall by Caleb Brahms and making out with him.

Kitty bounced over and practically jumped on my back, “Hey stranger, where’d you go last night?” How could she always be so peppy?

“I went out for some more tacos but somewhere along the way I ended up at home.” The night remained blurry at best. Sarah leaned against the wall for support.

“Why do we always do this?” She whined, “I’ll pay someone to shoot me.”

Jade agreed, “I need something to do so I won’t get so fucked up every Friday,”

“Why don’t you just do your friend?” I suggested as payback for her persistence at the bar.

Kitty and Sarah snapped their attention to Jade. A series of invasive questions spewed from their mouths as they cornered Jade in her chair.

“You let him use the back door, didn’t you?” Kitty laughed.

Sarah’s eyes widened at Jade’s blank expression, “Oh my god you did.”

I watched the dramatic scene unfold until Sarah and Kitty gave up on squeezing any more information from Jade. When they finished I was certain they were considering waterboarding as a method of extracting details.

“While we’re on the topic of fucking,” Kitty steered the conversation, “Jason is releasing a new toy tonight.”

“I heard about that!” Sarah started stripping out of her clothes and changing in front of us. I tried not to pay attention when her unnaturally perky breasts popped out over her shirt.

“What’s the big deal?” All eyes were suddenly on me.

Jade scoffed, “Jason is picking a Cherry to be the first one to test his creation.”

“One of our richest customers commissioned Jason to build this ultimate fuck machine,” Kitty explained.

Sarah adjusted her light blonde hair into a loose bun, “Maybe your name will be drawn.”

I looked between them and fought down a sudden panic attack, “Doubt it,” I said, “Jason doesn’t even pay attention to me.”

“He does the whole thing Hunger Games style. Except for no volunteering.” Sarah said before she sprayed her freshly fixed hair into place. Awesome, more of a reason to panic. The slim chance of being Jason’s showgirl for the century made me regret ever stepping foot inside Pink Cherry. I glanced around the room and rationalized that the odds were in my favor.

The dreaded hour arrived when Kitty marched back into the room. Her meetings with Jason almost always left her agitated and ready to rumble. “Showtime, Bitches!” Kitty whipped her powder-puff pink hair behind her exposed ivory back and led us to the wolves with a skip in her step.

The opening number went off without a hitch; Eight hours of practice a day paid off when I could follow Kitty’s lead without thinking. The lights dimmed around us as we performed the steps Kitty drilled into us. After the song finished we were all soaked by the water effects. My top clung around my chest and I somehow felt even more exposed.

“Ahoy,” Kitty greeted the crowd with a grin, “Welcome to our Naughty Nautical night!” She went on to explain the rules of Pink Cherry. Her announcement of Jason’s masterpiece brought an onslaught of cheering. I tried not to roll my eyes and plastered a smile on my face as Jade taught me.

After the Pussy Walk, we gathered in the backroom for our assignments. Kitty handed me a slip of paper and warned me not to read it until she was finished. I waited while Jade and Sarah discussed the customers who picked them.

“Hey Sarah, guess who picked me,” Amy said, “Lucas. Guess he just likes a girl with a little more class.” She placed her hand on her hip and laughed at Sarah’s stunned expression. I grabbed Jade before she could claw Amy’s smug face off.

“Down girl.” Amy teased.

“Don’t you have a Lamaze class to get to?” The words slipped out before I could stop them and suddenly Amy was the one storming away. Not shortly after Kitty joined us and begged me to open the paper.

“Ethan James.”

Sarah and Jade exchanged a look, “Who?”

I tried to get an explanation from Kitty but her expression was unreadable. The bell rang and suddenly I was sent off with a slap on my ass for good luck. The overcrowded room was filled to the rafters with Cherries and expectant customers.

I wandered through the crowd to find Ethan James but every man I came across didn’t have the matching name tag. I almost gave up until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to look at the man in front of me, “This is going to sound really douchey but I’m pretty sure I bought you.” He held up a ticket and gave me an awkward grin, “I’m Ethan by the way.”

I scanned his nervous expression and smiled. “I’m Tara, pleasure to meet you.” I held out my hand for him to shake.

“You will be.” Ethan winked before his face fell, “Unless that’s too forward. I’m sorry, this is my first time doing something like this.”

If anything he could be entertaining, “This is my first night too.”

The music cut off and our brief conversation ended with Jason’s appearance on stage. My stomach flipped at the sight of him in a sailor’s outfit; at least he looked the part. I listened to him greet the crowd and smile with so much charm I almost believed it.

“And now what you all have been waiting for,” The lights dimmed and a drum roll poured over the speakers. Jason grabbed a glass bowl and picked up a single strip of paper, “Jamie Kitt.”

The crowd waited for someone to step forward but the Cherries remained in place. Not soon after Kitty appeared on stage and whispered into Jason’s ear.

“Sorry about the confusion,” He said, “Jamie is unfortunately not here tonight to help us but we’ll pick one more time to get someone who is.” He shook the bowl and dipped his hand back inside. He hesitated for a split second before announcing the new volunteer, “Satara Holloway,”

My heart hit my spine and I dreamt of fading into the background. All the odds against me being chosen and there I was, having a heart attack. The crowd clapped around me as they motioned me to the toy. In a flash, the sheet was pulled off and I stared at my undoing.

I considered myself a good person; I ate vegetables, gave the extra dollar to children’s cancer research, and didn’t beat the tar out of Cindy in the ninth grade when I caught her kissing my boyfriend. So why, I asked myself, did he have to choose me.

When I assumed the situation couldn’t get any worse, Jason appeared from the crowd.

The next few minutes flew by in a blur as Jason explained the functions of his masterpiece. He made a pun about being wet that earned several snickers from the crowd. Ethan gave me a reassuring smile as I approached the chiropractic table look-a-like.

I cast a questioning glance to Jason but his expression remained blank. The men in the crowd whistled at my ass as I began to climb on top of the table.

Jason finally spoke up, “Strip.” One word made the crowd cheer for his royal douchiness.

I mouthed for him to go fuck himself before I began to untie the strings holding my top up. The blank expression on his face quickly darkened when I dropped the ties and exposed my chest. His gaze didn’t budge as I slipped my panties over my hips and onto the floor.

As soon as I laid down on the table Jason grabbed my wrists with a gentleness I didn’t know he had and pinned them above my head.

“Seem familiar yet?” He whispered after my wrists were secured then addressed the room full of high power men.

“Satara is going to help me demonstrate how this toy will leave any woman screaming in pleasure,” The announcement earned another fit of dirty chants from the crowd.

I shut my eyes in preparation for the moment of truth.

“Eyes open,” Jason said low enough for me to hear, “I want to see your eyes roll back when the first orgasm hits you.”

His words started the heat between my legs I didn’t believe would come. A soft hum started below the table and my exposed body faced the crowd. I reminded myself to breathe.

“This table comes with multiple attachments that vary in size, texture, and shape.” Jason continued with his sales pitch as I waited for him to get on with it, “But tonight I say we go big.” A devious smirk replaced his neutral expression.

Placed in a position where I couldn’t see his hands, I waited in anticipation. I swallowed down a whimper when Jason ran his fingers over my clit.

“Beg,” Jason said under his breath.


“Do it, ” He motioned to the audience and I realized that he wanted me to be part of the sales pitch.

The desperation grew as he played with me in front of everyone in the room. “Please, fuck me.” The words spilled off of my lips in a moan. Jason stopped his manual stimulation and reached somewhere out of sight.

It wasn’t long before Jason introduced another feature, “With the push of a button a door slides open to give you complete access.”

The tip of a dildo pressed against me and I shifted on the table. Lube covered the surface and helped the toy slip in with ease. Nipple clamps brought me to the peak of desire and I really began to beg for something to put me over the edge.

Jason took pity on me and began the show with the push of a button. The dildo plunged into me in rhythm with the music. My heart throbbed as I moaned; Jason grinned at the expression of pleasure on my face.

I lost myself in the excitement buzzing around the room; The name on my lips nearly slipped out when my first orgasm shattered through me. My moans echoed over the crowd and I slipped into a state of ecstasy.

Cries to go harder and faster filled my ears; I didn’t realize I was the one begging until Jason’s purple eyes met mine.

“Please,” The whimper was by far the most pitiful noise to ever come out of my mouth. His eyes engulfed my body and watched me squirm on the dildo; My juices dripped down my thighs and began to form a small puddle on the floor below me. I rolled my hips to trigger another round of bliss but Jason cut off the machine before I could bring myself to satisfaction.

“This toy will make any girl beg,” His eyes never left mine until he remembered he should be addressing the crowd, “Money back guarantee.” When the audience cheered their hearts out and went back to playing in pairs it was just me and the Toy Maker.

I breathed heavily when he turned to look at me; My chest heaved up and down for his enjoyment but there wasn’t a smirk across his lips.

“Why didn’t you keep going?” I broke the silent staring contest.

His lips nearly kissed my ear, “When I fuck you I won’t rely on a toy to make you scream.”

When he walked away I couldn’t free myself from the restraints; I cursed myself for ever playing into his game. Ethan found me not too long after Jason disappeared into the crowd. He gave me a soft smile and released me from the device.

My legs morphed into jello the second they touched the ground; I would have been on the floor it for Ethan’s quick reaction time. Once feeling returned to my extremities he loosened his grip.

“Are you alright?” He didn’t feign from showing genuine concern. The light bounced off in a kaleidoscope of colors. Enchanting.

I shook myself back to reality, “I’m fine,”

Ethan’s nodded and his focus shifted to my naked body pressed against his. I followed his gaze and realized where we were.

“I’m sorry, you paid to play with me. I’m sure there are some open toys around here,” I tried to lead him into the crowd but he laughed and pulled me back.

“I wasn’t thinking about fucking you, Tara. I was wondering if you were cold.” His smile revealed soft dimples. What type of man had a naked woman pressed against him without wanting to fuck her?

“Are you gay?” The question came out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

Ethan chuckled and pushed his crotch into mine. I could feel the outline of his hard-on beneath the fabric, “If I am I must be very confused right now.”

Heat rushed to my cheeks and I backed away from his embrace, “We shouldn’t be touching.”

Ethan complied and we stood in silence; Silence being the moans of other Cherries being fucked into oblivion.

“So,” He finally said, “You want to go for some coffee?”

I looked down at my naked body, Ethan followed my gaze, “Like this?”

“No,” He laughed, “We don’t want to get arrested today.”

“So, I should go put something on,” I bent over to grab my outfit from the floor and pretended not to feel his eyes following me. When I turned around he pulled out his phone and pretended he never glanced in my direction.

“I’ll be right back,” I said with a smile tugging at the corners of my lips.

He looked up and returned the grin, “I’ll wait by the door.

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